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    Siren. A Demon premiership and the song blares out of the PA system - It's a grand old flag! There ends 90 years of history as the VFA/VFL seconds/ AFL Vic Development League comes to an end. Casey Demons 2.6.18 6.11.47 8.13.61 13.16.94 Williamstown 5.4.34 5.8.38 9.12.66 11.16.82 Goals Casey Demons Cox 3 Ambler Lefau Zijai 2 Briggs Foote Freeman Dan Johnston Williamstown Ebinger 4 Norton Wilkinson 2 Buykx-Smith Davies Philpot Best Casey Demons Dwyer Cox Johnston Gains Foote Lewis-Smith Williamstown Chisari Ebinger Monk Wilkinson Gray Norton Disposals Dwyer 30 Daniel Johnston Lovett 21 Will Collis 20 Zijai 19
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    He was a restricted free agent, so it was done in good will. A completely different scenario
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    The GWS team song sounds like an Eastern European circus band
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    I can't believe you are giving any air time to such a ridiculous rumour. Hogan is going nowhere.
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    While we talk Lever it is interesting to recall what Dangerfield was traded for. Considering he is the best player in recent times to be traded he is a good benchmark. "GEELONG has sealed the Patrick Dangerfield trade with Adelaide. The Cats have given up young midfielder Dean Gore as well as picks No.9 and No.28 to snare the superstar midfielder. The Cats gain Dangerfield and Adelaide's third-round draft pick, currently No.50. Gore was pick No.55 at the NAB AFL Draft but was on the verge of senior selection early in 2015 before he suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to miss seven weeks. He then returned strongly to be part of the selection mix late in the season averaging more than 20 touches a game at VFL level on at least three occasions. " http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-10-12/young-cat-set-to-move-home-as-part-of-dangerfield-deal So for one of the best players in the league Geelong gave up pick 9 and 28 plus a VFL player. It seems to me that offering our first and second round for Lever is by comparison way overs.
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    Yep, that was me, and I stand by my comment.
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    Hasn't it been said already that Sporting News is complete trash?
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    Myleki Lefau gets a free kick in front and goals!!!
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    Spot on. And I've noticed that the 7 commentary team has tried to slot in back stories about GWS players. Tonight for instance it was along the lines of 'yes, they were given massive draft concessions but Matt De Boar is in the team and he was originally pick 19. It's such a tale of perseverance against the odds'. The whole saga makes me puke. And Cameron Ling is beginning to make Dwayne Russell look impartial. I just assume he rubbed Stevie J's buttocks during the half time break.
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    I love how we get so picky when we've been banging on all year about our lack of outside run and distribution. Here is a guy that offers precisely that. We were never going to get Kelly, so put that one in the bin. We know that Kelly would compliment any midfield perfectly and is just what we lack, blah, blah, blah. But he's not in the picture. So in turning our attention to a realistic alternative, Gaff really does fit the bill nicely (yes, I do believe Gaff is gettable now that the Eagles' ball winners are all retiring, they'll look to rebuild). Let's really think about this. Gaff is a nice kick, he runs all day, he gets to good positions as a result and would suit our game style to a tee. You only have to look at how integral Hibberd and Hunt's run became to our play this year to know Gaff's strengths are perfect for our team. He's also a far better wing option than the aging and much slower Lewis. And let me ask you this. Does Isaac Smith win his own ball? Does Lewis Jetta win his own ball? Does Brad Hill win his own ball? Gaff is in exactly the same category and would compliment Viney, Oliver, Tyson, Petracca and Salem beautifully.
