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    In light of the Tom Boyd story i think its sad what he's going through and i wish him nothing but all the best in his recovery and a peaceful mind. I read an article on Boyd yesterday saying how he's copped it since being drafted as a number 1 draft pick. I was taken back a bit because everyone has forgotten one Jack Watts who's copped fat worse barrage of abuse from members of the public to big media personalities. Do they not remember the round 2 Essendon game in 2013 when he was booed by 50 thousand people when he was subbed off?? If it was one person who could have easily put his hand up in the air and said "I've had enough, see you later" its jack Watts. Yet every week he fronts up with a smile on his face and just goes about his business as usual. My respect for Jack Watts has now gone through the roof. I admire your resilience mate! You'll always be a MFC champion to me.
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    Can't even discuss the actual game yet, only how the win felt. I was at the ground. I brought a ticket through Ticketmaster and some how ended up sitting in an Eagles reserved seating section. I literally could not see another Melbourne supporter. I was by myself. I cheered everything we did and got stared at, people whispered about me, one woman asked her husband if they could move away. I wasn't badly behaved. I was just passionate. Because those Eagles supporters they don't understand - I fell in love with this footy club in 1987. I was sitting with my old man on the half forward flank when Jimmy ran over the mark and Buckenara kicked the goal in the Prelim. I've sat through horrible horrible performances - multiple 100 point floggings at the G (just 4 years ago). I'd do it all again for that win, and the effort and energy we showed to drag ourselves over the line in that last quarter. When Tommy Mac kicked the last goal I went bananas. And then when the siren went I went absolutely ballistic. You know those sad people at sporting events going nuts who you think 'calm down mate, maybe you need more going on in your life'? - that was me! Im pretty sure I looked like the slow mo of Stevie J when he kicked the sealer a couple of weeks back - but in real time. It was ugly. I don't care. That was an absolute delight. I love this footy club, and I love that I at least have a place on the internet to share something like this with people who get it. Go The Dees. I believe.
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    Just wanted to start a new thread on Jeff's 2017 form. It's outstanding. He's in elite territory this season when it comes to small forwards. 20 goals, equal to the raved about Toby Greene and Robbie Gray. 5 behind Betts who plays in the highest scoring team in the league. 35 tackles, which is miles above any forward other than Charlie Dixon (if you can believe that) with 30. Betts has 22, Gray 19, Greene 16. Not only his tackling, just his pressure in general has been fantastic, honestly like a new player, he's always chasing. Was nothing like this last year. For me his most impressive games have been in our losses, hard position to play in and he's really worked his arse off in those losses. I thought he was falling away a bit last year, but it's time he got some acknowledgement for his form of late.
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    Attended the pregame function in Canberra today. Brendan McCartney was the guest speaker. He was super impressive. Here are some of the points he made . . . We are getting it right 85 percent of the time – flags are won by teams that get it right 90 percent of the time No team ever operates at 100 percent – that’s a fallacy Often he can tell who’s going to win a grand final within two minutes of the opening bounce based on how many numbers are at the ball and mistakes made Numbers at the connect is what counts – bad teams have players that leave the contest too early or arrive to late You know the side is playing well when you leave a contest and the opponent is on the ground Pressure acts must be executed with the body close to the ball/opponent (i.e. not with the arms out stretched and the body at a distance from the pressure act) The Melbourne game style is based on a ‘physical’, style of game – hard to play but ultimately successful in finals Teams that don’t play a physical style (he said there were six at the moment) will be found out in September Young, low profile coaching group and it’s a deliberate approach to keep media profile low Under pressure, players default to their ‘instinctive’ way of playing (this was in reference to a question about Jack Watts) Players attend around 16 meetings a week Players review clips of their performance Most players are able to provide accurate self-analysis of their performance Videos are made and reviewed of training sessions and more is often learnt from these than game footage His role is one of mentoring and assisting the assistant coaches – often sitting in on their meetings with players Goody’s role is confined as much as possible to the players and game day (90 percent of his time) the other 10 percent is meetings with the board or managers etc. A club is