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    And here's a season preview I found somewhere with some interesting views on where we're going.
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    Disagree here. I think Boyd has escaped the media and fan scrutiny that Watts has copped and Jack isn't getting more than $1m a season either, or bailed on his club after 1 year. There is another player at GWS, in jumper number 9, who gets about $1.2m a year and has played pretty ordinary footy, who also seems to escape scrutiny after bailing on his club.
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    Great to hear from you in 2016 DF. The extra good news is we are liable to stay that way for some weeks yet. Arh the smell of success!
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    I don't know why you keep harping on about this and keep criticising the club! There was nothing to uncover as the ABC article bing181 quotes was in April 2013 and Goodwin was recruited late 2013. The club knew all there was to know. Do you really think the club did not grill him on it! Do you really think they simply ignored the ABC report and other information they gathered. Simply, the club made a rational decision on Goodwin, weighing up the risks and making whatever contingency plans were necessary. We now have smart operators running our club and to pot them is just plain silly... Anyway, the subject of Goodwin's appointment was done to death on this thread about 25 pages ago! BTW, I think you still owe 'binman' answers to his questions.
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    It seems that some supporters actually forget what they watch when they go to the footy or sit in front of the box and need reminding by watching a 9 minute "highlights" video. This said video samples 460 quarters of football. The "highlights" are preciously few from those 13,800 minutes of actual playing time.
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    Why isn't Stretch included in this conversation?
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    welcome back to the madness Bitter....
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    This club sure does love their foot injuries..
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    This is too much. My football acumen matches my vapid commentary. Seriously? Gold, pure gold. And to be honest i love it. Keep up the top work PD #rawnerve
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    "Gold, pure gold." "Love it." And you call prosecutions of infantile behaviour and being excited as "over egging the pudding" ? Your football acumen matches your vapid commentary. A Ben Hur comment if ever I've heard one.
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    32 years! It's people like you pineapple who will send bbo's new venture broke.
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    Is someone denying that pudding exists again?
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    It's not only here Pro. IIRC when Jack played his 100th game the AFL website in their wisdom put up a package of his bloopers. I can't find the link - perhaps the AFL realise how tasteless it was. Lots of No1 picks have been under the microscope but I'd contend that if you aggregated these comments Jack would have them covered 3 fold. Anyway I've had my say. Cheers BB
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    I've said in my post a ban wasn't warranted. We should try and educate, not ban. And I think Demonland should start setting a standard. You suggest that "an unfortunate aspect of celebrity is the hate/harassment they will get both in public and on the internet, and footballers, being in the public eye, will know this and be able to accept this" but I'd contend that this is tenuous at best and others will know better than me examples of celebrity where continuous and bullying public comment has caused damage to the individual. But it begs the question of community attitudes and respect for others. We clearly differ in that I don't believe that the continual abusive critique of Watts is acceptable and it goes well beyond the responsible use of free speech. I'm not trying to make "people think in a different way", I'm just applying what I would hope would be normal community standards of respect towards an individual and the avoidance of bullying. Perhaps we just draw the line in a different spot. Interestingly TimD could add much to this conversation but he was banned for having a dispute and showing a lack of respect to a poster. It was no worse than has occurred many times on this site but the target just happened to own the site. It's a pity rules aren't applied consistently Cheers. BB
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    You forgot to add time on.....
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    No. I've already seen it.
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    Beat the Cats in Geelong and the Pies at the G then go on to loose to Essendon at possibly the lowest point in the clubs history and Carlton. That is how I will remember season 2015.
