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    Keep up the contributions, Kurt. I remember you being all over Brendan McCartney to the MFC before anyone else. Its obvious you have a solid source, we need people like you on here more than we need oxygen.
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    I've heard from a source within port that Wines will explore his options in Victoria at the end of 2018, depending on ports flag credentials. Interesting
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    As dumb as your new post in the Lever thread. Stop attention seeking.
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    I watched last night and I would love to see evidence Gaff is soft. Goes when it's his turn and would be in the top 5 gut runners in the league. Most players can go the hard ball not many have the mental or physical capacity to gut run like he does. Also makes quick decisions and executes cleanly. Anyone that doesnt think he is worth a first rounder and a reasonable player overvalues picks.
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    My mail is good. Adelaide understand the situation and he's on the way
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    Anyone else sick to death of that stupid [censored] "Why don't we have both" meme?
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    Yes, Curnow will make most taken before him look 'inferior'. He should have gone higher but his indiscretion a few days before the draft saw him slide to pick 12. He was certainly on our radar for an earlier pick. As an aside it is worth noting that several clubs bypassed him as a tall forward/utillity. Essendon took Aaron Francis @ pick 6 who hasn't worked hard enough to be fit. Has played 5 games for 2 goals. Carlton took Harry McKay @ pick 10 (ie before Curnow). Has played 2 games for 2 goals. Brisbane took Josh Schache @ pick 2. Has played 27 games for 10 goals but is really struggling. Weideman compares very well to all three, especially in attitude and committment. Has played 10 games for 7 goals. He is showing the most progress and the best signs of succeeding. He may not become a star but I doubt he will be the dud of the talls in the top 10 of his year. I am confident we will look back on that draft and will be very happy with the players available at our picks: Oliver over Parish and Weideman over Francis and McKay.
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    Nope. It was a done deal verbally a while ago with Lever. Basically a couple of days after he met with us. If Lever doesn't land with us he has either stabbed us in the back bad or Crows ask way too much.
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    If there is trouble at the Dogs my one from left field would be McRae... Not a rumour just an observation of the type of player who would fit nicely.
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    Jake Lever will be playing for Melbourne next year
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    Demonland is, without doubt, the best place in Australia for sauces.
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    I have heard from a couple of long term crows members that the crows were shocked by how big our offer is, they knew pretty quickly they wouldn't be able to match it.
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    By god! Did I enjoy watching that Second Quarter of Essendons Final..
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    The standard of the game in Adelaide never reached any great heights and I must confess that like many around here, I shudder every time Ollie Wines bursts through a pack and kicks a damaging goal. The words "Dimitri" and "Toumpas" immediately thrust themselves inside my cranium and I have visions of our Jimmy out there on the field and they give me an automatic hour long migraine. That's why I'm delighted the umpire stuck it right up the Port Adelaide fans and awarded that penalty for around the neck, at the one time highlighting the stupidity of the official rule interpretation that was apparently ignored and awarding the game to the Eagles. Now, I no longer have to watch Ollie/Jimmy again (at least till next year) and I hope the Weagles now go on to do a Footscray and end up beating Adelaide in the granny just to teach them a lesson for tanking in Round 23.
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    he needs to play; he's barely played in two years due to various injuries
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    Lever has met with both Melbourne and Collingwood. One meeting went very well. The other didn't.
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    Some here should go back over the first part of Josh Kennedy's career. Early on he was getting games at Carlton, but doing very little with them (5 goals in his first season, 6 in his second ...). It wasn't until his 4th season that he started averaging 2 goals a game, and his 6th before he exceeded that. Weideman has time on his side. (though also confirms how good Hogan is ...)
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    "A bit of an upgrade on Kennedy" would have to be the understatement of the year. And second rounder? Seriously... :/ I guess we can get Stringer for pick 100 whilst we are at it.
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    Some good points. but in terms of our team we have way too many clangers - ie kicks under little pressure that miss their target. But those clangers are exacerbated by the fact that we have many players with poor technique and poor technique is exposed under pressure. Dom Tyson is a good example. A big part of his problem is that as an inside mid he is often kicking under pressure. He has a really poor technique, dropping it miles from his foot and under pressure this leads to turnovers. unfortunately Viney is not dissimilar. in fact i would say the majority of MFC players have poor technique. Compare him to Dusty Martin - or Selwood and Dangerfiled- who has a terrific technique and even under pressure usually executes.
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    To be fair, the deliberate out of bounds free against West Coke was laughable. Port had their chances and blew it.
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    Spencer, 8 years in the system and 4 disposals, no marks and dominated in the tap outs in the VFL. it's not as if it's an isolated performance. FMD he has to go.
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    Port was robbed. Kennedy kicked the ball out of the port players fingers. Kicking in danger. Shuey is just a cheat. No free for that shrug.
