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    Players drinking and partying in the off season is a real non event. The demands of an AFL player are rigorous. Supporters can't expect these guys to keep it up 12 months of the year. If they go out and get sh*t faced then they are no different to anyone else. Human. Side note: I hope Gawn doesn't spew on Hogan.
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    If this [censored] club has this bloke up for trade and at the same time sanctions a puff piece for him to address whether he is up for trade - then we are getting no better as a club. It screams that we are just a [censored] for attention and the most divisive player we have is a good way to get it so let's trot him out and let him soak up the ire of fans still hurting from a few weeks ago... Just a pathetic way to treat an employee. Who is the leader of this club again? Honest question. Who shoulders the burden?
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    Plenty women there Biff. No need to shag themselves! I did vote yes,but to suggest they go and shag each other is a joke.
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    Hope they get an absolute skinful,shag themselves silly and come back ready for the pre-season.
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    Get a grip, they need to unwind as well, not just from footy but from personal issues too. Hope they have a good break and come back fresher and rearing to go for preseason
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    Only got 30 seconds into that clip before I wanted to rip off my ears and gouge out my eyes. Panel of arse-clowns.
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    I'm not sure how long Cameron should be given the keys to a Rolls Royce if he's going to keep crashing it every year. Don't give me injury lists. They still have more first round picks in their 22 than most (if not all) sides. If I were the GWS hierarchy, I'd be looking to poach the very best. Someone like Clarkson.
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    Big Max was at the EFL GF yesterday watching Mattie Jones go round. He is a popular fella the big unit. Even the coppers were getting him to pose for selfies with them
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    Good to see Hoges having some fun with the boys. Lord knows he's due for a long run of better circumstances.
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    Huh? Lever is 21. He's not even close to being a free agent.
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    As an Adelaide person all I can say is Come on Richmond! Adelaide are a fantastic side and deserve it but their supporters are the biggest whingers of all time; its like having 60,000 Mother in laws.
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    Don't the tigers to win it, so i'm going for the Crows. Generally if we're not in it, i usually want an interstate team to win (GWS not included). Crows have been the best all year, so deserve to be premiers.
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    If that's how they judge those incidents, great, I actually like it, but what about people getting fines/ suspensions all year for the same thing. And let's remember even a fine would have tipped him over the edge. MRP making it up on the run again.
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    Cleared to Play sanity prevails
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    This comment looking from another angle, also suggests that he's a boy & he just wants to have fun. That he doesn't play for the kill, but just for kicks.
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    Trade rumours make me laugh, if Barrett or Nixon said we were getting Josh Kelly everyone would be licking their chops, because it's Hogan and Watts everyone squeals like a [censored]. It's just a trade rumour thread FFS, don't take it to heart. As more unfold, everyone should post them, all part of the fun.
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    I question why Watts would even do an article like this? I mean seriously, the only thing it achieved for me was, well... Pointless.
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    Wise, I agree it is worth being cautious. But Jack seemed to confirm a potential trade when he said something like: I want to stay but it depends on what the club wants to do, I suppose. Not something a player with 2 years on his contract would say if a trade wasn't being considered (doesn't mean it will happen). Even if he was interviewed to speak to his love of the club I see no benefit to the club or to Jack. If the club wanted to skwosh rumours the best thing to do is say nothing or have his manger say clearly that he is not up for trade like Connors did for Salem and he didn't do when asked about Watts.
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    Melb supporters boo him so Pies supporters will ravage him if he 'makes a mistake'. Agree Jack will hate it at the Pies. He is obviously keen to stay so he will probably hate it anywhere other than the Demons. Let Geelong have their fairytale and get their prodigal back. 5 of their top 6 players are over 30 and the 6th (Dangerfield) will be 28. And they have only a few potential stars coming on but they certainly don't have any KPP players coming thru or a half decent spine. Their premiership window is rapidly closing and I would be very happy to see them take Ablett and slide down the ladder
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    I hope Hoges doesn't tweak his hammy getting his leg over.
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    If the rumours are true that Geelong are fed up with him and pushing him out the door then that is a fair rocket to be delivered to a player in his prime. A new environment and a coach who understands the value of a cuddle occasionally could (should?) bring the best out of him consistently. He has exactly what we need more of: line-breaking ability and class forward of the ball. With Petracca's move to the midfield this further reduces class and x-factor in the forward line. He is also the best player of this type available this off-season (left-field trades aside) and would come at no cost. I would be extremely surprised if we aren't looking seriously at him
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    Good on em. Hope Mnt Agung volcano doesnt decide to go off!
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    It unusual that the whole game wasn't covered but betting industry is irrelevant. i don't mind a bet but the last thing i want is for the AFL industry and broadcasters to make decisions with that in mind. Hate the fact my club relies on pokies for revenue. The sooner all clubs drop them the better our kids will be,
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    They may not be the unbeatable juggernaut we all feared. A few are at the end or close to it like Stevie, Deledio, Griffin, Shaw and Mummy and they won't get the bucket full of first round picks again. They are now what they are just like every other team. They should have made a GF but haven't. They are still talented but lack some real mental toughness.
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