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    VitalDread is a Casey official who post on bigfooty a fair bit and this was his run down. Hannan- Really showed class with the footy and broke the lines open, really has elite speed esp coming from a part time footballer Tim Smith: Took some solid marks up forward and kicked 2 goals form memory, played high up the ground Maynard: rotated through the midfield and on the wing, did some nice things, still learnign the overall game Trengove: just do trengove stuff, nothing special was a class above Jetta: Looked really fit after missing out on somany games, took some strong contested marks in defense Kent: played a solid game as a midfielder and forward, nothing too special did appear to havehis hammy worked on a bit Johnstone: hard running midfielder that hassome class with the ball McKenna: didn't spot too much of patty throughout the game Pederson: used in the ruck and down in defense and had a solid hitout, nothing overall special from him just classic pedo game Kennedy: took the game on when he had the ball and was a spark of forward, though he did drift in and out of the game Hulett: Didn't notice much of Hulett, kicked 2 goals i think
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    I like Pav as a special comments person...I just hope he doesn't go backwards at the rate of knots most, if not all do. He has some good insights.
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    Just had a little shoulder scan at Aami park and popped in for a coffee next door and I see Dion, Hibb, Jeffy, Nev and Shannon Byrnes. Coming from the bush it's a wonderful surprise. Too shy to speak to the players but had a quick chat with Shannon who said Frosty will be playing tomorrow in the intra club and should be fine come Rd 1
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    There's not enough of this type of behaviour anymore.
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    I would like to give it a go but I think you're trying to rip me off. I checked at Bunnings..I can get a plastic bucket for $2.50 and at Coles a packet of 3 select brand heavy duty scourer sponges is only $3. My mate Dingo reckons I can get 20c for each car (he gets a dollar but he's done it for a while.) So I think I could do about 2 or 3 cars and hour so over say 10 hrs ...................... .I would be ............I mean you would be .....making about say $6 a day...not bad. You would be getting a 100% return on your investment on the first day! Multiply that by 3 weeks and we are looking at quite a haul. Dingo also reckons that making me do a 3 week unpaid trial sucks. Dingos mate Squirrel has also offered to help by looking after my bong and the sealed box.
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    As Guru Bob once so famously said: "When two big men fly for the ball... only one can find Nirvana"
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    As was pointed out to me today, to lose by 4-5 goals against a good team on their deck when only two players played very good games shows there's a bit to take out of the hitout. Other than Oliver and Hunt, I'd say not one other player played what they'd call a good/very good game. That's somewhat an issue in itself, as we need Brayshaw, Petracca, Stretch, Viney, etc. to start making a real impact THIS year. Top notch 21-22 year olds start making an impact at AFL level. For us to be the team we expect we need these players to start impacting games in 2017.
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    It's probably only a small crack, but it's definitely another crack. Honestly, it would be really good if the Hawthorn Football club slid into an era of bitter recriminations and failure for a couple of decades. Remembering just how many of their fans are both soft and arrogant.
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    Good: It was only a practice game A much needed reality check, especially for a player like Petracca Oliver Hunt It made us realise how badly we need good small forwards, injuries have hurt us badly in this area It made us realise how badly we need Frost It made us (maybe not Goodwin) realise how much we need Jetta It made us realise how much we need Hibberd The Spencer experiment continues Bad: Leaking easy goals out the back, St Kilda would have been loving it Our key defenders were exposed Tyson's decision making Our depth can't be relied upon Kicking skills, even Lewis was terrible at times Vince needs to be played in the middle, I still think he should be a tagger that can get his own ball and Sam Mitchell would have been the perfect match-up Taking Trengove all the way to Perth and not playing him while Harmes and Tyson struggled Brayshaw still doesn't seem to have a position This effort by Oscar McDonald Weideman is not quite ready, Pedersen should have had at least one JLT game (assuming he is fit)
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    Thanks for the heads up Hemingway ...but Squirrel reckons I've got Biffen right where I want him.
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    Yup they're exactly what I expected them to look like, training tops. Boring and uninspiring, glad we've got the other one, I hope we can wear it most of the time.
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    Just guessing but I think drunkn167 might be there and, if I'm right we should get some insights from him.
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    Learning the art of Murdoch media 'bing'... The turnovers are a problem when you are pushing up to attack, you get caught out with nowhere to go. I think both Oliver and Hunt learned some great lessons last night. Priddis got off Clarry at a centre bounce for a goal at one stage that I'm sure will come up in the review. I'm not too worried about these guys. I think Oliver is close to our best mid already and Hunt our most important running back.
