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    ... include the bottom half of the list and top up players from Casey. It's a different story when something close to the best 22 are out there. Highlights for me: JKH, who I'd all but written off last year looks like he can become a good AFL footballer. Sad for ANB. Always thought he was limited and nothing seems to have changed. Weid looked a lot more competitive than last year. Salem will be a force if he can stay fit. Oliver confirmed he will be elite I started by saying at the beginning of the session yesterday that Hunt would be AA. I amended that by the end of the session by saying he'd captain the AA team. He's great I thought AVB looked good. Unlike others I thought Pencil was good and whilst Gawn is our ruckman Pencil is a very good back up. Was it just me or was Trengove prolific in the first ground drill but struggled in the match sim? I thought the physicality was reserved. Competitive for the ball but gentle on tackling. Good thing that. There is a thread about whether Brayshaw and Oliver can play in the same team. That thread wouldn't be started now. Brayshaw looked great. Frost will play and will show himself to be an inspired trade by Todd and his team. I think those predicting the demise of Bernie Vince are seduced by youth. Bernie has much to offer and looked good. Those thinking DJ is close to selection are off the mark. JG and JKH well ahead of him. Stretch will play seniors when fit. Poised, efficient and works very hard. 250 game player because he's so professional. We have lots of players now capable of playing good quality AFL footy. Nice hit out. Dancing with your sister stuff. Hope Tyson gets fit soon. He's very important to us.
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    I disagree entirely. If your assertion is that people look to blame others for their failures and that everything is in their own hands what the point of having a decent development and coaching staff? Gysberts had the misfortune to be drafted by the most dysfunctional AFL football club this century and didn't cope. How on earth can you lay all the blame on him? Gysberts was a very talented footballer and you only have to look at his early games to see this. He had clear weaknesses that Neeld and his development team failed to eradicate. I'd go further and say they were a terrible impact on him. Gysberts was an introvert and was crushed by the hostile atmosphere generated by Neeld and his philosophy. This has been confirmed to me by both players and staff who were there at the time. A good leader inspires and makes his players want to follow. Neeld did exactly the opposite. I don't know if Gysberts had fixable faults but he certainly had talent. Are you writing off Petracca and Oliver now because they struggle in the running drills? Neeld snuffed out any chance the kid had and by the time he got to NM he was shot. He didn't want to play AFL footy. Again, confirmed by those that know him. Neeld was a disaster. He alienated the senior players, he failed to develop the younger players and he left us in a significantly worse place when he left than when he arrived. Gysberts wasn't the only one significantly effected.
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    I don't blame Gysberts, I blame Barry Prendergast for drafting him.
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    Perfectly put Bossdog, the main things on show were the physicality and the fact they were still working hard 2 and 1/2 hours in, in hot conditions, and some players stood out and showed they are in form, have developed or are Jordan Lewis I thought Hogan spent the match sim going anywhere except near the ball, same with Watts, give the other forwards a chance to shine? Pleased to see JKH running around looking fit, deserved the bake he got from everybody for blazing away and Dion Johnstone showed something, Jeffy still has them covered at the moment Bernie Vince was good at the back, Salem looked really sharp and classy, Oliver is developing at an alarming rate, Brayshaw nice little cameo, Frost, same as Oliver, full pre season can do wonders, thought the Weed looked more confident in his work Congratulated Jack Viney, also spoke to Todd, only slightly proud
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    Four wins in a row against Collingwood.
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    I've got to say, if the AFL is going to televise and promote the game, ensure the fundamental rules of the game are enforced .i.e illegal disposal and caught in possession. I'm sure the top women don't appreciate the 'go soft on the rules' approach adopted tonight. Go Dees
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    O'Dea is a very good player. She has cleared everything in this quarter.
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    The training reports are fantastic and hats off to all of you who allow the rest of us to enjoy the reads, the insights and the different perspectives.
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    My theory is that Goodwin is implementing a leadership model for the next decade that has a flexible interchangeable component. When they forecast the future they'd see a standout young leader in Brayshaw and potentially others. With a one captain policy it's conceivable someone like Brayshaw would never get a chance. This model allows for someone like him and others to be rewarded and aspire for greatet honours. While I'm not a fan this facet does have merit.
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    The lighting there tonight was worse than the Casey night games! Was great to be there to see their first official win, and sing the song with a bit of gusto. The ball movement was quicker in the second half, we took more overhead marks than them and Phillips kicked a couple of great goals. O'dea and Paxman the best for mine Always great to beat collingwood!
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    The only elite football code player I can think of in this country was the NRL player Ian Roberts who came out over 20 years ago. He earned a lot of respect for his decision to make his sexuality public, so it's a little surprising that more haven't followed in his footsteps. I think BB is right (and definitely NOT sexist) in his comments regarding women being far more open regarding their sexuality... something that I think is indicative of just how deeply ingrained the idea is that sportsmen are only real men if they are heterosexual (even though most people of both genders are now totally accepting of openly gay people).