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    Scene: AFL House. A new staff member is being shown around. Mary: ... and here's your desk. Lunch room is over there behind the photocopier. I'll get your parking pass from HR, then we'll--- DING DING DING DING DING DING A-OOGA! A-OOGA! A-OOGA! Kendra: what's that? Mary: alarm bells are going off. Critical level. That's the highest. Kendra: do we have to evacuate? Mary: no, it's the alarm that's triggered when Mr McLachlan is in danger of missing one of the bonus clauses in his contract. Come with me. You might learn something. They enter GIL MCLACHLAN'S office Gil is at his desk, sweating, with shirt sleeves rolled up, staring at a crumpled piece of paper in his hand. Gil: We only needed 14,000 at that game! 14 bloody thousand to trigger the finals attendance bonus. 14 bloody thousand! Mary: are you talking about the GWS game, Mr McLachlan? Gil: Oh, Mary, there you are. What the f*** are we going to do? They can't draw two men and a dog! This is a disaster. Looks like I'm not going to the Cote d'Azur now! I'll be in the bloody Bahamas again for the holidays if I don't get this bonus! Mary: what was the attendance? Gil: Hang on ... here it is ... 4,065 and half of those were school kids we let in for free. Mary: It didn't look great on TV. Gil: oh, f*** the TV! Who cares about how it looked? We're in a crisis here! Dammit, even the pie revenue is a disaster. Total of 63 sold for the whole frigging match! Mary: that's not good. That's really not good. Kendra: a low pie consumption can still be indicative of a high population. Gil & Mary: what? Kendra: according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2013, sales of pies, pastries and other baked products containing trans fats has been steadily declining since 1999. Gil: what? Mary: how does that help us, Kendra? Kendra: if I recall from the annual report of the Australian Bakers and Pastry Chefs Association from last year, specifically the datum representing consumption of meat pies per capita, consumption of 63 pies could be representative of a population from anywhere between ... let's see ... (types into phone) 2,852 and 14,865 people. Depending on various factors to be more precisely defined. Gil: what's she saying, Mary? Mary: I think she's saying ... Mary & Kendra: there could have been 14,865 people at the game. Gil: you mean ... over 14,000? Mary: over 14,000. Gil: I'm saved!!! Mary: well done. I can see you're going to go far, Kendra Kendra: (slightly shocked) did you say I’m going to "get f***ed"??? Mary: no, no, that was when Simon was here. That's all over now. I said you'll GO FAR. Kendra: oh, that's better. Still, if those c***s don't pull some genuine crowds soon, we'll ALL be f***ed!
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    yibbidi yibbidi......congratulations, yilber
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    A lot of the value in the Tyson was realised in the first year. We needed to get off the ground, quickly, and it's unlikely any draftee would have helped in that regard.
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    If we flip Salem for something better - it improves that trade... And if you said to me that I either get Tyson, Salem, and Hunt or Kelly and Gardiner - I would have taken the former. Now that may change as the careers of these 5 players move and change but Tyson was required in Roos' first year and we didn't make that deal in a vacuum; we had a terrible list and if we needed talent.
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    I cant agree with serviceable footballer. Willo was a champion.
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    Re Garland... Why are so may of the belief that a 29 yo, contracted, KPD would retire?? Has he given any indication that is anything other than committed to rehabbing and getting back to playing? Those advocating for a us to delist him; I think delisting a contracted, long term servant of the club, after he's missed a season due to serious injury would be unconscionable.
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    If you're not doing anything, I implore you get to the game to cheer on the boys. I realise it's only the Dev league and there's no AFL listed players playing, but this will be the last Dev VFL game ever and there are some great Casey boys in that team. Not only that, but Keilty played predominantly in the Dev league in his first year at Casey, and if it wasn't for that, he would never have had the chance to work on his game and get the experience to play senior VFL footy, and would never have been drafted to the MFC. My family and I owe a lot to this team and it would mean a lot to have a large number of supportes there.
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    Covers ground, gets outside (averages most uncontested possies in the league), and kicks it 18 times a game. Neat left foot too. He would complement our hard nosed midfield. He really is the exact type of player we require short of a star of the game of course (which every couple 'needs').
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    That is laughable. Could they at least have someone write this stuff who has English as their first language?
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    Thanks KC, you're coverage is sensational! I depend on you and you always deliver. I hope this relationship continues into 2018 and beyond.
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    Willo always gave the crowd something for their money. An infuriating but entertaining player. Even my non-MFC mates enjoyed it when Willo got the ball. Was always prepared to back himself in from anywhere within range to dodge 5 blokes, shrug 2 tackles, take 3 bounces and kick the dramatic sealer. ("within range" = anywhere from 130m out or closer) ("the sealer" ... even if it was the first quarter)
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    The problem with this theory is that we've stated we would have taken Jack billings so billings and Gardiner vs Tyson/Salem/hunt we win I believe because hunt is in the best 22 under 22, Tyson has had 2 top 5 best and fairest finishes in three counts so far and Salem has shown his promise and talent but struggled with injuries. It's pointless including Kelly because as Paul Roos himself has said we wouldn't have taken him.
