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    The big fella would have celebrated a milestone today. He would have enjoyed the new exciting dees thats coming along. He would also be proud of one Max Gawn who is doing his number very proud.
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    Roos stated that the plan was for Petracca to play four games in the VFL before making his debut. The only reason he was named this week was if Garlett didn't get up. You should be happy the club doesn't rush in players and sticks to the plan. I'm glad the club no longer panders to supporters and debuts players too early in an attempt to sign a few extra members.
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    The hardest conversation with a player is when he has played a role in the team and played it well and you are trying to tell him, despite all that, they are being dropped out of the team. It's easy to justify when it is a senior player like Vince or an important player to your structure like Garlett, but when it is a first gamer - that player will look at you like you a confused puppy. And I get the 'he is no ordinary player' argument but footy teams don't function so neatly. You have to be sure he has earned it, that the team will largely accept the change, and that he does the job. This is partly why our culture disintegrated under Bailey - players were given games on potential and reputation and it can be disruptive if it fails.
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    Haven't seen the double up in a while now (just [censored] with you Nasher)
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    BB I don't bring this up, other than to answer another post about the habit of attacking former players, which I don't like, as I said in my post, with one notable exception. I gave my reasons for that and if you don't accept them, so be it. You were wrong about the first reason you gave for his leaving, our club, it was purely the second, money. His behaviour was totally different to the three players you named, they were up front in expressing that they could leave. Dangerfield did not go for money, as he was offered more to stay. Ablett and Franklin were offered huge amounts, but their clubs knew they were going and in fact prepared for it. Our boy lied to us over and over again. As I said he even lied at Sydney Airport, where he said he was just going up for a look around and that afternoon was front and centre of their recruiting, having signed allegedly at the end of his first season with us, while he had a year to go on his contract with us, yet, with a CD already out, showing him in GWS jumper, which clearly had been done a few weeks or months earlier. I am allowed to dislike the way he treated us. He is the only past player who has gone to another club, that I have booed on the field. That is my right. I agree it was a massive win for us that he left. I find your last sentence extremely disappointing and in poor taste. That aside, hopefully we can catch up again soon, it has been too long.
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    A champion of the club as a player and then did some great work saving it from extinction when he took on the role of chairman in difficult times only to be taken from us and particularly his young family far too soon.
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    I don't think there is any point preaching to the Demonland nutbags, as I'm sure everyone here is a member.... But if you're not, sign up! It's time for new records of the positive kind. While my very expensive membership sits quietly at home waiting for my return, I'm glad the money is going to a club that now seems at least somewhat more in control of their sh!t. It's not wasted money like it was a few years ago.
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    Yes, I would rather knock the player who lied to a dying President and Club great, when asked in confidence if he was leaving, as was verified in writing, by the said now deceased great's widow. The player then continued to lie to his club and supporters. The player then lied even at Sydney airport, when he said he was just having a look around and then signed the next day with his new club, which immediately had ready advertising material which had been done weeks earlier. No I don't blame him for going for the money, I blame him for his continual lying. Jeremy Howe was forced out of Melbourne, because the club wouldn't agree to the contract he wanted, even after he reduced the amount sought, after his 7 years with us. He was being shopped by us to the Suns and other clubs. He chose the Pies for less money but because they were his team of support and he idolized the Coach as a player. I know who I'd rather knock.
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    Except Petracca, by the sounds of it!I Love the story, Ron. It has no relationship whatsoever with reality, but I still love it.
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    How does a club like Hawthorn who's won the past three premierships and has over 70,000 members only get 45,000 people to a Friday night game?
