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    Just wanted to start a new thread on Jeff's 2017 form. It's outstanding. He's in elite territory this season when it comes to small forwards. 20 goals, equal to the raved about Toby Greene and Robbie Gray. 5 behind Betts who plays in the highest scoring team in the league. 35 tackles, which is miles above any forward other than Charlie Dixon (if you can believe that) with 30. Betts has 22, Gray 19, Greene 16. Not only his tackling, just his pressure in general has been fantastic, honestly like a new player, he's always chasing. Was nothing like this last year. For me his most impressive games have been in our losses, hard position to play in and he's really worked his arse off in those losses. I thought he was falling away a bit last year, but it's time he got some acknowledgement for his form of late.
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    This will sound like the strangest comment ever uttered in these hallowed digital halls, but I don't think I'm ready yet. This is my life now. Melbourne's inveterate crapness is a core part of my personal identity. The Stockholm Syndrome has full hold of me. Just the thought of a flag and the existential anxiety seizes my brain. How the hell am I possibly going to cope on Grand Final day?!! And around all those bloody neutrals who couldn't possibly understand. What if it all goes horribly wrong? And surely, surely, after waiting so desperately all this time, there isn't the slightest hope that the joy however great could ever live up to the desire. And how much salt would it rub into the wounds - to suddenly do it so easily after a half-century of wasted effort? What happens when life returns to normal? When cricket returns to the G' and ordinary people no longer care? When everyone else has forgotten the pain and the suffering and simply moved on? I'll be that prisoner released into society after serving a life sentence. I'm institutionalised. My only hope is recidivism. To bid farewell to the MFC and jump on the Richmond bandwagon to nowhere . . .
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    Will be a huge boost for Casey to get Gawn in into the team for the rest of the year. Pedo will be in full flight by then of course.
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    I managed to find a photo of the MRP in session.
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    I was sitting on the western side of adelaide oval center wing the Adelaide supporters around me were fine they just thought it was another game they were going to win by 10 goals. The usual smart arse comments about draft picks etc very polite arrogance I'd like to call it, had my cousin ask me if I was having a gd time when the crows piled on 6 in a row it was all gd everyone was having a jolly old time,until the 2nd half that is. They started turning on each other also asking each other what's wrong with the team etc. With each passing melb goal my screams were getting louder and louder especially when clarry nailed from the betts pocket I had people turning around a looking at me thinking how dare u but that just fueled the fire this was a release of pent up frustration we've all carried to years. The started leaving in their droves the 1st we kicked in the 4th I got up had a look around and ask 'where a you going this isn't what supporters do' by that stage I was center stage non of the supporters could look at me because they knew we had bullied them on their on patch humiliated them. All this crap about this lady saying the chap involved started swearing I listened to the lady on 5aa this morning she admitted when the presenters pressed her for info that the man only swore once load of crap this is. At the end of the day Melb supporters all had the last laugh.
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    I know it's behind the paywall, but for those who can view it (or know how to get around the paywall), the link is here: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/star-recruit-jordan-lewis-is-spreading-hawthorn-gospel-at-his-new-club-melbourne/news-story/5331da6c68b450060d13cb5f7b6e76fc Basically, it just outlines that Lewis has been talking extensively to the players about the 'take less money' model that Clarkson used at Hawthorn to assist in player retention, which in turn will help us break our premiership drought. Great to see Lewis doing this and if we keep growing as a group then hopefully that makes it even easier for players to sign on for the right coin. With teams throwing money around, and with a few gun players (Petracca, Gawn, Hunt etc.) out of contract next year, this may help us in retaining players without going overboard about it. The article does say that we aren't currently under an salary cap constraints and with it going up soon we shouldn't have any problems retaining our players. What it may help with is being able to add further players to the list as well to complement what we already have.
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    Has really improved his goal-kicking this year, especially from set shots. 2015: 40.29 2016: 29.14 2017: 20.6
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    Whenever Footscray won a flag we've won the next 3. Relax. We've got this.
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    This is the key. Dropping games we should win or were in a winning position will bury our finals chances. Despite suffering from MFCSS this is the first time in a long time, perhaps ever in my 40 years a Demon, that I believe we can genuinely beat any team we come up against. Having said that my eternal pessimism also leads me to believe that we can lose to any team in the competition. I should seek therapy. Our win against Adelaide means nothing if we cannot back it up.
