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    I like Pav as a special comments person...I just hope he doesn't go backwards at the rate of knots most, if not all do. He has some good insights.
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    Just had a little shoulder scan at Aami park and popped in for a coffee next door and I see Dion, Hibb, Jeffy, Nev and Shannon Byrnes. Coming from the bush it's a wonderful surprise. Too shy to speak to the players but had a quick chat with Shannon who said Frosty will be playing tomorrow in the intra club and should be fine come Rd 1
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    As Guru Bob once so famously said: "When two big men fly for the ball... only one can find Nirvana"
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    As was pointed out to me today, to lose by 4-5 goals against a good team on their deck when only two players played very good games shows there's a bit to take out of the hitout. Other than Oliver and Hunt, I'd say not one other player played what they'd call a good/very good game. That's somewhat an issue in itself, as we need Brayshaw, Petracca, Stretch, Viney, etc. to start making a real impact THIS year. Top notch 21-22 year olds start making an impact at AFL level. For us to be the team we expect we need these players to start impacting games in 2017.
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    It's probably only a small crack, but it's definitely another crack. Honestly, it would be really good if the Hawthorn Football club slid into an era of bitter recriminations and failure for a couple of decades. Remembering just how many of their fans are both soft and arrogant.
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    Good: It was only a practice game A much needed reality check, especially for a player like Petracca Oliver Hunt It made us realise how badly we need good small forwards, injuries have hurt us badly in this area It made us realise how badly we need Frost It made us (maybe not Goodwin) realise how much we need Jetta It made us realise how much we need Hibberd The Spencer experiment continues Bad: Leaking easy goals out the back, St Kilda would have been loving it Our key defenders were exposed Tyson's decision making Our depth can't be relied upon Kicking skills, even Lewis was terrible at times Vince needs to be played in the middle, I still think he should be a tagger that can get his own ball and Sam Mitchell would have been the perfect match-up Taking Trengove all the way to Perth and not playing him while Harmes and Tyson struggled Brayshaw still doesn't seem to have a position This effort by Oscar McDonald Weideman is not quite ready, Pedersen should have had at least one JLT game (assuming he is fit)
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    Just guessing but I think drunkn167 might be there and, if I'm right we should get some insights from him.
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    Learning the art of Murdoch media 'bing'... The turnovers are a problem when you are pushing up to attack, you get caught out with nowhere to go. I think both Oliver and Hunt learned some great lessons last night. Priddis got off Clarry at a centre bounce for a goal at one stage that I'm sure will come up in the review. I'm not too worried about these guys. I think Oliver is close to our best mid already and Hunt our most important running back.
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    This one I have to agree with 'picket' on and have stated it a few times recently. Jack has to involve his teammates and play smart football. He might think he's trying to lift the team but to me it comes across as selfish school boy football. He's a gutsy, tough kid and a good player but would be so much better if he made better decisions.
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    The thing that was clear last night is you cant play him and Weideman. One is getting to the right place at the right time and last night made it count and is an able ruckman. The other is not getting to the right place as much, when he does is not making it count and cannot play ruck. Weid will be fine but needs development at Casey. I want to see him dominating games, particularly whilst we have potentially another option. Hogan, Watts and Spencer/Gawn as the talls with periods where we just have Hogan/Watts on ground surrounded by mid sized forwards is where we should head for round 1.
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    I feel as though Spencer diminishes Gawn. Gawn's not great resting forward, he's much better drifting forward with the flight of the ball and taking a mark inside the 50 while still playing on-ball. When he's stationed there I don't see him being much of a forward threat. And Spencer is no full-forward either. Fair enough if they don't include Weideman or Spencer, but given the choice of the two I'd rather Weideman, as I feel he works better with Hogan. Spencer will just get in Hogan's way and is useless with defensive pressure. Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts.
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    Ever since the VFL era, grounds have been wider, longer, narrower, shorter etc etc, except there are fewer variations these days. However, just like the good old VFL days, successful teams must learn to win on all grounds, in all weather conditions. In the grand old days, the Dees could win on grounds the size of a school playground, in the mud, against teams with different game style and tactics, and despite crook umpiring. We overcame and made adjustments before the game and on the day. I want to forget that these differences result in a difference on the scoreboard. We need to win at the G hard and win interstate. Looking forward to the days when we can play away from the G and still expect to win.
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    The sun in the eyes didn't help in the first. Naturally, it wasn't an issue in the second. This time last year West Coast were favourites for the flag. They'll be good this year. This game will be great for the coach/players to review. Despite most of our good players being underwhelming our gameplan held up. It's rock solid and will be the foundation for many wins in 2017. We're still an improving side, so it's unsurprising there were mistakes in a practice match. Notwithstanding his 3 goals I don't like the two ruck policy and Gawn is the poorer for it. It robs us of run and diminishes Gawn's role. I wouldn't play Spencer round 1.
