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    New house! feel like a Cat. Gotta walk around and check it all out!!
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    There was a major upgrade to the forum software. Please bear with us whilst we fix up the "skin"/look and feel of the site as the upgrade messed with some of the colours. There are some other cool feature that I will post about here shortly. Also use this thread to report any actual bugs and also any cool features you find.
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    The draw is one of the charms of the game, like the oval shaped ball! Sometimes it bounces perfectly, sometimes tragically... like the draw. Good teams do well irrespective.
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    I am an interstate member from Tassie. So thrilled to be travelling from the north to Snowbart! Going to the game with my son. We have been to three games this year and Ds have won them all (so as good luck charms we will be there). Also coming with my grandson (fifth generation Ds supporter) who has never seen us beat North! (Son and I have fond memories of the '87 final.) Go Ds!
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    From Goodwins presser Maxy and Nev to play, Jones to miss but will be 100% next week
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    Folks couple of things for those coming down. For those with Melbourne members tickets- you will be behind the point post at the Southern end of the ground. There are free ferries departing from the Casino to Bellerive - 6 minute walk to the ground. Free buses will depart from the city to Belerieve - walk 2 minutes to the ground. If you have hired a car - good luck parking is no great around the ground - follow the signs to the allocated parking areas- walk up to 10 minutes to the ground, The Wagon and Horses pub located in North Hobart publican is a Melbourne member and rusted on fanatic. He is offering free beer prior to the start of the game until the first goal is kicked, Article in the Hobart Mercury BRENDON Garland is digging deep to prove his love for the mighty Dees. The licensee of North Hobart’s Waggon and Horses and the younger brother of veteran Melbourne defender Colin is shouting the drinks on Saturday until the first goal is kicked between the Demons and North Melbourne across the river at Blundstone Arena. “And anyone who brings a [match] ticket back after the game gets a free drink on entry See you at the game - Go D's.
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    My recollection of that left me less convinced it was the right call in some ways. It was clear that, true to the media rumours, Nathan Jones was personally hurt by having to share the captaincy, which correlated with my feelings that it was alway a big risk in that respect. Full credit to the proffesionalisim and leadership of Jones to cop it on the chin, respect his coach and get with the program. Had he not done this, sooked and become disruptive, things could have gone down hill for the club. I think Jones deserves full respect for the way he has lead the club in tough times and still impacts in a big way now we are on the rise. One poster commented that we have risen more since Viney has been a joint captain, but I think that’s really as much to do with the teams rise as it is Viney's. I'm a huge fan of Viney, but was generally in the camp of him being VC. Now that it's happened, there is really no turning back and like Jones we as supporters should (and I think mostly have) embraced it.
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    http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/kevin-sheedy-takes-aim-at-paul-roos-in-defence-of-gws-giants-20170726-gxjl4r.html Typical of Sheedy - can't handle some GWS home truths so plays the man, not the ball! He said "Paul Roos is the person who won one premiership by a kick in his whole career," Ouch! Water of a ducks back for Roos, I reckon. At least Roos' comments about GWS are sensible. Sheedy's comments are personal and stupid. Roos is not representing Sydney or anyone else, he is a commentator, like many of Sheedy's ex players but the latter make many idiotic comments in the media. At the top of that list is Tim Watson! Roos' always played the ball. He is 10 times the man Sheedy will ever be. Never thought Sheedy could find new ways for me to dislike him!
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    Do we have a dead American president playing on our team??????
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    North are tanking. If we don't win this, we don't deserve to play finals.
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    Saw him interviewed on one of the footy shows. They asked if he wanted to play with his brother. He doesn't have much of a poker face. I have no doubt he is coming.
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    I think I'm going to struggle with all the like/lol/wtf options after I've had half a bottle of red on a Saturday night. First world problems.
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    While we'd all love to read in the tea leaves that this is the year that we finally win a flag, I've been fossicking about for something a bit more "scientific"... and I found a couple of pearls worth rolling out to oppo fans in the next month when discussing our finals chances. My fave - "Did you know that every time the Doggies have won the flag, Melbourne has won the next three?" Used this on a rabid Doggies fan earlier in the year (before their recurrent crappiness reaserted itself) and he scoffed at me! Though it did confuse him enough to have him stop spitting words on me. or maybe this - "Did you know that every time Paul Roos has passed the Coaching reins to his successor they've won a flag within two years?" Any others?
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    I'm happy with no change, keeping a settled team is good for confidence with each other. Lets smash the Roos!
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    The antics Buddy and Dusty could/would get up to.... the mind boggles.
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    No Tarrant, no Wood and a battler ruckman who hasn't played at AFL level for months... if we can't win this match we may as well throw in the towel. Get it done Dees! Percentage!
