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    Lever has met with both Melbourne and Collingwood. One meeting went very well. The other didn't.
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    Inside mail? I'll see myself out...
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    Hopefully the Franchise have their pants pulled down tomorrow night. Then I'll have something.
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    Lever will decide where he goes. He doesn't have a contract. North have more bargaining power than both us and Collingwood but it's irrelevant
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    Whoa! whoa! Steve! whats happening buddy. Stay the course!
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    No, I heard it was Mr Sheen (I think he's Polish)
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    And if it wasn't for the Richmond doctor he would already be in red and blue.
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    Ralph make me want to throw up as well. Could not conjure a more fitting surname
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    A lot of clubs have been trying to get in contact with him to put offers but can't reach him because he is staying at Craig Lambert's house....😜
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    A mate of mine has a son who has been talked up as a ten 10 pick. I'm not naming names as it will give him away. Anyway they had a sit down visit with GWS. They asked why they wanted to talk when GWS doesn't have a pick until much later. The reply was that GWS thought that they might have 2 first round picks. Not sure on the exact wording. Seems to me that someone is leaving and decent. Could be 2 leaving I guess.
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    If Dangerfield wanted a flag he should have stayed at Adelaide
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    Shouldn't this thread be on the whacko general board with other oddities of life?
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    He's an All Australian who came 4th in the Brownlow last year and is top 5 in the league for kicks, metres gained and score involvements. He would net then first my round compo guaranteed. He'd be a great target for us to balance our overly slow inside midfield. Those saying he's no good have no idea about football.
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    Oh thats my YouTube upload! I put all the other games i had lying around up as well to help get through another summer. Check out the rest of the channel
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    Should we expect this suggestion again tomorrow?
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    "Need", really? Why, because they've had the riverina zone taken off them? How terrible. Because they were permitted the pick of uncontracted players and best draftees year after year? Because 'salary cap' is a phrase that doesn't apply to them? Honestly, if the Crows win tonight I'm expecting Gil to announce a beginning of 1st round priority pick for GWS. Maybe even if they win...
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    I'm f'ing sick of watching other teams play finals. I had enough.
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    Because of the concussion concerns? Or just rate Lever higher? I want to try and keep our good players together.
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    I reckon it's been gripping. Turnovers galore and not much scoring, but it's absolutely intense.
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    Richmond are being handed this game on a platter and they are wasting every opportunity. Its hilarious.
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    This might make sense to you. He was not in our best 22 before he did his ACL. Now a year older and not having played for a year, coming back from a reco, he will probably not be best 22 again. By freeing up his spot on the list, we have a chance of finding a 10-12 year player. You don't keep players on your list just to play at Casey.
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    I have seldom cared less about a final series.
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    Jon Ralph who threw up Clayton Oliver for Lever as potential a trade scenario? I'm done with him.
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    21 - doesn't turn 22 til the start of next season kid is a pretty rare talent go get him dees!
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    Did he have a Package with him??
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    Usually I'd be [censored] off that Richmond are doing well, but I admire it. Because our [censored] players are soft gimps who play with no heart. [censored]
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    Funny how dropping some dead weight can help a team. I'd love to see Dildoledio's face if Richmond knock off GWS in the prelim. That would be incredible, delicious even.
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    I have hated this filthy club (Richmond) forever, this hurts even more
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    You guys are unbelievable. I'm seriously impressed at your ability to make this thread in to another one moaning about Melbourne.
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    It is such a wasted year for the MFC We should be part of all this but we [email protected]&$ed it all up
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    Cats fans annoyed about the home crowd advantage here for Tigers, might want to blame the city of geelong for not planning to expand the population to 3 million over the last century
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    Apparently went too low and hit the legs. Was just one of many incorrect umpiring decisions for the match (and season). What a shithouse game of football. Both these teams are unbearable. Hard to believe we're watching 2nd vs 3rd. Pressure is intense but skill level and gameplans are absolute horseshit. This match should be used as an example of what is wrong with the modern game.
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    Nasty ........................ but nice.
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    Do you like him.? What is your opinion, do you think we should try and get him? Do you think he would be in our best 22? Do you think we could let Garland go if we got Lever? Do you think he would wear number 6 if he came to us?
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    I was on the Gold Coast the weekend of the last home and away round in 87 listening to the finish to the round and the miraculous top 5 finish for the DEES. The friends I was away with were happy to drive back to Melbourne a day early so I could go the first elimination final. They dropped me at the ground at about 2.15pm and I thought I had missed the start (never been to a final before so thought start was 2.10pm) Got to my seat and was blown away by the way the DEES absolutely destroyed the Roos, especially as we had lost twice to them during the year. I was on such a high I walked home all the way to West Brunswick from the G. Oh what memories.
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    No way will WC accept pick 18 for Gaff.
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    Have to say that I didn't mind Lever's game.
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    I can't emphasise enough how much we need to empathise. I just can't
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    I hate them as much as anyone but any forward line with Kennedy in it and if Darling brings the form hes shown in the second half this season is always going to kick a decent score. Nic Nats secind efforts improve them in the middle and they are no slouches down back. I think they are a middle of the road side but throw in the hometown umpiring and they are always going to be close to the 8
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    We're in the running guys!! SEN just reported that Jason Taylor was seen at the Footscray Post Office.
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    I have heard that we are into Trent McKenzie from Gold Coast
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    This thread reminds me of the Dustin Martin thread three years ago when nobody wanted him. Stringer has similar potential to Petracca. As he gets older he could develop into a great player, but even if he doesn't reach his potential, he will still be worth more than whatever pick the dogs get for him. It's a yes for me.
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    Adelaide have become the best team in the comp since Dangerfield left. Geelong are still treading water despite getting him for relatively nothing and having the biggest home ground advantage in the comp. Final analysis - Dangerfield is a LOSER.
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    The grand final is in two weeks, Crows v Swans prelim.... The other side of the draw is Tigers Port Eagles Giants What a mess, what a wasted year for so many.
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    This reality is too fake and scripted! Do middle tier sides ever stop missing chances and leaking junktime goals? :/
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    If your mate is going then we'd love a photo of the great man.
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    What does Gaff not being a contested ball winner have to do with him being of value to the team? He covers more ground than any of our players, finds more ball than any of our players except Oliver, and has more score involvements than any of our mids. He lead the league for kicks, effective kicks and has high metres gained. He's a top 5 draft pick who developed well and met expectations placed on him. He's been an All Australian wingman and was 4th in the Brownlow last year. I get he's not a contested beast, but realistically he sh*ts on most players on our list and is exactly what we need to bring balance to our slow overly inside midfield. Anyone saying he's no good or no value to our team has little understanding of football. Would swap a first round pick for him and run if we got he chance. Proven quality in an area of need. Chase him hard Dees.
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