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    Even though it was a practice match, I'll rate this as a very ordinary performance by the team with the only exception being Oliver and to a lesser degree, Jones. It was just an awful game to watch live. If we play a similar brand against St Kilda we'll get smashed. The umpiring was plain shitful. The Eagles supporters carrying on like it was of H&A game importance was pathetic but not unexpected. Josh Kennedy is a gun and will win the Coleman this year. Weat Coast were at a level higher than us tonight however I don't think we played very well at all. Both teams were only in second gear so it was hard to get a good read on the levels of skill and play. I will say that if this is a 'dress rehearsal' for Round 1, well, we've got some major ground to make up!
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    RRR and Radio National for me. Might on occasion tune into SEN if Pies have lost. Too much waffle and kerfuffle.
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    Our Mel addressed a breakfast for International Women’s Day today as part of a panel on the theme The Media – Women’s Friend or Foe? In front of a packed audience at Box Hill Town Hall she spoke eloquently with conviction, passion and excitement. An asset to the Mighty Dees
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    Not a fan, every now and then the play needs to breathe a bit and reload. I don't know why they decided to change it in the first place a couple of years ago, it was fine. Now every time the ball goes out fans and players are going to shout for a free, it's heading to last touch out of bounds.
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    Yeah, I can't come at it. Spencer is just not a good enough footballer for me. I'll be disappointed if he's named, but I'm virtually certain he won't be.
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    My take: We were hard around the contest, when there was one. The umpiring (Harmes gets smacked in the head for play on??) was Perth centric again We broke down particularly transitioning through half forward. having a tall roaming our here would have been awesome (instead of watching them crash into each other 20m out). Small forward would have added something positive. Some players had really off games. It happens. We were constantly caught out because of our errors and decision making failures. Take the risk, but have the skill to deliver on it! Our high push up style (to get men to contests) leaves the backline incredibly exposed. We can give up a few this way, if we can get them back the other way (which we rarely did). However, the backline looked inept at times - outmuscled, out-positioned, outworked. If Kennedy kicked straight, it was over much earlier. it is good basis for having a push at 2017, but there is a lot of tidying up to do before we will be a serious threat.
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    So this started as a comment on 2 or 3 players and ended up a comment on every one... its kinda long so feel free to just keep scroling Hogan I felt he struggled playing in such a tall forwardline. Spencer forced all 3 of Weid Hoges and Watts to try play CHF at the same time. But hogan still slotted 2 and should have kicked a 3rd. Shaping up well for the year. Jones Not his best outing, some horrible errors took an ok game and made it a poor game. But he is captain for a reason he will bounce back. Salam I would have liked him to get the ball a little more but he was slick every time he got it. I pray he gets the run at it he deserves. he will never be labeled our best but I still think he could be our most valuable midfielder. Watts Great start but a little rust showed. For a first hitout he did enough to show why he is in our best. Some good defencive efforts although he struggled to have a large influence on the game. Will be better for the run. Hopefully they play him at Casey next week just to give him more touch. CP5 Bit of the law of averages at work for CP5 had a game out of the box against the blues then played like a kid again last night. Nothing to panic about he is still young and this was going to happen but wasnt among our best. Whats good about Tracc is he will be fired up to be better round one. Lewis Racked up the numbers and played a role without staring. If he plays like that week in week out we will be happy enough but nothing to write home about Viney Strange game from Vines. Started like he was lost. But worked himself into the game in the second half. Not a good game but the attitude of a captain to find a way to impact late showed, slotted the goal he needed to. Trenners Was clearly never part of the game plan yesterday. Will play in casey intraclub. He was an emergancy clearly i dont understand why its been made such a big deal Brayshaw Only 10 disposals was a little dissapointing but he was good when he had it (aside from 1 kick into the man on the mark). His effort to beat 2 from out of possition for the Spencil running goal was first class. Gawn Dominated in the ruck but didnt impact around the ground. I still think he is better off without spencer playing. Max in the forwardline is great but we miss him when he isnt helping around the ground. I suspect they were trying to give him the run but aslo protect him for round 1 Tyson About as rusty as they come. But walked in and picked up a lazy 24 touches in his first outing. Said in a post game interview he will play at casey next week so that will be good for him to get some touch before round 1. Oliver WOW. Turning heads early. He was our best on the night. Just makes good decisions. Using his feet more which is great. Almost walks around the ground because he just knows where to go. Stretch Needs to find the ball a little more. But he was ok. Just goes about it quietly without doing all that much wrong. Still our best wingman, Hope we can get him a partner. Melksham Best of the 3 JLT games for him. Confirmed himself for round one. Hope he will lift a little more over the year but he was good. Used the ball well at times out of the backline. I see what Goody wanted him for. But I'm not 100% sold yet. Garland Showed why he is a backup. He's going to compete every time he is out there but he will get beaten too often to be in the best team. Struggled with their height. Vince Didnt really have an influence. He is racking up clangers faster than anyone else. I wish they would just play him in the midfield where he at his best. TMac Shanked 1 kick about 10seconds into the game then after that he was good. Some