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    I'm out of town at the moment so I'm hoping to hear from those Demonlanders who can make it to training, if indeed there is a training session today. Posters - please be aware of our policy against derailing of threads and note that we include criticism of moderation in posts as a deliberate form of derailment which will involve sanctions on posters and no correspondence will be entered into on that score. Looking forward to the usual high standard of posting from those lucky enough to have the time to make it to wherever training is taking place.
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    Trenners just snapped a beauty from 45. Spencer doing well with run. Goes for a pass but intercepted by Viney. Alarm goes and teams change over. Did I say I have to go now... parking issues
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    Should have mentioned, its hot out here. Whole group just completed repeat 60mtr sprints. Garlett and Hunt had a real go, with 'honours' split... proof that Jeffy is still quick! Vanders gets Chunk on the final run, Joel Smith also quick.
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    Dom and Kent training as a duo away from the main group, both seem to be moving pretty well.
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    Hunt to Lewis, handball to Billie going past, plays on and... and... have to tear myself away! Cheers
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    I went. Got to Gosch's paddock for a few minutes on Friday. It's been a while too. I was sitting in Hisense arena at the Tennis- and realised the boys had switched their training ground. Great news...but there was a catch. They give you leave passes at Hisense but they only last for a max of 30 minutes. I said to my girl friend ...would you like a coffee? I'll go and get one for you." Very noble of me. So I took off...ran across Olympic Boulevard past the 'pies and past the soccer stuff...arriving at Gosch's approx 11am. I only had a few minutes to watch. The rain had stopped and they were running match practice (Melbourne jumpers vs yellow jackets) where just about everyone was parked in the Melbourne jumpers' forward line, apart from 3-4 melbourne jumper defenders and a couple of yellow jacket forwards in an arc across midfield. It seemed like a good idea for a drill - trying to keep the ball in the forward zone and find targets despite a packed defence. The first drill i see started from midfield. The ball gets kicked back into the Melbourne jumpers' defensive zone and Tommy Mac is running backwards with the flight of the ball. It looks routine..but no...Tom drops the mark. They are keen to keep it moving...so he handballs to Frost (also in a Melbourne jumper) who does a deadeye 10 metre pass...straight to someone in yellow. Back to the centre for another try. This time Trengove is running into the Melbourne forward zone, but struggles to maintain control. The ball comes out, and the Melbourne jumpers had 3-4 attempts at finding targets or finding goals. None were particularly successful. Handballs were clumsy; passes missed targets (although Petracca did a great half-volley pickup, and then lost possession) and no one scored anything. My last memory was Viney (aggressive little bugger) kicking from the right forward flank to the goals. The ball went sailing over their heads of everyone and bounced across the boundary line to the left of the posts. My 10 minutes was up and i had to run back to the tennis. My initial reaction was 'Oh god. What a comedy of errors'. But I can be a glass half-empty person and it was a wet morning. Then I thought about the last time I watched a MFC match practice. Cast your mind back to Feb 2012 at Casey - Neeld in charge. I watched in horror as they struggled to win the ball from one contest, then kicked the ball along the boundary line - straight back to another contest!! And on it went. No-one made space. No-one looked for a target, and don't dare to centre the ball. Gruesome. At least they moved the ball quickly yesterday. At least they are showing more zip and flair. They attacked down both wings and used Salem and Lewis as backmen to start the attacks. I wish I'd seen more. We had a lot of guys on the park, and still can't believe that Jordan Lewis was there yesterday in Melbourne colours, and we got him for pick 48. I like what we are trying to do with the game plan. Hey I'm not expecting miracles this year, but if they want to take chances - take the game on - then i will dust off my Kaspersky Demons cap and give them a go.
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    Demonland are proud sponsors of Jayden Hunt and Josh Wagner and as such they are both on the banner.
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    Seems that ever since a few dullards on this site can't put together sufficient words to qualify as banter, there has been a somewhat over reaction to healthy umbrage. I'd hate to see Dland turn from its colourful pedigree to a place where only Black and White rules !! Those with too thin a skin might be better entertained at Kindergatens
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    Arrived a few minutes early to see Brayshaw and Nev warming up with Crossy... also 7 in what looks like rehab and seems to include Kent and Hulett... ANB, Filipovic, Hannah, King and DOM!!!!
