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    Got to training about 10.50 to find the rehab group working hard with run throughs. New addition was Jetta who looked anything but happy. Tyson and Kent looked good to me, particularly Tyson who had no bandages on either knee and was moving freely. Lateral movement wasn't an issue so I'd say he is well on the way to a full recovery. Disappointing to see ANB still in there but he was running well. Didn't see Brayshaw or JKH. Hope JKH is ok, would hate him to lose more time from the preseason. Liam Hulett was running quite well so that was good news after what appeared a nasty injury last week. Main group didn't arrive until about 11.30 and did the usual warm up drills - run throughs, short kicking, stretching and a bit of agility work. Then the main part of the session (until I had to leave for parking issues) was the 10 v 10 WW has referred to. Seemed a step up to me as there was much more contested stuff and poor old Declan Keilty copped a couple of nasty one and was running laps when I left. Stand out for me were Jake Spencer who was in everything and Billy Stretch. He's a lock for R1 the way he's going. Poised and clean, quick and a good decision maker and disposer of the ball. He's a favourite so I might be overstating it! Oliver was struggling for the whole session but I think it was just the hot weather and hay fever as he came off for his puffer and then returned and did some 10 on 10 work. Others to stand out for me were Garlett, Jones, AVB, Lewis and Watts. Joel Smith was also good and looked comfortable. Hunt is looking stronger and more assured and took a very good contested mark at one stage. Looks to have stepped up from last year which will strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Looked like a significant ramp up in intensity and contact stuff today and as a result there were more turnovers than other sessions I've seen. Also of interest was that during the 60m run throughs the only players that I noticed bouncing and carrying a ball were Hunt and Frost. Hunt was bouncing it as he went while Frost not so much. There was a continued emphasis on non preferred kicking at one point in the early drills. The other thing that struck me was the use of Spencer and Gawn as targets when going forward. The way Jake trained today I'd be surprised if he didn't get a go in the ruck in the practices matches with Max to see how we go with two recognized rucks. It's never been something that's appealed but if Jake can genuinely step up it could work. Any questions ask. I left well before the end I'd imagine so others will have more to add.
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    It's been awhile but I was stoked to attend my 1st training session for the year. Picked a cracking day for it....... Firstly, I don't understand how WW can make sense of the drills and post at the same time. Full respect! Takes me long enough to just work out who's doing what. Training has definitely improved every year for the last few years. The intensity is up, the talk is up, the couches involvement is up and most importantly the skills are up. The music is odd but not in a bad way and I get the theory behind it. There also seem to be almost as many staff as players! Maybe that's where Roosy's salary has gone... The drills have been covered well so I don't have much to add there. There's not much down time it's go, go go. The players need to be switched on mentally as well. It was a tough day for it and the coaches didn't go easy on them, it was pretty brutal. My comments for what it's worth: Loved seeing Lewis finally. Now that I was really paying attention jeez he's a beautiful kick of the footy. A really good influence on the group too. It's not his 'on field coaching. At one stage, when he and Trac were sitting out the match sim, Trac was getting really into it from the boundary calling out instructions. Lewis told him back it off and let the team out there talk. Players that stood out to me today were Hunt, Jones, Lewis, Hogan, Watts and Viney. But most players were pretty good, also Pederson, Melksham, Johnstone, Garlett, Gawn, Vandenberg and Trengove. Hunt looks so full of confidence, he's a pleasure to watch (that sounds bad doesn't it..). I'm glad to read Oliver might have had hay fever, not surprising either considering the conditions, as he seemed out of it. Not much talk or involvement with team mates, looked cooked and spent a fair bit of time coming off. His skills were good when I watched him in drills but he was struggling to keep up today. One of my favs to watch! Weideman and O Mac have definitely bulked up, but will still take a couple of years. Loved my first glimpse of Johnstone. Very lively and bit of x-factor about him! Fitness-wise you can tell his a draftee but he was pushing and trying his heart out. Team mates were getting around him in a big way. Looks to have talent. I didnt' realise Bugg was such a talker, in the instructive/leadership type way not the lippy fella we know he can be. Hibberd nor Melksham appeared to be off the pace after a year off, though it is only training. As others have mentioned Spencer was everywhere, though his kicks were regularly not to advantage. They were more safe than risky though so perhaps it's him trying to play to his ability. I was bummed not to see Brayshaw, he must've left before I arrived. Just saw Tyson and Jetta packing up and heading back. I liked Troy Chaplin's coaching. He would run through the different aspects of the match sim with whichever team had just rotated out. Getting too distracted by the tennis now so that'll do it. Thanks to all the other attendees who've been getting me through this preseason!
