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    I thought Watts' post match interview was very good. Dedicated the win to Hogan/Hogan's dad and said Hogan was one of their brothers and that they love him.
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    Not sure if it has been mentioned anywhere and it really deserves its own thread but this game against Hawthorn is the Pink Lady Match supporting the BCNA. There will be 1000's of Pink Lady silhouettes planted in Yarra Park and it is a very moving site. I looked at the MFC web page and could not find it mentioned anywhere but found it on the BCNA page. I am hoping it gets more publicity as the week rolls by. It is very close to my heart as I lost my Mum to breast cancer nearly a year ago. If you are at the game, please make a donation. Every cent counts. https://www.bcna.org.au/
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    Vince is a booming kick and instinctive footballer. He's not a technician. And clearly not the best with ball in hand and time to think. Playing him down back has been an absolute blunder. For the team and for him. He was in career best form ffs. Put him in the heat of the guts, let him slam it forward, run around for dish off shots at goal from 50 and rough up some timid mids. It's his bread and butter. Saw it the second he went into the middle. Stamp him never to play down back again.
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    Haven't seen this posted anywhere else but Jack Watts was on radio this morning about Oliver: "He can do it all. I was with (ruckman Max) Gawny last night and he was sitting in the (coaches) box (on Sunday) and he was saying the coaches were having a little fight because Troy Chaplin our forwards coach wanted him (Oliver) to stay up forward and Ben Matthews (midfield coach) wanted him back in the midfield. He is a super player and I think the coach probably put it on him a little bit last year to really become that full-time professional footballer and he's really taken to that and taken his game to a whole new level." Nice.
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    This is one of the most staggering paragraphs I've ever seen on Demonland, and that's saying something....
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    Get a room you two
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    Goodwin said on SEN tonight the club contacted the AFL umpires department to find out why he is being pinned for throws when the club think he is handballing. I wonder if the umpires are reacting to some commentators narrative a few weeks ago that Oliver throws and are just guessing. Good to see the club being proactive and hopefully the chat with AFL sorts the problem.
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    D O O B Deliberate Out Of Bounds to the anagram Acronym ( thanks Demonstone..lol ) challenged. I can't remember a more contentious rule affecting our game. It's not only horribly considered and formulated but near on impossible really to decipher and the implementation is laughable bordering counter effective to its supposed reason. Fortunately our old friend Titus has received some timely updates . It clarifies it all. A memo from the National Umpiring Director Peter Schwab to all umpires regarding the Deliberate Out of Bounds Rule (DOOB) has been leaked. Here it is in full. FROM: National Umpiring Director To: ALL UMPIRES In recent weeks, the deliberate out of bounds rule has been the source of significant criticism from key stakeholders in the Football Marketplace of Ideas. As a result, and to make your job easier, we have clarified the rule and added even more interpretation, the solution to all umpiring problems. Here is the updated rule, to be applied from this round: Law 15.6.1(c) A free kick shall be awarded against a player who: Intentionally kicks, handballs or forces the football over the boundary line, without the football being touched by another player. The primary consideration in determining DOOB is the player’s intent or what mood the closest umpire is in at the time. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t rewarded DOOB for a while, just decide that the next ball out will be deliberate, then pause a long time when it happens for the drama and award it. The below indicators can assist your decision-making process: Do you like the player or are they on the secret protected list? Has the player made a genuine skill error? If they have, don’t worry give a free against them anyway. Is the player kicking the ball off the ground under pressure? If so, the player will not be penalised unless it’s a critical moment in the game and the resulting free kick will significantly affect the outcome of the game. Is the player kicking the ball up the field to teammates, or is he kicking the up the ground with the intention of finding the boundary line? The ability to read minds comes in handy here, if you can’t do that, just take a wild stab. Did the ball travel past several opponents who could have picked it up but didn’t in the hope you’d pay deliberate? Then reward this as DOOB. It’s a wonderful look for the sport. Did the player dispose of the ball in a clever ruse of fumbling and even though it’s obviously deliberate you appreciated the acting skills? Then don’t pay a free. At least once a quarter, don’t reward an obvious DOOB to keep things interesting. If DOOB is awarded up the other end, wait until an identical situation occurs up your end, then make the polar opposite decision. As always, Razor can interpret this rule based on the camera being on him and the theatrical potential of the moment. A reminder, with Mark Evans leaving, the Hawthorn Special Treatment Loading is no longer in place. DOOB is less science, more art. As always, we are not looking for consistency or fairness, our aim is uncertainty and confusion, transitioning to anger. I hope this makes things more difficult for you. Yours in confusion Peter - See more at: https://titusoreily.com/afl/afl-memo-clarification-deliberate-out-bounds#sthash.7M7woJXJ.dpuf
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    Out of bounds. On the full.
