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    As dumb as your new post in the Lever thread. Stop attention seeking.
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    Nope. It was a done deal verbally a while ago with Lever. Basically a couple of days after he met with us. If Lever doesn't land with us he has either stabbed us in the back bad or Crows ask way too much.
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    he needs to play; he's barely played in two years due to various injuries
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    Lever has met with both Melbourne and Collingwood. One meeting went very well. The other didn't.
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    nope started around the chest then as shuey raised his arm the tacklers arm went around the neck
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    Pretty harsh comment on Pedo. He has a had a great year! Showed alot of ticker! He gives a consistent contest and holds his own. Would be a coaches favourite. He is only 30 and durable. Great work ethic and versatile! Pedo is my first picked at the selection table. You know what you are going to get from him. Just like Daniel Ward and Nathan 'Doggy' Brown when they were playing...
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    Pure 100% hyperbole. How bout we let Brayshaw and the club doctors make an educated call rather than spewing uninformed statements from the cheapest of seats
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    Meh. One side made the finals, the other fell short at the death. Not ideal but certainly not the worst thing ever. We're still headed in the right direction.
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    He hurt his neck, theres no mail to say there was any concussion. So what issue are you talking about?
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    Why? You can't avoid accidental injuries.
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    "Are you keeping Buckley?" "Yes" "Well, thanks for the meeting. I'll just see myself out"
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    My nasty wish was for the Eagles to lose by just ONE point. Then they would know what Melbourne felt like two weeks ago. Didn't happen. Next week my two least favoutite teams ( not counting Collingwood) GWS and the Weagles. Is it possible they could both be disqualified and play no further part this season. Wish it was.
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    I'm shattered now, just read the Crows club board on big footy and someone posted that Lever was showing off his new toy on twitter. A coffee machine. Big commitment, can't see him coming now.
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    that was Melbourne's game to win... I hope the players watched and felt the misery of not being out there
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    That last free was straight out of the Selwood Bros 'how to cheat' book. An appalling decision. PS and of course the umpiring team will come out and say it was fair and just.
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    At least we narrowly avoided having our first final appearance in 11 years called by Basil fucken Zempelis.
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    I thank the lord every day we moved up in the draft to pick superstar Clayton Oliver. Darcy Parish would be a whipping boy at Melbourne, he is so vanilla.
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    We need to improve our starting 18 and push our current bottom 3-4 into consistent VFL time. Being the amount of injury our senior core had this year and Vandenberg, McKenna and Garland missed all year with Smith missing most who all would have played significant VFL games. Based on this it is amazing Casey have done as well as they have.
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    5 turnovers in the 1st quarter against Collingwood, playing on the wing. All unforced.
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    Agree on the first if we took Kelly but word was it would have been Billings (not as clear whether that is a loss at all). The Vince trade is one where it is clearly a win for both parties and as you would expect this season it has moved into the Crows favour. We needed to the short term benefit of quality and experience and Vince as a B&F winner has held up his end. This also assumes we would have taken Crouch with that choice.
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    Because he is not Dusty or Danger...and his turnovers are unforced....
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    Would be interested in Dahlhaus
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    Jackson Trengove on way out of Port. Offered 3 years, wants 4 and will get 4. We're one of a few clubs sniffing. plan B should we lose Lever from 10 goals up at 3 quarter time.
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    A lot of clubs have been trying to get in contact with him to put offers but can't reach him because he is staying at Craig Lambert's house....?
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