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    I was there briefly this morning and having noted the great work of WW, Saty and Vogan P, I have very little to contribute other than a couple of moments that got me excited: 1. The professional attitude and numbers of support staff. Felt like a well oiled, championship club. 2. Warm up running, all turned to run backwards on. The punt road side, someone in the group called out and the group responded in unison with a loud enthusiastic response that resonated commitment and belief. 3. Short kick to kick with slight alterations every couple of minutes. Watching Salem, Petracca, Hogan, Lewis and Jones was a delight 4. Watching an unusual drill with tennis balls and seeing Harmes smash Lewis. Lewis was winded and sat out for five. Harmes popped over to help him up, while giving him the 'does that hurt old timer' look. Lewis jumps up pats him on the back and got straight in with it. 5. 10/10 drill looked slick and only just below match day real. Standouts for me were Hibberd, Watts, Gawn, Hoganand Jones. Always present and dangerous. Liked stretch and Trengrove also. Did see trenners get run down at one point, but, nailed the kick. Thats all I've got for now. Got distracted by my little girl taking photos of her namesake, Jesse.
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    I'm out of town at the moment so I'm hoping to hear from those Demonlanders who can make it to training, if indeed there is a training session today. Posters - please be aware of our policy against derailing of threads and note that we include criticism of moderation in posts as a deliberate form of derailment which will involve sanctions on posters and no correspondence will be entered into on that score. Looking forward to the usual high standard of posting from those lucky enough to have the time to make it to wherever training is taking place.
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    Nah, seemed to get tangled up and twisted a bit in a contest, didn't look too distressed at the end of the session On Spencer, this is only second time at the club that he has got this far in a pre season, has not missed a session, he was outstanding today, galloping through the middle of the ground making himself a target and the players used him, you could see his confidence growing as the session progressed
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    Trenners just snapped a beauty from 45. Spencer doing well with run. Goes for a pass but intercepted by Viney. Alarm goes and teams change over. Did I say I have to go now... parking issues
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    I was there most of the time and agree with the previous comments. I had the pleasure of chatting with Saty for the first time.A very friendly gentleman indeed. We were watching the rehab group and he asked me what is Hannan's preferred foot. I think it's his right but he kicks equally as well with his left. It's hard to tell. A good pick up.It was really hot but they trained really hard.
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    Should have mentioned, its hot out here. Whole group just completed repeat 60mtr sprints. Garlett and Hunt had a real go, with 'honours' split... proof that Jeffy is still quick! Vanders gets Chunk on the final run, Joel Smith also quick.
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    And that is the whole point I was making about Trenners, didn't panic with the sound of approaching footsteps, and nailed the pass The other one thing I loved watching today, when he had had his break, was Oliver in the 5 on 3 handball drill, his hands are just fantastic to watch, both offensively and defensively
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    Dom and Kent training as a duo away from the main group, both seem to be moving pretty well.
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    Hi, Every one newbie here. Just on the topic of Melbourne gear etc. About two years ago i was in a sport shop in the city and bought my self a laddies silver watch with the old logo with the emblem on it, i asked the person who had sold me the watch why there wasn't a lot of Demon gear as there was for other teams? He response was Melbourne licience. I asked what do you mean and he said Melbourne is a very hard team to deal with. Well last year my friend and i were at Highpoint shopping center and my friend was going to her daughter one of those build a bears, i noticed on the back wall little football jumpers and thought i would look for the demon one of course; there wasn't one so i asked the lady and she said sorry we don't stock any Melbourne ones, i asked how come? she said the same thing as the guy in the city. So when you guys were talking about Melbourne gear i thought i would jump on and let you guys know. Please forgive my spelling and grammar errors i have dyselexia and may get a lot wrong spelling wrong. So i am very sorry if i do, i will try my best not to make so many. I have been a Melbourne member and cheer squad member for 17 years now this year will be my 18th and i also used to be a member when i was a kid up until i was 18 but after having a baby let it laps for a few years in my early teens. I know what the was i thinking? but i will not let it happen again.
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    Perfectly put WW, I am a bit biased when it comes to Jack, but he did look good today in the drills, will give it everything he has got which can only be a good thing for the team
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    Trengove looks a lot like the player we knew in his first few seasons - pre-injury. That is a very handy mid/forward waiting in the wings. He is assured with the ball, has always been good inside, and he is a goal-kicker when inside the arc. He may come into calculations early if there is any delay in getting Tyson back.