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    How about the OP outlines what constitutes a clanger. It's one of those stats that doesn't tell a true reflection on the overall performance of the player. Pretty sure that Dangerfield and Fyfe were "clanger kings" in their Brownlow year. IMO, Tyson has played pretty well in the past 3 weeks.
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    I'm going to go further on my previous post... I just watched the replay of all our goals from the weekend (not hard to do after a win!). I counted 11 of our 17 goals where Jeffy either; - Kicked it himself - Had an assist - Pressured the opponent to give someone else the chance to kick a goal - Was in the perfect place and was burnt by a teammate (Pedo burnt him twice!) - Was running past the drop of the ball at pace, goal side of his opponent Check out our 2,3,6,7,8,10,11,13,15,15 and 17th goals, but watch Jeffy just before these are kicked.
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    My mates refer to Waite as a sanitary item, in for one week and out for three.
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    I must say I hate it when I see Dees fans bring in opposition fan guests into my Melbourne "only" area. Especially if we lose. If we win then I love it.
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    Eddie just received word Max could be back for the Pies game !!
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    We need to keep this fellow at the club after he's retired as a player.
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    If we can get into a position in the top 8 in the next 4-6 weeks and then get Gawn & Hogan, our 2 most important players reaching peak fitness at the right time of year l can see no reason why we can't have a real crack. We seem to have really galvanised as a team with the difficulties that have arisen & they seem to love being coached by Goodwin. Having said that we need to start winning the games we should. With a full fit list finals time look out!!
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    If this is more appropriate somewhere else, please feel free to move it, mods. Just wanted to give the website guys and gals a bit of props here. People have been critical of the content available on the official Melbourne website, but as a filmmaker, I feel it's worthwhile to note some of the latest videos. The BCNA video and now the 40,000 members videos are both wonderfully made and love how they're using the 'infinity' quote for the membership numbers. I hope they tap into this next year. Would still like to see a few more weekly videos. Maybe an analysis of the opposition weekly video like the Tigers have and I'd be using Gawny as much as possible. Great host, great charisma and very watchable. Anyway, well done, MFC.
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    No. [censored] off. Leave the game alone
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    I love Titus. After the win v st kilda he made a comment along the following lines - "Cop that Saints. No one beats the Demons 15 times in a row."
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    Lots of people in the media tipping against Melbourne on the basis they "they will get ahead of themselves." For the love of god, please prove them wrong Melbourne.
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    Look he hasn't been good this year but at his best he is a very handy player on our list. Take a look at our win vs Hawthorn last year, he was one of our best. Everyone was critical of Viney earlier this year and are now eating their words. He is a lot better than what he's currently dishing up.
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    Me thinks some might be just getting a little ahead of themselves here
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    They had a topic on 360 discussing how "unlikely" it was at the start of the season that Yeo would be leading the Coaches award. Yeo is playing in his sixth season with 92 games. Oliver is 7 votes behind Yeo in third place. He's playing in his second season with 21 games. I couldn't help but think Gerard and Robbo were overlooking the more unlikely event. Yeo might be unlikely. Oliver is defying all logic.
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    I'm tipping no change but if there's going to be one, it might be Melksham for Wagner. This game, like almost all of the remaining 14 games this year, comes down almost entirely to us. If we play at our best, we will win. Last week showed that our best is good enough to beat any opponent, anywhere. However, if we don't play out our best, North is good enough to beat us. Would dearly love to have a dominant first quarter, kill some nerves off, get a nice lead going, and get a confident feeling that we've come with the right mindset against our last remaining "bogey team".
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    A contender would win the next three games in a row.
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    Our top 5 clangerers are Tyson, TMac, Vince, Oliver and Hunt. All 5 of them are also top 10 in disposal average (Tyson 5th). Gee, what a revelation that the players who get the ball the most are the ones with the greatest chance of misusing it on occasion.
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    Great addition to the MFC family My Carlscum mate is still furious at what happened.