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    very timely you bring up the pharaohs, ldvc. i've just been doing some reading on ancient kemet (KmT) aka egypt and came across this commemorative poster of their 1858 bc KFL grand final. You can see the two teams lined up in the centre and above them the 5 umpires carrying the match balls (one central, 2 goal and 2 boundary umps as it used to be). The interesting thing to note on the poster is a previous incarnation of our own maximus gawnius as the very tall star studded one overarching everyone. He was know then appropriately as "nut" the sky god. his name was the origin of the term nutter as maximus is known to be on occasions. couldn't work out who won but it wouldn't matter as the pharaoh owned both franchises. the ground was adjacent to the nile and you can see some spectators watching from boats near the top of the poster. it also seems it was a night final so the afl is quite behind the times
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    New Year, time to put a few things in order, so a small personal “coming out”. About a year ago, following a remark I heard on a podcast, I realised I was autistic. The Big A. A little while later, I had a bit of paper to confirm it: a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. (Asperger’s is autism without delay in speech development as a kid.) So, whatever, this is a football forum, fair enough. But posting here for the good and simple reason that the vast majority of adults with autism or Asperger’s are undiagnosed. In general, people have little or no real idea what autism really is. I know I didn’t. Given that autism is present at around 1%, then according to the stats, there would be 40+ autistic Demonlanders, most of whom don’t know it. That’s the stats. In reality? Who knows, at least a few. Or more. You’d be surprised. I know I was. There are underlying key diagnostic criteria, but outside of that, there are no specific rules with autism, everyone’s different. But if you have trouble looking people in the eyes, have trouble maintaining a conversation (except about subjects that really interest you, such as Hogan’s goal-kicking routine, or MFC players in the years between the two world wars), are maybe a bit uncoordinated, and are bothered even slightly, by sound, light, touch (e.g. clothes or textures) it might be worth looking into. For example, one of the ever-so-subtle give-aways for me was that I realised I always drive with the sunvisor down, even in winter. Equally, you could be fine with all of that … and still be autistic. If any of this rings a bell with you or anyone you know, you can look around the net for more info, or do one of the (validated) screening tests. They won’t confirm that you’re autistic, but will confirm that you aren’t (if that’s the case). Do a search on RAADS-14 or Baron-Cohen AQ Test. (if that name rings a bell, yes, cousin of …). Happy to reply to any questions as best I can and based on my own experiences, here or by PM. Autism has been good to me. Alongside the challenges, thinking differently has given me advantages professionally and personally. I wouldn't change it for anything. But I would change having spent most of my life not knowing. Go Dees. (Mods, if this is inappropriate or whatever, please delete.)
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    Viney nails a rocket pass to Garlett in the square... goal
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    Main group in short kicking in pairs routine, Lewis and Petracca is a nice grouping for the future. McCartney carrying a bucket of sand, filling in divets, to which Nev has a quip. "Yes, Nev, not in the job description, but that's what happens when you get old and silly".
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    Wait until he has earned it. A flag will do the trick.
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    Demonland sponsors Hunt and Wagner.
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    Good luck to you both. Its the wifes bday today so I'll prob not get to see both games so will need to avoid everything fir a few days...
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    Maybe like Titus with an acquired brain injury.
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    I love a good Biffo rant. Should be more of them. In fact, I have a theory. Has anyone seen Biffo and Titus O'Reily in the same room at the same time???
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    I was there for the game. We were in it until 3 quarter time due to a controlling half back line and Carlton's forward's not holding position. For the first three quarters we appeared to take control of play mid way through each quarter and have the better endurance (which based on the last may not have been the case). Unfortunately aside from the above even at that point in the game Carlton looked better structured as well as much faster and stronger. The last quarter was really just Carlton working out a long kick over our half backline their speed could get us out the back every time. We lacked any decent offensive plan and just seemed to be happy to kick the ball sideways between 45-60m out until we turned it over. I feel we have a chosen a list based on who is good in suburban woman's footy not what will work and develop in an elite 16 on 16 competition. Daisy aside, it is hard to comment on actual players as we had no numbers on our jumpers (a real missed opportunity).Our best appeared to be our CHB (possibly Hickey) and a midfielder with a blonde pony tail. Pearce wins it in tight, is hard and has good hands and vision but lacks any speed and turned it over by foot a lot. I would say based on today we have a decent backline and inside midfield but lack much outside class and any forward power. Will be interesting to see how we go as the season progresses.
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    It will come as no surprise that after the 'redistribution of wealth' via the draft that the standard was a little lower. The fact that it was also an early season practice match was also a factor. For three quarters we were very competive around the ball and down back. We lacked a bit of skill and poise in the forward half. In the final Qtr we were out bustled, pushed off the ball, and tired to the point where we stopped hitting targets. The Blues may have been fitter, they were certainly bigger and stronger. They capitalized on every turnover and got great momentum in the final 20 minutes.
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    About time this thread got interesting. Just ate fried nanas in Ha Long passed off as Vietnamese. I've eaten them in Australian Chinese restaurants since the 70s Ha long bay would be beautiful, probably was ,but too many humans here now. The N/S divide is very much alive. Call it South China. Saigon is a rats nest, but Vietnamese all the same. Still beats Borewood by a by a thousand miles yet nobody here is as sophisticated as Our own DC. I will make a quick comment on the ridiculous banning of Bitters for writing "flied lice" or whatever it was. The most innocuous comment ever in light of the fact that the Chinese may be the most powerful nation in our time. Add to this their entrenched racism. Add to this their population which makes them dominant globally. In comedic terms We discuss"punching down" or up. Bitters was punching up . I'm not sure who banned him and we don't get too OTT on these issues here but I request the Moderator that made that farcical decision to quietly hand in their tin badge. I would add the Clunes riots were probably in order if anyone here has ever shared a hotel lobby with Chinese tourists en masse. Dr John, whom I respect for his intelligence,though often disagree with,is hopefully not the person responsible . The complainant was DLs Resident SJW. I'm a solid contributor here.Love it. So are others whos ideas I dislike. Does not mean they are invalid. My point is that the censorship here is getting OTT. Can I suggest we ban a poster based on more than one complainant , and check the track record of the whining regular Mrs Mangles. I'll invoke Jazza here- who made some crude comments at times but lived a solitary rural life and was a man of his time.I don 't believe he ever meant racial harm but might have caused some minor offence to be taken.He was a minority ,even in his own country. My main point is, stop the naivety ,stop the PC bans unless WELL deserved. I love Demonland and hope it grows with our great club. Race exists,as does religion and politics. Can we be adults here and make valid points without recriminations or is it Commo China? I'll defend Aboriginal Ozzies to the hilt but FFS I need an explanation. Please Explain.
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    Hello, I'd like to suggest we use the below image as the starting point and go from there.
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