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    Mate the game went a couple of hours. Who are you.. Sting?
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    nope started around the chest then as shuey raised his arm the tacklers arm went around the neck
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    Pretty harsh comment on Pedo. He has a had a great year! Showed alot of ticker! He gives a consistent contest and holds his own. Would be a coaches favourite. He is only 30 and durable. Great work ethic and versatile! Pedo is my first picked at the selection table. You know what you are going to get from him. Just like Daniel Ward and Nathan 'Doggy' Brown when they were playing...
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    Pure 100% hyperbole. How bout we let Brayshaw and the club doctors make an educated call rather than spewing uninformed statements from the cheapest of seats
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    Meh. One side made the finals, the other fell short at the death. Not ideal but certainly not the worst thing ever. We're still headed in the right direction.
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    He hurt his neck, theres no mail to say there was any concussion. So what issue are you talking about?
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    Why? You can't avoid accidental injuries.
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    "Are you keeping Buckley?" "Yes" "Well, thanks for the meeting. I'll just see myself out"
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    NIGHTMARE Jesse Hogan's nightmare battles throughout the 2017 season have been well-documented. They began with a two match suspension incurred in Round 2 but worsened a few weeks later when he lost his father Tony to cancer and then soon after, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He recovered in good time but broke his collarbone in the game against North Melbourne in Hobart and then suffered a hamstring injury in the final game against Collingwood. All clubs rely not only on the class of their top players but in their capacity to be consistent performers on the field. That Hogan was only able to provide a few glimpses, the highlight being his six goals in Round 22 against Brisbane, provides one of the pointers as to why Melbourne failed so narrowly in its quest to make the finals for the first time in more than a decade. The Demons will be hoping for better luck with their key power forward who has the strength and power to also provide drive further down the ground as well and that he gets his opportunity to display his prodigious talents in 2018. Jesse Hogan Date of Birth: February 12, 1995 Height: 195cm Weight: 100kg Games MFC 2017: 10 Career Total: 51 Goals MFC 2017: 20 Career Total: 105 Season 2017 AFL Statistics Kicks: 91 Handballs: 51 Disposals: 142 Marks: 51 Scores: 20 goals 6 behinds Goal Assists: 6 Tackles: 15 Hitouts: 0 Clearances: 3 Clangers: 19 Inside 50s: 26 Rebound 50s: 2 Frees For: 9 Frees Against: 5
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    It's Monday's Umpire Review Panel at AFL House. The umpires from the WCE/Port match crawl into Gil McLachlan's study. Gil is at his desk reviewing the clauses in his employment agreement that trigger bonuses. GM: Marge, is that you? Umpires: (look at each other in confusion) GM: Marge, can you clean out the fireplace. And get me some more smoked salmon and caviar. Ran out on the weekend. Umpire 1: Um, Mr McLachlan? GM: Hmmph? (looks up) What the ... what are you charlies doing here? Umpire 1: We're here for the Umpires' Review Panel meeting, Mr McLachlan. GM: Ohhhhhhh yes. That. I'm glad you're here. I've got a few words for you blokes. Umpire 2: I know, Mr McLachlan. We're sorry. We held our own review after the match. We're really sorry. We know it's a showcase and it's broadcast into 800 countries worldwide, and-- GM: What? What are you talking about? Umpire 1: Please, Mr McLachlan. We know we stuffed it. Please, look at our records, please find it in you to overlook this-- GM: Stuffed it? Stuffed what? What game were you at? Umpire 3: That decision right at the end. I know it stands out like a dog's-- GM: Decisions? Are we talking about the same thing? Umpires: (look at each other in confusion) GM: Crowd was good. Gate was good. TV ratings extremely good. Everyone's talking about the finish. Everyone! F***ing hell! What a great weekend. You d***heads did a marvellous job. Why are you worrying about decisions? Umpire 2: But what about the integrity of the game, Mr McLachlan? No one wants a grand final decided by something like this. We know you're red hot on the integ-- GM: (chuckles) Oh, I see. You guys. Look. The cheer squads put up their banners. The guys wearing foam costumes like lions or tigers or swans or clowns or what the f*** run around before the game giving high fives to the kiddies. Tradies try to take speccies at half time to win a TV. And you f***ers run around doing your umpiring refereeing ... whatever the f*** thing. You know what? I spoke to the Eagles sponsors after the game and they were so f***ing over the moon they were talking about sponsoring the entire league! And here you are worrying about "decisions" ... what ... I mean ... what planet are you on? Umpire 1: But ... decisions are fundamental ... it's ... the integrity of the game, Mr McLachlan. We feel it's-- GM: Listen, I know all about the integrity of the game. I AM the integrity of the game. Look. I can see you're upset about something. Forget it. You're doing a great job. Whatever it is you guys are doing, just keep doing it. The game's never been in better shape. Umpires: (look at each other) Umpire 1: So ... you're not upset ... by anything? GM: Upset? Didn't you just hear me? Game's never been better. Shame about Essendon though. They're a huge draw. I might have a few words with those umpires ... explain the facts of life to them ... Umpire 3: May we go then? GM: Go? Go for your lives! Have a cigar ... oh, I'm out. Never mind. Marge!! Alright, this meeting's finished. F*** off. Umpires: Thank you Mr McLachlan. (they crawl backwards out of the office)
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    I think our best chance is to get him in FA next year but there's two big variables at play here. 1) It's still up in the air as to how long the FA compensation rule will be in place so the Eagles might see that as an acceptable strategy or; 2) They let him go now and get what they can in trade with us. The Eagles are old and slow and to be fair they've probably exceeded their own expectations by winning last nights final. Gaff won't be hanging around through their next rebuild. He'll be at the end of his career by the time the Eagles are next approaching a window. It comes back to the fact that when players nominate their destination club, they usually land there. Who would've thought pick 14 was sufficient value for Tom Mitchell to Hawthorn? I think we've got enough moves in us to land Gaff and Lever this year and if we do, look out!