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    Both Neeld and Beamer made significant errors and need to take responsibility for their own actions before blaming others. At least Neeld isn't blaming others for what he inherited. Beamer was one of our best players with Bailey designing a game plan that suited the cattle we had but wasn't going to develop and propel us forward. The game breaking Jamar-Beamer ruck taps were no longer the focus of the Neeld era that wanted to spread the load and develop a deeper younger midfield. Beamer didn't embrace the new game plan and so he shouldn't be surprised with what happened. An average game plan that everyone follows will always beat a good game plan that no one follows. Beamer was too self absorbed as were others at that time Neeld identified a problem with the professionalism, work ethic, and leadership in the players and was incorrectly told to use a heavy hand in managing them by the board and the club. It's always difficult when your best players use their leadership and influence poorly. Neeld's execution and game plan was poor at best. Brisbane is in a similar position with Rockliff being removed from the captaincy and their next best options are Beams and Zorko - not exactly perfect leaders. At least Brisbane haven't made the MFC mistake of giving their player group to an inexperienced operator. Chris Fagan is a mature football person with people skills to grow the right culture and leadership. At the time, I was invited to a supporter Q&A forum at the club (when media were getting stuck into them) and asked Neeld to what degree do you design the game plan to cater for the playing list (with Beamer, Jamar and others in mind). His answer was something to the effect that each player has the opportunity to fit into his game plan. Seemed a bit blunt and clearly wasn't the right answer. You can have a game plan and still be creative to find roles to get the best out of players. At that point I knew for sure he wasn't going to make it. Players are often a product of their environment and the people instilled to provide leadership and learning. So that brings me to Garry Lyon. Clearly a poor decision maker off the field. Was instrumental in getting both Bailey and Neeld to the club. Given his history he still has the nerve to tea off on one of the youngest teams in the league for apparently not meeting 'winning' expectations recently. Just doesn't get what young players need to develop. Was part of the boys club that managed the club poorly along with Schwab and Connolly. Unfortunately we learnt the hard way that low draft picks and tanking combined with poor player development leads to more rebuilds.. Gee we were poor and naïve back then. Thanks PJ, Roosy, and perhaps a little controversially, the AFL for influencing them to fix the MFC. .
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    Unsociable Demons. I couldn't be prouder.
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    I don't want to be a negative [censored], but I don't see us developing a level of consistency this year that will get us there. Even when the Bulldogs finished outside of the top 4, they'd played a season that was capable of top 4 if it weren't for injuries. I don't think we're mature enough to play to that level. I've always expected 2017 to be another year where we find our feet, make the 8 and maybe win a final. I've always seen 2018 as a year we should be pushing for the top 4 and could pinch a flag, ala Hawthorn in 2008 or Bulldogs in 2016. I hope I'm wrong and we can get to a level of consistency sooner than even our coaches expect, remembering that McCartney has repeatedly said we're 18 months behind the Dogs in their development. We're certainly due finals though and 13+ wins.
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    Titus speaks: for your edification Melbourne v North Melbourne (MCG) 3.20pm Jesse Hogan’s illness put’s footy in perspective this week, and thankfully it appears Jesse’s outlook is bright. He’s certainly had a terrible time of late, and I hope at some point he has a corresponding period that is as positive as this has been negative. Last week, Melbourne were so good they’ve given me an unrealistic sense of how good they are. I’m being set up for an enormous disappointment this week, aren’t I? I just get nervous when people use ‘season-defining win’ and ‘Melbourne’ in the same sentence. It usually means a ‘season defining loss’ is just around the corner. Melbourne have a good track record against the Roos though, having defeated them as recently as 2006. Letting North win the past 15 contests has lulled the Roos into a false sense of security and the trap is ready to slam shut on Sunday night. Suckers! The Kangaroos do get Jarrad Waite back after suspension. He must certainly be due an injury if his history is any guide. Melbourne to win. - See more at: https://titusoreily.com/afl/highly-unhelpful-guide-round-nine#sthash.Y6mXCYPz.dpuf
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    There once was a man. A man of great renown across this 'land. And for three straight weeks back in ought-fourteen he was a god, a god by hand and by foot among those mere clanger-ridden mortals cowed beneath his golden boot. His name to all who knew him was Alex Georgiou.
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    A ridiculous thread, particularly when contextualised with the other 'Clanger Kings'. Dom Tyson is one of the first picked every week, and deservedly so.
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    Hahahha what a list of chit trucks who can't find a team mate.
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    Just re-watched the 3rd quarter (because why not?), and just quietly, Frost had one of the most pivotal moments of the entire match. Two minutes into the third, no score for either team since half-time, we're still down ten points, and the Crows had one of their few moments of slicing through the centre square with ease, leading to a high quality kick inside fifty from Sloane to Tex Walker in space. It looked a mark for sure, but then Frosty closed the last five metres at speed, put a big spoil on, kept his feet and outran Walker to the ball, then turned him inside out and got a clean kick away. It was absolutely brilliant defensive work. If Walker had marked and goaled, we'd have been 16 points down, instead we took it up the other end (with a little pause for Hunt to knock himself out along the way) and TMac goaled. Classic two goal turnaround, and it all started with Sam.