operating well when it can find good players low down in the draft (in reference to Maynard) Priority has been to recruit players “who love the contest” The players are acutely aware of how their performances effect the supporters Many players who were treated poorly by the club a few years ago are now around the club (McDonald was mentioned) Most professionally run club he’s been involved with The club has provided a lot of education about the history of the MFC to the players and they all love the place At any one time a maximum of 90 percent of the players will be buying into the game plan or coaching philosophy and anyone who says they have 100 percent buy in is kidding themselves All players are given full and frank information about their performance and no player can claim to be in any doubt about the standards required from the club (both on and off the field) and how their contribution is measured When asked about why the players do “dump things” he said footy teams are like any other endeavor where people management is involved . . . just because a coach (CEO/manager/parent) directs something to be done (example sighted was kicking long with the wind last week), it doesn’t mean they will/can execute it
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    Umpires helped us a lot. Oscar was VAFA in the first half but All Australian in the second. Fitting that Watts kicked the sealer, an excellent goal at that. Tyson does himself no favours. Team selection still wrong despite the win. On a personal note, Mini Bizkit was born a few days ago, bought her membership last night so today she was our good luck charm.
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    Jesse going nowhere, boys and girls.
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    That, my fellow Demons, was a finals type game. At times it was super to watch, at others times it was a scrappy affair where you needed to put your head over the footy and do the hard stuff. And we won. When Port had a real dip at us, and we all knew it would happen, we didn't drop our heads or move away from the stuff that makes us a good footy side. We stuck to the task, rolled with the punches and got such an important victory for us. One person who I'd like to single out is Melksham. Yes, guys like Hibberd, Jetta and others were absolutely fantastic today and you would argue both would go close to best on ground. But when we needed goals and a calm presence forward of the ball when we struggled to hit the scoreboard, he was the man. He's been criticised this season, and in some ways it was justified, but he is more than proving his worth to our side right now. I'm stoked for him. We are a couple of wins away from playing finals and we've got so much more improvement to come in many players who have missed lots of footy, not to mention our captain returning in a week or two. These are exciting times and how good is it to be a part of? DEMONS!
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    Favourite moment: Watts sealer was all class and very poetic. The look on his face after he kicked it was priceless. It was like it eradicated years of pain. Really pleased for him.
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    Hi everyone! Although a bit blustery, It was a beautiful sunny morning at Gosch's. When I arrived at around 10:00 (apologises to those who live off of the warm up reports of 'kicking the ball around') there were three main training groups: forwards, midfielders and defenders. The group closest to me were the forwards. One notable participant in this group was Clayton Oliver. I honestly wouldn't mind Clarry occasionally resting forward (ala Dangerfield) as he's a fantastic one-on-one player and a lovely kick. Melksham was another player who caught my eye. It looks like he's put on a bit of size during the off-season. While this was happening Viney and Weideman ran laps with the former showing no signs of discomfort. The first drill I saw was the forwards fending off their opponents and snapping for goal. Dion Johnstone an early standout with some sharp twists and turns. Pedders also had a great moment when he was wrapped up by Bayley Fristch and was somehow able to drop the ball to his boot Mitch Hannan style and dribble it into the open goal. I then walked over to the midfielders who were practicing 20-30m passes. I noticed future cult hero Oskar Baker was training in this group. By the way, he's a lovely kick and a good size. I think we'll see him in the side at some point this season. Joel Smith (who doesn't look too far off being a key position player) was another who caught the eye with some bullet passes. When I made it to the defenders, they were in the middle of practicing some one on one drills. Not too much too report here except for the one time Lever (who won 80% of his one on ones) vs Jetta match up. Unsurprisingly, Neville was somehow able to break even against the larger opposition. Nev also took a few moments between drills showing Wagner some tackling tips. Great leadership. Back to the forwards, and they had just started a two vs two keepings off style drill. TMac was a stand out here by being able to chase down Bayley Fristch and directing his partner (I think