great intercept marks. Showed why he is one of the better Key backs going around. Like most defenders he was caught out running forward due to our shocking turnovers but when they play attacking we are gonna have to wear it a few times. Wied Keeps showing a couple of signs a game jumped at the contest a few times but just cant seem to hang on to them. Just cant influence the game for any amount of time. Missed a goal he should have kicked. I still think they will pick him for round 1, but you could make a case either way. OMac My God this guy cops it before doing all that much wrong. He was copping abuse from the first bounce before he even went near the ball. FWIW It may intrest some to know he only had 2 clangers (not the 45 you would have thought he had reading that match thread) and toped the charts with 1%ers. He got caught out on the rebound like everyone else in the defence did. Was it a good game for him? No, not really but I feel that people just want to stick the boot in when he plays poorly more than others. No doubt that handball was embarassing but there were a few who were much worse than him. Hunt Back to his explosive best. He loved the wide open spaces. Racked up the metres gained. A few shocking kicks on the end of his runs but he broke the lines and we need him to keep doing it. ANB I still hate having him as a forward. However I admit he might have earnt himself a spot as a defencive forward come round 1. Assuming Kent wont play. If he brings the pressure against the saints rebounders he could have a big influence in that game. Bugg Racks up touches but doesnt seem to do anything either exciting or horrible with them. I dont think he is in the best team but he is probably the ultimate 23rd man. Can play anywhere we need and doesnt really do anything horribly wrong. Spencil 3 goals to the big bloke kinda hid the problems he caused. I thought our tall forwards got in each others way a bit. He is there to be a good forward but only 2 marks he just didnt do enough. I think a 3 talls forwardline is better for us. allows Hogan and Watts to go up the ground with Weid deep. Harmes Couldnt get his hands on the footy and then was pretty ordinary when he had it. I dont think he has earnt a spot in round one. I do expect he will go to the VFL and earn his chance at some point throughout the year. Overall: Well any game where you give up 22 scoring shots and 82 points on turnovers you are going to struggle. It was the difference but there were a couple of other observations: Our pressure was there at times but we got drawn a long way forward with the long ground and once they got over the top we were exposed. Some work on our spacing leading up to Subi games should help us in the future bit when we create a habit playing with our MCG spacing we will occasionally break down on the funky shaped grounds. As I aluded to in a couple of the player comments our forwardline stucture struggled being so top heavy. If we were clunking big marks we would have been fine but the fact is we were droping marks alowing it to come straight out then our wall would forced to send it straight back in. Rince, repeat until the Eagles drew too many of us forward and broke through the wall and we got slaughted on the rebound. So what happens next? We desperatly need Garlett and Kent to be ready for round 1 but i doubt the latter will be. Goodys presser makes me think Smith is a good chance to come back in as the 3rd tall defender. His athleticism will help us if not him I'd play Frost for garland but given he hasnt played yet its probably unlikely. Hopefully Hibbard plays because he brings a big improvement on our ball use out of defencive 50. My changes for round 1 assuming they are fit: 24 players down to 22 soOut: Spencer, Trengrove In: Hibbard for Harmes. - For ball use off half back In: Garlett for ANB - Simple: Garlett is a genuine small forward, the ANB is not. In: Smith for Garland - Brings the same effort with more athleticism should be better against the talls. Bugg probably goes if Kent is fit.
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    He was named in the team, he was not an emergency. If Goodwin wanted him to play- he could have. People aren't questioning the technicality, rather the choice that was made for him not to play. Did we really need three full preseason games into Jones, Vince and Lewis? Maybe you and some others think so, but the frustration for many is the fact that we have shown little versatility over the three games and have left ourselves with many unknowns going into round one. Jetta hasn't played at all and we got carved up last night by Lecras; Weidenman is talented, but is he going to outperform Pederson, who we also haven't seen; are the two Macs in better form than Frost, again we don't know. If the plan was to have Trengove as an emergency, why not take over a first year played and give them some experience traveling and preparing interstate? It's not 'stupid' for people to be asking some of these questions.
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    I'll take others word that Weed is a player for the future based on what he has shown at VFL level, but for pretty much all of the preseason comp he has given us less than Chris Dawes did last season. Given he hasn't got a game at top level yet this year I'm guessing Pedo isn't a realistic Rd 1 option. Based on output during preseason, I'd play Pencil as the additional tall option ahead of Weed.
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    was it a sexual experience for you, special? did you feel aroused or just amused?
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    It's the sense of momentum and the platform this provides to talk positively about the club. It's an excuse for a press conference and it's an excuse to get the brand out there. So yes, if we play it well, we could attract a few extra members.
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    Seems to me that the MFC will have to lift its game where the Casey affiliate is concerned. Virtually no pre game publicity or build up of the tour of a team from its NT region, presumably made up mainly of indigenous people who we were honouring earlier in the week and of the first match under the Casey Demons banner. The team wears the old Casey Scorpions gear (no explanation for that) and you can't get a score beyond half time and no media reports, nothing on the website of the Casey Demons, MFC or anywhere. The whole thing seems to have gotten lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
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