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    Apologies in advance to posters who already know this... Jack plays smart! Time stands still when he is in traffic, baulking, feinting, backing out and swinging on left or right foot to deliver. You rarely see him tackled. He is elusive and deceptive! He is the best set shot at the football club! He finds ridiculous targets that others have no right to attempt. He runs both ways, helping out in defence, streaming forward from the wing and making multiple leads from the goal square! He is now an extra midfielder disguised as a ruckman... watch his second and third efforts out of the center circle. All of this has been apparent for some time... catch up detractors, Jack attackers... for the cheque books will be flapping violently when his contract renewal or free agency beckon. Then you will count your lucky stars that Jack is loyal!
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    I have never understood the 'will he be in our next premiership team' logic when selecting teams. As far as I'm concerned, the future is now. It's up to Weed to knock the Bear out of the side. It's not until then that we consistently choose him over Pedo.
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    Gratuitous sledge. Watts fumbled a couple of times but was generally excellent and led an undersized forward line. He kicked 4.1. He rucked without relief for 3 quarters in the wet just 5.5 days ago. It's some sort of miracle he got up for the game at all.
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    Neeld has the runs on the board as an assistant, and from what I've heard from a couple of Essendon-supporting mates, he's appreciated at the Dons, as he was at Collingwood. OK, he was a out of his depth as a senior coach, but no shame in that. You could make the same argument re Brendan McCartney.
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    Jack Watts said in his after match interview that Pedo always performs like that and gets the job done for the team every time he is brought in. Seemed to me that Jack firmly believes Pedo belongs in the team. Was a glowing endorsement, and nice to hear.
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    STATEMENT by The Oracle The Melbourne Football Club is at a point in its history when the time has come for the team to make a definitive statement. For too long, the Demons have struggled to produce consistency in their performance from week to week. Supporters have scratched their heads in puzzlement at how their form could ebb and flow and, just when the time was ripe for an upward step, they would put in a shocker. Now is the time for a statement about standing up and winning games they are expected to win. I believe that Melbourne is now in a position to turn the tide of inconsistency and the reason is due in part to the arrival of a trio of players who have come into the fold and who possess the presence and the experience necessary to steady a ship when things go wrong. Former Hawk Jordan Lewis is poised to show his old club the folly of allowing a player of his ilk to slip through their fingers. Last week he added steadiness and invaluable leadership to the Demon midfield with his 30 touches and this was matched by the club's co-captains who were instrumental in helping the team overrun the Bombers in the second half. Two defenders from Essendon in Michael Hibberd and Jake Melksham have added solidity to the Melbourne defence. The former has been a revelation in his two matches while the latter is gradually adding to the club's depth in this area*. At a time when injuries have been a negative factor, the presence of the newcomers is helping to change the shape of the club. Of course, it's not just the three on their own - there are young players at the club coming into their own and producing consistent performances. Names like Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca, Jayden Hunt and Christian Salem are carving a niche in the game for themselves. Last week the Demons missed their All Australian ruckman in Max Gawn (and he will still be missing for several weeks to come) but they are likely to get Jesse Hogan back after the passing of his father. His return will be welcome as it will provide an extra dimension to the team's fire power. After a lacklustre start to the season, he is another