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    The game-plan is a work in progress and stills needs plenty of tightening. If a couple of players (even one) get caught out of position then we get opened up like a can of sardines. We lack a couple of clean big bodied mids. Oliver and Brayshaw will be those players. Hogan needs another marking forward to take the heat off him. He's an incredible young player. Bugg has his fans. I don't rate him. Neal-Bullen is a fumbler. He's just not a clean footballer and makes dodgy decisions under pressure. He's young, but should return to Casey. And the less said about Newton, Oscar (so slow and awkward), Kent, Kennedy, Tyson the better. We'll be a better team when Trengove, Oliver, Brayshaw, Salem, vandenBerg and one of Dawes/Pedersen are fit and impacting games. Those first 5 named are talented and that's a lot of talent out of the team. Never underestimate talent.
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    Dislike button would be nice for posts like this, Tyson has played 50 games, was playing well before missing a match with injury, he's a key to our future.
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    [censored] comparison. Tyson was poor today no doubt, but has no resemblance as a player to toumpas whatsoever. It's a lazy sledge.
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    And this is why people are kidding themselves in thinking we don't need Prestia in our midfield. He adds class, grunt and extra midfield quality
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    Today's game blows the theory that we don't need Prestia out of the water.
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    So underrated it's beyond belief. More important yes. No he has not re-signed to the best of my knowledge and is a free agent I believe. Let's get it done ASAP.
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    Jack Watts has become our key play maker. His decisions and delivery are just magnificent. With so much inexperience in the side, someone with watts poise and disposal is so important. never will be the contested beast but we dont need that from him. Clearly a better player when we are winning the contested ball which this year we have been. I have little doubt the club will secure his services but gee his link up play across half forward is vital for the team going fwd. possible the best set shot in the league, and rarely stuffs up a possession. Hogan is important obviously but dont underestimate watts future contribution to the clubs chances.
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    And the baby goes flying out the window with the bathwater
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    Tmac is getting crucified by Roos. He should not be the number 1 key back, Dunn should be the one to play on the gorillas, T.Mac's strength is reading the play coming in as the second or 3rd tall back the role that Garland can't do. Roos should need to explain why Dunn is out of favour. Roos has cost us any chance of beating the Bombers, Dogs and Power by persisting with Garland. Roos is as out of form as any player on the list he needs to lift.
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    There's no greater example of zone defending in modern football than kick outs. Every team will push players up the ground, spread them across the middle and allow forwards to make it a foot race back to goal if they can win it clean across their half back line. Port got us so often from kick outs. Now you can blame the zone being too aggressive, which it probably was, or you can look at just how terribly we were once that kick out came. Almost every time they kicked long to Westhoff or Dixon and gathered numbers running through the pack to get the ball over the back, and almost every time Garland and the 2 McDonald's were unable to punch the ball with authority back towards our goal. In fact more than not they could barely spoil, even though it's obvious as can be where the kick out is going. The same thing happened around the ground, but the kick outs were the worst. Operation fixing the zone defending part 1 is: Getting some forward pressure on. Operation fixing the zone defending part 2 is: Getting some defenders willing to either take a strong intercept mark or put a strong fist through the ball and hit it back our way. The inability to get anything resembling a strong spoil for most of the day was horrendous.
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    Wow. We got beaten by a team that needed to beat us and got the job done. We didn't play well and that was dissaponting. All of those things I can handle. What I can't handle is the sooky, weak as [censored] attitude of supposed supporters taking shots at other supporters and players because we don't win every game with a team of 20 year olds. We will be up and down. Sometimes that will be difficult to stomach - but are we moving in the right direction as a club and as a team? Yes! Sometimes I have to reset my browser to make sure I'm on a Melbourne Football Club supporters forum. Go Dees!
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    Garrett really? Wow, who should we sign. Just wow I love your 3 word player analysis and not often disagree but that's crazy
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    Or maybe we are very young and still learning the balance of defence and attack? Maybe we're not quite as good as supporters/media say when we win and not as bad as supporters say when we lose like today. What do you think? Where do you think we have we improved and where do we need to improve immediately to push further up the ladder?
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    I really felt our forwards let us down yesterday (not only the kicking for goal), Their pressure was terrible. So I agree with the sentiment of this thread and the disappointment I don't agree with the argument. They need to keep doing it until they master it. Port highlighted again our 2 biggest weaknesses. the ability to hold the ball in our offence are (zone) and ball use. Our Ball use is terrible as well. The good news is these are all fixable problems, the bad news is it probably won't be this season
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    North because I can't fucken stand them and I am sick of losing to them and that turd Harvey Hawthorn because I'm sick of being their [censored]. I wanna lemonade their arse Beyoncé style next weekend.
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    The ghost of Brent Moloney still haunts us.
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    Reality is we have the least exp team in the afl... 30 games vs 47 Port + finals exp ... Some the posts here are ridiculous!
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    Reckon a lot of the criticism is unfounded, notwithstanding he is currently struggling. I reckon he'll be a player. Anyone who saw him Round 1 of the VFL or against Northern Blues could see his abilitty on display. Reads the ball well and repeatedly ran off his opponent. However he seems to lack self confidence at the next level so far. I'd be all for sending him back to VFL level, even for the rest of the year in order for him to get that confidence back in himself. It was well worth the experiment for now given Dunn's form has been on the wane. Hopefully Frost will be the next given an opportunity to cement that key defender spot. I really hope we're all over Hurley at the moment!
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    These threads should be locked until 24 hours after a loss; there are some hysterical, emotional reactions in here.
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    Also, to half time, Kennedy, Kent and Garlett had a whopping total of 0 tackles between them. If these guys don't lay tackles, there is no press! It's up to the half forwards, just as much as the pure midfielders to lay these tackles. Not to mention, Newton in particular is too slow to play across half forward. I hope his cards are marked now, because he is a truly horrible defensive player.
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    The wrist-slashing in here is hilarious. Youngest team in the comp, least experienced team in the comp. We are going to lose games that we should win, it's part of the development. Harden up and move on!
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    To me at least, he is so clearly not ready for AFL football. He's not strong enough, he has no idea what to do with it offensively (the only player in today's 22 who didn't look comfortable transitioning into attack) and he just looks lost in zone defence right now. I'm not putting a line through him, I'm more than happy to give him time, but right now that time should be in the VFL not the AFL. He is just not good enough to hold a spot in the seniors right now.
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    You are absolutely correct. A smaller player should never outmark a larger player. I also noticed Hogan being outmarked on occasions by a smaller player. Obviously "He just doesn't seem to be able to read the play. Too weak. Has no urgency in his play. Is slow. Slow decision maker. Bad decision maker also"????????????? as "Age" would have us accept. With the greatest of respect to the McDonald hating scribes, I would suggest you watch the Bears and this game with an open mind, try and consider what the coaches are trying to do and pay some attention to how the players upfield have allowed the ball to be turned over and run easily into defense leaving defenders outnumbered. Sadly, I think Oscar and his brother are receiving excessive criticism for perceived errors actually caused by a failing by a player or players upfield.
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    We gave the warning last week. "WE ALL TOLD YOU SO" Too slow. Not strong enough. Lacks pace. Easily outmarked. His effort against Wines was very average indeed. Back to Casey until he gets urgency and an upper body ready for AFL.
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    I'm fine with the zone. But when it stops working in game we need to be able to switch to man on man or different versions of it. Otherwise it's just insanity.
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