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    Jonesy was reportedly happy to have "such a nice 2 hour sleep" on the camp as he's been getting bugger all with two kids under 2
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    Enjoy! https://www.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=HC4jRw&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=4&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=1&clickable=1 On review I found a couple of more worth a look https://six6six.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=XJ8fDC&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1
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    Thanks for the training reports WW and the other posters who contributed. Others have said it before but residing interstate we get absolutely so news about the MFC (or any other eastern states based teams), and if it weren't for your contributions we'd have no idea how the team was going. Unfortunately some do spoil the threads with their petty bickering but I've decided not to reply or get involved. Schoolyard bullies love the response they get from their victims. I'd ask other posters to treat them as such and not reply, eventually they will move on. Thanks again for the training reports, brilliant.
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    Good call Ethan. I have been enjoying the outbreak of civility on DL of late. That said i got a wry chuckle from the fact Stuie liked your post
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    Interesting. I have no opinion either way about the value of commando type training, but I did hear around the traps at Gosh's yesterday, that Jordan Lewis thought that Melbourne's recent camp was the toughest footy thing he'd ever done.
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    I think it's really hard to judge the value of a particular style of training with a general view, it might help some players, it might do nothing for others, the same way some coaches work for individual players more than others. I do believe these commando type training programs are aimed more at mental strength than physical when you reach elite level sport/fitness. I think we have a really young team that is going to get better with time and hard work under what is a really strong football department these days, and I am happy to back them in to get it right
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    Any training that improves mental toughness is ok by me. For years we have had a side that folded like deck chairs on a windy day when the pressure was on. If this improves them and their teamwork then it is, in my opinion, a worthwhile exercise and injuries can happen anywhere any time (See basketball at Home) so not an issue!
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    Mmmm....I think I will leave it there 'stuie'.
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    A word of advice, you can exclude Stretch from your best 22, but your side won't reflect the team that runs out in round one. He's rated very highly internally and WILL play round one. Of course this isn't a predictions thread, so no need to include him if accuracy isn't on your agenda.
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    It's most likely pretty well irrelevant at this stage. He's suffering from something where there's a lot to be done before he can deal with what happened at Essendon. This is personal, we should wish him well in his recovery and leave him alone for now ...
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    I have no opinion either way either, Dee, but "toughest footy thing he has ever done" can be a long way from "most beneficial footy thing he has ever done".
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    I put this in an earlier training thread, I asked Macca for an early tip for a great year before Xmas, without hesitation 'Brayshaw', he had a little hiccup a couple of weeks ago, but looked sharp yesterday