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    This one I have to agree with 'picket' on and have stated it a few times recently. Jack has to involve his teammates and play smart football. He might think he's trying to lift the team but to me it comes across as selfish school boy football. He's a gutsy, tough kid and a good player but would be so much better if he made better decisions.
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    The thing that was clear last night is you cant play him and Weideman. One is getting to the right place at the right time and last night made it count and is an able ruckman. The other is not getting to the right place as much, when he does is not making it count and cannot play ruck. Weid will be fine but needs development at Casey. I want to see him dominating games, particularly whilst we have potentially another option. Hogan, Watts and Spencer/Gawn as the talls with periods where we just have Hogan/Watts on ground surrounded by mid sized forwards is where we should head for round 1.
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    I feel as though Spencer diminishes Gawn. Gawn's not great resting forward, he's much better drifting forward with the flight of the ball and taking a mark inside the 50 while still playing on-ball. When he's stationed there I don't see him being much of a forward threat. And Spencer is no full-forward either. Fair enough if they don't include Weideman or Spencer, but given the choice of the two I'd rather Weideman, as I feel he works better with Hogan. Spencer will just get in Hogan's way and is useless with defensive pressure. Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts.
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    Ever since the VFL era, grounds have been wider, longer, narrower, shorter etc etc, except there are fewer variations these days. However, just like the good old VFL days, successful teams must learn to win on all grounds, in all weather conditions. In the grand old days, the Dees could win on grounds the size of a school playground, in the mud, against teams with different game style and tactics, and despite crook umpiring. We overcame and made adjustments before the game and on the day. I want to forget that these differences result in a difference on the scoreboard. We need to win at the G hard and win interstate. Looking forward to the days when we can play away from the G and still expect to win.
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    The sun in the eyes didn't help in the first. Naturally, it wasn't an issue in the second. This time last year West Coast were favourites for the flag. They'll be good this year. This game will be great for the coach/players to review. Despite most of our good players being underwhelming our gameplan held up. It's rock solid and will be the foundation for many wins in 2017. We're still an improving side, so it's unsurprising there were mistakes in a practice match. Notwithstanding his 3 goals I don't like the two ruck policy and Gawn is the poorer for it. It robs us of run and diminishes Gawn's role. I wouldn't play Spencer round 1.
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    Even though it was a practice match, I'll rate this as a very ordinary performance by the team with the only exception being Oliver and to a lesser degree, Jones. It was just an awful game to watch live. If we play a similar brand against St Kilda we'll get smashed. The umpiring was plain shitful. The Eagles supporters carrying on like it was of H&A game importance was pathetic but not unexpected. Josh Kennedy is a gun and will win the Coleman this year. Weat Coast were at a level higher than us tonight however I don't think we played very well at all. Both teams were only in second gear so it was hard to get a good read on the levels of skill and play. I will say that if this is a 'dress rehearsal' for Round 1, well, we've got some major ground to make up!
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    RRR and Radio National for me. Might on occasion tune into SEN if Pies have lost. Too much waffle and kerfuffle.
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    Our Mel addressed a breakfast for International Women’s Day today as part of a panel on the theme The Media – Women’s Friend or Foe? In front of a packed audience at Box Hill Town Hall she spoke eloquently with conviction, passion and excitement. An asset to the Mighty Dees
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    From a report on the Casey thread, these players took part in the intraclub game last night:- Jack Trengove Dean Kent Mitch Hannan Cameron Pedersen Liam Hulett Ben Kennedy Dion Johnstone Tim Smith Neville Jetta Patrick McKenna Chris Maynard
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    Vince is an interesting one. The fact is that this year we need him to get a hell of a lot more possessions in the midfield and forward zone within kicking distance of goal.
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    We haven't quite nailed it yet and our disposal needs to be tidied up. We are going to see a lot of easy goals kicked on us again this year.
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    Overall the effort was great tonight, but the execution was poor. There's no denying that. The Eagles made us pay for it and it won them the game. I felt as though we matched them around the ground but we exposed our backline which we simply cannot do. It's not talented enough right now to stand on it's own two feet and our midfield and half forward line need to support it better by eliminating the turnovers. Lots of positives, though. Oliver was super and will only get better. Hunt and Salem are primed for big years, Spencer gave us something, Lewis was a cool head under pressure and Brayshaw is another who is getting better each week. Lots of our better players were down today as well - Tyson had a mare, Benire turned it over and Maxy didn't exert his usual influence. When you factor in that, as well as the turnovers, then a 4 goal loss is a fair reflection. We are a big chance to roll the Saints in a fortnight's time, and if we add a couple of pure small forwards, add Jetta and Hibberd to the mix and make the right selections re: tall forwards then there is no reason why we can't win in Round 1.
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