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    Good article by Watts here in regards to our culture. But words mean nothing to me now as I expect to see us back it up with winning results. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-premiership/melbourne-players-no-longer-protecting-their-own-backyard-in-new-selfless-culture/story-e6frf3e3-1227696844398
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    Jack belting out the kms in NYC. https://instagram.com/p/BAEUAIeDe0g/
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    Not sure what this first-hand evidence is doing in an otherwise speculative thread.
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    Our midfield might be 'ordinary' in terms of 2015 output, but I don't think it's 'ordinary' in terms of potential. It then becomes a question of experience and individual player improvement, and if that's not in 2016 then it will be in 2017. The sky's the limit as far as I'm concerned. I think the quality and potential of the young players is at least as good as what the Western Bulldogs and Richmond had a year or two ago, and they both made finals in 2015.
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    Training - Monday, 4th January, 2016 (according to the MFC website) Goschs Paddock @ 1:45pm It seems like forever since I last read one so I'm looking forward to the training reports from the regular crowd and anyone else taking the opportunity to get down to the paddock to watch the boys go round.
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    well a 4-6 week injury that became 8 months and then had a "hiccup" is quite a worrying predicament, medical experience or not
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    I'm possibly being pedantic here, but of the 12 players reviewed so far, three have had injuries: - Frost: Foot - Dawes: Calf - Brayshaw: Hip And three have been "underdone" - Harmes - Hogan - Garlett Good start. Whilst I like Roosy's transparency, and injuries are mostly unavoidable, there's no excuse for Harmes, Hogan and especially Garlett. All three have had multiple preseasons in the AFL system, and there's no reason they shouldn't be able to keep their bodies at the standard required over the few weeks off. Disappointing.
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    on the presumption he can get back on the park, that is...
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    I used to live next to the park, it's a gravel track and very forgiving surface to run on. (None of you ever had to watch sex in the city obviously, because the cute brunette used to run around the lake all the time, i think they call it Jackie Onassis reservoir or similar). It is actually a ripper place to go for a run as there are some super serious athletes who motor around the park. If he had run there earlier last year he would have seen me kick a sherrin to my son with us both in Melbourne jumpers. The only real danger around the park for Jack is doing his foot turning around to check out the candy. Some seriously cute girls get down to the park to run (Broadway actresses and similar).
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    I suspect that, with his mature body, we are going to see Hulett debut before Weideman.
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    Mixed feelings about the Goodwin/Hexarelin thing. I really disapprove of the demonstrated casual attitude to having banned drugs around ... and I don't mean cold tablets, but growth hormones and hormone act-alikes. You'd think any upright official would have their hair stand on end at the very thought of such stuff on the premises. If only in fear of the consequences should ASADA come knocking, let along any side effects on the players' health. On the other hand ... there is a suspicion that many clubs were "on the edge" with "supplements" (a few seconds thought conjures the names of several clubs) and if there was a culture throughout AFL clubs of tolerance if not outright approval, then it may be unfair to single out Goodwin. The AFL sure didn't want to find out anything in their amazingly efficient "audit" of the 17 other clubs ... "Attention all clubs ... we will be auditing your use of supplements ... attention ... attention ... we're coming in ... (have you shredded your documents yet?) ... here we come ready or not ... well how about that! No evidence of supplement abuse! What a relief." (I recognise that it's highly likely that no other club was doing it on the industrial scale that EFC were.) Doesn't mean he wasn't in the wrong but unless we were party to the MFC interview with Goodwin, we'll never know what they asked and why they didn't lower the boom gate. But don't be surprised if WADA lower the boom gate on him instead. It's still very possible.
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    I leave the county and the place goes to rack, ruin and ribald
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    Ah yes, as one gets older the days pass so much quicker.
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    Lol, it's meant to be good... I've had 3 1/2 hours sleep, I may make less sense than normal...
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    You can tell when a man is on a mission. Bodes well.
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    It looks like central park in the photo. Thats around 6 miles. And there hasn't been any snow so good weather for running.....
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    I have to say I'm disappointed that none of the usual suspects (Biffen, Daisy, BBO) have bothered to post this video yet. This thread is crying out for it. https://youtu.be/J_gSWTQKE-0?t=1m27s
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    I'm black or white with Trengove*. His first 2 years were terrific. I love Brayshaw, but the facts are Trengove had a better debut season while being nearly 9 months younger. And he's never had brilliant coaching or development. The only reason Trengove became a hack was his body. If his body gets back to 100% he can develop into an A-grader. If not he's finished. I don't see any in between. *I also didn't like how he was coached under Neeld. He stopped hunting the footy and was just led around at stoppages by the player he was shadowing.
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    Are we talking about Dawes now?
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    Funny aside, 'Kouta' was in SEN the other day, they do some nice long form interviews on past players. Anyway they got to the end of Kouta career and he said how hard it was as Carlton had been so successful and that Jack E was the best president to have been at the club. I nearly drove off the road laughing. Cheats and just didn't even register with him.
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    i wasn't talking about truth and justice. and i do hope they get a reasonably stiff penalty otherwise it just becomes a blueprint for others but, whatever.... three years of shyte, millions down the gurgler, careers of some ruined, reputations shredded, team going backwards.......just saying
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    Posts have been deleted because people are sick of reading about Saty. No-one wants to have to scroll through pages of crap to get to the real stuff, which in this case is info about JT's recovery.
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