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    Jack Trengove is the winner of the Casey Demons 2017 Best and Fairest award - the Gardner-Clark Medal. The runner up was promising youngster Bayley Fritsch who also won the VFL's Fothergill–Round Medal for 2017 which is presented to the most promising young talent in the VFL competition.
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    Jack Watts offered a promotion: from Whipping Boy to Scapegoat. When asked Jack replied "such an honour really, just thought i was only the sacrificial lamb but to be held responsible for so much is something I'll treasure for all my time at the Dees"
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    Watts loves the club? Absolutely. He is clearly a decent individual? Most certainly. He is talented? Indeed. He is popular. For sure. He is MFC? A fine embodiment of the past 9 years perhaps. He craves ultimate success at this club? So so much evidence to the contrary. I'm going to miss him if he goes, but I completely understand the position of the footy department. My first instinct was "please no" mainly because I genuinely believe in the first four statements I've quoted above. I also realized after more rational thought that my main concern was what he might manage at another club. What a loser mentality that is. The word culture is so over-used in footy but this decision certainly won't cost us a premiership but it may just send the message to the rest of the list that helps us win one. We were so close this year. And I'm not talking about the .5% that cost us finals, I'm talking premierships. And premiership teams don't have passengers or those who have a good month of footy here or there. They have 22 players all pulling in the right direction who consistently meet the standards determined by the coaching staff - at the club, away from the club, during pre-season, before pre-season and in games. We've seen enough sadly. My respect for Goodwin, McCartney, Mahoney and Jackson continues to grow. We're in good hands.
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    Just for a bit of fairness, too, Watts may not be the best tackler, but he gets down back at the exhaustion end of quarters and games, and saves goals. Like he did within seconds of his final goal on the QB. He has done that for several years, many times. I have wondered if he was asked to, probably was I suppose, though he doesn't seem to get much credit for doing it. He works very hard, and if you look at any vision of end-of-quarter huddles in the godawful Nield days you'll see Jack intently listening and egging his team-mates on. He is an eminently positive element in the club, and it is just not speaking truthfully to characterise him as a lazy and self-satisfied downhill skier. On here too often we didn't value Jurrah as the unique and very talented creative/offensive player he was, with post after post criticising his defensive work. Might as well bag out Ricky Jackson's ruck work. Or Petracca's tank. Etc. Armchair critics do a wonderful job explaining what they don't rate; reminds me of a lovely anecdote Horowitz told about his father-in-law Toscanini. The great conductor had just done Beethoven and as soon as interval was over he was going to do Mozart - but before he could get to the pit he was bailed up by a society dame who launched into her analysis of what was lacking in Beethoven. Finally unable to listen to any more, Toscanini interrupted, saying "Madam, what you think doesn't matter." Well, rude, yes, but he was obviously right as far as Beethoven goes. Some people assume their own expertise when there is nothing to support it, and they have no shame splashing their ignorance and inanities around. Demonland is not full of supporters; it's full of know-alls who dismiss and slander athletes doing stuff most of these critics cannot understand and have only ever dreamed about. Spout their hairy-chested nonsense shamelessly. So what if the club does get a good deal when they cast Watts aside? Are we in Nield's camp, not seeing them as people? It is a disgrace to cast off a loyal servant who faced up to gorillas in the ruck week after week, surprising everyone with his resilience and effectiveness when so out of his weight, only to end up injured - at which point we are callously and ungratefully hop into him and his failings, completely disregard what he says publicly about his own strong preferences, when he's thrust into the spotlight by the club; and we start haggling over the body and what we might get in the aftermath, even before he's gone. And dignify it with calling it a "forum"! Nah, shout your abuse at my back, and yes, I'll close the door as I leave. I say, shame on the lot of you!
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    That comment plus other posters saying key players want Watts out is sounding like Stringer Mark11! Not in the sense of the level of misdemeanour but more in the dynamics around how is being pushed out of the club. Goodwin is a Rookie coach. As @Ron Burgundyeloquently says in above post: The problem with most first year coaches is that they try too hard. They squeeze the grip too hard, they lack soft hands, they micro manage far too much. Let him breathe Simon. I would like to see Goodwin take up the challenge to get the best from Jack rather than turf him out and some other club reap the reward with a coach who treats each player as an individual and knows which buttons to press to achieve their best. At the moment it looks like he is washing his hands of 'a problem' that he seems unable, impatient or unwilling to try and 'fix'.
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    In the lead up to the GF, every analyst is talking about structures, and in particular defensive pressure within the forward lines. Jack Watts has got more talent than every Richmond forward bar Jack Riewoldt. Would the Richmond forwardline function better with Jack Watts? I doubt it, because it's all based on pressure. Last week on SEN, Goodwin was asked about ideal forward structures, and said that you have to predominantly work with the strengths you have. He mentioned Petracca, Hogan and T Mac. No mention of Watts. Watts is a skillful player, but what role does he play in our forward structure? He's not a prolific goalkicker. He's poor at creating contests because he doesn't hit packs. He's poor at defensive pressure. ANB and Hannan are less talented, but the FD obviously believe that they complement our strengths. In 9 years and under 4 coaches, Watts has never been able to cement a defined role within the team. Why wouldn't we be looking to trade him while he has some sort of currency?
