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    Roos on Watts: Roos revealed that Watts had fronted up to his teammates following his display, but said he believes the former No.1 draft pick will learn from his errors. “Anyone who has played footy has done this,” Roos said of Watts’ mistakes. “Now you’re looking for a response. I’m looking forward to how he responds to it this week. “Jack put his hand up today and said ‘look it wasn’t great and I’m not happy with it’, but absolutely, he will play this week.” It takes courage, maybe not the 'macho' type, to front your teammates and fess up. Its the type of courage that earns respect and may well be the making of the man. Roos' leadership is exceptional. He stood by his team after the GWS collapse. Says he is proud of his team after the crows game. Doesn't excuse Jack but is unequivocal in his belief of him. This is the stuff that builds belief in the players heads. Roos must have realised last year that the mental demons were very deep. No knee-jerk reactions from Roos and he seems ready to risk a few losses if the reward is players having confidence and belief in themselves and each other, What we are seeing is Roos' rebuilding their mental psyche. Its awesome to witness. When their belief finally clicks in each of their minds we will have an awesome team. Expect Jack Watts to be part of it fully equipped with the addition of a bit more 'macho' courage.
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    I've said all along that this is about preserving WADA's anti doping code which took decades to establish and which is of paramount importance to keeping world sport clean of drug cheats. Whether or not people have sympathy for the players, it would be disappointing if WADA did not act in their interests and take it to appeal before CAS. Although the HQ for CAS is Switzerland, I understand that the hearing would most likely take place in Melbourne and I would anticipate the Court would have wider powers to call witnesses and I would also expect the Court to draw the appropriate inferences if witnesses failed to appear or gave unsatisfactory evidence in reaching a decision to its comfortable satisfaction on the facts. I for one, would hope that WADA does not abdicate its responsibility to the clean athletes of the world and lodges an appeal.
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    Yes. Let's panic and overreact.
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    Wayne Carey defended Watts as well, so i guess that doesn't count for anything? Jack Watts could learn a few things from Jesse Hogan, but Jesse Hogan could surely learn a few things of Jack too. At the end of the day, most of this forum don't like Watts because he is not what they expected to get out of a number 1 draft pick who was destined to be the key forward we desperately needed. Now that we have another key position forward let him paly the high half forward role and let his work rate, decision making and use of football be what defines him rather than his ability to clunk contested marks and crash packs. At the end of the day Jack Watts is by far our best decision maker, ball user and has something that not many people on our list have and that is time with the ball in hand. He will have played 100 games soon and will end up being a 200 game player for the club, whilst he will never be a key forward he will be pivotal in our future success, due to his assets that very few players actually have.
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    Can we translate that same sort of defensive consistency that we saw against Adelaide against Richmond? I'm not convinced that this team has the capacity to play well consistently, two weeks in a row. We haven't seen it for four years. I hope they prove me wrong. Let's look at the stats: Richmond averages 60 more possessions a game (387) and 20 more marks (98). They lead the league in marks-inside-50 at 17.3, which is 10 more than we do (7.3). Adelaide averaged 19.5 marks inside 50 in the first two rounds but only had 5 on Saturday. That said the conditions didn't suit the forwards so it definitely made it easier for us. We average 7 more clearances per game (40) but we both average 11.3 center clearances. This should be a good tussle between the midfield, but I hope the likes of Jones, Tyson, Kent and Bernie can rough the Toiges up a bit like they did the Crows. We average 5 more stoppage clearances (28) and 4 more rebound-50s (40). We average almost 20 more tackles per game (70). It's just our capacity to get the ball forward inside-50 with good delivery that kills us: we're 17th for inside 50s with 42.7, whereas Richmond averages 55. We're also not that efficient going forward: it's 4 inside 50s for every goal, compare to Richmond's 3.6 entries for every goal. How can we win? We need to limit their marks inside 50, and translate our 40 rebounds per game (6th in the league) into goals. Richmond averages 5 more goals per game. Because of our inefficiency, if we permit Richmond too many marks inside 50, we'll need to rely on inaccuracy to keep us in the game, because we've really struggled to get the ball forward and score in rounds 2 and 3. Maybe playing on the MCG again will change this. Tackle hard, win the stoppages, restrict their push forward and completely cut off the supply to their marking forwards. We can get on top of their mids. My Tip: Dees by 123
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    Why not? Last I checked, we operated under the same salary cap as Carlton.