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    FLASHBACK: THE MELBOURNE FOOTBALL CLUB ANNUAL REPORT 1977 (MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB FOOTBALL CLUB) AUSTRALIA'S FIRST FOOTBALL CLUB Founded 1858 VFA 1877 VFL [now AFL] 1897 PATRONS: The Honorable Sir Henry Bolte, G.C.M.G. (The Right Hon. The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Cr. D. Osborne) CHAIRMAN Mr. J. R. Mitchell COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT Mr. B. J. Bourke Mr. A. L. V. King Mr. K. Carlon Mr. N. Lockwood Dr. D. Duffy Mr. N. McMahen Mr. R. E. Fenton-Smith Mr. P. H. Rhoden Mr. R. S. Geary Mr. I. J. Ridley Mr. D. P. Jones Mr. R. J. Seddon MANAGER Mr. R. J. Manley ASSISTANT MANAGER Mr. D. W. Peel Yarra Park, JOLIMONT, 3002. Telephone 63-3594 63-1636 SUB-COMMITTEES Executive Mr. J. R. Mitchell (Chairman), Messrs. R. S. Geary, A. L. V. King, N. McMahen, R. J. Seddon, and I. J. Ridley (Co-opted). Match Mr. I. J. Ridley (Chairman), Messrs. K. Carlon, D. Jones, R. Skilton, and G. Wells. Business Mr. N. Lockwood (Chairman), Messrs. B. Church, R. Fenton-Smith, C. Radley, L. Salvas and G. Sheppard. Recruiting Mr. B. Bourke (Chairman), Messrs. T. Bull, W. Deans, T. Knight, F. McMahon, K. Rowe, S. Rule and N. Whitaker. Administrative Mr. P. H. Rhoden (Chairman), Messrs. Dr. D. Duffy and A. L. V. King. Social Mr. L. Salvas (Chairman), Mr. D. Phillips and co-opted members. COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS V.F.L. Director Mr. R. S. Geary Team Manager Mr. N. J. McMahen Coach Mr. R. J. Skilton Captain Mr. G. Wells Vice-Captain Mr. R. Biffin Promotion and Development Officer Mr. R. Flower Phys. Ed. Instructor Mr. R. Crombie Hon. Med. Officers Drs. D. J. McDonald and P. Dixon Hon. Med. Assistant Mr. R. Ashby Hon. Solicitor Mr. R. J. Seddon Hon. Financial Advisor Mr. S. Willmott Hon. Dental Officers Drs. N. Webster and P. Smith Physiotherapists Messrs. R. Wilson and W. Nash Hon. Timekeeper Mr. G. Bell Hon. Doorkeepers Messrs. W. Hyland and W. Monkhouse Hon. Statistician Mr. N. Sellick. Hon. Manager - Scholarship Squad Mr. J. Tilbrook Staff Mr. K. Chalmers (Head Trainer-Deceased 25/6/77), Messrs. S. Allica, L. Biffin, A. Dalgleish, K. Nancarrow, W. White (Trainers), G. Simpson, M. Hunter (Property), G. Carson (Bootstudder), B. Kavanagh (Transport), G. DeMorton, F. Docherty and L. Salvas. RESERVE GRADE OFFICIALS Committee Mr. N. H. Parkhill (Chairman), Messrs. W. A. Rodriquez (Sec.), C. R. McKay, (Treas.), E. J. Massey, C. S. Bradley, A. J. Bullock, J. L. Stanton, K. R. Scott. Coaches Reserves — Mr. F. Davis Under 19 — Mr. N. Crompton Under 17 — Mr. G. Duff Managers Reserves — Mr. E. Massey Assistant — Mr. C. Bradley Under 19 — Mr. J. Stanton Under 17 — Mr. K. Scott Assistant — Mr. W. McLean Trainers Reserves — T. Beard (Head-Trainer), J. McCaughan, P. Taylor, K. Taylor Under 19 — W. Turnross, N. Mays Under 17 — Mr. F. Kellet Property Reserves — Mr. A. Henderson Under 19 — S. McLennan Timekeepers Reserves — Mr. A. Bullock Under 19 — L. McHutchinson ANNUAL REPORT 1977 1977 has been a most disappointing Season in every way forthe Melbourne Football Club. Following the form shown by the Team in the latter part of 1976 all supporters of the Club were justified in believing that 1977 would see the re- emergence of the Melbourne Football Club as a power in the Victorian Football League. Many reasons and explanations have been advanced as to why the Club won only five games and finished eleventh on the premiership ladder. Injury, inaccurate kicking and lack of performance have been held responsible for a poor season but on reflection probably the greatest lesson to be learnt from 1977 is that success will only be achieved by a concerted effort from all connected with the Club. All V.FL. Clubs are desperate for success and this makes this goal so hard to achieve. The Committee has undertaken an exhaustive and detailed study of recruiting and has brought forward a number of innovative recommendations which will enhance our chances of recruiting more efficiently and effectively. The above remarks are, of course, directly concerned with the SeniorTeam but the Club is proud to have two of our Junior Teams, namely the Reserves and Under 17’s make the 1977 Finals. The Reserves, coached by Frank Davis, put up a great performance to make the five after a slow start but did not display that form in the final and were accounted for quite comfortably in the Elimination Final. The Third XVIII battled very hard but because of age and size factors were not able to win many games. The Under 17’s again dominated their competition and congratulations must go to Coach, Gordon Duff, other officials and the Team for again winning the Premiership. The Club Best and Fairest Award for 