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    Advice for anyone with criticism of Riley. Go home, snap your leg in half, and see how [censored] well you can kick a football in 8 or so months. If that option doesn't sound appealing, shut the [censored] up!
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    Oh for god's sake. We are not shot, we are not finished, we are not a basket case. We have experienced, successful, insightful, capable people involved at the club, led by Roos and Jackson. It's a process. The year was garbage, but nothing like the garbage of the last few, and heavily compromised by the blight of (serious) injuries to a handful of the key players we needed to help take the off-field work on-field. Add Hogan, Clark, a fit Trengove, full pre-seasons into Kent, Riley, Jamar, Garland, Gawn and Dawes ... oh what might have been. People forget that we started the year with a makeshift forward line, and the only ruck we could get out there was Spencer. I also don't think people should underestimate how catastrophic it was to lose Clark - we'd been without him for so long it's easy to forget, but he was pretty well the one player we had who could have made a difference just being out there.
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    'Cause that one example is what a contract extension should be based upon. FMD.
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    I would happily blame Chip for leaving. He has used the line of "I will wait to see the direction of the club" yet has done nothing himself to help move the team forward, instead spending the year treading water. As for the no success line, that is not guaranteed for anyone when they play footy. Gary Ablett Snr., Bob Skilton, Robert Harvey, Robbie Flower, the AFL/VFL road is strewn with some of the greatest players to ever pull on a boot who never experienced the ultimate success, but what set them apart was they never stopped meeting their own high standards and trying to drag their team mates along with them, they didn't cry about it or wait for someone else to put their hand up. The fact of the matter is that Chip and many of his modern contemparies think that football somehow owes them a premiership medal whether they put in the required work both on and off the ground, I manage a staff of about 60 and if any of them put in a shift like he has this season he would be lucky to retain his job much less receive a golden ticket, if his workrate both physically and mentally don't improve markedly he will struggle to cement a place at a top club. If or when this does happen it will reflect how terrible he has been this year when he had such a great opportunity to help lead us forward but decided that would be all to hard. His actions have smacked of someone who wants success but are unwilling to pay the required price.
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    Today I was lucky enough to be a part of my first ever footy premiership as coach of my son's u14 team. He also took out best player on the day and won the club b and f. An amazing day that I will remember forever. Thanks for listening.
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    Preseason - No Established AFL player with 50-70 games - No Continuity in the team - No Playing in a competitive team - Mostly No Until at least some of those things are turned to yes it's a bit hard to judge. If he had clean skills he wouldn't have been available for us to poach from Adelaide. He wont ever take a backwards step on the field. That's a start.
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    So, looking forward... Next year we may well see the debut of a hard-at-it young mid by the name of Harmes, and possibly even a lightning quick winger called Hunt. Both have shown god signs playing for Casey and with the benefit of a full pre-season and a few more kilo's of muscle should be ready to show their stuff. We should also see the debut of an highly anticipated Hulk in round 1. Coupled with this, there is every chance that we'll be seeing the return of a few quality ball-users who have had injury issues his year, so with luck the delivery to Hogan will be better than the crud we saw this year. There will be a number of new faces around the club, hopefully a couple of experienced playmakers to balance the inside mids we seem to have stockpiled. With a bit of luck Salem will have the legs to impact games and JKH will improve on a stellar first season. Let's hope that next year things start to turn a bit more in our favour.
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    Deadset had a [censored] gutful. The manhandling of our guys that doesn't get paid, the holdng the balls where our bloke gets the footy and tackled while still in the air ( the McDonald one) other times when jetta is tackled as soon as soon as he gets the pill and has no chance of getting it out while basically directly in front. This just deadset pisses me off Yes we've been garbage for some time. It's not our ineptness that is turning me off the game. As a 40 year old who played at various levels for 30 years but the way the way the games officiated and what appears to my eyes as deadset [censored] cheating and deliberate officiating against the club I have ingrained on my DNA that has pushed me away. It's not the carp umpiring tonight - I've come to expect it but it's now a generation worth of it. Someone posted the numbers of frees against us at Perth compared to Melbourne, it happens everywhere against us. And I for one am absolutely [censored] sick of it. The powers that be need to return umpiring desicions to something that should by any means be an even affair and not be deliberately influencing games. \end drunk rant
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    Stevens just said Mitch is in training and his manager said he'd make a decision on a comeback in a month
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    I think we're all a bit numb after another rubbish season, NSC. I'm going to give it all a break until the trade and draft period. It's been another draining year.
