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    That hypothetical would involve us trusting the most unethical club in Australian sport.
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    Brett Anderson was interviewed on SEN yesterday evening and, in relation to the views he's expressed about who he believes Melbourne will take at pick 3, he stated that they were based on his analysis of this year's draft and that he was not taking in any mail whatsoever from the Melbourne Football Club. On that basis he's always thought Melbourne would choose Curnow over Darcy Parish but it could easily be Sam Weideman or Clayton Oliver - "I don't know if Jason Taylor would take Charlie Curnow".Since Anderson's views about us taking Curnow ahead of Parish were made public a few weeks ago, some Phantom Drafts have been put out there nominating Curnow as our choice - it's almost as if they were taking Anderson's strong views as being based on inside information. However, that position has now been dispelled. It could be Curnow, it could be Weideman but I still think Parish is the best available. Jason Taylor and Todd Viney are speaking at a draft function at the club tonight but I don't know if we'll be much better informed after that - it looks like the rest of the clubs are going to be kept guessing for a few more days. Separately, on the testing of Weideman, I don't think I've heard anything much absurd than the proposition that we're considering him to keep Jesse Hogan happy and at the club. I'm sure Hogan would be just as happy to see the club add some future elite midfielders who could pump the ball to him with precision no less than a potential KPP who has been injured and out of action since May.
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    I keep coming back to Mahoney's comment at the end of trade week. He suggested two mids or a mid and a tall. It felt like pick 3 was earmarked for a mid and pick 7 would require a little more thought. I'm in the Parish is a lock camp.
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    Think about it like this.. When we made 2 attempts to trade for pick 3, the 2nd one successful, Obviously we had a particular player targeted that would be available at 3 but not at 5,6 or 7. We didn't do it just to improve our draft position. IMO, we made our decision weeks ago and the statement on mfc website by Taylor was a suspense tease. Brett Anderson only made the comments about hearing that we'll take Curnow this week. So I believe it is Parish and has always been
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    This is my thinking too with one proviso though. The three talls you list must all be rated as top 10 talent. If our ranking list has Parish at 3 and Curnow at 6 and Weideman at 9 and McKay at 18 and Curnow and Weideman get snapped up by Essendon and Gold Coast, do you still want us to take McKay? Or do you back our full time recruiting team who have spent 2 plus years watching this batch of players and may well rate Milera at 5, Oliver at 7, Francis at 10 and Collins at 11? It's easy to talk about taking 'best available' but a scenario like the one I presented is a little more challenging particularly when our jigsaw is oh so close to completion. I agree, a forward who can ruck is a key need. I just hope the draft works out so that we pick an elite mid and in order to meet needs we don't reach too far. If Weitering, Schache, Curnow and Weideman are all taken, are we happy taking the 5th best tall when our rankings has that player outside the top 15?
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    Parish is an Under age AA, who is seen by all as the most complete midfield of this draft. His only "weakness" is that at 181cm, he's 4 cm shorter than Simon Goodwin. Ben Cousins was 179cm...
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    What a load of rubbish, unless Jason Taylor walked in on Parish snorting coke i'd bet my left one he is still the front runner for pick 3, all signs pointing to him
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    Good, and I hope we pick a talented tall if we pick up one of those two - but I don't want this club to reach past a mid to do it. Our midfield is all promise at the moment - I would argue to add to it. Vince and Jones have a handful of years left, Trengove is a running question mark, Vanders has started well but will be at his peak very quickly, Tyson and Kent have struggled with injury in their short but promising careers, Salem and ANB are yet to play midfield in the AFL, and Petracca yet to play AFL... There is so much promise there to go with Viney and Brayshaw but little room for the aforementioned quality (or seeming quality) to fail or be lost to injury. Jones, Vince, Viney, Brayshaw, Tyson, Salem, Petracca, Kent, ANB, Vanders, and Trengove is not a great midfield. It could be a great midfield...
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    Yes, I heard Anderson and he clearly had no clue who we'd take. But then he tweets that he no longer believes Parish is in the frame at P3. And he sounds adamant. Interestingly, the tweets come within 30 minutes of him being on "air". It's all a bit strange.
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    Went to training today and Brayshaw was the standout in terms of physical development in the off season so far. He has shreaded some of his puppy fat and added a couple of kgs in addition. He was looking seriously good. Very very excited.
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    Can i suggest some modifications. it's a grand old flag and we play like handbags who have got nothing better to do You can push us off The ball if you if you want and if you wait we will kick it to you. Every heart will spew for the red,white and blue As we chuck a game or two If old successes be forgot Just remember we won one or two!
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    it's darcy polish for me
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    Just let Jesse do the drafting for us if it keeps him happy, seriously he can even call out the names on draft night ,
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    Recovered from injury maybe, but returned to full fitness? It's not like the kid has just finished putting in a full preseason.
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    And thats why Parish at 3 is a no brainer for me. Personally as much as I'm a huge wrap for Oliver picking him at 3 would be just plain silly.
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    It's not Hogan's forward line...I don't see us doing a Pagan's paddock. We need to build the forward line, a forward/ruck would be a great pickup for us. If we have to rely on so called role players like Dawes we are going nowhere. ...and of course we don't spend top 10 picks on role players. I wouldn't see Weideman or McKay as role players.
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    Hogan is a Forwardline. Suitable role players floating around him should deliver a great forwardline. And there is a great deal of 'if' coming off your proposed midfield. I would like to add another few 'ifs' myself, just to be sure... It's hard to win Finals without a great forwardline, it's impossible without a great midfield. I am happy for us to get a tall at 7 but not if he envisioned to be just a role player in Hogan's Forwardline, only if he is a talent that is seen as worthy of that selection. You don't spend top ten picks on role players...
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    I honestly believe that there is very little difference in talent and ability between the half-dozen or so players in contention for our picks. We'll be getting a couple of pretty good players regardless of who we go with, as will the Bombers. Personally I want us to get Parish because I consider the ability to hit a target to be one of our greatest issues and he is as good as we'll get on that front. If we were to land Parish and a tall then I'd be thrilled, but as I said, any two of this group will serve us pretty well.
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    If Watts, Dawes and Lumuba all begin to "rip up the opposition" then it would be safe to assume that Norm Smith's curse has left the building
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    Not to take anything away from Brayshaw, but I think Salem is just as much of a complete footballer. We're lucky to have them both.
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    In reality we will all be happy with whoever is selected at these two picks for at least 2 years. Then the pressure will come if it looks like 1 or both don't live up to expectations. We've seen this with Toumpas, Watts, Sylvia, etc. As it currently stands id be rapt of we came out of this draft with any two of: Weideman, Parish, McKay, Milera, Oliver. I hope for two talls because I see a shortage on our list of top end talent up forward. But I would settle for 1 of each mid and tall. Two mids is not a great result for us IMO. Something about Curnow doesn't sit with me and I hope we don't pick him up.
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    On the surface, a common-sense proposal. But: - it creates an enormous loophole - the players should have known, or at least done everything they could have to know - the players almost certainly knew what was going on, enough to know that they were sailing close to the wind
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