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    Hunt to Lewis, handball to Billie going past, plays on and... and... have to tear myself away! Cheers
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    I went. Got to Gosch's paddock for a few minutes on Friday. It's been a while too. I was sitting in Hisense arena at the Tennis- and realised the boys had switched their training ground. Great news...but there was a catch. They give you leave passes at Hisense but they only last for a max of 30 minutes. I said to my girl friend ...would you like a coffee? I'll go and get one for you." Very noble of me. So I took off...ran across Olympic Boulevard past the 'pies and past the soccer stuff...arriving at Gosch's approx 11am. I only had a few minutes to watch. The rain had stopped and they were running match practice (Melbourne jumpers vs yellow jackets) where just about everyone was parked in the Melbourne jumpers' forward line, apart from 3-4 melbourne jumper defenders and a couple of yellow jacket forwards in an arc across midfield. It seemed like a good idea for a drill - trying to keep the ball in the forward zone and find targets despite a packed defence. The first drill i see started from midfield. The ball gets kicked back into the Melbourne jumpers' defensive zone and Tommy Mac is running backwards with the flight of the ball. It looks routine..but no...Tom drops the mark. They are keen to keep it moving...so he handballs to Frost (also in a Melbourne jumper) who does a deadeye 10 metre pass...straight to someone in yellow. Back to the centre for another try. This time Trengove is running into the Melbourne forward zone, but struggles to maintain control. The ball comes out, and the Melbourne jumpers had 3-4 attempts at finding targets or finding goals. None were particularly successful. Handballs were clumsy; passes missed targets (although Petracca did a great half-volley pickup, and then lost possession) and no one scored anything. My last memory was Viney (aggressive little bugger) kicking from the right forward flank to the goals. The ball went sailing over their heads of everyone and bounced across the boundary line to the left of the posts. My 10 minutes was up and i had to run back to the tennis. My initial reaction was 'Oh god. What a comedy of errors'. But I can be a glass half-empty person and it was a wet morning. Then I thought about the last time I watched a MFC match practice. Cast your mind back to Feb 2012 at Casey - Neeld in charge. I watched in horror as they struggled to win the ball from one contest, then kicked the ball along the boundary line - straight back to another contest!! And on it went. No-one made space. No-one looked for a target, and don't dare to centre the ball. Gruesome. At least they moved the ball quickly yesterday. At least they are showing more zip and flair. They attacked down both wings and used Salem and Lewis as backmen to start the attacks. I wish I'd seen more. We had a lot of guys on the park, and still can't believe that Jordan Lewis was there yesterday in Melbourne colours, and we got him for pick 48. I like what we are trying to do with the game plan. Hey I'm not expecting miracles this year, but if they want to take chances - take the game on - then i will dust off my Kaspersky Demons cap and give them a go.
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    Thanks Wayne, Saty, Demi Dee, Vogon, Ruffles and anyone else who I've missed that have posted reports. About time you all made it to training. Did you read the last training thread?!
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    With ANB and Hannan who are fixtures in the rehab group, think they are adopting the JKH and Hunt model and hopefully making them bullet proof, Crossy really works them over Hannan is going to be a real asset, can kick goals with both feet, and is really good mark, working on his endurance constantly, so assume they regard that as the one area he needs work on, of course after one season in the Ammos and then one in VFL there will be no AFL base there so to speak
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    Demonland are proud sponsors of Jayden Hunt and Josh Wagner and as such they are both on the banner.
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    Some where over the rainbow, weigh a pie...
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    Nah Faulty it's like WW said, he is a very good option to have if we need him. He wasn't found out in the drills today, he looked like he did pre injury, a classy player with an ability to play at his own pace, but like a lot of others he needs to be the first one in the minds of the coaches for a position. I have spoken to him a couple of times he is under no illusions of what he needs to do Dom Tyson is working his arse off to get back coz he knows if he isn't on the teamsheet for round 1 he will have a fight on his hands to be on it for round 2
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    I spoke to Dom today, he is cool, already improved, did a bit more again, close to running at top speed, did a bit of kicking over distance as well He was [censored] off when injury happened, but any player is Brayshaw has a niggly calf, Nev his quad, said it was from too much non preferred kicking! Kent said he was ticking over the rehab
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    Doubt it will become a best 22 thing but Spencer instead of Weid or Pedda is certainly an option and whilst it's not ideal it probably isn't anything to be scared of if Spencer has improved by as much as his training suggests. Give it a go every now and then to rest Max a bit, use Max to stretch defenders and use Spencil to physically work over opposition in the way Gawn cops it. Sydney changed first and second rucks a lot during the season. As did the Dogs. Our midfield needs to not rely on Gawn. And Watts, Hogan etc should carry the forward line regardless of the other tall.
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    If we get a flag I'll change everyones avatar to his face.
