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    Hoping Kent and Hunt are involved in many passages of play together just to hear a commentator slip up really badly
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    Are we going to put anyone on Oxley this time?
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    Saty was at every training session too. But remember when asada asked for our records and we, you know, had them and gave them to asada? Like 16 other clubs did? Oh yeah
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    He was just putting roofies in the Gatorade though, so he should get off lightly.
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    Anyone see this [censored] on the footy show tonight. He has tried to connect us with Dank and supplements scandle over 3 years now..He will not leave it alone and now suggests that WADA is going to reopen a case on us. The club needs to get on the front foot and smash this [censored]. He is a parasite.
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    Just curious, could this be Dank in disguise at Melbourne training?
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    Some quick stats for those interested. All stats based on full 25 man squad. MFC CFC Diff Average Age 23.2 24.7 -1.6 Average Games 60.6 85.7 -25.1 Back Line Ave Age 24.8 25.8 -1.0 Ave Games 106.0 101.5 4.5 Fol (includes wing) Ave Age 22.3 23.8 -1.5 Ave Games 60.8 95.2 -34.3 Fwd Ave Age 23.3 23.9 -0.5 Ave Games 47.3 100.0 -52.7 Int Ave Age 22.3 23.9 -1.6 Ave Games 32.9 51.9 -19.0 Melbourne Games Backline Fol Fwd Int total 0-50 1 3 4 5 13 51-100 3 2 1 1 7 101-150 0 0 1 1 2 151-200 1 0 0 0 1 200+ 1 1 0 0 2 25 CFC Games Backline Fol Fwd Int total 0-50 1 2 2 4 9 51-100 1 2 1 2 6 101-150 3 1 1 1 6 151-200 1 0 1 0 2 200+ 0 1 1 0 2 25 I thought the pies keep selling themselves as this really young and inexperienced side. Oh well, hopefully a younger and more less experienced side will show them up on Sunday.
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    Is Dank / Saty the real Keyser Soze?
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    I'd love to see Viney crunch that show pony, Jeremy Howe.
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    I used to go to most training sessions, never remember Dank being there, and I knew most of the backroom staff Dank has changed his story so many times, I am astounded that ASADA take him seriously, I thought he refused to say anything to them originally? Sam Newman (who I normally don't listen to, I put the TV on mute) summed it up the best on the Footy Show I know Dank was hawking his wares around the clubs, mainly on the strength of what Robinson was supposedly doing to the fitness at the Bombers
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    I thought exactly the same thing, Bobby! Scary! Stuff this "we will prepare for THEIR best"! How about WE just play at OUR best?!!
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    We have the perfect defense in any case. We have to be found guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs. We either didn't take performance enhancing drugs or if we did, we definitely need to ask for our money back.
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    Saty is the definition of a (clears throat) "dedicated fan". If he says dank wasn't there, he wasn't there.
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    I have never met Saty. I have never met Dank. Somehow though, I trust Saty a hell of a lot more than Dank. Thanks for the info
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    Nope. That doesn't wash anymore - we've been told we have to put up with that for 10 years. In actual fact, the 'inexperience' was just hiding mostly rubbish lists. We've got the players now win games of footy against middle of the road teams. Where we will lose out still is in tight situations against good teams like North, where that inexperience is genuinely the difference between winning and losing.
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    I don't think any of them can be accused of performance enhancing either
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    He's injured. You're on fire mate!
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    He should have said "we will let the opposition cruise to huge lead and then try to come back from there".
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    Jake barracks for the Pies, so it may be wishful thinking as much as anything else. If our inside mids and Gawn compete in the same fashion as they did against North then we win. It's as simple as that.
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    Barrett did say the AFL have told Dank to refer any information to ASADA, that would have to be a first that they want things done the right way, but it also takes it out of the media spotlight as ASADA have shown to not leak, unlike the AFL. I just watched what he had to say and all it essentially was was Dank saying Craig asked how to manage or increase testoterone. That is a fair question from a coach as long as it is followed by, it has to be legal. May well be nothing in that at all. Barrett also said he has seen documents from that time but does not say what the documents were or what they related to. Also didn't point out that Dank can't seem to do the same for the dons. This really is a piece of reporting (I don't think journalism is the right word) that is up their with Slobbo putting the pies in it even though there were worse clubs, and Robbo got the facts wrong. It is reporting for reportings sack with no fact and no details. Just a bit of slander. Barrett should realise that if he is going to do this then he should come out and back it up with facts or evidence.
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    Oliver plays like a 100 gamer though so it's all good.
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    Love it P, still laughing thinking about it!
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    It's scripted perfectly, Collingwood followed by Richmond. Please let it happen.
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