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    Much to my surprise, Jack came into my work tonight and I served him (I work at a video games store). I wished him all the best for tomorrow night and he replied with how good this year felt for him and how great it would be to go into the bye 4w-5l. I added that it'd be particularly great because we'd be able to stick it up Damien Barrett and he wholeheartedly agreed! I love that everyone hates that nerdlinger's negativity. Anyway, just thought I'd say that. He's seriously the most decent bloke and had the time to have a quick chat and shake my hand on the way out. This bloke needs to stick around, I can see why everyone at the club respects him so much. Best shift ever.
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    If Ling is to be in contention then he needs to do an apprenticeship.
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    Third world problems hey Munga?
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    It was hard for anyone to get the footy today. Players would receive a handpass and prepare to kick and the ball would slip out of their hands. Walking out to the huddles, it was like a cattle yard out their and smelt like it too. Either very slippery and muddy or just water skiing. Carlton must have been in the middle of the rain last night. Blease was a ilttle unlucky when Northern got a goal in the second quarter. I didn't see the third quarter turnover. I just felt he got involved in the play today in a way that really surprised me considering the conditions. Both sides dropping marks today with such a slippery ball and the congestion around where the ball was dropping because of this, or if it did get out it was a race in the mud that resulted the ball going to the boundary line. It was amazing that Smith took so many marks in the second quarter - they were really rare. And nothing wrong with the Toump's game today. I was watching him, Hunt, Michie and Riley. Toumpas came back on after an injury at the start of the second - winded or knackered I think. He contributed all day and in the last took a couple of handy marks and nearly held a couple more - they were hard to come by with the slippery conditons and packs everywhere. The most common thing happening all day was players receiving a handball but not being able to dispose of it in time because of the greasy conditions. Riley has thighs on him like a tree trunk and didn't look out of place at this suburban ground. Didn't have the impact that Michie did or McKenzie and probably is lacking some fitness. Michie looked very comfortable at this level as did Evans who was very reliable at this level and in these conditions. Dom Barry also surprised me under these condtions. He got kicks sending us forward a few times (remember, this was rare for the whole game on this ground, which was far from anything we are used to these days; it was really really substandard. They couldn't have any drainage there). In the second quarter in particular I was really impressed with Dom. I could not criticise any player's game today - they all put in and it was really quite impressive with the injuries and with Carlton coming back so strongly in the third and fourth quarters where they were able to get a lot of clean possessions (and in the third quarter some umpire assistance). Finally, Jayden Hunt. Even before his winning goal I thought he had looked like he belonged in the second half. In the first half he was on and off the bench and when he was on he would be looking after some empty wing of half forward flank where the ball was not coming.He contributed to our only goal in the third quarter (kicked by Tapscott) and got that great goal to finish the match (our only goal in the last quarter) with 3 or 4 minutes to go. It was not a match to show any of his wares but the final goal showed a lot of composure. And It was not a match to start worrying about any player's future. It was a mud wrestle and then hoping the luck went your way. All the players put in today. I can't name all the players. I love Georgiou and Evans who are so reliable - but this was a swimming pool today. I'm not at the G tonight. I have to cook for guests. This report is just passing on a normal spectator's observations - like I like to read the training reports in Dec Jan and Feb.
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    I don't care what the game plan is as long as it brings us a premiership.
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    Peter Jackson doesn't mess around does he Bomber Thompson - Senior Coacxh Paul Roos - Head of Footy PJ - CEO Think I just pitched a tent in my undies
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    Jeez I'm nervous. Life was so much easier when we were a dead certainty to lose.
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    Now that the farce of the past few days, with the MRP & Tribunal bringing the game into disrepute, is behind us, it is time to acknowledge Jack's absolutely brilliant piece of play against the Crows. It seems to me that the collision part of the play has totally overshadowed exactly what happened through that entire sequence that has now been played before our eyes endless times over the past few days. It's time the football world took note of exactly what happened -- all the way through... Let me explain. The ball bounces in no man's land, with two large players attacking it from one direction, and young Jack attacking it from the other. The ball bounced to Lynch, who took possession and was immediately tackled. There's then the well publicised collision. All three players fall to the ground. The two big guys are hurt, and remain on the ground. But, there's is where it gets really good... Jack, who had braced so well for the impact, although he also went to ground, was not hurt. (His training to learn to protect himself in such situations had paid handsome dividends!) Not only that, he still had his mind on only one thing -- the ball. Although still on the ground, he managed to take possession of the ball, evade an opponent, and dish off an excellent hand ball, finding a team mate in the clear. It's a fabulous piece of play, and epitomises everything that's great about the game -- courage, tenacity, determination, skill and the total commitment to the ball, no matter the risk or the possible cost to the individual. Would have to have been pretty much Play of Day, and clearly demonstrated what a gem we have in young Jack! Makes the way it has been treated by the MRP and the Tribunal that much more of a total farce, and the reason why I label it clearly as one of the worst cases of bringing the game into disrepute in living memory! Shame, AFL, Shame!! I'm just so proud of Jack, the MFC and the wider footy community for sticking by him to ensure justice was finally done. Oh, and I understand Daniel Cross was quoted yesterday as saying young Jack will end up be the best of our young midfield group. Kinda hard to argue with that! Go Dees!
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    I don't care. More than happy to "win ugly."
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    With all the drug issues I'd be exploring other options.
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    Get Brynes off, get Salem on. I can't believe Brynes still gets a game.
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    history includes losing interstate and players getting shafted at the MRP!
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    According to some posters around here he also needs a face lift and plastic surgery.
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    Am I the only one thinking Dawes needed to take the shot rather than passing to Frawley?
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    I expect with the way Blease plays if he can get the ball 30 times you are going to have to concede he will seriously burn a couple.
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    Siren goes and it's a gutsy 16 point win to Casey 2014 Peter Jackson VFL Casey Scorpions 3.2.20 8.5.53 9.9.63 10.11.71 Northern Bullants 2.1.13 4.3.27 8.7.55 8.7.55 Goals Casey Scorpions Smith 5 Tapscott 2 Hunt Mitchie Rosier Northern Bullants Bransgrove Wilson 2 Byrne Cattapan Temay Wood Best Casey Scorpions Blease Smith McKenzie Michie Riley Barry Northern Bullants Cachia Graham McInnes Bransgrove Anthony Tardio Possessions McKenzie 32 Blease 30 Riley 27 Michie 23 Nicholson 23 Evans 21 Tapscott 20 Toumpas 20 Rosier 15
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    I'm now a life member. I don't say much on here, but do enjoy reading. Can't wait for the game tonight. Go you Mighty Demons!
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    He is at north this year, Maybe Thompson take over after Roos, Ling becomes Thompsons assistant to take over from him in 3 years time giving Ling 5 years as a assistant... Ha ha
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    The first thing we need to do money wise is start paying 100% of the cap. Once we can do that comfortably then we can look at things like VFL teams.
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    Too much information Django.
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    Dude, are you serious? Overrated? He's one of the greatest players to run onto the field in the last few decades.
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    The whole Jack Viney taking on the AFL and Tribunal and winning reminds of the David and Goliath story except that Viney is Goliath and he wins.
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    And you still have money to donate!!!!!
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