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    Had a look at his 29 games and 2014 - 12 games, 5 of which were as a sub 2015 - 10 games as a defender, 3 of which were the last of the season coming back from hamstring injuries. 2016 - 7 games the last few of which he played under duress from illness. So he has played about 20 full games, fully fit. So if would be fair to say he hasn't had much of run at it to show what he can do. But there is a lot to get excited about. In addition to his silky skills the things that have stood out for me: Coolness under pressure eg the winning goal vs Ess in 2014. Roos said he was the guy he would always love to have the ball in those circumstances. So come to the crunch he is the guy who will deliver a goal when we most need it eg after the siren in a GF. He is equal to Jack Watts with his footy IQ. We don't have many of those. He can certainly find space which enables him to make the right decision nearly every time. Nearly always hits targets. Brings others into the game. Plays the role he is given and follows instructions. Can kick goals. He may not look fast as all his games have in a game plan that was defence focused and we had a shutdown/limit the scoreboard damage style. I think he will relish the 'take the game on' offensive game we now play and his speed of foot, hand and brain will make him a real asset. This is an edited version of Plapp's review 2 weeks ago: '...He played an inside mid role and spent some time forward...but the one thing that I was really pleased about his game on the weekend was his ability to fulfill and play his role. But when he got the ball in his hand, he really hurt the opposition and always seemed to manufacture an inside 50 or help set up a goal. Every time he touched the ball was huge for us on the weekend.' Sorry to be a bit long-winded, just wanted to put his 3 years in context. Understand why people have doubts but for mine he has shown enough brilliance to predict he will be a key factor in getting us into the finals in 2017.
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    Heath Shaw was 28 when he played his first game at GWS. How has that turned out for them ? Heath Shaw is their general down back. He organises teammates and uses the footy well out of defence. How often do you see him in a midfield rotation ? Answer - never. How often is Grant Birchall in Hawthorn's midfield rotation ? Answer - never. Hibberd will be a terrific mature pick up in a young team with an even younger backline.
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    A fit Salem and Hunt on the wings makes me McAvaney-excited.
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    I am curious, as to whether we can gain some useful picks by trading players, who are surplus to our needs. I actually think the Bombers are quite happy for Hibberd to go, as I am told that they refused to match our offer, both in dollar terms and years, which would have seen him stay a Bomber. They used a lot on Hurley and the others and one clearly had to go to make room. Now of course, he is the greatest player that ever lived. Like some others on DL, I am still not sold on him, but he could be useful with that long left foot kick. However, I am a real fan of Taylor and trust him to find us a gem.
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    I want him to play whatever position will make him the guy delivering the ball inside fifty. The only player I'd want to do this more is Jack Watts, and Jack's unavailable as he'll be busy receiving the ball from Salem inside fifty.
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    I like to think the AFL has delayed Hunt's nomination to the final round at the request of the Herald Sun who want to use the headline "Rising Star finally in the Hunt"
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    Well he can either play 1 more senior game or he can play possibly 4 or so more VFL games including a grand final. Seems clear which would be better for his long term development.
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    Illness aside, I personally still have a question mark beside his name. I can't really put my finger on it but there's something lacking in the way he plays the game. Maybe the HBF role isn't for him and time on ball might aid his development. Seems to be a lot of praise for a bloke who has neat skills but not much of a body of evidence to suggest he'll be an integral cog in next years machine.
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    Wing/Midfield. The prospect of a fit/healthy Salem on the wing is quite exciting.
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    nice caricature of b scott
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    This guys is seriously rated by Swans - they cannot afford to keep him though without losing a JPK, Jack, Heeney, Mills, Parker...not to mention Tippett and Buddy on huge deals. Ala Mumford in recent times, something/someone decent has to give. I have it on good authority he is leaving the Swans - AFLPA friend works with his old man (who does stuff for AFL) and has showed me texts from him saying that he just can't stay at Swans with what he's getting offered elsewhere. He will probably/could potentially win a flag, so not a bad way to go out. If we get him - it would be huge!
