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    I spoke to someone who was involved with the Oakleigh Chargers coaching group and he also is well connected around junior TAC footy. He said the blokes at Oakleigh rated Salem ahead of Billings and equal with Kelly and thought we had a ripper. He also rated Salem miles ahead of Freeman. All opinions but it's interesting that those involved at TAC level thought we'd done well.
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    except od (and others) who is reserving judgement until the real thing. after 50 years who could blame him?
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    Hawthorn, Geelong and Richmond finished first, second and fifth on the AFL ladder after the 22 home and away rounds. In three week's time Melbourne embarks on the three game NAB Challenge/Pre Season Practice Match series against these teams and whilst their outcomes won't be earth-shattering, we look forward to signs of improvement to build up the team's confidence as we build up to the real thing. It's getting closer and, over the coming weeks, we'll see training stepped up and, since we have a new team of coaches this year, it's going to be interesting to see what unfolds.
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    Ah.......there is much at stake, but he appears to be burning and surviving, witch is good. Not so sure about Hunt, at this stage, but less at stake.
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    i have to laugh at a football club or any business who thinks they can tell their players/employees who they can socialize and spend time with Jake King might be a little midget [censored], but he can be friends with whoever he likes
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    Jake King is a dwarf who enjoys the company of older men in leather and that is his choice. Caro Wilson ,although a harpy and a very bitchy type of Yoda with a wig on is actually accurate with her info but the problem is she is getting spoon fed by HQ and is skewing the outcomes between the AFL and its member clubs. Gary March is an undisclosed bankrupt and his company Concept Sports should ring alarm bells-never deal with them. Lingerie football is a gratuitous perve but some women enjoy AFL for exactly the same reason so in this day and age WGAF? What was the topic again- oh yeah, sack the board.
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    This trail of posts shows how easily a rumour becomes an unsubstantiated comment and eventually "a fact" which leads to emotional responses on Demonland!
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    Its a wet morning in Melbourne and I've wimped it!
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    I know it's great isn't it? Seriously though who is being taken advantage of, the women who choose to voluntarily participate and get paid to do so or the men who pay to gawp at them?
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    Don't let these pedantic twits get you down. It happens all the time. I look forward to your comments in the future.
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    Jack I know you are tongue in cheek but some may be confused. The Boards responsibility is to govern the running of the Club and they are ultimately responsible for its financial and on field performance. Amongst other things they approve and oversee key appointments with perhaps the most important being the CEO and coach. Without going over old issue I think most would agree that the appointment and then reappointment of Schwab and then the appointment of Neeld were errors. Those two appointments held the key responsibilities of financial and on field performance. In contrast the players (Grimes, Jones, Frawley, Garland) were the people impacted most by the decisions of the Board and their key appointments - they were clearly not responsible for them and should not be held accountable. It is the FD that make decisions on their future and Roos and Mahoney have decided to keep them. So clearly it would be nonsense to couple the players with the responsibly of the "train wreck" you refer to. And for those arguing for the retention of the three directors (and I only included three as they were there for the duration of the Stynes/McLardy Board, Trotter was appointed later and if my memory serves me correctly he was appointed after 186) I could agree but for two things. Firstly the Board oversaw a train wreck, not a drop in performance. Their performance was so bad as to require an AFL bailout. That in itself is probably enough to suggest all should go. But even if they did oppose all the poor decisions and even if they had the wisdom of Solomon then sadly they were ineffectual in influencing others and as such have failed in their responsibility to the members who they represent. Ineffectual directors unable to influence others away from very poor decisions and towards good ones are of no benefit to us. Anyway they are there. I don't think they should be but with Jackson as CEO hopefully they won't be called on to make or influence major decisions. They've clearly failed in the past.
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    Give the kid a break for god sake First pre season Has been ill Has great skills Also and I must stress this point .... We actually have players that may keep him out of the side Don't put the kid on a pedestal yet, he hasn't even played a VFL game
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    Spoke to a current player today , he said Mitchie will start at Casey. New players to come in to the team he thinks are : Cross - absolutely flying Vince - really good Tyson - doing well Hogan - gun Clark - foot is fine, hamstrings struggling because of extended lay off.
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    All coming together Kent, Jamar and Dawes back in main group, would think with modified programs they wouldn't be far off full fitness.
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    My only concern is that Salem has a chance to develop properly . If this doesn't happen then the discussion around Salem could easily turn into a Witch hunt.
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    A true professional journalist would delve fearlessly into this: Caro will not
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    The boys have been training the house down ...
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    The Kid was a good under age player. Can we let him play at least one game. By the end of 2015 we might have an idea.
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    Too right. I might start one where we can analyse whether his boot stud pattern is holding him back. (I have some pretty strong thoughts on this, so beware)
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    Potential! Potential! Mate I admire your positivity but we have been hanging on potential for years. I greedily scan those adds on this site that have a remarkable number of ,apparently, loose women living four miles from me. All potential roots but have i've had none of it. Potential? Let's sees a bloody first round win!!!
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    Most illegals arrive by air as valid holiday/working visa holders from places like the USA, China, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, European countries and so on. Assylum seekers are NOT illegals. Can you prove a single thing you have said regarding "most" not fleeing persecution and throwing their papers away? There are plenty of sites where you can find stats regarding illegals (overstayers who hide from the authorities), but please feel free to show us the irrefutable evidence for your claims. YOU buy the spin that the Hansons, Howards (Hanson reinvented) and Abbotts of this world sell to you. These people would not be taking the risks that they take unless they were desperate... and I think even you might realise that.
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    approx .9 of a metrestick
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    Tune In, which is the first volume in Mark Lewishohn's three part biography of the Beatles is a fantastic book. It's a brick of a book, running to 800 pages, that looks at the band and goes right back to the origins and childhood of each member, and tracing their early years in Hamburg. Lewisohn also draws on previously unavailable material, some great interviews and transcripts recorded by the band's first manager Brian Epstein. It's a terrific read
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