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    Nothing wrong with a stutter...
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    Great to see Vince and Kent clear from mrp hoping they play with aggression again look out Cotchin and Martin
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    The kid hardly missed in the VFL two years ago by all reports. The action is weird and non-fluid, but I'm willing to reserve judgement for now; the sample set is small. Even if it does prove to be ineffective, I expect it'll be remedied easily and quickly.
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    Not sure which thread to put this so mods please merge somewhere if you wish. Thought it was worth highlighting the significance of this game for us. Story in todays's HS http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/ron-barassi-to-light-flame-at-mcg-before-richmond-melbourne-anzac-day-eve-clash/story-fni5f22o-1227312458012?from=herald%20sun_rss Just reading this was spine tingling: "The eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance will be used to light a torch which will be ridden to the stadium by the Creswick Light Horse Troop. After a lap of the ground, the torch will be handed to Barassi who will light a cauldron on an MCG stage to burn for the duration of the match...The Friday night crowd will become a part of the pre-match ceremony with 50,000 finger lights to be distributed and held aloft in silence, in memory of those who served Australia in armed conflict. Players from both sides will line up near the flame alongside returned service men and women for the playing of the Last Post and National Anthem." It seems such a dignified way to honour the occasion without the commercialism that often accompanies the ANZAC Day game. MFC/RFC hope the ANZAC Eve game will become an annual tradition for both teams. It has the support of the RSL and the Shrine of Remembrance. All it needs is for the fans to turn up! Hope to drag a few extra Dee fans there this week. Oh, and our membership card shows entry is free for all members. Footnote: a few months ago there had been talk of a Checker Hughes cup/medallion because of his history at both clubs. Didn't see anything about that so idea may have been shelved. Like that. Keeps the event purely about honouring the ANZAC's without shining glory on a player or team. And what a great photo in the article. Notice how quickly that photo found its way into my profile
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    And I think they've run out of brown bags
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    Hasn't this turnip been banned from posting and starting threads yet?
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    I remember Stef played his best footy for us when he had to ruck solo. For some reason he doesn't perform as will in tandem. I don't think his form for the Lions has been as good this year with Leunberger in the side.
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    After wada let the 3 match suspendion for the nrl stand nothing will surprise me. People say the afl was more systematic than the nrl but I thought if you used PEDs you got two years! Saying this WADA will be hugely interested in the case regardless of the local game line as everytime drug cheats beat the system it sets a precedent and then all further cheats caught try to use the same excuse as it has worked before. Look at the clenbutarol in the steak line always used when someone is caught with it. This was due to a u17 soccer tournament in Mexico where there was 100 positive readings. This was obvious a contaminated meat issue but everyone uses it as an excuse. The same will happen with the Essendon decision if it stands l. From my reading (would be happy to hear another parts that are an issue) The main concern for the judges was they couldn't be certain it was tb4 in the supply chain. They found the intent was to order tb4 and it was compounded if it was tb4 and handed to dank but because no external test of the product occurred (there was a weight measure of particulars which doesn't show the tb4 but did show it was the same or similar composition weight to tb4). This resulted in the tribunal stating that they aren't satisfied that the Chinese company did provide tb4 although I doubt they have just outed the evidence rather than follow throw with the line of thinking and explain what the substance was. this evidentiary standard would require either a positive test or a located vial to be tested only if it could be confirmed if that vial was the one that was injected It shows to me the lawyers/tribunal didn't join the dots but rather searched for something that would enable them to say not guilty. This level of proof means that if a cyclists buys a vial of EPO from a doctor or chemist and even though it states EPO looks like EPO the Efc precedent means if it hasn't Been tested it can't be confirmed as EPO regardless what the wholesaler states. The Evidence require to meet the tribunals concerns is nearly impossible People trying to cheat don't use normal supply chains, they use cash, don't write anything down and the people has some shady history. I think WADA is aware of this and understands how the game is played when sportsperson try to cheat hence they won't need to see anything like what the tribunal wanted and are happy to join the dots as any other scernerio is not possible especially as injections are admitted.
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    Richmond already ruling out Brett Deledio for this Fridays match.
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    Was just discussed on On the Couch.... but they also discussed Garlett... while everyone is bagging Watts over a couple of dropped marks at crucial times, Garlett has been kicking at 38% efficiency and has 0.5 from set shots in his total of 5.10 in three games. If Hogan and Garlett can get their acts together, we will be much better off... Watts is not the problem.