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    I was in both Beijing and Shanghai not all that long ago and I have come to believe that the experiment of playing a game there, no matter how lucrative for the clubs involved, is in the present climate, a potential disaster for the clubs involved. Whilst the Chinese economy has been booming during periods when other economies have struggled, there have been recent signs of economic slowdown. The progression from a socialist society into a combination unique to China of the old with capitalism is bringing its own problems and then there is the environment. Who is going to construct a stadium to meet the specifications and size for AFL and who can guarantee clean air for the participants? Beijing is one of the most heavily polluted cities on this planet and Shanghai is not far behind. Large numbers of people get around wearing face masks to assist breathing and also apparently to ward off infectious air borne diseases (nobody's sure how effective they are). We were in Shanghai for two or three days and never saw sunshine - the city was shrouded in a dull fog most of the time. Our guide, a well educated man who had good contacts told us that the authorities released dodgy figures of smog readings which are bad enough in themselves but the real figures are much worse and whilst other Asian countries are trying to clean up their acts in this area, the government in China lags far behind. The AFL did not hesitate when the CAS sanctions were handed down against Essendon, to cite health and safety reasons in order to give the Bombers massive concessions to enable them to prop up their team. I wonder if the AFL will take the same concerns with it into the China project. Will it undertake studies into the pollution issues? Can it trust the authorities to provide decent grounds, issue visas etc for the games to go ahead and will they stick to their promises noting the stories about the ground set aside for football during the Melbourne experiment of five or six years ago remains untouched to this day. I suspect that this all boils down to one thing in the end and that's money. The health and safety of the players and the interests of those who follow the game can be damned as usual.
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    After all Biff, the Greeks invented sex, but the Italians introduced women to it.
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    He didn't really lose his forearm, it's just being covered by the ball.
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    I both agree and disagree Jaded. If us hard-core Demons had failed to stick fat during the dark times, there may not have been any sh!t left to get under control, so it can be regarded money well spent! .......... and as a consequence of our loyalty and die-hard attitude, the Football Gods will soon compensate us for the unprecedented and 'never-to-be-repeated', pain and suffering we have been forced to endure. It will need to be a bountiful feast!
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    I have said it before and will repeat it. The whole pre match (for weeks) ritual of somehow equating what these young men, from whatever teams, playing a game of football to heroism of war just turns my stomach. To hear the word 'hero' used for footballers any day of the year is just plain overkill, but on ANZAC Day it is an insult to all who have been involved with war at any time and in any way, be it as military participants or as civilians caught in the sandwich. Sure it takes courage to take the field, but FFS nobody is shooting at them or bayoneting them and if they break a leg they are rushed off to have modern first class treatment immediately. Just get some perspective and cut the hype
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    Just when you think the enjoyment of the game is moving forward the umpires step in and put a halt on it. [censored] insipid how that did not pay holding the ball. [censored] need to wake up to themselves and learn to properly umpire the game. Two games the hawks have been gifted wins. Watch the media and commentators come out and say what a great job the umpiring has been so far.
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    You have many likes, but I must say that I can't say I see the profundity others do. He is not "just another draftee that shows promise".
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    As I knew. When Trac is ready they will make a big deal about it and he will play. No issues leaving him out. I'm all for making sure he is fit and firing. Pressure on this kid is massive. If he comes in and blows up in the first quarter, imagine the reaction. As for resting Oliver, kid came in without the best fitness base having lost weight to get drafted. He did really well to force himself into the side, but he can barely crack 70% TOG. Wouldn't surprise me if he's feeling sore and they're worried about overuse injuries. How furious would we be if they played him and he broke down with a groin injury or a hamstring injury? Better to be cautious with these guys. They are the future and precious commodities. No need to rush them.
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    Just be thankful we have B.Gale and PJ reinforcing the ANZAC Eve blockbuster, alternating home game status each year, plus the QB blockbuster. Happy with our 2 Blockbusters. That's two more than the likes of StKilda, Nth Melb, Western Bulldogs.
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    I love the wild imagination of some on here. One photo of Garland's arm around him and it's "he can sook off in to the VFL...", "he's probably ripping apart a yelliw pages" (?!) and even "his whole generation are sooks"! More likely: he was told yesterday that he wouldn't play, Jeffy is fit, and ANB is the resting emergency, and all his attention and focus goes to the Casey game tomorrow night, just as it has every week so far. I know that probably isn't as exciting though.
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    Rather than knock Scully perhaps we should have paid more attention to him. He left because we were a dysfunctional and unprofessional club run by a bunch of half wits who took us to depths rarely seen and he wanted better. Now there is a shooting offence. He accepted a once in a lifetime offer to secure the future of his family and particularly his sister. What a shocking person. He delivered us Hogan - I'm looking for the downside here. His behaviour regarding leaving was no different to Ablett, Dangerfield and Franklin. Really, life is too short to carry on with this sort of stuff so long after the event. It was a massive win for us. The way you're going on Red you'll blame him for Jimmy's death soon.
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    Jeremy has done us a favour. We should thank him. In fact we should thank $cully, Clark and $ylvia as well. They have all done us favours.
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