it was Spargo) where to stand in preparation for a quick opposition handpass. The drill then evolved into one that had more of an emphasis on first beating your man and kicking to the loose player 20m out. Bugg (who by all reports, has had a fantastic pre-season) was a highlight here. I can't remember him losing a contest against his opponent or missing a kick to the clear player. It'll be interesting to see if there's a spot in the team for him as I believe we played our best football last year when he was niggling opposition as a forward. Meanwhile there's some four vs four match simulation style drills with the midfield group. Kudos on Clarry for bursting into clear space, receiving the hand ball and unleashing a 60m torpedo that landed right between the big sticks. All the players then gathered in the middle started prepping a good old fashioned blue team vs white team match simulation with an emphasis on transitioning from the backline to the forward line (play started from the kick in). There was a great moment in the opening 30 seconds with a fantastic contested mark by Lever. This was shortly followed by a brilliant Petracca moment (who largely trained with the midfield group) when he punched the incoming ball straight into the arms of a teammate. Oscar McDonald stood out with his kicking....yes you read correctly and Charlie Spargo popped up inside 50 once or twice where he somehow found the space to take an uncontested mark. One from a beautiful kick from Mitch Hannan. Max Gawn was also in vintage contested marking touch today. At the same time, Smith was in the middle of competing against Cross (who still looks like he could compete for a spot in the round 1 side if he really wanted to) in some one on one drills. A large group of players along with myself then left, leaving what I assume is the AFLX squad to run through some more drills. Feel free to ask any questions regarding some details I may've missed. I'll do my best to fill in the blanks
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    Tim Watson is a moron and his son is a drug cheat.
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    Give Nev an AA jumper. That contest at the end. Epic.
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    Congratulations to Neville Jetta, who will line up for his 100th game this weekend against the Bombers! Incredibly well deserved for easily one of the most underrated players in the competition and one of the first picked every week.
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    Not to break down with injury midway through the second quarter.
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    Gday guys, on one of the training thread there's been a few doubts on young Charlie about his size and whether he can translate his ability to AFL level. Thought I'd bring this thread up and have my 2 cents worth. Just on Spargo, I had a bit to do with him when he was in the under 16s bushies . I didn't bother to write anything up on him when we drafted him (lack of interest in demonland at the time) but I thought I'd post my thought a on him now. Goody is going to fall in love coaching this young fella, he is 18 years old going onto 25 in terms of maturity and level headed. He was driven right from the very young age to succeed in footy and make AFL. He started playing senior footy for Albury in the strong Ovens and Murray league (step below VFL) at 16 and was still running rings around former AFL players with such ease. It was tipped right from then that this kid could potentially be the next big thing despite his size. He was quick, tough as F**k, and most importantly, driven and determined to make it. Despite being a quiet and down to earth sort of fella, he just oozes leadership on field! We played a praccy match against Bendigo once and he was captain for the day. The whole day he was barking orders, setting up midfield stoppages, encouraging teammtes, and giving direct feedback to coaching and senior officials on what was going right and wrong. He'll be in the leadership group in a couple of years. Mark my words. Obviously being in boarding school this year I barely got time to see any of his games (injured also). But we got word back from some recruiters that if it wasn't for injury he would be top 10 without a doubt. 3 clubs had even made mentioned that if he was just a smidge taller and injury free, they had penciled him for top 5. Every club rated him and the giants were absolutely filthy when they lost first rights to him. He is a genuine talent. If I was to compare him to someone in terms of toughness, leadership and skill? it would be Joel Selwood. He has everything that you need in terms of the culture you're trying to build and set. Yes I've pumped up his tyres, but the biggest test for him will be the transition to AFL level. The likes of Caleb Daniel and Eddie Betts have shown that it is possible if you've got the ticker and drive to succeed. I believe young Spargo has this. The likes of Jones, Viney, Oliver and Lewis will crave having this kid in the side running full tilt into packs and come out ball in hand. I don't want to put too much pressure on the kid but in my honest opinion, he is an absolute beauty! Hope that helps.
