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    oh good grief. Just like they did a few weeks back I suppose.
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    This is a pretty [censored] poor thread. I was not a Mark Neeld fan but to start a thread purely to [censored] kick him is [censored] weak. Mark Neeld has moved on and so have we. Paul Roos was right all along with the negative veil that supporters still carry.
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    Why the f**k would Channel 7 show Essendon v Geelong when there is a QUALIFYING final with 1st vs 4th? Absolutely hate that channel sometimes.
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    I'll be disappointed if the club doesn't proactively sort this soon. The whole waiting for CBA is rubbish. Can/is accommodated in others dealings already. Id call his bluff. 'bout the club !!
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    Oliver to Weideman. (Oh that felt good to write and I hope I get to write that a lot more in the AFL threads). The contested grab and then the goal. Love 'em
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    Some of Olivers handball in traffic this quarter oh boy!
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    Matt Jones is no longer a list clogger. After 2015 he went away, worked on his fitness and skills, and came back in an impressive condition. From memory, he played round 1 this season. His kicking has improved, his game awareness has improved, and he does one thing well that Roos loves - he plays the role assigned to him. He is another one, just like Jetta, who has improved out of sight under our new player-development emphasis. I don't see him as best 22, and younger players will overtake him easily, but I would not be letting him go while we have a handful of players who definitely offer us nothing.
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    Not quite but close enough Trengrove, Hutchins and ANB also with invites
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    I usually enjoy your mad posts, but this is not one of them. I am a big believer in making your VFL affiliate as strong as possible. I will be following Casey's finals with a keen interest. If they are happy to associate themselves with a team that nobody else would touch over that past decade, that's good enough for me. Valuable finals experience for our young guys too. Very happy.
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    Spoke to Macca at the game. He is confident we can settle and get back on top. Says the boys panicked because it's finals. They just need to get out there and play as normal. They already look more composed this qtr. Much more playing on and kicking cleanly up field to more free Scorps players.
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    Clark was a sensation for us early. He really did explode in the early games for us. Such a bloody shame, as he looked like the star we had been craving.
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    I reckon he'll stay. That said, he should watch Open Mike with Paul Roos and check out the bit on Roos' time at Fitzroy to see what club loyalty and good character looks like. And IMO this stuff is important. It's why movies like Platoon, Gallipoli and Breaker Morant still make the heart beat faster - certain people can't be bought. Their character is what defines them. Just sign up to the cause Jesse and be done with it.
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    Macca didn't hand out this week's lotto numbers as well by any chance? Was spot on by the sounds of it.
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    What's the score? got the Essendon-Geelong game televised, which is nuts when there is a qualifying final at the same time, surely you'd want to televise the best game to promote the VFL as much as possible.
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    Dear Biffen, Stop letting women throw themselves at you, and letting men want to be a poorer version of you. Stop engaging and arguing with simpletons just because they follow your football team. Stop being so incredibly good looking. and charming. Stop talking to yourself in the 3rd person
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    Any ideas how we'd replace 11 players (a quarter of our list) and what with? Our list no longer needs surgery that radical.
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    A lot of calls to promote Wagner in this thread. Personally I would be in no hurry to do this - he's a first year rookie playing in a position where spots might be tight next year with Melksham, possibly Hibberd etc being added to the mix. While he played most of the season, he didn't get to the "automatic selection" level that we saw vandenBerg get to the year before, and I don't think it gets any easier for him to get a game next year. Wagner has had a promising first season, but he's by no means a certain thing yet. He gets his second year on the rookie list for mine and no more.
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    I don't know the rumour, but I'm going to assume the only reasonable deduction - Stef Martin and Clark had a falling out over our use of the bugle player before the games in '12.
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    Honestly, this has all become so distasteful that I want to say something just to make people feel bad. What if WE were the bullet? Melbourne Demons. 2012. Few emerged to ever play well again.
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    Flogging a dead horse here don't you think
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    14 marks (5 contested) in round 22 seems to account to nothing. Prior to this weekend Riewoldt's record was 18 marks. But at least Schwarz is saying Hogan should take a leaf out of Hawkin's book. It only took Hawkins 6 seasons to have a breakout year and 69 games to reach Hogan's tally of 85.
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