important presence on the ground. With Jack Watts, Jeff Garlett, Petracca and Mitch Hannan all capable of kicking goals, the forward line is starting to take on a formidable shape. There's always a danger in underestimating your opponent on any given day and Demon fans are well aware of the perils of taking the demoralized Hawks lightly. The West Coast Eagles discovered that just two weeks ago. But the opportunity is there to make a big statement about the dependability of the playing group even after the injuries, the suspensions and the personal setbacks of the first month and a half of the season. Melbourne will win this game and in doing so will continue the upward trend in its fortunes that began when Paul Roos was appointed to coach the club almost four years ago. * You give a bloke some praise and the selectors drop him. Sheesh! THE GAME Melbourne v Hawthorn at the MCG Sunday 7 May 2017 at 3.20pm HEAD TO HEAD Overall Melbourne 75 wins Hawthorn 85 wins At MCG Melbourne 36 wins Hawthorn 44 wins Last 5 meetings Melbourne 1 win Hawthorn 4 wins The Coaches Goodwin 0 wins Clarkson 0 wins MEDIA TV - Channel 7, Fox Sports 503 live at 3.00pm RADIO - Triple M, 3AW, ABC, ABC Grandstand THE BETTING Melbourne $1.44 to win Hawthorn $2.80 THE LAST TIME THEY MET Melbourne 17.8.110 defeated Hawthorn 11.15.81 in Round 20, 2016 at the MCG Max Gawn had 41 hit outs, 16 possessions and 11 marks to drive a famous victory for the Demons who prevailed over the Hawks for the first time in a decade. THE TEAMS MELBOURNE B: Michael Hibberd, Tom McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Jayden Hunt, Sam Frost, Jordan Lewis C: Nathan Jones, Clayton Oliver, Tom Bugg HF: Christian Petracca, Jack Watts, Mitch Hannan F: Jeff Garlett, Jesse Hogan, Jay Kennedy-Harris FOLL: Cam Pedersen, Bernie Vince, Jack Viney I/C: Oscar McDonald, Christian Salem, Dom Tyson, Josh Wagner EMG: Dean Kent, Alex Neal-Bullen, Billy Stretch IN: Jesse Hogan, Josh Wagner OUT: Jake Melksham, Alex Neal-Bullen HAWTHORN B: Grant Burchall, James Frawley, Ben Stratton, HB: Ryan Burton, Josh Gibson, Shaun Burgoyne C: Isaac Smith, Tom Mitchell, Jaeger O'Meara HF: Luke Breust, Tim O'Brien, Jack Gunston F: Paul Puopolo, Jarryd Roughead, Cyril Rioli FOLL: Ben McEvoy Liam Shiels Luke Hodge I/C: Blake Hardwick, Billy Hartung, Daniel Howe, James Sicily, Brendan Whitecross EMG: Kaiden Brand, Will Langford, James Sicily IN: Grant Birchall, Cyril Rioli OUT: Kaiden Brand, Will Langford There is no question that Hawthorn is on a downward spiral. The Hawks have suffered three massive losses in excess of 12 goals so far this year including one by 86 points against Gold Coast in Round 3. However, history tells us that when great teams are in their death throes they retain the capacity to dig deep and rise to the occasion. They did this in Round 5 against the Eagles and with two stars back in their side this week and the recriminations of another failure ringing in their ears, they will certainly be trying to defy their detractors. In a round that is already looming as a round of major upsets, Hawthorn also has the added incentive of atoning for their last encounter with Melbourne which was the Round 20 loss that sent the team spiraling downward from the top ladder position which they then firmly held to a situation where they failed to even make a preliminary final in September and further to the lowly place they now occupy on the competition table. Melbourne also has something to prove as circumstance has robbed it of the opportunity to hold a firm grip on a finals place - even at this early stage. With the club welcoming back Jesse Hogan after Jordan Lewis' return last week and the club debut of Michael Hibberd the week before that, the Demons are back to almost full strength with the exception of the big hole in ruck left by the injury to Max Gawn. The game is all about coping with the loss of players through injury and sometimes this has to be done by improvisation. Simon Goodwin has demonstrated in his short time at the helm that he is capable of pulling rabbits out a hat and last week, his unorthodox ruck set up headed by Cam Pedersen, showed that he is very good at making hard things work. Melbourne by 29 points.
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    I recon this has been mentioned every 80 posts or so, can some one go ahead and do it for the masses...