1977 was won by Robert Flower for the first time. Robert deserved this honour as he proved an extremely consistent player and rarely lowered his colours for the Season. The Club and its supporters will undoubtedly gain a great amount of pleasure watching Robert in action over future years. Runner-Up Best and Fairest was Shane Grambeau. Shane became a most consistent defender when given his opportunity and we congratulate him on the way he took up a personal challenge after a settling in Season in 1976. Following Robert and Shane in the Best and Fairest Award were three of our more experienced Players in Captain, Greg Wells, Gary Hardeman and Laurie Fowler. The Club appreciates the service given by these Players and offers congratulations to them on their 1977 Season. Due to a successful Finals Series (which included a drawn Grand Final) the Club experienced a satisfactory year financially. It is of great concern to the Club that difficulty will be experienced in "balancing the budget” while current trends continue. The Club will depend heavily on Sponsorship, the Former Players and Officials Association and supporter groups Coterie, Redlegsand the Social Committee, for their continued support of the Club. The Club would like to acknowledge the contribution of these groups during the Season past. SPONSOR: MAYNE NICKLESS LIMITED — OFFICIAL SPONSOR The Club successfully negotiated a sponsorship with Mayne Nickless Limited for the 1977 Season and we believe both parties have benefited greatly from the association. Sponsorship is now a most important part of V.F.L., football finance and the club is indeed grateful that the association will continue in 1978. The Managing Director of Mayne Nickless Limited, Mr. Bruce Redpath said his company, one of Australia’s oldest is proud to continue its relationship with the nations first football club. "Mayne Nickless has had close links with both the City of Melbourne and its world famous sporting venue since the days when our then Chairman, Sir Henry Weedon laid the foundation stone of the Melbourne Town Hall. Our renewed sponsorship of the Melbourne Football Club for the year 1978 gives practical evidence of our continued interest and we wish the club all the very best for the coming season". V.I.P. CLUB: The Melbourne Football Club is indebted to the following Companies who became V.I.P., Club members in 1977:— Arnott-Brockhoff-Guest Pty. Ltd., Australian Wool Corporation, Beatrice Aust. Pty. Ltd., Bill Patterson-Cheney Ltd., Blackburn & Lockwood Pty. Ltd., G. J. Coles & Co. Ltd., Donson Industries Pty. Ltd., Email Ltd., Fibremakers Ltd., J. Gadsden Pty. Ltd., Herbert Adams Holdings Ltd., Hitachi Sales Australia Pty. Ltd., Industrial Acceptance Corp. Ltd., Jetset Tours, Linfox Transport Pty. Ltd., Massey-Ferguson (Aust.) Ltd., National Bank of A’Asia Ltd., Ogilvy & Mather (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., Paynter & Dixon Industries Ltd., Printers Pty. Ltd., Rowntree-Hoadley Ltd., Spotless Ltd., Thomas Hardy & Sons Pty. Ltd., Touche Ross & Co., Visy Board Co. Pty. Ltd. DONORS We wish to record our sincere thanks to the following people, our valued donors. Bugeja A. M. Jones S.K. Power L. Hargreaves M.E. (Miss) Wilkinson A. Scott A.C. Whitehead P. (Miss) Torriero A.R. Strieter A. Frania J. (Miss) Lyon W. (Miss) Ferguson Don Ygoa May Maughan J. Sir Henry Bolte Knight D. McVey I.L. Amalfi L. Marriott A. Steward F.H. Mackay Alan Seddon Dick Bosisto G. Taylor T. Sir Albert Chadwick Taylor K.A. Willmott S.A. Langley A.E. Hunter E. M.F.C. Social Committee McKenzie Dr. M. Norris A.J. M.F.C. Former Players & Officials Assoc. Hannan S. (Mrs.) Hughes F.V. Blackburn & Lockwood P/L Canberra TV Pty. Ltd. Carlton & United Breweries Ltd. Empress of China Rest’t. Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd H.J. Heinz & Co. Ltd. Taylor Ferguson Pty. Ltd. Rod Shepherd Bulk Store Dunlop Australia Ltd. Ebeling H.l. Greythorn Door Centre Gorin A. Surdex Industries Pty. Ltd. Hobbs E. (Mrs.) MFC COMMITTEE The Committee again led by Chairman, John Mitchell, have devoted the many voluntary hours necessary for a football club to function. John has led the Club in a most enthusiastic manner and by his actions and endeavours, welded the Committee into a hard-working unit operating with a view towards success in the near future. GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING ATTENDANCES (Meetings held during the year — 16) Mr. J. Mitchell 15 Mr. B. Bourke 13 Mr. K. Carlon 16 Dr D. Duffy 14 Mr. R. Fenton-Smith 11 Mr. R. Geary 15 Mr. D. Jones 11 Mr. A. L. V. King 15 Mr. N. Lockwood 12 Mr. N. McMahen 11 Mr. P. Rhoden 15 Mr. I. Ridley 16 Mr. R. Seddon 13 Manager 12 Assistant Manager 12 MFC COACHES The Club would like to record its appreciation to Coaches:- Bob Skilton, Frank Davis, Neil Crompton and Gordon Duff for their many devoted hours to their respective grades. BOBBY SKILTON After four years as a senior coach decided to retire from the position for personal reasons. The Club takes this opportunity to thank Bobby for his devotion and dedication to a position which was at times unrewarding. We wish Bobby and his family all the very best for their future. FRANK DAVIS Returned to the Club this season and we congratulate him on his achievement of coaching the Reserve XVIII to a place in the Final Five. The Club looks forward to a continued successful association with Frank. NEIL CROMPTON Again coached our Under 19 Side, and as hard as he tried — success did not come his way. GORDON DUFF Coached our Under 17 Side to their 2nd Premiership in a row. Congratulations go to Gordon for this fine feat. TEAM LEADERS The Club also registers its appreciation to both Greg Wells and Ray Biffin who acted in the positions of Captain and Vice-Captain respectively. These Players carried out their functions splendidly. SCHOLARSHIP SQUAD The Season again saw the conduct of a very successful Scholarship Squad. The squad comprised twenty-six specially selected young footballers from the Club's Metropolitan Zone. These boys were instructed and tutored over a ten-week period by Senior Coaches, Players and Officials. [NOTE: Scholarship squad members who played Senior VFL football were Jim Durnan and Tony Elshaug.] The Club is indebted to former player, John Tilbrook, for his management of the Scholarship Squad. By his football experience and management, John ensured the success of this squad. The Club sincerely appreciates the financial assistance given by the Former Players and Officials Association towards the cost of the Squad. This cost is now quite substantial as each Player receives a complete Melbourne Football Club uniform and an education grant. The Club is grateful to Chairman, Max Spittle, Secretary, Rick Mollison and their Association for its support. During their training period the Scholarship Squad participated in games against the Victorian Schoolboys Team and the Richmond Scholarship Squad and it is pleasing to report that both games were won convincingly by our boys. It is important to note that two 1976 Scholarship Squad Members, namely Andrew Moir and Brett Marchant, became the first Players through the Squad to represent the Melbourne Football Club in the SeniorXVIII Team. RECRUITING In Season 1977, Chairman Barry Bourke and his enthusiastic panel of Recruiting Officers again combed our Metropolitan and Country Areas in search of players with the necessary potential to succeed in league football with this club. We have also had to look to interstate recruiting, and we are very pleased to report that Graeme Hunnibell, 6'4" Ruckman-Key Forward from the North Launceston Football Club has been signed and will reside in Melbourne from early in January 1978. Several promising young players will take part in our pre-season training and practice games, who, we believe, will introduce greater depth into the club. On behalf of our Recruiting Officers we would like to take this opportunity of thanking all officials of our zone clubs and leagues for the assistance and courtesies extended to them on their visits to clubs and official functions throughout the year. PROMOTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT Throughout the 1977 Year our Promotions Officer, Robert Flower, carried out his tasks in a most effective manner. Robert adhered to every request from organisations within our zone, spending countless hours assisting junior footballers with the basic skills of Australian Football. As a further tribute to Robert’s ability, these tasks did not have a detrimental effect on his on-field performances. He once again represented Victoria and capped off his season with the Club’s Best and Fairest. It is pleasing to report that several senior players from the club gave up many hours of their leisure time to visit