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    "It is understood some Premiership Club members enjoyed lively repartee with the Melbourne-supporting guests until half time, when the Crows lead by 10 points, but the mood soured when the Demons piled on 12 goals to Adelaide’s three in the second half" http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/adelaide-crows-chief-andrew-fagans-directive-dont-crow-over-our-exclusive-fans/news-story/f6866b498511cbcb6da3ae6795bfec1e Aaahahahahahaahahaha eat it crows fans
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    I have an idea. Gil to play off against the mail-room boy for a spot in the executive.
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    I don't think they understand what a wildcard is or why it exists All they need to do is create some fairness in the fixture. That's it. No need for 17-5, 18-5, wildcard weekends ad infinitum. Just have a rolling fixture alternating home and away each time you play an opponent. Either that or decide the double up games on the prior years ladder (so 1st has double ups against 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th & 16th). This isn't about fairness, it's about marketing and promotion. The sooner the Dil [censored] off the better, he is FAR worse than Demetriou.
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    Max and Jesse will have to be satisfied with keeping the pine warm as Pedo holds down ruck and KPF role #pedofacts
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    Amazing recovery if true. Credit to Max and the fitness staff. The questions will come, what do we do with Pedo when he's back. Cam has been playing his role very well and I wouldn't mind him staying as the second ruck/extra tall in the forward line.
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    Pedo to kick 6 and really stick it up his old side and for him to assert his new found dominance over North's massive ruckmen.
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    Time to replace Gillon McLachlan.
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    Innovation for innovations commercial gain sake. .. ugh.
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    I would've waited till after we beat North in terms of making a thread like this. Lose Sunday and we're simply going around in circles and unlikely to make the 8. As for contending, I think a dream result would be winning 1 final (especially at the G in front of the faithful) and building that into next year when perhaps we could be contenders for a grand final. Winning a final would be surreal for many of us that went to see the Dees week in week out over the last 10 years.
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    Harmes butchers the ball more than Tyson
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    I like your idea. I've often thought of how could Melbourne expand its member base. I never thought of the indians. Or the cowboys for that matter. boom tish! Some of you guys are quick to attack our esteemed Mr Dees2014. 40 year supporter is worth some respect. Rather than criticize why don't you guys come up with an idea to get us to 50,000 members. Nothing wrong with his trying, and it is bad form by the club not to reply.
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    Growing up, I used to like the Roos, seeing them come from obscurity to snatch 2 flags in the 70's. I have never really loved or loathed them, they were a bit like how I now feel about Freo. And then Brad Scott became coach. I loved him as a footballer but everything about his moaning, surly, "isn't-our-list-great", entitled demeanour as a coach gets under my skin. All their ducking and getting rubbed out for behind the play thuggery comes from him. I hope the Dees wipe the smirk off his face so badly that by year end he is assistant coach at the Nyah-Nyah West thirds.
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    Was pondering this myself recently. To me he has been up all season so far - looking committed defensively and dangerous offensively, in pretty much every game. Close to career best form for mine, or at worst, best form since he's been here. If he continues on current pace, he will kick over 50 goals, which he's never done before, so that supports the case. Really pleasing to see, because I also thought fell away last year. I guess you never know the environmental things that impact a player's form, but whatever it was seems to have been sorted as he's been great. Still can't believe we picked him up from the tip shop. Thanks again Mick.
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    It is difficult not to re-write history when you reflect on it, but the article does seem to bring a sense of clarity. I was a Beamer fan, loved his aggression and uncompromising nature, but he was an extremely flawed leader whose leadership had powerful positives and more powerful negatives. However, the train wreck that was Mark Neeld can actually be seen as a huge catalyst for change. The 186 game revealed a dysfunctional, decaying, fossilised club. Mark Neeld was a resopnse to that, and his coaching tenure (I refuse to use the word leadership here) made the club finally implode and collapse. And it needed to. Our playing group being led by Beamer and Sylvia - what?!?! Our leaders being given an uncompromising and unfair push out of the door - what?!?! Hard-nosed bullying being seen as tough leadership - what?!?! All the old gang had to depart, PJ was placed in charge, Roos as coach, Bartlett as president and we started again from ground zero. So although it was the worst period I can remember of 50+ years as a Dees supporter, in reflection, I am glad it all happened. Today we have 40,000 members, sponsors who continue, a women's team, and a list that might finally give us some success.