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    I've been following this game for a long time and know that when knowledgable footy people have a view that differs from mine they are most likely right and I should at least consider their position before dismissing it out of hand. I think you should be asking yourself why you differ from people who make a living out of footy, notably Goodwin and Worsfold. FWIW Tyson has had two excellent seasons and a poor one and IMO had a slow start to this season. But his poor season and this season coincided with significantly interrupted preseasons and I know when he gets it right he's a very good player. I think he's working into good form now and will be valuable to us and unlike some I'm prepared to consider his positives as well as his negatives. I think you're wrong with Tyson and the coaches votes on Sunday make you look a little silly. Funnily enough while you can always disregard statistics when it doesn't suit your argument it's much harder to dismisses coaches votes.
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    And again i think that the facts do not bear your assertion out that from an 'from an intensity perspective, Jack Watts was very, very ordinary' and frankly it is ridiculous to suggest he went at 'about 10% all day'. And suggesting 'things went his way' implies he was lucky to get four goals rather then the reality of it being as a result of his hard work 5 of his 19 possessions were contested. Of his 5 marks, 1 was contested (a ripping effort where muscled his way to the front to take a chest mark and kick a goal). It is worth noting only Pederson, Petracca and TMac had more (2 each, with TMac's coming from 12 overall). He laid 3 tackles (and his season average is 1.8), with only Viney and Oliver laying more. Plus he ran hard all day. All of this after a five day break and having to shoulder rucking duties for 80% of last weeks game. But even if you are one to discount stats watching the game tells me his intensity was where it needs to be. And i i would argue Goodwin came to the same conclusion. I reiterate that there is no way Goodwin gives him votes if his intensity was down. No way. Goodwin could not have made it clearer intensity is a complete non negotiable in his team. Lack of intensity was the reason Watts wasn't played in the first two pre season games and is the reason Kent is not currently in the team. As if he gives votes to a player who runs around 'about 10% all day'. Get serious. And you think Goody gave him votes 'for his scoreboard impact'. Why then didn't Hannan or Garlett get votes?
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    Has the best attitude of anyone on the field. He knows he's an average skilled player, but he plays within his limitations and leaves nothing on the field. I thought he was fantastic in the ruck, I think at one point he had more hitouts to advantage than his opponent. But regardless, he gave us a contest, he competed and ran hard around the ground, he is a pretty clever player and a good mark. Most importantly he came in and played a role perfectly, and allowed us to keep our structures. First time since Round 1 Watts didn't need to do much rucking and he kicks a bag. No coincidence!
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    I thought Pedo was fantastic today, competed all day, some nice disposals and a lovely goal. But I'll bang the same drum I have been for a bit, that is, him playing allows other players to play in their best position. Jack Watts is a very, very good forward now and the less time he spends rucking the better. Keep it going Pedo!
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    I think you've missed the point I was making. Nobody in footy gets everything right but those who spend their entire life in footy at the highest level talking to other people who spend their life in footy at the highest level will get things right more often, I'd contend much more often, than those that don't. They are at the top end because they get things right, those that fail to get things right at the top level won't be there long. They also have much more information. For example can you tell me how Bernies toe is? They know, you're guessing. My point is when you have an opinion that differs from those who are heavily involved in the game then rather than just saying they are wrong you should question your own position. There are more absolutes. STMJ should ask himself why the two coaches at the last match thought Tyson was in the best 6 or 8 players of the 44 who played. As for the collective wisdom of Demonland getting it correct many many times I agree. I've also seen the collective wisdom of Demonland get it wrong many many times. I'm not dismissing others views. I'm inviting posters to entertain the views of others and give weighting to the experience of those offering the opinion. I personally give more weight to coaches than posters. You may differ.
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    "Pro" is big and ugly enough to back up his own wrong assertions with his own tough guy, no compromise lies and justifications. You act as if you have followed the team since March. We have known how Pedo takes a grab and competes even when he was fat.
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    How much better is Jeffy from set shots this year? Good to see that both he and Trac have really improved their goal-kicking. Garlett has 15.4 so far (after kicking 40.31 in 2015 and 29.14 last year) while Trac, who kicked 12.11 last season, has 11.2 to his name. Jeffy is on track to kick 40+ again and I wouldn't write off CP5's chances of doing the same.
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    I just hope Hogan plays. Might be a nice distraction for him. Watts was thoughtful in calling Hogan his brother in the boundary interview on Poxtel. Watts is now becoming a real leader of the club. Suck it up haters.