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    You could argue that for any player in the league, irrespective of age. Jones still needs to improve for example. Is the captaincy title a burden for him? If you see potential unwanted ramifications for a young player, how can you not equally see potential gains for the entire squad as well as Viney himself? Our 2016 B&F winner. Runner up in 2015. Already one of the toughest players in the competition at 22. His trajectory in both form and growth as a player has steadily increased from the time he came to the club and he is clearly the leader and driver for the 22-23 y/o and under brigade at the club. They all look up to him. As Roos said last year; "He (Viney) typifies where we’re trying to take this team." It's a no-brainer.
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    Jordan Lewis shines while Clayton Oliver looking leaner in Melbourne intra-club match Jordan Lewis is driving high standards and Max Gawn continues to ruck well but this is the part I liked the most ~ "Clayton Oliver, who looks significantly fitter this year, seems destined to build on his solid debut season. He worked hard through the midfield, while Christian Petracca and Christian Salem were also prominent. "Angus Brayshaw only played one of the periods in his return from a calf issue, but provided plenty of highlights both in attack and in the middle. He looks set for a big year, having battled complications with concussion in the middle of last year, before playing the last seven games."
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    I have to agree with dieter. The turnovers, especially early in the game were extremely noticeable. Even before the game, in the match simulation, the delivery into the forward 50 was poor. Qualify this comment by saying, session before Christmas we looked sharp and there was great improvement. The other worrying factor was the older players looking slow. They seemed to be beaten to contest by the younger compatriots. One thing is certain, Salem looks in terrific knick. Would love to see him given the freedom to play on the wing damage teams with his impeccable foot skills. Oliver's clearly got the highest ceiling of potential out of any of the kids. His ability to extract the ball from the contest by hand is awesome. The pleasing part, which has been reported, was his great use of foot skills. Which he has good skills. Hunt is a star and a future All Australian HBF. How he didn't getting a rising star nom is beyond me. The one player that was intriguing tonight was Vince. If I'm not mistaken, he played a deep in defender, almost back pocket sweeping role. Interesting to see how he fits in defence because I'd love to see Frost on Reidwoldt round 1. Vince to Billings and play the heavy tag hence releasing Hunts run and Hibberd's foot skills. Anyway, hopefully we can get a market on most possession for next weeks NAB cup game and clean up on Salem. At the very least, his a supercoach lock!
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    Midfield: Rucks: Gawn took some strong grabs mainly behind the play and one forward, they didn't use him for the long bail out kick. May as well save that for the real stuff. Spencer's work rate was good and his skills ok. Gawny pushed him around at some stoppages. Flippers was a bit of a disaster but looked willing. Inside: Clarry the stand out, only thing I'd like to see more is him straighten and pump it in from stoppages instead of kicking it to the wingman who gets held up. Viney scratchy around the ground but willing. Jones smooth running with the ball and kicking long to players in space. Trenners with plenty of touches. Salem with moments of class. Brayshaw came on in the 2nd half and made an impact inside and out. Outside: Lewis spent time in a number of spots but his kicking to corridor options was the highlight of the game for me. Bugg's work rate was very good. Stretch the same, he links up smoothly. Harmes spent some time on the wing and also provided an option. Forwards Tall - Weed with some moments, Hogan working really hard. Watts hopefully at about 50% but the class was there. Pedda looked solid inside 50 for the 2nd team. Hulett mobile and involved a lot as well, bobbed up for a few goals. Med/Smalls - Tracc with burst, just needs to balance up. Vanders with some hard stuff but scratchy. JKH prolific for the 2nd forward team, really busting to get in to space. DJ's tackling was excellent and good positioning. Garlett missed a couple of chances but he also played a part in good passages with speed and crumbing Backs Tall - Tom kicked well and mopped up around half back. Oscar was solid in the air, just misses kicks when he has to judge depth and movement particularly inside 50. Frost was sharp for the 2nd side and had a few strong runs and lowered the eyes and kicked well. Garland didn't do much wrong. Med/small - Hunt's defensive work and aerial work strong, started by doing too much with the ball but then settled in to some good options. Vince made some precise short kicks and looked decent. Melksham got a lot of the footy and was mostly decent with it, tried to take Oliver on from the mark deep in the backline and probably regretted that choice. Wagner very composed and kicking short sharp kicks.
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    A couple more things from this evening. Best play of the night was when Salem strolled through the middle and sent a 65m kick over the Macs and down Weids throat for a goal. Weids had to make body contact with Buggy to take the mark and it hurt Buggy and he's a tough boy. The post-game training drill - I think a Max Rooke initiative - was sensational. It was basically a one-one wrestling drill and then a lead-up. It was so mean. Watching Watts have to battle VDB was gripping and Salem and Vince was intriguing. But the main act was Petracca and Maynard. It was huge. They will all be sore boys tomorrow.