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    Hope not. If the club don't like his comments they should not have allowed him on SEN. Or else ensure that he has a script to talk to and tows the company line which Jones so obviously does. I liked hearing Tyson stick up for his team mate.
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    A big element of the Leading Team's formula is about involving players in key issues and empowering players about many matters that have traditionally been decreed from the Mount. In short, it is about creating trust and reducing the feeling of being coached in an autocratic regime. I am very nervous about this one. And that's only partially due to my affection for Jack Watts. It's actually principally due to my experience in people management in a group environment. It is critical to have one's ear to the ground on this stuff, to sense the temperature of the team on certain decisions. I really rate Goodwin as a coach, and I think the club is very fortunate to have him. But I fear he's potentially going to make his first big mistake here. I sincerely hope that, before he pushes the button on this, he listens to quite a few experienced heads about this, eg, Paul Roos and Todd Viney.
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    The problem with most first year coaches is that they try to hard. They squeeze the grip too hard, they lack soft hands, they micro manage far too much. Watts loves the club. He is clearly a decent individual. He is talented. He is popular. He is MFC. And, like us, he craves ultimate success at this club. Let him breathe Simon. Give him some space to do it his way (within team rules, obviously). I reckon you'll be rewarded for it if you do. It'll be a sad day if Watts is traded this year. I reckon the movie script will have been cut a few scenes too short.
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    Goodwin has been at the MFC for 4 years with JW and is now a 2nd year Coach. Reckon he might know a bit more about JW than some on here.
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    One thing I have learned from years on DL and that is that posters, including some who have never even seen a training session, know more about a player, than the coaches and fellow players who spend all day with them, for up to 11 months of the year and who also happen to play alongside them. What would any of those players or coaches know unless of course they read DL. Of course we can all have opinions too, but we need to remember the many people involved in making these decisions and the knowledge they must have about the people they are deciding about.
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    I do hope that no injuries come out of the game, particularly to any members of the Crows' backline.
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    I just can't accept that we're going to trade out our best kick when week after week we drop games through terrible disposal. The one guy in our side who can hit a forward target and they want to get rid of him. I guess we'll just have to be happy with high bombs to the hot spot and watching the ball rebound the length of the ground for an opposition goal every time.
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    Don't want to see Jack leave but I would be really [censored] off if the club changed it's mind because of a supporter backlash. Have to believe the club knows what it is doing. Make that Knows what it is doing now. https://www.change.org/p/melbourne-football-club-keep-jack-watts-at-the-melbourne-football-club/nftexp/ex5/v4/34902785?recruiter=34902785&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_for_starters_page&utm_content=ex5%3Av4
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    I hate Richmond! I hope they either get a jolly good flogging or lose, in controversial circumstances, by a point. I shall put a bit of hard earned on the Adelaide to win by over 40. [censored] Richmond Go Crows!
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    I think if Jack gets traded a few supporters on here need to be careful about jumping to conclusions based on some fairly flimsy logic. Just because some of the FD aren't unanimous about trading him doesn't mean that the decision to trade him is wrong. Goodwin does not equal Neeld. There is no indication to me that he's a tyrant like Neeld; what I've heard since assuming control is how the players love him. Just because Roos wouldn't trade Jack similarly doesn't mean that Roos thinks Goodwin is wrong. Paul made mention of the fact he didn't know what was going on with the situation. Jack is an amazingly talented footballer who can do things many on the list can't and that is a very good reason not to trade him, however both the FD and players this year have vocalised their disappointment in his preparation and I assume that in terms of setting standards that a threshold has been reached with Jack. We really don't know what his relationship with Goodwin is, (it maybe better than most here assume) nor do we understand what the conversation between them has been. I assume it was open and transparent and others at the club were aware of what was being asked. IF Jack hasn't met that, or worse has failed to honour any commitments he's given - then how does any coach look the rest of the playing group in the eye.
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    Congrats Trenners in his last year to get the B&F for Casey! He tried his heart out this season and was well deserved.
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    Probably will end up doing Watts for Toumpas
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    I would think Rawlings has been told he will not get the GC job and is trying to improve his CV by coaching a team outright.
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    They are some good points, but Hogan's second efforts and pressure are worse than Watts. The key forward can't get away with doing nothing on that front.
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    Agree with everything except the 'really rate Goodwin as a coach' Jury's still out on that one
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    Dom Tyson has stated publicly that he hopes watts stays and he's to important to trade. Reckon he will get a talking to about that
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    He is very popular, not that that should matter too much. But seriously, how hard is it to only have members of the FD take media for a couple of weeks so that players like Jack and Dom don't do BS spots on TV and radio. There is your disconnect at the club - no-one tells the media bloke anything...
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    No contest. Not sure if it was deliberate, but it made me smile. I'd like the last 11 years of my football life back please.
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    Some of the comments in this thread are genuinely unbelievable. Despite our improvement, we have an undeniable issue with consistency and application. And its been an issue for years. It was an issue when we were improving under Bailey, it was an issue under Roos, and by God it was an issue this year. The one thing we cannot do is do nothing about this. But when we try something, we turn on the coach. Threaten petitions. Threaten to not renew memberships. FFS people!!! If this trade doesnt work, so be it. But at least we tried. And then we can try something else. I've never bought into the whole melbourne supporters accept mediocrity thing, but by the way so many here are pining over a player who after 8 years is not even a star, let alone a supetstar, maybe there is something to it.
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