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    Clayton Oliver R1-6 Leads AFL in handballs 6th in disposals 5th in contested possessions 7th in tackles 81% efficiency Not bad
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    We have AHG as our main sponsor. I wouldn't have thought you would have 2 sponsors from the same industry.
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    SEN reported today (grain of salt , I know) that we are targeting Jake Lever and Steven May. Looks like a key back is on the menu.
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    Great post Vogon Poetry. The problem with people accepting the opinions of others (experts) as having more validity than their own is very topical. As a society we are arguably less likely now - than ever - to accept the very notion of educated or experienced authority. We suffer from the misguided belief that we have access to 'all' the information that those experts do, so are just as qualified (or more so, when a certain narcissism comes to play) to make judgements about that information. It's the reason the leader of the free world can openly reject scientific, historical and commonplace facts in favour of his own reality. Factor that in with the average adult male's often impenetrable belief in his own wisdom, which when it comes to football is tied in with issues of cultural worth and meaning, and you've got the perfect storm of arrogant self-delusion. As it is for the world, so it is on Demonland. Gotta love it, though.
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    Would be perfect as the second tall forward for Hogan and second ruck to give Max a breather. He's the kind of player we are looking for structurally. It would mean Weiderman can develop at the right pace instead of being throw in and not having an impact when getting a game. He can build strength and gain confidence in the VFL without pressure to come in and be number 1 tall target when he is still a teenager. Reid could also swing down to key defense if needed due to injury. As a free agent he costs us no draft pick so at worst he is good depth. Good target for us IMO
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    What, you don't think he's had enough criticism over his career? It's become some sort of sport in itself, let's find some fault in Jack, no matter how well he plays or what he acheives on the ground. See if you can pick out an incident or two where he hasn't put in to your standards and then run with it, that's better than saying good game Jack, 4 goals a number of possessions and several goal assists. Jack is not naturally a bash and crash player, he's a natural footballer but hasn't had the hard edge that some CHF's have had because he doesn't have the body shape of a Carey or Brown. He's playing ruck and that's got him more involved in the game, so he doesn't drift in and out like he once may have and he's certainly playing a harder brand of football than he used to, but that just doesn't seem enough for some.
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    First ever post here, love this site. Some great opinions and thought I'd get amongst the action For me I thought Kent was unlucky to be out. I think he replaces JKH
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    I got him at 500-1for the brownlow after the WC JLT game and 50-1 most votes for Melbourne.
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    I hope they've nailed the Deliberate Out of Bounds interpretation.
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    Can we just put a panel on the back that just reads 'Your business here' until we get a sponsor?
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    Those were the days, Aussie Rules Footy on NES, Wagon Wheels and Cheezels.
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    Aussie Rule Footy on NES was my favourite. And Duck Hunt.
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    Richmond thought he would slip all the way out to pick 12. They had him in their sights and thought they were going to get away with a steal. As more talk came that he was set rise into the top 10 the tigers were filthy knowing that they had let one slip especially after the mountain of work they put into him.
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    Petracca on sen re his knee injury against the tigers: "i actually thought I did my acl...the scans came back negative, thank god it was just bone bruising" that's some neo level bullet dodging right there.
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    What did you expect from two teams coming off short breaks and games in the wet. We kicked 17 goals, I'll take it.
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    Hope all of those Demonlanders who didn't rate him eat a big fat sh#t filled humble pie.. You know who you are!
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    I'd rather we worried about growing the club in Vic than getting carried away pretending that one billion Chinese or Indians will ever care
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    Or we could go with "I'm with stupid -->". Although that would look good when we play a man-on-man game but perhaps not so good with a zone defence.
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    A pressure act is when you are forced to agree with posts on Demonland so as not to be perceived as having no knowledge of footy, the perception being arrived at by the self appointed experts on Demonland
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    With the deliberate out of bounds rule, there should be one obvious change: If an opposition player could have gained possession of the ball but elected not to, then it’s not deliberate out of bounds.
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    Salems height, Cale Mortons body, Vineys courage and skills of Ablett. Look at those powerful arms.
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    I wonder if someone would be good enough to run all that through for me on say....a whiteboard
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    Exactly. In fact, close demonland down entirely. It's pointless.