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    Last time there was this much positivity, confidence etc. going into a game we had 12 unanswered goals kicked against us...
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    I have no problem with Essendon. I have many problems with Collingwood. During World War 1, the clubs with the highest tally of players serving came from "upper-class" (at the time) clubs: Melbourne, Geelong, St Kilda, South Melbourne. Essendon had many players serve during the war, but Collingwood was very under-represented: of the four "working class" clubs -- Collingwood, Fitzroy, Richmond and Carlton -- the Pies had by far the lowest amount of players serving. Melbourne stood aside from the competition and along with University had the highest number of players serving die: 16. In WW2, Melbourne lost a further 13, including ‘Bluey’ Truscott, and the Rat of Tobruk, Ron Barassi Senior. Collingwood's enlistment was half that of the Lions, Tiges and Blues. But this pisses me off the most: Melbourne name its best-and-fairest trophies after fallen war heroes, whereas Collingwood named theirs after Copeland and treasurer Bob Rush, who disguised gifts to players and committeemen during the wars as presents to soldiers, when they were anything but. Also consider that the neighbourhood was mainly Irish Catholic, heavily unionised and against conscription. In the 1916 and 1917 conscription referenda, Collingwood voted against conscription. Whether you agree with conscription or not (I can't see how you would), it seems bizarre that a club so aggressive in its campaign against the wars would be rewarded with arguably the biggest game on the regular season schedule that recognises those who served. If ANZAC Day was about "tradition", Collingwood most certainly wouldn't be there. The day is about nothing more than branding and corporate exploitation. If it had anything to do with the "ANZACS" and tradition, Melbourne would be playing. But it's not like Melbourne was smart enough to conjure up the day itself. It had an obligation to. It didn't. Now it's someone else's day, evidently, someone that most certainly shouldn't be held up on the day as a "club for the ANZACS".
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    the players got off because there was no absolute proof of what they had taken. The club must not get off because of these inarguable facts: they ran a longterm injection programme but deny there are any written records: GONE. The paper trail behind that injection programme has illegal drugs in it, without satisfactory explanations as to intent or eventual disposal, while there is no evidence of legal drugs in sufficient quantities being bought: GONE. The club claims there are not even any memory records of their longterm injection programme: GONE. In the early days of that injection programme the club got the players to sign waivers for injections (the nature of which injections they claim nobody can identify - which is absurd: at least one person among the players or the administration saw the need for the waivers, and somebody if not everybody would have asked what exactly were the injected substances that the waiver was referring to): GONE. The club had the injections administered away from the club and without the club doctor overseeing the process or the records of it: GONE. And since being asked about all of this the club have made multiple legal efforts to prevent the scrutiny of their injection programme: GONE. That is unquestionably a rogue club. Players who have refused to speak up are complicit, so that if the club goes down the players will then have to go down with it. Otherwise, as numerous posters have said, Essendon has established the blueprint and drugs are going to go through sport like wildfire. There may be legal issues and power issues and money issues, but sport is as good as dead in 3 weeks if WADA lets this go.
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    Yeah, I was at the light training session on Friday at AO and also the game on Saturday... A fair few times I noticed that Jones was almost at a walk once the play had left his area... I believe the shoulder/back issue may well be bothering him, but I would almost bet my left knacker that a flu would be the main cause of his lower than usual "awesome" output... Just didn't seem right even on the Friday... Did a few light run throughs and was actually quite 'nasaly' when giving my lad a signature... As for T-Mac... He copped a dirty one from Richard Douglas right in front of us... The Crows can bang on all they like about Bernie's tactics, but they gave a fair few cheap shots on the weekend! Speaking of Bernie... I have some serious man love for that bloke now!
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    I haven't seen the format - I just hope they don't carry on with the "brave as the ANZACs" rubbish. They are only playing footy after all.
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    Honestly waste of a thread... Playing his 3rd game....
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    I'm not sure what you're not buying. In 2013 he kicked 39.21, including a bag of 6.2 and a 5.1. In only two game did he kick more behinds than goals (3.4 and 2.3). The evidence is all there.
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    It says nothing about Dawes and everything about Hogan. He is already an elite contested mark - it's no indictment on Dawes that clubs want to play their best stopping defender on the player who leads the comp for contested marks. I reckon Dawes is intelligent and pragmatic enough that he himself would laugh if you asked him who was better out of himself and Hogan.
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