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    Adding two teams to the comp and giving oodles of priority of talent selection means that the 'depth' for everyone else- including us- was diminished. GWS have no problems with depth. The Swans had 10 players on the park yesterday that came from their rookie list. FMD! Depth relies on selecting talent, developing it, and getting rid of those who don't fit the bill. We need 'depth', but first we need a core list that pushes the squad to either do what Is required or be 'depth'. I don't think we have a core 25 yet. I reckon we are about 70% of the way there in terms of 'talent', and about 60% in terms of development (including the leadership, resilience and mental stuff). I think I would have rated us 40%/40% before Roos. we are on the way, but we will have 'depth' only when these parameters are improved again for 2018. I agree that being ruthless in holding everyone accountable for their actions is part of it.
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    Had most of them playing against Collingwood ( ex Viney ) . Our issue isn't depth.
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    Is it just me or did anyone else think that Magner was particularly quiet yesterday?
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    Lurking through Robinson's Shopping Malls eating Jollibee
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    So did anyone get a photo of this elusive creature in his Philippine natural habitat? Or a recording of his mating call? Does he feed on San Miguel, pork adobo and chicken McNuggets? Does he look like a bloated sack of protoplasm or a wrinkly piece of leather left in the sun too long? Where does he sleep? Does he still have a mullet? We need answers, dammit!
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    Are we basing his recruitment on the last 30 minutes and the next 5 minutes? Cmon Gaff, set up a few goals and the come back win!
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    At least we narrowly avoided having our first final appearance in 11 years called by Basil fucken Zempelis.
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    I nearly laughed when Hamish and Lingy said today what a remarkable come back from essendon going from wooden spooners to playing finals, they should be applauded. I will tell you why, because they wernt a bottom team that were like a Carlton, Brisbane or even Melbourne from years back where we were just crap. They got there players back who are pretty good and experienced. They were always going to ahve a better season. They got the wooden spoon because they lost all these players through there own wrong doing.
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    Could not agree more.. not sure it can be rectified He does not do much leading either A long way to go. Objectively other than being one year older this season was a non event for Weideman
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    The arzz has officially dropped out of the bombers. Eight bus loads of bomber fans went up the highway. Hopefully most of them will stay up there.
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    I wish Cameron Ling would stop talking.
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    We need to improve our starting 18 and push our current bottom 3-4 into consistent VFL time. Being the amount of injury our senior core had this year and Vandenberg, McKenna and Garland missed all year with Smith missing most who all would have played significant VFL games. Based on this it is amazing Casey have done as well as they have.
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    5 turnovers in the 1st quarter against Collingwood, playing on the wing. All unforced.
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    Jackson Trengove on way out of Port. Offered 3 years, wants 4 and will get 4. We're one of a few clubs sniffing. plan B should we lose Lever from 10 goals up at 3 quarter time.
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    So Pennant are you saying that if we win a flag Prendergast will indeed be the architect of our success because without him we wouldn't have accumulated the talent we now have? That will conflict poor old Red! And on another note, those with supposed inside information on Lever beware if you are wrong. I will personally hunt you down and punish you appropriately for your sins (calling BBO). Alternatively if you are right you are welcome to drop by Chateau Vogon and collect an appropriate bottle of red for your troubles. Vogon red, unlike our poetry, is quite good. Note: This offer is now closed to any "Jonny come latelies"
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    A lot of clubs have been trying to get in contact with him to put offers but can't reach him because he is staying at Craig Lambert's house....😜
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