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    A strange quirk of the draw this week is that the top nine teams on the ladder are all playing against the bottom nine teams on the ladder. This would be absolutely the wrong week for any of the top teams to drop a game as it's likely that most of the teams around you on the ladder will be winning. Must. Win. Game.
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    I feel the word smarmy is alarmingly under used in this forum.
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    Because they have twice as many fans or are twice as wide?
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    Tim Watson is a moron and his son is a drug cheat.
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    I can't answer your question Mazer, but a mall area in the cbd (Elizabeth Mall?) is decked out with large, blue and white banners reading something like 'Welcome North'. Glen Archer sat immediately in front of us on the plane this morning, and several total strangers have initiated footy discussions with Mrs 'oldfart and I as we wandered around the bitterly cold streets of Hobart in red and blue garb during the day. Non of them were North supporters (or Melbourne for that matter) but they all wished us well for Saturday. I'm pumped. Dunno what I'll be like come Gameday!
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    It was highly unlikely we'd make any changes after last weekend, but I think this does 2 things. Firstly it says to Corey, well done champ, had a great game last week and you're building consistency. Keep it going and you'll get a run in the seniors soon enough, i.e. bash the door down champ! Secondly it fires a shot across the bow of those fringe players in this weeks line-up. If you don't perform, we have a lad here who is ready to have a red hot crack. I have a feeling when he finally gets his chance, we're going to be seeing a lot of him.
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    Couple of potato gems and a hash brown.
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    Team announcements are like crack to me. I want it now!
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    Elevated to the senior list to replace the injured Pat McKenna. Maynard elevated to senior list http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-07-27/maynard-elevated-to-senior-list.mobileapp
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    I met Sheedy in the Royal hotel in Dublin where our players were staying on the Irish tour in 1984. He is without a doubt one of the most arrogant pricks i've ever met. On the other hand Ted Whitten was a real gentleman and bought us a drink when he found out we were from Melbourne.
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    Well, let's see, omens, omens... Jordan Lewis averages a premiership every three years, and signed a 3-year contract with Melbourne. Clearly he knows something. Melbourne have a 60% overall winning record in finals, and go on to win the premiership, hmm... one in every three times they make the finals. Coincidentally, our ONLY rival for success rates in both finals and grand finals is Hawthorn, and they have only just crept ahead of us now because of their huge recent decade. The margin is tiny. Clearly, Jordon Lewis knows something.
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    I was eight years old when I went to this game and remember it vividly! We'd driven the 4 hours from home for the game, and my old man (Dees supporter of course) was so livid we drove straight home afterwards, when we would normally stay the night. On the way home he fell asleep and I had to wake him up after he was hitting reflector posts on the side of the road. Not a great trip or memory!
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    Yeah. That feature was an add on that I downloaded at some point. It probably would have got wiped by the software upgrade. I'll see if I can re-enable it.
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    Lol. In no way, shape or form did he even remotely suggest he'd be going anywhere next year and his body language similarly gave absolutely nothing away. What on earth were you watching?
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    You find the new software has some punch?
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    Paul Roos saved the Melbourne Football CLub. Kevin Sheedy applied for the 2012 job but was beaten out by Mark Neeld.
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    4 days to crack 42 !! Carn Dees
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    I am not going to make myself dumber by reading his article. I have no doubt he gave Scully and his salad dodging old man ridiculous contracts because we knew the game had passed him and didn't choose him as coach. Paul Roos (and PJ) have got us to a place where we're arguing if we can sneak into the top 4. We haven't played finals for 11 years. sheedy can snipe from the side all he likes but he doesn't have the integrity of Paul Roos' toe nail.
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    Just the other day I was considering suggesting the site needed more "like" button options a la farcebook (angry, laugh, thumbs up etc)... nice to see.
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    41,861 - WOW! Over seventy members overnight. It seems that all the closet supporters have finally realised that we are a serious finals chance. If we beat North on Saturday, we might even reach 42,000 members by cut-off on 31/07/2017.
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    Just drinking a nice cup of tea out of my favourite mug and noticed our 2 highest ever scores were against north. Looking forward to smashing that stat this weekend 👍
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    Completely agree LH - he criticised the GWS after losing to Sydney - "saying it was a contest pitting talent versus system" (HSun) which would be a fair enough summation. GWS are loaded with talent but they lost the game. So presumably the systems (structures) of Sydney won the day. Perfectly reasonable/objective. GWS have their nose out of joint from holding a long held grudge against the man - first D. Matthews “the one constant for us is his views are not objective.” and now Sheedy feels the need to play the man as well. Just plain ordinary, and unwarranted Sheeds. He would know the amount of effort required to win a flag. Bit more than 2 hours work. Plenty of careers with zero flags to show for it. Credit to Roosy for not responding. All class.