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    Seems that ever since a few dullards on this site can't put together sufficient words to qualify as banter, there has been a somewhat over reaction to healthy umbrage. I'd hate to see Dland turn from its colourful pedigree to a place where only Black and White rules !! Those with too thin a skin might be better entertained at Kindergatens
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    Arrived a few minutes early to see Brayshaw and Nev warming up with Crossy... also 7 in what looks like rehab and seems to include Kent and Hulett... ANB, Filipovic, Hannah, King and DOM!!!!
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    very timely you bring up the pharaohs, ldvc. i've just been doing some reading on ancient kemet (KmT) aka egypt and came across this commemorative poster of their 1858 bc KFL grand final. You can see the two teams lined up in the centre and above them the 5 umpires carrying the match balls (one central, 2 goal and 2 boundary umps as it used to be). The interesting thing to note on the poster is a previous incarnation of our own maximus gawnius as the very tall star studded one overarching everyone. He was know then appropriately as "nut" the sky god. his name was the origin of the term nutter as maximus is known to be on occasions. couldn't work out who won but it wouldn't matter as the pharaoh owned both franchises. the ground was adjacent to the nile and you can see some spectators watching from boats near the top of the poster. it also seems it was a night final so the afl is quite behind the times
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    New Year, time to put a few things in order, so a small personal “coming out”. About a year ago, following a remark I heard on a podcast, I realised I was autistic. The Big A. A little while later, I had a bit of paper to confirm it: a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. (Asperger’s is autism without delay in speech development as a kid.) So, whatever, this is a football forum, fair enough. But posting here for the good and simple reason that the vast majority of adults with autism or Asperger’s are undiagnosed. In general, people have little or no real idea what autism really is. I know I didn’t. Given that autism is present at around 1%, then according to the stats, there would be 40+ autistic Demonlanders, most of whom don’t know it. That’s the stats. In reality? Who knows, at least a few. Or more. You’d be surprised. I know I was. There are underlying key diagnostic criteria, but outside of that, there are no specific rules with autism, everyone’s different. But if you have trouble looking people in the eyes, have trouble maintaining a conversation (except about subjects that really interest you, such as Hogan’s goal-kicking routine, or MFC players in the years between the two world wars), are maybe a bit uncoordinated, and are bothered even slightly, by sound, light, touch (e.g. clothes or textures) it might be worth looking into. For example, one of the ever-so-subtle give-aways for me was that I realised I always drive with the sunvisor down, even in winter. Equally, you could be fine with all of that … and still be autistic. If any of this rings a bell with you or anyone you know, you can look around the net for more info, or do one of the (validated) screening tests. They won’t confirm that you’re autistic, but will confirm that you aren’t (if that’s the case). Do a search on RAADS-14 or Baron-Cohen AQ Test. (if that name rings a bell, yes, cousin of …). Happy to reply to any questions as best I can and based on my own experiences, here or by PM. Autism has been good to me. Alongside the challenges, thinking differently has given me advantages professionally and personally. I wouldn't change it for anything. But I would change having spent most of my life not knowing. Go Dees. (Mods, if this is inappropriate or whatever, please delete.)
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    Should be a good game. flacons did to the packers something I've not seen in a long time, the first two packers drives should have ended better but that is football and the flacons capitalised where GB couldn't, if the Falcons play like they did in the first half then they will win. Pats D will possibly be the difference between the two and if I was the Falcons I would sit on Hogan.
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    Oh freddled gruntbuggly, Thy micturations are to me, As pluried gabbleblotchits. On a lurgid bee
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    If Gawn was in the leadership group last year and had an AA year and from my view appears to be driving harder this year its a no brainer. Watts should just continue to focus on playing good footy. Vince should focus on regaining form and removing the brain fades that cost him the odd report. Lewis in is a given on what he brings and what has already been observed and mentioned over preseason. Jones, Viney and T-Mac re-select themselves.
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    I normally don't read your posts anymore, but I agree with you on Watts but not Gawn, Gawn drives the standards at training alongside Lewis Jones and Viney, he deserves his place in the leadership group, T-mac has leader written all over him, personally not sure that Bernie is that interested in being in leadership group same with Nev
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    Gawn was in the leadership group last year and is a leader of this group. He made it last year after half a season of good footy. He'll make it this year after adding an All Aus. Whilst I agree about Watts only playing 1 good year of footy I'll say he's also been a leader of the playing group in many ways for a while now. He's king of the kids - both in terms of fans and in terms of being popular with the younger players. If there's belief that he's turned the corner for good with his footy then I could understand him being picked in the leadership group. It might even help him go to another level. I don't think it's the same as Melbourne of old, I actually think it's a little alternative and a bit like Adelaide picking Tex Walker as captain when Sloane was available.