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    Get him up to AFL standard running fitness and he will be a star.
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    I can see plenty of appeal. He's a beautiful user of the footy. He is strong in a one on one contest. While he is not lightning quick, he has plenty of pace. He will bring some further experience to our backline and he is calm under pressure. With our club pushing for a finals place in 2017, we need experienced players coming in, not more kids. After trading away our first rounder for this year already, we can't land a big fish. So we need to add further quality to our side, and Hibberd is just that. Quality. You can never have enough of it. With the addition of Melksham our side is starting to look much more settled on paper.
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    I think with Oliver there is a clear sub-text to his being dropped aside from the VFL eligibility aspect, and it's "work your ass off over the break, and hit the start of preseason at AFL level fitness."
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    Would love to see him get some midfield time; he's hard, poised and and has excellent skills by hand and foot. Failing that, would like to see him in a bit of space on the wing. The breakaway pace of Hunt on one, with the laser foot of Salem on the other- forwards will be climbing over themselves. Much will depend on getting his treatment right so he can hopefully get a proper run at the full preseason.
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    You mean, the coaches might try to avoid another Bryce Gibbs 26 disposals to half time situation with Dangerfield or Selwood getting 30?
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    He is absolutely a terrific bloke and a first-class human being. About 10 years ago, a friend of mine was in a plane crash in which a number of people died. Miraculously, she survived, but suffered severe burns to large parts of her body, and the combination of that and an infection meant she ultimately had to have both legs amputated. This would be hard enough for anyone, but was particularly so for my friend, whose favourite past-time was running and competing in marathons - the loss of her legs was devastating. My friend and her partner had been involved with the Swans at this time, and ended up coming into contact with Roosy, who took a close interest in her recovery, which was a long, slow and incredibly difficult process. We see and hear often how players do the right thing by visiting hospitals, spending time with sick kids and the like, but for the most part, by necessity, these relationships are fleeting, one-off acts of kindness. There's just not enough time in the day for it to be any other way. In a way, this happened to my friend, who worked in Parliament House in Canberra - many senior politicians and other 'notable' people were around to support her at the beginning, but most disappeared pretty quickly and got on with their lives, as people do. Roosy was different. He stayed in touch with her, regularly checking in on her health and her rehab as she slowly tried to put her life back together and recover from the horrific trauma of the crash. His friendship and support was invaluable during this time, helping to keep her spirits up despite regular returns to hospital for more surgery and the painfully slow rehab she had to undergo. Ten years on and she's largely been able to move on from that terrible time, but she's still very close with Roosy and his wife, who are now godparents to her young son. My friend and her partner can't speak highly enough of both of them, that they're just A-1 people with a good perspective on life. He doesn't do it for accolades, or because he feels obligated - he does it because he genuinely cares, nothing more and nothing less. So yeh, I reckon he's a legend in more ways than one.
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    When fit O'Meara is a gun, when was the last time a club packaged together a number of players who can't even get a game and traded them for a gun player? No club is going to do a deal consisting of receiving in return a good player and 'steak knives.' Some suggestions are embarrassing.
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    Yep, Whatever happens from here we aren't the laughing stock of the football world. It's [censored] that I'm happy with that, but it's better than where I was 5 years ago. Under Neeld I thought we were going to be gone forever. Now I enjoy seeing my lads play. Up days and down days, but I look at every contest as a potential win, rather than hoping the loss will be under 6 goals. Hope is a wonderful thing
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    Picket- you get to watch Clarry Choo Choo for another few weeks. You can go watch him and Stuie can watch Dawes ( if fit).
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    Roos was very passionate about Jayden deserving a nomination...said he will take care of it on Monday ...not to subtle pressure from Roos
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    A Full Forward who cannot kick is no value to us! Would much rather se him at CHF and rotate Watts and Weeds next year IMO.
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    Still doing much teaching BBO? Perhaps you could teach Picket some manors.
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    Wish him well. He and PJ have given us back our footy team.
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