some 162 schools and clubs conducting coaching clinics, organising a grade 4 school competition (Prahran Area), assisting Robert in the running of lecture and film nights and visiting various fetes and club presentation evenings. In addition to achieving the above coverage within our zones, Robert distributed in excess of 500 footballs and 600 complimentary passes to schools and junior organisations within our area. Another pleasing aspect of the years’ promotion and development was the conducting of a highly successful series of zone evenings for our Metropolitan and Country zone officials. Our annual schoolboy clinics held during both term holidays proved to be a resounding success and most rewarding to the 60 selected boys who took part. These clinics are indeed a vital part in our Club’s recruiting scheme. Once again the Melbourne Football Club liaised frequently with the Junior Football Council of Victoria and the V.F.L. in an effort to promote Australian Football to people throughout Australia. RESERVE GRADE REPORT The Reserve Grade for season 1977 under the guidance of Chairman Noel Parkhill and Secretary Bill Rodriquez once again performed exceptionally well and with an active Reserve Grade Committee they carried out the very important administrative tasks relating to the Reserve, Under 19 and Under 17 teams in an efficient manner. RESERVE XVIII After a very dismal start to the season our Reserve Team under Coach Frank Davis improved dramatically and gave supporters some hope by finishing in the Final Five. Unfortunately, theirstay in the Five was short-lived when they were defeated by Footscray in the Elimination Final. Several young players earnt promotion to the senior side, those players being Mark Alves, Michael Byrne, Brian Cook, Tom Flower, Brett Marchantand Robert Walters. We are of the opinion that the continuation of blending youth with experience augers well for the future. UNDER 19 Our Under 19 Team was disappointing. Several youngsters were given the opportunity to represent the club but strength and size went against us all season. Coach Neil Crompton tried hard to mould a side which included several young players from our successful 1976 Under 17 side. During the Season several players from Under 19’s experienced Reserve Grade football and we now look forward to the younger players to develop into senior players in the years to come. UNDER 17 The Under 17 Team after experiencing stiffer opposition than in previous years won the premiership to finish off an excellent season. Congratulations to Coach Gordon Duff, and Managers Ken Scott, Stan Rule and Bill McLean for excellent work throughout the season. Several boys from the Premiership side will move up to the Under 19’s and it is hopeful that they will progress further into our Senior Sides during the 1978 season. CONGRATULATIONS All connected with the Melbourne Football Club extend to the following, their sincere congratulations on the achievements as detailed:— Coach, Ron Barassi, and the North Melbourne Football Club on winning the 1977 Premiership. All other Clubs who participated in the 1977 Final Series. Graham Teasdale and Kevin Bartlett, winner and runner-up respectively in the 1977 Brownlow Medal. Our two interstate representatives, Greg Wells and Robert Flower. The following senior clubs from our zoned areas who won their respective premierships:— Goulburn Valley Football League Echuca Kyabram District Football League Nagambie Riddell District Football League (1st Div.) Sunbury Riddell District Football League (2nd Div.) Wallan South West Gippsland Football League Berwick Federal Football League Springvale Eastern Suburban Churches Football Assn Donvale United and all teams winning minor premierships in our respective zone Competitions. Goulburn Valley Schoolboy Team:— Victorian State Champions The following players who reached the respective milestones with the club as listed below:— 200 Games Gary Hardeman 150 Games Ray Biffin 100 Games Ross Brewer 50 Games Gary Baker, Des Campbell, Laurie Fowler, Frank Giampaolo. ENGAGEMENTS Jenny Richards and Ian Claney Jenny Brennan and Frank Giampaolo Kim Bampton and Robert Flower MARRIAGES Jeanette and Peter Keays Jenny and Ian Claney FAMILY ADDITIONS Margaret and Graeme Osborne Daughter Annette and Ross Brewer Daughter Ute and Barry Norsworthy Son Diedre and Henry Coles Son Julie and Gary Hardeman Daughter