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    While they're most definitely welcome, I take little from the reports and these shortened games. I remember a few years ago supporters overly excited by Toumpas who kicked 3-4 goals. I walked away thinking he'll never make it. Fwiw, from someone who was there too (not me and take little notice) 3. Jones 2. Gawn 1. Petracca On the latter, thinks he looks ready to bust a game open. Also loved Brayshaw's second half, Frost in the backline, Garland (and he's not a fan), Oliver, JKH, Weideman (build and competitiveness - smart footballer with good handballs), Hunt, Pedersen, Lewis, Salem, Trengove early, Harmes and Melksham. But they walked away knowing that with Petracca, Brayshaw, and Oliver we have incredible young talent not matched by many in the league.
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    I managed to attend and found most of the play very ordinary with a lot (and i mean a LOT) of turnovers and kicks intercepted. To be fair, i didnt think it was the easiest to see who was who. A blue team player could be wearing a white hat or vv. Lets hope thats all it was. Standouts in no particular order as I noticed them were trengove, salem, lewis, oliver, brayshaw, hunt and jkh. In terms of the new players, dion j seems a good tackler but was a little snap happy, burning teammates to use his apparently elite radar to miss everything a few times. Lewis is a godsend - positions himself very well and receives the ball often at the back of the square where he swivels and switches out wide. Will be a very good addition. As noted Hannan didnt partake in the intraclub but there is something about him, rangey type but good style. Mckenna is neat and might be a player but he still struggles to find it or get involved. T smith - certanly hard at it but hes a bit 'messy' for mine. Not sure that matters, robbo was the same kind of messy, but i will say i can at least understand why he never got picked up. Keilty - I was a fan at casey but he either struggled to get involved today or i didnt notice him. When I did, I generally liked what i saw. Some random other thoughts...viney was absolutely off his game, very quiet and looked like he struggled with the heat. A lot of emotional energy expelled this week for him for sure, but I personally feel it is way too early for co captaincy and very early days that looked true. Sorry. Frost will play many games - pleasingly controlled his kicking and set up quite a bit with his speed. Hunt is somewhat of a revelation but can do too much. Needs to be careful he doesnt get stuck with the hog (sp?) tag as he continually ignores options instead choosing to sidestep and try the getaway. Tommy Bugg was rightfully filthy for a few moments he was ignored. I love Salem. Just does the right thing, 95% of the time. Very similiar to lewis actually. Weid looked alright. We miss kent. Jeffy actually looked in decent nick. Avb is important. Anb is not, fumbly one paced mid who just isnt as refined as the top level requires. Watts very quiet, didnt look like the apparent AA season he is supposed to have according to a few. I like hulett. I dont think anyone has said this but jkh is competing with stretch for the wing spot. Both good link players with neat skills and play to their limitations. not sure we could carry both in same team. Ok that rambled on. Any questions happy to answer
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    Good to hear Bradshaw performing well. He's a super talent who was restricted a lot last year due to knee injury then concussions. If he gets a good run at it he will definitely help us move up the ladder. He's a natural footballer and is versatile as well. I think he'd give good drive if required to play half back, he's obviously good through the midfield and decent up forward as well. He's one of the most exciting reasons to watch us this year.
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    Ben Guthrie of the AFL website liked Angus Brayshaw in the second half:- Brayshaw turns it on Ben Guthrie reports: Angus Brayshaw was the dominant player on the ground in the second half of the Demons’ intraclub clash at Olympic Park Oval. After sitting out the first half, as part of his comeback from a calf problem, Brayshaw shone up forward and through the midfield. The young star, who battled repeat concussion symptoms in 2016, had two shots at goal on the run and missed both, but it was his ability to find space in the first place that was most impressive. Marquee recruit Jordan Lewis’ ball use – particularly through the middle of the ground – was noteworthy, as his deft kicks often opened up the other side of the ground and led to scoring shots for his side. The Dees appear to have finished their intraclub style hit-out, but are now working in their individual groups on different aspects of the game. For instance, the backs and forwards are competing in one-on-one style battles, while the midfielders are working on their efforts at stoppages. We will wait to see whether they go back into any type of match play.
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    Everyone needs a 'told you he'd be a star' and I'm selecting Dion. Our new Aaron Davey/ Serial pest hybrid. Unless, of course, he's a dud in which case I knew he wouldn't cut the mustard.
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    I tend to have a lot of respect for players who aren't the top-level guns and stars, but who build full careers making a real contribution all the way. Think of players like Andrew Thompson at St Kilda, 200+ games based on solid contribution, or David Hale who made such a low-key but pivotal contribution to Hawthorn's premierships. Not a lot of names come immediately to mind, for obvious reasons. I'll also mention Adam Goodes, partly because ____ you to anyone who thinks he is anything short of one of the great champions of the modern game.
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    Dom arrives in street clothes. Some nice work from White going end to end again but Hunt rides the contact and spoils Track deep one on one. Oliver heavily involved. Lewis and Salem all class
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