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    Neville Jetta just saved our season
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    Going early I know but ... so are the Doggies' supporters 😀
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    Spent the first half with loud mouth Pies' supporters giving it to Watts. When he kicked the sealer in the last me and my mate turned around stuck it right up them. Absolute ripper
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    https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl/jesse-hogan-mourns-the-death-of-father-tony-hogan-ng-b88457839z Very, very sad. Very, very sad for the young man. He has had a lot on his young shoulders. Hopefully, people will back off on him and recent performances. Hope Jesse got there in the last few days. A tough time awaits him. Hope he takes all the time he needs. Football matters not in these circumstances. Edit: A very moving update: Jesse's family were in Melbourne for the ANZAC Eve game and his father passed away in Melbourne. "The family had been in Melbourne for several weeks and Tony saw his son play on Monday night against Richmond, before Tony took a bad turn on Anzac Day". http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/jesse-hogans-father-tony-passes-away-20170427-gvtg9p.html Wonderful support by the club to keep that quiet so the family could enjoy some time without cameras and journos all over the place.
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    Apologies to those who missed the updates as I was posting them on the Match Day/Team Selection thread. I arrived as the team was doing their warm up and instantly noticed Viney, Tyson, Jones, Watts, Salem and Bugg were not present. Of the long term injuries only Vanderberg was there. Once the warm up concluded the team was split into several groups for some ball work. That is when I noticed Trengove in a group of 4 having a lazy kick to kick. The other 3 were White, Maynard and Vandenberg. That basically proved to me Trengove would not be selected this week. On the other side of the ground was Weed, Spencer, Ben Ken, Keilty, King and Johnstone doing some light drills. This also ruled out Weed. Hogan, Pedders and T Mac were competing in one on one marking drills with each winning their fair share. I thought this set up might be the one to go with up forward on Sunday. Shortly after, the team was split into respective positions for more ball work. Backs were made up of Oscar, Wagner, Jetta, J Smith and Frost. Frost looked unrestricted in movement but did consult the doctor pointing out his buttock area for a few short minutes and then was back into it. This drill basically consisted of high kicks and spoiling. The midfield set up was interesting. Max and Pedders would contest ball ups and the mids would try and win clearances. The players in that group where JKH, Lewis, Vince, Harmes, Stretch, Hannan, Oliver, Trac, Melksham and Brayshaw. There were two teams of 6 in this drill and they looked as sharp as ever. Forwards were Hogan, Garlett, Kent, ANB and T Mac. This was a simple drill of high kicks and some contested marking. Hunt and Hibberd were together in what seemed like a link up type of drill. One of the coaches would kick to them and in turn they would turn quickly with the ball and kick it to another coach. This drill lasted about 10 minutes. Next, they moved to a half ground match simulation. The defence as mentioned above lined up on the forwards also mentioned above. Hunt and Hibberd were also in this drill along with Brayshaw. The ball would start at the back of the centre square with Lewis usually starting the movement and the ball would move up the field quickly to the forwards. This pleased me the most, Hogan and Garlett were moving quick and looked sharp throughout. Hogan is clearly keen to get back in there and he was a sight for sore eyes. From his marking to ground ball winning he looked great. A lot of love for this guy from teammates and coaches. He was even dirty at himself for not taking clean marks and missing targets by a short distance, Jesse just breathes football. Simply awesome watching him train. The ball movement was crisp and precise most times and the boys definitely look refreshed and eager. To finish off they participated in a leisurely type of drill where the final link would be a defender trying to snap or banana a goal from all over the place. The whole team roared when Oscar snapped a beauty ala Buddy style from 40m out. Celebration by Oscar was great too. Brought a laugh to everyone watching this as Frost and Smith were trying opposite foot snaps on the run. Pleasant viewing. Players slowly made their way out of the track and stopped for endless photos and autographs. Whilst that was going on Brayshaw continued to run with Cross and was clearly putting in the hard yards. He participated in the whole session and still had energy to keep on running. Fantastic sight. Clearly the positives were Jesse, Gus and to a lesser extent Garlett in which he looked really nippy and clean with ball. Another positive is the team got through the session well and let's hope they replicate it on Sunday. Did I mention how good it was to see Jesse out there?