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    Something happened on the other side of the ground first up and he was winded or hurt his ribs. He was then involved is a strong contested situation in front of me where he and (I think) Dion Johnstone collided in a pack of four and both were down for some time. Rib area again I think. Unfortunately can't add more than that.
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    Captain Jones VC Viney LG: T Mac, Gawn, Lewis 5 will do it IMO
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    Watts has had single year of consistent AFL-standard football. Why on earth would he be given a golden ticket into the group on the back of that? That's 'Melbourne of old' nonsense. He just needs to concentrate on backing up the year he just had and improve again. Gawn is in the same boat. Back it up next year. How many past players have rotated through the 'leadership group' only to show anything but leadership? I'd like it to be a small but tight group of Jones, Lewis, Vince (he needs to take control of games next year given his age and games experience), T-Mac, Jetta and Viney. And yeh Saty, I'm completely aware that none of our opinions 'matter' so save yourself the post.
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    In my mind it doesn't. Can't see a team with both plus Hogan, Watts and possibly Weids. If weids isnt in the team, maybe. But tbh I think you lose playing two rucks, one needs to be a genuine forward or Paul salmon type.
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    Excellent. Thanks, VP. The point about Spencil could add a very different dimension to our attack. Max knows where the goals are and has turned out to be a reliable kick for goal. If Jake can get the ruck craft improved it'll really stretch opposition defence, much the same as Lobb abt GWS.
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    And then.....AND THEN!!!??? Thanks for the dedication WW.
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    Viney nails a rocket pass to Garlett in the square... goal
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    Main group in short kicking in pairs routine, Lewis and Petracca is a nice grouping for the future. McCartney carrying a bucket of sand, filling in divets, to which Nev has a quip. "Yes, Nev, not in the job description, but that's what happens when you get old and silly".
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    Wait until he has earned it. A flag will do the trick.
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    Good luck to you both. Its the wifes bday today so I'll prob not get to see both games so will need to avoid everything fir a few days...
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    Maybe like Titus with an acquired brain injury.
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    Hird Snr clearly doesn't get the WADA code, what it is, how it works, and where precedent lies. pretty much straight from the handbook of the jibbering mule.
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    It will come as no surprise that after the 'redistribution of wealth' via the draft that the standard was a little lower. The fact that it was also an early season practice match was also a factor. For three quarters we were very competive around the ball and down back. We lacked a bit of skill and poise in the forward half. In the final Qtr we were out bustled, pushed off the ball, and tired to the point where we stopped hitting targets. The Blues may have been fitter, they were certainly bigger and stronger. They capitalized on every turnover and got great momentum in the final 20 minutes.
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    About time this thread got interesting. Just ate fried nanas in Ha Long passed off as Vietnamese. I've eaten them in Australian Chinese restaurants since the 70s Ha long bay would be beautiful, probably was ,but too many humans here now. The N/S divide is very much alive. Call it South China. Saigon is a rats nest, but Vietnamese all the same. Still beats Borewood by a by a thousand miles yet nobody here is as sophisticated as Our own DC. I will make a quick comment on the ridiculous banning of Bitters for writing "flied lice" or whatever it was. The most innocuous comment ever in light of the fact that the Chinese may be the most powerful nation in our time. Add to this their entrenched racism. Add to this their population which makes them dominant globally. In comedic terms We discuss"punching down" or up. Bitters was punching up . I'm not sure who banned him and we don't get too OTT on these issues here but I request the Moderator that made that farcical decision to quietly hand in their tin badge. I would add the Clunes riots were probably in order if anyone here has ever shared a hotel lobby with Chinese tourists en masse. Dr John, whom I respect for his intelligence,though often disagree with,is hopefully not the person responsible . The complainant was DLs Resident SJW. I'm a solid contributor here.Love it. So are others whos ideas I dislike. Does not mean they are invalid. My point is that the censorship here is getting OTT. Can I suggest we ban a poster based on more than one complainant , and check the track record of the whining regular Mrs Mangles. I'll invoke Jazza here- who made some crude comments at times but lived a solitary rural life and was a man of his time.I don 't believe he ever meant racial harm but might have caused some minor offence to be taken.He was a minority ,even in his own country. My main point is, stop the naivety ,stop the PC bans unless WELL deserved. I love Demonland and hope it grows with our great club. Race exists,as does religion and politics. Can we be adults here and make valid points without recriminations or is it Commo China? I'll defend Aboriginal Ozzies to the hilt but FFS I need an explanation. Please Explain.
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    Hello, I'd like to suggest we use the below image as the starting point and go from there.
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