APPRECIATION OF SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE The Club's sincere appreciation is extended to the following for their valued assistance during 1977:— MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB The Melbourne Football Club extends its thanks to the President, Sir Albert Chadwick, C.M.G., M.S.M., Secretary Mr. Ian Johnson, O.B.E., Assistant Secretary Mr. Maurice Gibb and all Committee, Office and Ground Staff for their help and advice during 1977. VICTORIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE The Melbourne Football Club acknowledges the assistance received from President Dr. Allen Aylett, General Manager, Mr. Jack Hamilton and all staff of the Victorian Football League. FORMER PLAYERS AND OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION This Association, again led by Max Spittle and Rick Mollison have made another valued contribution to the club during 1977. In particular their continued sponsorship of the Scholarship Squad is most appreciated. The Association held their successful Annual re-union during the season. For the first time the number of financial members of the Association has passed 200 and this reflects credit on the enthusiasm and drive of the people in charge. There are no doubt many other former players and officials who have not become members and the Association would welcome enquiries from persons in this position. PRESS, RADIO AND TELEVISION The Melbourne Football Club again expresses its appreciation to the representatives of the media for their continued promotion and support of Australian Football and in particular for the help given to this Club. COTERIE Mr. G. Sheppard (Chairman), Mr. A. L. V. King (Secretary) and all members. REDLEGS Mr. Bruce Church (Chairman), his Committee and all members. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Mr. Lou Salvas (Chairman), Mr. Dudley Phillips and The Members who assisted. PHILLIP MORRIS PTY. LTD. For its generous sponsorship of the V.F.L. and particularly for awards won by the Melbourne Football Club. CHEER SQUAD To all members who supported and assisted the club. STAMINADE LITTLE LEAGUE To Mr. Brian Donnegan (Manager) and representatives of the Bentleigh/McKinnon Y.C.F.L., for the organisation of our Little League team each week. CARLYON TAVERNS PTY. LTD. Mr. Fred Schelbert, Mr. Bert Andrews, Mr. Peter Best and all members of the Catering Staff. OBITUARY The Melbourne Football Club regretfully records the passing during the year of the following Members. Bert Jeffrey Former Reserves Head Trainer Gerry Daley Former Player Ken Chalmers Former Head Trainer The Club was deeply shocked at the news of the Accidental death of Head Trainer, Mr. Ken Chalmrs, while acting with the V.F.L. Team in Perth. Ken Joined the Club in 1946 and gave 31 years of dedicated and loyal service. He leaves a wife and two daughters to whom the Melbourne Football Club extends its sincerest sympathy. FIVE YEAR CERTIFICATES The Committee has great pleasure in awarding Five Year’s Service Certificates to:— TONY DULLARD, SHANE FITZSIMMONS, ROBERT FLOWER, FRANK GIAMPAOLO MFC AWARD WINNERS, 1977 SENIORS BEST AND FAIREST - M.C.C. MEDAL Keith "Bluey” Truscott Memorial Trophy Robert Flower SECOND BEST AND FAIREST - Sid Anderson Memorial Trophy Shane Grambeau THIRD BEST AND FAIREST - Ron Barassi Snr. Memorial Trophy Greg Wells SPECIAL AWARD - Ivor Warne-Smith Memorial Trophy Gary Hardeman SPECIAL AWARD - Dick Taylor Memorial Trophy Laurie Fowler BEST FIRST YEAR - Harold Ball Memorial Trophy Tom Flower JIM HANNAN MEMORIAL/ REDLEGS TROPHY Robert Flower RESERVES BEST AND FAIREST - Stan Brownbill Memorial Trophy Peter Keays SECOND BEST AND FAIREST Frank Giampaolo SPECIAL AWARDS Brian Cook, Brett Marchant Des Campbell UNDER 19 GRADE BEST AND FAIREST - Ray Read Memorial Trophy Geoff Hayes SECOND BEST AND FAIREST Phillip Mehrten SPECIAL AWARDS Kelvin Richards, Damion Caddaye, Paul Thompson UNDER 17 GRADE BEST AND FAIREST - Tony Elshaug SECOND BEST AND FAIREST Clinton Love SPECIAL AWARDS Robert MacKay, Wayne Mobbs, Con Galileos
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    Whelan the Wrecker one of my favourites also! Can't believe I forgot him will have to fit him in somewhere perhaps in place of Jurrah
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    The posters that report on training are great and always appreciated.