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    Oh, Melbourne. I could be angry, but I can't help but be proud. 2 men down for most of the night, one of them our ruckman (again) and we just didn't have it in us. We can argue about skills on a slippery night, and a whole host of the usual, but while the loss cuts deep I can't help but be proud. We were totally out on our legs and they ran over the top of us. There was almost nothing we could do. Chin up boys and bounce back next week.
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    So let's recap this week's posts in the Hogan thread: 1. We are better without Hogan in the side 2. He should earn it in the VFL like everyone else 3. Our fitness and medical staff are incompetent and negligent for letting him play
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    New respect for Oscar best game yet well done Oscar!!!!
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    I have just signed up to share with you all some information I have learned this morning As a Dees supporter on the Gold Coast with links to the Suns, found out that the Suns and the Power are doing a deal to help Power get a pick to us for Jack Watts. All centres around the Suns Pick 21 being up for grabs if the Suns can get more draft points to help with an academy selection when they get to their Pick 24. And Power with Pick 31 and 34 help them get an extra 260 points. As it stands, this deal is on the table and will be close to signed off tomorrow or Tuesday: Melbourne GAIN - Pick 21 LOSE - Watts and Pick 66 Port Adelaide GAIN - Watts and Pick 66 LOSE - Pick 31 and 34 Gold Coast Suns GAIN - Pick 31 and 34 LOSE - Pick 21 This deal is extremely fair i think and very shrewd as everyone wins here based on these principles - GCS want draft points, and 31 and 34 is more valuable than 21 - Dees get a very high 2nd round pick (21) for Watts. Send pick 66 to Power which they wont use anyway as they have just 3 list spots left and will take 21, 29 and 36 to the draft after trading 47 to Freo for Balic - After giving up 31 and 34, Port want a later pick back so they can have enough decent picks to make their 3 compulsory draft selections. These will be Pick 49, 62 and our 66. With Watts, Rockliff and Motlop and still these 3 picks, a great trade period for the Power. I know people may or may not believe me, but I have got this info via the Suns and sharing it on this forum wont affect the deal going through in the next 24 - 48 hours as no other clubs are in the discussion for Watts anymore.. Only sticking point will be if Suns want to keep 21 and put 24 into this deal instead and hope their academy player can get done with their Pick 26 that they have as well. It is the final piece of the puzzle in discussion apparently but it will be 21 or 24 for Watts. What do we think Dees supporters?? *** Personally, pick 21 or 24 is fair for Jack. We paid 23 for Vince, 31 for Hibberd and 30 for Melksham who are all the equal or better players than Watts and were similar ages when traded.
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    "The motivation has always been there to stay loyal and ride out the storm, because I feel the reward on the other side of that, having been through the things I’ve been through will, one, make me a better person and better player, (and) two, it would be far more rewarding than having been able to take an easier option (and) chase success somewhere else," he said Terrific interview http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-06-23/nathan-jones-reveals-why-he-didnt-bail-on-demons Jones: "The motivation has always been there to stay loyal and ride out the storm, because I feel the reward on the other side of that, having been through the things I’ve been through will, one, make me a better person and better player, (and) two, it would be far more rewarding than having been able to take an easier option (and) chase success somewhere else," Lots of champions have missed out on a flag but there would be few that have played their whole career at a traumatised club. In that respect, no-one deserves to hold up the premiership cup more than Jonesy! Integrity plus. The team is driven and talented and as he says it is in their hands.
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    Here are a few snaps from training today. Enjoy ==> https://www.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=3NPfw7&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=2&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=1&clickable=1
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    BUMP He's back playing Casey this weekend! Good luck Gussie, let's hope you are playing seniors before the season ends!
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    Reckon garland will struggle to keep his spot. Only heard his name once, early in the first quarter...