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    Wise, I guess I see the potential for lots of different types of discussion all focused on our women's team. I can envisage different threads dedicated to the exhibition games, the national competition structure, updates from different state competitions and individual players. In addition I'd love to create a thread that contains a collection of videos that provide people with a real insight into the women's game. I could obviously do this on the main board but feel they deserve a place to be kept together. Mach, I'd make it one of my key jobs to keep the key threads updated and interesting so that the women's game is regularly on the opening page of the site. I think we've already done this McQueen. After each exhibition game, a thread has been created and each year these threads have received more attention and a more positive response. Thanks WJ. I really stumbled into the women's game. As a teacher I enjoyed coaching the boys I taught but up here in QLD I couldn't escape the number of potential competitions that were being created specifically for girls. I've heard quite a few people question the numbers QLD boasts in terms of female participation but the effort they put into the school competitions is amazing and that's why their participation rates are so high. I think we've moved past WA who are quite strong and are now serious competition at U18 level with Victoria. About 14 years ago our school program started with a little 9-a-side team that got absolutely smashed by everyone. In the first minute of our first game, one of my girls dislocated her knee cap and I wasn't sure this whole thing was such as good idea. But we got more and more serious and as a school we became the best in QLD for a few years, even toured Victoria and headed out to Wonthaggi for a game against the then state champions. As much as I enjoyed coaching the boys, they were all club driven and school footy was very much secondary. School footy to the girls became almost club-like. They trained two afternoons a week and did a gym session or two as well. That's when I realised how serious these girls could get. Unlike the boys, the improvement you see is so huge and as a consequence the satisfaction gained as a coach is massive. Oh and they listen! After a few years my best girls finished school and a few of them moved into clubs to play senior footy. After a couple of more years, they convinced me to come and coach them. I spent a couple of years coaching a senior team in the Brisbane/Gold Coast Comp but had to ease out of the scene when my second kid came along. After a year, I realised how much I missed it and got back involved with some younger girls. We started in 15s and we're now in 17s and are pulling together a senior team to play in the second tier of footy up here. The club I'm now at is right near my school and we'll have teams in 11s, 13s, 15s, 17s and seniors. I'm hopeful that when my kids are a little older I might coach as senior level again with the kids I started off with 4 years ago. There is a genuine pathway for the girls now. In addition they can play representative school footy with state carnivals at U12 and U15 level. And outside of school they have an U14 and U17 state championship. Whilst the standard of the exhibition games has been solid, the next generation of players are a cut above the current seniors. We're now seeing Auskick kids floating into club competitions and entering senior level with a real background in the game. Once the national comp gets underway, it may have a few teething problems but the elite talent from Netball, Soccer and Cricket will start flooding our way. The AFL will seriously support the comp and I wouldn't be surprised if the best few players in each team will be making over $100,000 a year. When young girls see that potential and have the pathway in place to support their progress, the standard in 8 - 10 years should be quite impressive. A lot of people have been impressed with the exploits of Tayla Harris. Unlike most of the other girls involved in the exhibition games (especially from QLD) who've come to the sport late in their youth or even in their twenties, Tayla has had a traditional football journey comparable to most boys. I can only imagine how good the quality of competition will be when the bulk of the players have a decade of footy behind them like Tayla. I wrote an article at the conclusion of my last year of senior coaching that shares a fair bit of info on Tayla and her exploits prior to playing in the exhibition games and taking 'that mark'. http://www.foxsportspulse.com/team_info.cgi?client=1-109-82635-158132-10295392&sID=247343&&news_task=DETAIL&articleID=20586526 Cheers, Ross
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    I think Melksham is vastly under estimated in terms of what he could add to the team in 2016. Marure mid, hbf with run and penetrating kick. Will do damage.
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    No, not really. But I agree with you. I think Garland will have his best year in 2016.
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    Joe has an appalling business reputation for a good reason. Google any of his companies to fnd out why. Spent millions of other peoples money searching for diamonds because his Rabbi in New York told him where to look. Seriously? Charlatan of the highest order Complete disaster for the MFC. Squealed to the AFL about salary cap breaches hoping for a reduced or zero penalty, The AFL slapped us with fines and draft penalties as well as players receiving tax audits. Did it off his own bat without discussing it at board level. People who think Joe was good for the MFC should learn more about what he did and what he was like.
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    Because the victim refused to make a formal statement. Wonder how that came about.
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    You can relax now. Jake Lovett has penned a two year deal with the Casey Scorpions. He was the second son of a gun to sign with the club in recent days after Todd Vander Haar. And to top it all off, James Freeman, 189cm (son of former Saint Peter) has also joined the club from the Dandenong Stingrays. He kicked 33 goals in the TAC Cup this year.
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