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    Lazy buggers. We started preseason tonight. 45 minutes of 9's followed by 4 stubbies. Misson has no idea.
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    Viney, Brayshaw, Tyson, Salem, Petracca, Parish. Just wanted to see what that looked like in black and white.
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    I think this negative hair talk should cease. We should embrace the locks if picked. Who knows.... we may even land a new $500,000 - $1million sponsor in Decore or Sunsilk.....positive thoughts people. Become a destination club and entice the likes of Sloane, Mundy, Maric. Embrace the locks people. #embracethelocks shall trend!
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    Would rather see it in red and blue.
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    Well it looks like Cal Twomey has now covered every possible scenario, and I'm sure he'll gloat when one of them comes up.
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    I'd forgotten about that. What a b*stard!
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    FFS, seeing threads like this bumped scare the [censored] out of me.
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    Those who are writing off the likelihood of us picking up Collins and to a similar extent Harry McKay should note that they are both almost 12 months younger than Curnow. In fact, Harry McKay (DOB 24/12/97) only just qualifies for this draft. Had he been only 8 days younger he'd be playing U18's again next year and not eligible for this draft. Collins (DOB 14/12/97) isn't much older. If you consider that our extra top 10 pick is in effect next years 1st round pick, the club may be thinking about picking what they see as the best bottom age talent to offset the fact that we don't have next years 1st round pick. In effect, give them 12 months in the system developing similar to what has happened with Hogan and now Petracca. My guess is that Curnow, Francis and Weideman will be gone before pick 7. I reckon that either of Collins and/or McKay are well and truly in the mix for pick 7. I can't see us passing on Parish at 3.
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    Dawes gets paid more than most at MFC and some of his performances are so bad its unbelievable that it gets zero airtime. Yet Watts drops a mark and its all over the media.
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    Don't talk to the players and get any interesting goss cos you'll be accused of being an apologist. Don't give any opinions cos you'll be accused of knowing nothing about footy. And don't favour anyone or you'll be accused of having favourites. And don't tell us that we've improved because you'll be told "it's only training". Really looking forward to your reports!
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    And he's done SFA to solve the Syria situation
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    Jack should stick to fixing up all the other things he's failed at, like stopping world hunger and finding a cure for cancer. He's done neither of these things since he was drafted and, frankly, I'm angry about it.
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    Jetta and Salem were his two main pin ups weren't they? They're still kicking around. I hope he's enjoying his new job and doesn't have to tolerate too many lemon sucking hair shirt wearers.
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    Another clone of Brayshaw would be nice. Glad we've got that lad.
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    I have to say '94 was better because Schwarter was in full flight and had yet to do a knee.
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    Both were flawed by back injuries In '94 Allen Jakovich didn't make September In '98 Garry Lyon's back was completely shot by the Prelim Final. He could hardly move out of the goal square. 2 potential flags down the S Bend (Oh yeah & the Ox was concussed in the '94 Semi against Footscray and hardly saw the ball the week later in Perth)
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    Adcock is the only DFA I would consider kicked 4 goals in his last game might provide 2 years like Cross
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    Then Essendon are feeding Twomey lies.They want Parish - don't think the Dees would be that gullible.
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    There must be an app that can help you with that? Perhaps put them in braille or something and see if she notices. There is an old Masonic code called the pigpen cipher which you may find helpful ... doesn't like like a message to those not in the know (but don't tell anyone).
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    It's been a common misconception for a long time but I can promise you James Kelly was the most likely pick if not Molan. ND asked him for the toughest KP player in the draft so Craig didn't really focus on top end smalls but when I asked him about Dal Santo he said he had others in front of him. The other interesting thing he said he'd have taken Robert Murphy with pick 5 if we had retained that in 1999. Disappointing because Murphy is my favourite non MFC player. Yep Utah, I was always a fan of Neale. Great man and so much better than he was given credit for, particularly at the time. History will treat him kindly although life hasn't.
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    Matt Jones couldn't hit the side of a barn from 30 meters he proved that at Fremantle towards the end of the season pay him out
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    Notwithstanding the fact that neither M. Jones or Terlich are increasingly not in our top 22, they were at the time we drafted them and both featured prominently in our B&F for a while. I would like to see us honour their contracts as I cannot see any of the DFA waltzing into our post-draft best 22 so why bother? We may just appreciate having them there next year as automatic de listings for the next draft and let them continue to strengthen our Casey team for a tilt at the Finals in the interim.
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    I reckon if we pass on parish we will regret it bigtime.
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    I thought his quote during trade week of "GW$ just dropping off some rubbish at Carlton" with a picture inside a waste disposal factory was absolutely hilarious....!
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