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    Pedersen's fourth quarter was insane, btw.
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    His father Mark Brayshaw is on SEN and said (not verbatim): Angus is fine after the latest knock. Mark and his wife had a long chat with the doctor yesterday and expect Gus to be available to play this week. Mum more worried than Dad. Club doctors are very good and conservative and are keen to keep parents in the loop. Angus's doctor said his issue is at the lower end. Angus has been a bit unlucky with head knocks rather than how he plays Doctor's explained wearing a helmet only increases the circumference of the 'target' so helmets don't really help Gus has no structural damage His mum doesn't want him to stop playing but does worry (more than dad) Grateful for the chance to talk as it clears things up for lots of family and friends. Its great that Gus's dad has come out and cleared the air. If nothing else it stops journos creating dramatic headlines. A father is a lot more convincing than a club. Delighted that Gus is ok and can get on with his football.
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    Took my oldest demon tragic daughter (4.5years) down to the game yesterday and had a great time. Took us 36mins from Vermont and parked a stones throw from the ground. Walked into the ground and within 10mins she had her face painted, sunscreened up (dad forgot to bring some! thanks Chemist Warehouse stall 😎), photo taken with Daisy mascot, got a free bag of stuff including another footy, got some thunder sticks and she wandered onto the ground and joined in with the pre game kids activity. Great start to the day 👍 Sat behind the goals at the car park end once the girls came out onto the field I watched my girl run around furiously trying to get the balls that were kicked over the fence in goal kicking practice (seriously 30+ yo males behind the goals, let the kids get the ball occasionally!). After she was bowled over a couple of times by 80-100kg blokes she gave up and sat with me in a huff for a while. Before a Melbourne bloke with a lanyard wandered over and handed us and a few kids around us with a demon flag! That made my little ones day and from then on my eyes and those of the people around us were not safe as she waved her flag furiously at any sign of action on the field. Free kick, wave the flag, mark, wave the flag, someone near us says go dees, wave the flag, goal, go absolutely troppo with the flag!!! After the game we raced out to the middle and were one of the first few there, which resulted in a cartwheel celebration from her followed by a rowsing game of run away from dad with the footy as fast as you can as he runs along behind like a packhorse weighed down with all the free gear scored during the day. After bumping into a few people we knew we headed to the car for the journey home. Seriously though, WHO DESIGNED THE CARPARK!!! Who ever did, should have their engineering qualifications jammed up their a r s e! Fortunately I have a large 4WD (not a range rover) and was able to drive over a couple of kerbs and then down the wrong way on a one way street to get to freedom without waiting the 30-40mins to get out 😁 Overall it was a great day and a perfect way to brainwash the kids into being died in the wool demon supporters! We will be back on Friday, Go Dees!!!
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    Whoo boy nice heated discussion going on here Before I start telling the whole story let me say that some of you are severely underestimating just how harsh and grueling the camp from last year was I'm not going to use names or specific numbers for privacy reasons Now, last Monday Goody told the playing group that the camp would be happening again this year from 18th-20th before breaking for Christmas. Immediately quite a number of players where very much against this for a variety of reasons (including players from the Leadership group), so a group approached the AFLPA to ask how to handle the situation. The MFC staff caught wind of this, so Goodwin gave a presentation last Thursday explaining what they wanted to get from the camp, and explaining that this time they will be bringing a larger amount of medical staff and ensure players were well fed (apparently the food/nutrition last year wasn't the best) Even after this talk, still quite a high number of players were very unhappy about having to do the course again. So over the weekend the Leadership group and AFLPA met with MFC Coaches/high level staff to discuss the situation, reportedly getting quite feisty at times. The club did have the official final say on the matter, and chose to call the camp off. Monday morning Goodwin gathered all the players and told them the camp was being called off due to the high number of players who raised concerns with it, and he said he wasn't angry but very disappointed because he felt they had given enough information to the players that their health and safety concerns were going to be handled appropriately. However throughout the day the players could tell Goodwin and some other coaches were indeed pretty unhappy with the playing group (when you work with people for long enough you can tell pretty clearly when they are not in the best mood) I've got no confirmation of this, but I would assume the three days of training next week before the Christmas break are probably going to make up for the lack of physical and mental work lost from having cancelled the camp. I do agree with a number of you that it is a bad look, especially when the club is in the finals drought we find ourselves in. But I also see where the players are coming from, there is a higher chance of injuries and I sure as s*** wouldn't want to do the camp, and I was in the Army for 5 years. Take from that what you will, its a pretty crappy situation overall.
