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    Kid does his ACL, gets back on the park, Demonland posters start saying he was the wrong type of player to draft. FMD.
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    Who gives a [censored] about his body shape. Just be happy he's back running and kicking a footy. [censored] some of you are just depressing, you'll find anything to have a whinge or be negative about.
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    Considering what this thread was meant to be about, what a pile of [censored] it turned into. Disappointing. I'm glad he's back moving around with a ball in his hand already, he must be over the moon. I'm with HH, I'm excited to see Petracca and Hogan together, adds another dimension and some more physicality.
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    ^^^ Thanks mate. I needed a laugh.
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    This might be the last exhibition game. Really hope the MFC is keen to obtain one of the licenses once the national comp is launched. I've been really proud of the role our club has played over the last three years in the rise of women's footy. It would be a real shame if our involvement didn't continue.
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    Jeez settle down precious where was the cheap shot in all that? oh and.. hogans_heroes hogans_heroesRed and Blue Members6,621 postsGender:MaleFavourite Player(s):Dean KentPosted 05 March 2015 - 04:41 PM http://www.afl.com.a...ees-begin-talks MELBOURNE has opened contract negotiations with out-of-contract high-flyer Jeremy Howe, the player who shapes as the Dees' No.1 priority re-signing this year. Hopeully all goes smoothly. Every club in the land would love a drawcord like Howe playing for them. Damn good footballer too, and hopefully he takes a leap this season into true star status. hogans_heroes hogans_heroesRed and Blue Members6,621 postsGender:MaleFavourite Player(s):Dean KentPosted 17 June 2015 - 03:37 PM Hes gone. Big offer from GWS , all orchestrated by the AFL who want another drawcard at the Giants. We will get their first rounder in return. Roos and co ecstatic with the deal. Its overs for a very average inconsistent player. hogans_heroes hogans_heroesRed and Blue Members6,621 postsGender:MaleFavourite Player(s):Dean KentPosted 08 July 2015 - 09:03 AM billy2803, on 08 Jul 2015 - 09:02 AM, said: Casey hogans_heroes hogans_heroesRed and Blue Members6,621 postsGender:MaleFavourite Player(s):Dean KentPosted 07 August 2015 - 08:43 AM I dont mind one bit if Howe goes, im eager to see if we can bend someone over at the trade table in return for him We could get a big win here, Howe is average at best but it sounds like some team/teams are keen on him hogans_heroes hogans_heroesRed and Blue Members6,621 postsGender:MaleFavourite Player(s):Dean KentPosted Yesterday, 11:17 AM Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some positive news on Howe too http://www.afl.com.a...-contract-talks
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    The fact that we’ve won a few games without Christian Salem has made a few people forget how good he was for us earlier in the year. Massive in.
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    Delighted as one of Max's sponsors that he's shown great loyalty and extended for three years. I'm happy to reciprocate by extending my sponsorship for the same period.
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    KC, just a quick thank-you for all of your posts with regard to the Scorps during the season especially the gameday posts. They are much appreciated by me. 
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    Silvani? Liberatore? DiPierdomenico? Barassi?
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    He and Hogan operating in the forward 50 is going to be a nightmare for opponents
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    ... and something else all these have in common is that their teams have all played in finals - many of them have played in prelims. Jack may well be unique as a No.1 draft pick in playing 7 seasons in a bottom-4 team. You're comparing apples with oranges. Wonder how many of these would have done better having to contend with the sustained carp that he's had to put up with? Not least from his own "supporters".
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    He's over six foot and incredibly strong and that's not an advantage?
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    Put my hand up and ate my fair share of humble pie because of it after his performance this year. Now whats your point?Unlike you who is just a silly old fool who talks up every player on our list then turns on them at every quick opportunity is seriously quite pathetic. I'm always willing to cop my wack on the chin and admit to whatever fault i have done in the past. Its no wonder people don't take you serious on here. Btw loved how you had a cry last night saying i have supposedly given you cheap shots? when i come on here to have a read and see you want to take another wack at me LOL Your a full blown hypocrit HH. Btw to every other normal person who reads this i sincerely apologize this might have derailed this thread a tad. Im excited to finally have someone back into the side that is genuinely very classy with the ball in hand. If he plays the remaining 4 games that takes him to 23 games in his first 2 years which is not a bad effort at all. Next year i think we will slowly see him spend more time in the midfield. His hardness and class is too good to be used down back.
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    tomlinson would be the perfect complement to frost - a young key position swingman who can pinch hit in the ruck. one forward, one back. and for a second rounder? bargain.
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    Beat me to it. Bontempelli. Mods. We desperately need a 'dislike' button.
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    I'm not critical of his shape, just genuinely surprised he is so good at basketball as he is built like a rugby player. I think we all need to give thanks he isn't another Morton/Gysberts/Toumpas type.
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    And you will be the first to turn on him the moment he has one bad game.Your too predictable.
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    Yeah nah, I think Ill get excited about him but thanks anyway
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    R1 2016 INS: Petracca, Trengove, Frost, Kent, TBD A+ Midfielder
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