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    I was at home listening to every episode of the Demonland podcasts.
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    On MMM they call him the purple headed warrior as they can't call him a richard head on the radio.
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    Already touring Tassie Ticets arranged by Pete and club for group arriving for weekend including club pre game. independant Accomodation and Friday night with MONA visit on Sunday We will be noticeable by wearing the red and blue. (Not the away strip) although may be covered by layers coz its bloody cold down here.
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    Hi team! (First let me say how happy I am that I've found this site!) I flew to Melb last week to watch this crucial game, suffice to say, it was a great weekend. As for selection next week, a few things come to mind. Our Structure: How do 'we' want to play on an oval with a +5 goal breeze? Their Structure: Who are they likely to field? Advantage: how can we expose them? Im confident that in the engine room we'll win the clearances with or without Jones, I think the game will be decided on our inside 50's discipline, and our defensive spoil and rebound 50's capacity (against what is a tall fwd line). Against the wind the run and carry will be critical, as will holding possession and chipping our way forward with accuracy. With the wind, our transitions should be key. Watts and Garlett should fire this week if Hoges drags them up to half forward to create a paddock for our boys to exploit. Oscar(his spoils and positioning are good), Frost, Jetta, Hibbo and Hunt should do the job again in the backline. Whilst Trenners was accurate, he was visibly slow, and JKH was very quick, something we could use to exploit North. Trenners will probably gain a few more touches this week, we need to use his accurate ball use for those inside 50's. So I'd drift him on high half forward to relieve from time to time from the bench. Overall, last weeks team is a better matchup for this week IMO. No change for mine - but if Jonesy is in - naturally Trenners will have to be rested. BTW: Who else is loving watching ANB dash into the centre from the square to outnumber them? Simple but genius.
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    The next Demonland Podcast will be LIVE on Wednesday 2/8 @ 8:30pm and will feature very special guest Russell Robertson.
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    I had my Melbourne loving daughters with me on the weekend. Melb vs Port and Ess vs NM was on simultaneously, so there was quite the battle as to which game we were watching and when. I saw about 50/50 of both games. We happened to be on the Melb/Port game as it was getting close when Melksham kicked the sealer. I said to my 11 year old as he was lining up, "Melksho will kick this". She is quite switched on for a 11 year old, but wasn't as confident. After it sailed through and the celebratory dance had finished, she asked me why I was so confident he would kick it. Said that I was at a Friday night game in 2013 against Carlton, we had come from about 5 goals down to pinch a win, and it was Melksham who had kicked the goal to put us in front. It was a set shot late in the game from about 50m on a bit of an angle. Very similar to Saturdays but at the other end of the MCG. As you said, didn't look to pass it off, just went back and kicked the goal. I said to her I just had a feeling he would do it again He is a good kick. Turn overs are a problem cos he often tries to bite off a bit more than he should with his kicking. Was drafted as a midfielder, but I don't think he got enough of the ball as a mid, so was eventually tried at half forward, but struggled to find consistency, would be in and out of the team. Too good for VFL, but didn't have much of an impact at AFL level. Goodwin has found what looks to be the perfect position for him as the defensive forward. He does it better than Bugg in my opinion. Goodwin wanted Melksham for a reason, and now we know why. To be honest, he probably needed a fresh start, not just because of the thing I am no longer going to talk about, but as I said, was struggling to find consistency, which can happen. So while I was a fan, I wasn't too disappointed to see him go, unlike Hibbard, who was in our best 12 players before the 12 month suspension.
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    This guy is smashing it at VFL level and plays the contested brand of footy that suits our team. Of his 30 possession on the weekend, a massive 20 of them were contested http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-07-26/vfl-player-review-round-14 Might be wise to expose another player to AFL footy and add some depth and experience to our midfield should finals come around, although they might want to add some polish to his game first. With Smith and Maynard both recruited as Cat B rookies, its another reason to appreciate the efforts of our recruiting team.
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    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet but Hogan just needs 2 goals this weekend to bring up his first 100 goals. Nice mini milestone for him.
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    Mission make Jaded eternally happy by beating the world's most despicable footy club is on. Come on Dees, I think it's about time. I hope we crush them, or alternatively win by a point after the siren due to a controversial free so I can watch Scott's head explode.
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    I'm fine with Collingwood's suggestion and while we're at it, the Demons and the Pies should be given a number of prime fixtures such as Friday night games as is commensurate with their respective ladder positions at the end of the season. And when we play our away games against Geelong these should be at the MCG and the likes of Collingwood and Carlton should be forced to take the hike down Princes Highway when they play against the Cats.
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