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    Not such a big deal about Lever not turning up to the Crows B&F. At least he turned up for the Grand Final which is more than you can say about Tex.
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    I'm heading over for this game. If Rhys Mathieson plays for frees I will consider running onto the ground and throwing pitted kalamatas at him while beating him with a baguette.
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    Clearly the clown said something to Oliver and got a bit back Then the typical weak snivelling Carlton [censored] whinged about it Typical weak bastard!!
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    This country needs to hurry up and legalise gay marriage so I can finally propose to Nev Jetta.
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    The only team I fear is Melbourne, we can beat anybody and lose to anybody.
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    I don't agree on The Weed. He didn't get many touches, but he chased, tackled and crashed packs all night. He found ways to get involved. He wasn't amazing by any means, but he did the job we needed him to do.
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    Just waiting for the Carlton doctor to provide a psyche report on the buffoon in blue.
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    The crowd shouldn't touch the players or lunge at them as this loser did. I don't care what Oliver said. He should have been removed.
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    More details emerging ... Vickery charged with impersonating an AFL footballer.
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    Confessions of a bandwagoner... I'm a born and bred Western Australian. I was never a big AFL fan, but obviously growing up in this state you can't help but have some interest or background knowledge of the sport as it dominates the news cycle. My wife is a proud Victorian, a lifelong supporter of the Melbourne Football Club. The year was 2014 and after a couple beers with a mate, I took it upon myself to adopt a club and try get a bit more interested in the sport of AFL. I had just heard that Paul Roos had become coach of the MFC and given the natural link through my wife, I decided that I would adopt the Dees as my club and jokingly at the time call myself a Dees bandwagon supporter. I had heard of the dark years, and the big 100+ point losses that lifelong, diehard MFC fans have had to endure over the years. I definitely copped my fair share of flak about signing up to support a club with such a dark history, but I didn't care. I spent the first two years taking a crash course in the clubs history, learning the club song, trying to remember all the players names on the list and watching as many Dees games as I could on TV from the West. By 2016 I was so hooked I signed up for an MFC membership, now into my second year as a member. On Saturday night at Domain Stadium, I attended my first ever Dees match. I was well aware of the drought in Perth, the past results, and went into the game with extremely low expectations. Nevertheless, I was there proudly sporting the red and the blue amongst a vast sea of yellow and blue. Cheering and screaming for the boys amongst the evil stares and curious glances of the local faithful, but that didn't faze me. Come the last quarter, Tom McDonald slotting a miracle goal to put us ahead, I jumped out of my chair screaming and yelling at the top of my voice in the background of dead silence and doom around me. Then the full time siren went, I've never belted out the team song with as much gusto as I did that night. The sheer buzz and exhilaration of the win, the complete strangers in red and blue celebrating together was an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life. Not bad for the first live MFC game. Fair to say, this bandwagoner is now a MFC fan for life.
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    Great work by the club hypnotist in convincing the team at the first bounce that we were 24 points down.
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    How good is Hannan in his first season? His sidestep and general athleticism are such an asset. Got his trademark millisecond hand to foot goal. Becoming a nice midfield rotation already. And ANB's last month has been very impressive. Proving me wrong and playing some nice footy. Lost that panic mode and showing some really nice touch.
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    TOM McDONALD: "I've been here for all those losses against West Coast, and normally we lose by 100 points...I'm a little bit sick of Melbourne being down the bottom and being disrespected by the competition." Mate, keep this up and anything's possible.
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