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    And thanks to KC. You deserve a Burraburger before you head off home.
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    Well done Casey - let that be a prelude to bigger and better things to come for the Demons next year.
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    You rippa, well done lads. thanks to KC for your reporting all year , great stuff! 👍🏻🙏🏻
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    James Freeman kicks a goal and the Demons lead by 5 points.
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    another boring blow out final only one close final and that was marred by poor skills at least afl will be pleased with crowds in sydney, not bring on the draft and 2018......until then i'll be watching the storm
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    I am so happy that Sydney lost. Their supporters are so smug and arrogant.
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    Noticed that as well. You knew something was "off" when the WCE crowd sounded almost as loud as the GWS crowd. The capacity of the ground is 24,000 To say it was half full is being generous.... (AFL response...of course you cannot see the numbers in the corporate boxes and at the hospitality tents out back !)
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    Ling should never do anything with a Jeelong player involved! it just shows what a true proffesional Lou Richards was along with other Commentators from his era. It has been a BOG 💩 ordinary Final Series so far Last Years was brilliant...
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    Foxtellie rang me at full time, and asked what game i was watching in some survey or something. I said i turned the AFL Game off at halftime because it wasn't worth watching and they said, good on you, we don't know why we Televised it either and i won a prize and then......
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    I think we wear rose colored glasses with Jack. 9th year player that is unlikely to improve significantly in our team (whether he does elsewhere is irrelevant). He had 5.7 score involvements per game this year so unless we believe we kick 80% goals per score (statistically we dont) then he doesn't add four goals. When he goes missing he is terrible, when he plays well (maybe 10% of games) he is impressive. If we can move Jack on and improve the overall quality of the team, I'm all for it. There is no place for romantic notions of loyalty if we want to see a flag.
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    This finals series is a serious bore.
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    14,000 tonight. What a disgrace I know why GW$ were created and i think it $tink$. Sydney people are watching NRL tonight Meanwhile we must endure watching the most talented kids playing for this soulless waste of time hope you are happy Vlad
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    3 people 1 dog Official attendance: 29827
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    I know its been said before, but it defies logic that waldron still has a media gig after what he did at the storm. The only thing more baffling would be wayne carey having a regular tv commentary spot...
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    If true, it makes it hard for them to demand 2 first rounders for a bloke they only offered 300k............. Regardless of what we offered.
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    The rumour about Hogan was floated some weeks ago, after he broke his collarbone, and was quickly knocked on the head by the club. Don't think he would have tried so hard to get back if that was the case, could have easily said I'm done for the year.
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    Dom Tyson was possibly our best player for a chunk of 4-5 games after he came back from injury. He accumulated 30 odd possessions in successive games and used the ball effectively. He is a gun! Salem has had injuries this year and has been underdone but he is a very competitive footballer. Jayden Hunt was an inspired choice at the draft table. Josh Kelly may not look so good when he is not surrounded by GWS young stars, in another team.
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    Mitch Cox gets a point and it's 6 points in it with 28 minutes gone.
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    Not delisted but retiring and receiving his full pay. Colin played 6 games in 16 and obviously none this year due to injury and will be 30 at the start of the next season, coming off a knee reco. If the club is of the opinion that even fully fit he is not in our best 22, then retiring and maybe playing a year or two at Casey, combined with coaching, is not unconscionable at all. It is actually helping him with a future career path.
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    They should be slotted nothing but Sunday late games if you follow the AFLs game allocation formula...
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    Not sure what they said the "official crowd number" was but apparently the lowest finals crowd since WW1 (yes.........world war one). Given the ladder position of GWS for the last two years that is an absolute disgrace.
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    I just spoke with the club and these are the facts. “Russell Robertson will continue in his role as the face of the Melbourne Football Club. He will continue to be our match-day host and the host of other supporter functions and events. His role has simply transitioned from a full-time position to a contractor. This change was made some weeks ago and is no way connected to today’s announcement.”
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