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    Mitchie and Kent were good tonight. Liked the way Kent looked for an option in the f50 instead of blazing away. Liked the way Kent looked for an option in the f50 instead of blazing away. Said it twice cause he did it twice in the last qrt and congrats Macca for kicking your first two goals.
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    I should also mention that Michie looks really good. He has a cool head on his shoulders. And that stands out like a beacon in this side. He will be a regular next year, I reckon.
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    NFI. Roos' philosophy is obviously: keep the hard working honest triers with poor skills, get rid of lazy supposedly-skilful no-hopers, and bring in skilful kids, but tell them they won't get a game unless they work as hard as the hard working hacks. Bail, Riley, Terlich et al will get games until skilful kids replace them by showing they'll work just as hard.
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    Pig dog is my fav new player, if you where watching the game you will he has such a big heart he got so many free kicks. wow I loved how he put his body on the line.. He has a style about him that reminds me of grinter. I think with another year under roos he could be one of our best players.. Pig dog is part of our future, if you can't see you are complete bline!! In fact I thought he was in our top five tonight and part of the reason we where competitive. Finally I would like to say what a great decision by our management for resigning him, and I can tell you that our management know alot more about football than the person that started this pathetic thread. Kind regards Donny .
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    Is it just me, or does anyone else really, really, REALLY want to punch Ben Brown in the face?
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    Thing is he will try his arse off at his new club, that's what makes it worse.
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    Chipper was a complete liability last night Absolutley didnt care and played lazy rubbish football Let him go and become somebody elses problem
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    I'm not sure how AFL fans and media can just brush off talks of other clubs offering Frawley or any other free agent deals before free agency begins as though it's not a big deal. It's probably just scuttlebutt and maybe they haven't spoken to him, but if they have, it's tampering and any club guilty of this should be stripped of draft picks and fined heavily, and player and manager suspended. Chip appears from the other side of the fence to have ambled through much of this season as though his mind is elsewhere. The solution clearly isn't in the idiotic NRL method of having someone still run around in your colours after committing to someone else for the next season. The current system needs to be policed heavily and if that means someone gets an enormous paddling on the backside to set an example to the rest of the league then so be it. Of course, unless we are the first ones to stuff it up blatantly, then just give us a small fine.
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    I felt tonight was a bit like an apology. Sorry for all the stupid [censored] up holding the ball (etc) decisions through the season, here's an 'in the back' for ya champ. But still those HTB calls were horrendous. Felt like TMac should have let the umpire have it, and he almost did. I mean he'd already made it a certain goal with the 50, make it count, make a point of telling this clown how [censored] wrong he was. All of those decisions throughout the year were disgraceful, but that's not what pisses me off the most. What I find completely out of control is how we're called to play on after a mark if we even look sideways. WTF? Every other team is allowed to look around and take a step or two off the mark for an option, not us. If we look sideways it's [censored] play on. Umpires G&GF
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    Not currently worth his price tag.... But no doubt will perform well in a top 4 team........ Free agency hey....this competition is turning into a EPl were only 4-6 teams will win flags as they will raid the best players.... I guess that's the even competition the Afl are talking about!
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    Accusing players of being scared on a forum like this is out of order. Thread closed.
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    But I'm looking forward to next year!
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    Well Demonlanders thanks for the fun over the season. I have a confession I am not a MFC supporter (but I do own a membership). I admire you lot as you have passion and it must be difficult to support them. but you keep each other sane by venting here. Probably suggest you don't attack each other so much. I will be back supporting Cross and Michie next year. Hopefully there is some good recruiting over the lay off and you get some games worthy of your support. Love this forum and wish you all the best until next season. Cheers
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    And I am outta here......
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