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    Forgot to mention Harmes in my earlier post. He was involved in everything, and if today was any indication, his kicking has come a fair way since last season. He was near the front in all the running. ....... and finally, allowing for my perpetual optimism, number 9 seemed to have markedly improved his agility. Not sure about his pace, but certainly more agile imo.
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    Tim, thanks for the shots including my 10 month old wheaten terrier, Fergus. I was standing next to you. For the benefit of all, the pre-Xmas camp was at Mt Disappointment...near Whittlesea. Sounds like it was quite a hitout and hopefully it will live in name only, other than for Dom Tyson! Concur with the other comments posted. For mine: Viney more intense than ever, now that he's back in the main group, Oscar looks appreciably bulked up but still makes some basic execution errors, Watts made a couple of uncharacteristic errors (missed passes, dropped marks) and left the track early with some leg complaint, Spencer looks the best I've seen him in terms of executing the drills, Bull Smith's hands are a weapon, Keilty looks like he belongs, not sure Hulett is ultimately going to get there, Weideman noticeably bigger, Vandenberg moving much more freely, Garland shanked a kick or two (and I'm a fan). Overall, a very positive hitout for the first day back in warm conditions with a northerly breeze.
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    They are, and they're the most valuable posters on 'Land.
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    Tassie Johnson Alan Johnson Travis Johnstone Stan Alves ( best Captain in poor sides) Hassa Mann David Neitz John Townsend ( best looking) John Lord ( most entertaining) Jim Stynes Gary Lyon Gary Hardeman Steven Smith Danny Jennings Max Gawn of course Robbie Flower
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    Not yet, anyway. You know Gil loves his rule changes!
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    As much as I can't stand this man, his club, and what has happened I wish him all the best and hope he finds a way out of the mire he appears to be in.
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    This is what happens when the truth is hidden. Something had to give...
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    In no particular order, a list that would change every time I tried to write it: Hassa Mann Tassie Johnson Stan Alves Robbie Flower Garry Lyon Jeff Farmer Jim Stynes Aaron Davey Max Gawn Liam Jurrah
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    1. Whelan - Quiet toughness. Just loved the way he went about it. Didn't brag or act boisterous with false bravado, just did the tough things that would be of advantage to the team. Underrated for his ability to deliver by hand and then protect the player. 2. Farmer - Maybe it's the era he's associated with, but I've never been more excited at a game than I was at a few of his very specials finals for us. 3. Jurrah - Pure talent. 4. Jimmy - Pure heart. 5. Flash - Still feel he's underrated around the rest of the comp. Pretty much invented forward pressure. 6. Jetta - Just the heart of a champion. 7. Doggy - Concussed pretty much twice a quarter, but always got up and kept trying. 8. Todd Viney - Wrecking ball. 9. Jack Viney - Wrecking ball Jnr. 10. Carroll - Just for that couple of seasons where he was our rock in defence and our balls.
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