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    This time last year I predicted Hawthorn would win the premiership and Melbourne would take a giant step forward by making the finals and finishing in eighth place. I was wrong on both counts but that is the way of things in the life of a new age oracle. Like most people these days, we rely far too heavily on modern technology and the result is that it's so easy to make mistakes. It wasn't until well into the 2012 AFL season that I discovered I had overset the forward drive on my reconditioned crystal ball so that all of my predictions were one year ahead of time. This came as a great relief to me on a number of counts, not the least of which was the knowledge that Stella (the name by which my crystal ball is affectionately known) is once again fully operational and I'm able to provide my fearless predictions for the future with some measure of confidence. I was also relieved when I looked through the swirling snow encased in Stella's glass orb into 2013 and beyond that those moronic Mayans got it all wrong about the world ending on 21 December, 2012. Of course, if you knew anything about what those blokes used to smoke back in their day, you wouldn't be surprised that none of their predictions ever worked out right on the button. Not that my own track record has been all that flash lately, but at least when I make my forecasts on big ticket items like the end of the world, I make sure that my research is impeccable and my prognostications are accurate enough to ensure that people listen to me the next time I open my mouth. So much for the Mayans! So looking into my crystal ball recently, I was somewhat taken aback to see Jared Rivers in horizontal navy and white stripes at Simmons Stadium and Ricky Petterd looking positively strange in yeller and black high-fiving a bunch of ferals after booting one through his backside from a pocket. While I'm at it, congratulations to James Frawley, Jeremy Howe and Lynden Dunn for taking their former teammates to Bay 13 to give them an insight into the mindset of the yobbos who will be following them for the remainder of their careers. On the other hand, when I looked to the west, I was truly gobsmacked at the sight of an overblown Cale Morton (fair dinkum, he was well over 105kg) checking into a Perth Weight Watchers clinic after what surely must have been an experiment gone wrong from the chemist who coaches the Weagles. I say it every year but it's a fact. Final eight predictions are always fraught with danger. There are always surprises with some teams unexpectedly dropping out of contention and others rising to the occasion and surprising everybody. This my top eight for 2013:- 1. Hawthorn - Clarkson and the Hawks are smarting about their lost opportunity in the 2012 grand final. They had the Swans on the ropes but some poor kicking for goal let them off the hook and Malceski and Morton (Mitch) turned out to be the unlikely heroes. I still rate Clarkson as the AFL's top coach even if he loses the plot in the coaches box and at under 9 games, and rate the Hawks a shoe in for next year's flag. Stella confirms my opinion. 2. Collingwood - the Pies have managed their list beautifully throughout the free agency/trade and draft period. They managed to trade well to get good draft picks and gained some handy replacements on the cheap through free agency. Having worked the system to perfection, they now have the added depth to make up the leeway between them and last year's grand finalists and I reckon they are going to give the flag a bit of a shake before doing what they always do best. Yes, that's play in losing grand finals. 3. Geelong - the fat lady is far from done with the Cats who utilised 2012 to bring several new faces into the game with good effect. Some critics believe they might struggle but they've still got the hunger and have recruited reasonably strongly in areas where their football department perceived they might have had some weaknesses. Geelong will remain hard to beat in 2013. 4. Fremantle - Ross Lyon managed to rejuvenate the Dockers in his first season out west. He added new steel into the team and whilst the emphasis remained on defence, his team also demonstrated some fantastic attacking capabilities when called upon to do so in the latter stages of the season. 5. Sydney - the reigning premiers didn't exactly slip under the radar in 2012 but they will come under more intense scrutiny from opposition coaches and teams determined to knock of the competition's tallest poppy. Kurt Tippett will add something to the forward division but it will be well into the season before he even appears in the colours at AFL level. I see them slipping because that's what the crystal ball's telling me. 6. West Coast - the Eagles have a classy list but I'm not satisfied that they've done enough to improve their list to the point where they can take the next step up into the top four. I worry about Wellingham and wonder what Morton and Bennell are doing on their list. 7. Carlton - they've really blown it in the past couple of years with a talented but underachieving list. Malthouse comes in with a new/old philosophy that should lift them a few notches and back into the finals but salary cap restrictions as a result of the AFL's ruling on Chris Judd's financial package, have restricted their recruiting. With Judd in his declining years and giving up the captaincy and the likes of Kreuzer and Gibbs looking decidedly shaky, this is probably the Blues last chance of reaping the dividends of their three year tanking spree (2005-7) which the AFL has curiously chosen to pretend never existed. 8. Melbourne - the Demon overhaul is now virtually complete. It's a changed list with a new attitude and every player is prepared to give his all. The squad might be young but with the massive turnover of players, a new work ethic, a high level of motivation and a reasonable draw, they should improve. Mark Neeld wants to have the hardest team to play against and while I don't think they're quite there at the moment, I think they'll be the most surprising team as well as the most unpredictable. My rough guess then is that they will get to eighth spot on the ladder. Finally, I'm sure you all want to find out about the outcome of the AFL tanking enquiry. Well, I can't say much but looking into the swirling drifts of snow, I can just detect the outline of a single object - the scales of justice. Make of that what you will but I can assure you all that whatever happens, it won't be the end of the world. I'll see you all in the future!
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    Yeh there's nothing in it other than current employees of the club getting sh#t faced in the most public of places & getting ejected from a place where 99% of the guests can maintain appropriate behaviour. I know they are entitled to do as they please in there time off. However it doesn't paint a very professional or dedicated picture of them in particular, they should know better.
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    Of all the gin joints in the world........................ incredibly flawed judgement. where could you possibly get more exposure?
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    Oh no "Melbourne Players Tanked at the MCG" could end up in another series by CW or AFL investigation.
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    Why the hell would you ask for a photo....There are plenty of times for that sort of thing when they are at the club.....They went to the cricket to have some time off with their mates and yes have a few beers like anyone of us.......They are young men...not robots.....Why shouldn't they go to which ever part of the ground they want to.....It's people like you who want autographs and photos and encroach on their time off that start these sort of things.......Why not just leave them alone......
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    Agreed. Knucklehead thinking at best. I was watching the post tea events on the binoculars and was wondering who the idiots were. The good part is that the senior knucklehead Rivers is now at another Club, And Petterd showed what a grand addiction he will be the Richmond culture.
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    Just about the Dee's best performance at the G all year.
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    Regardless of what anyone thinks about innocent fun, being on a break, etc. You'd have to think Frawls has handed in his resignation from the leadership group by being part of it?
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    I read the article on News.com.au It seems to me that the spirit amongst our playing group last year and this year is and will be strong. If past players still mix and are part of the club spirit I see that as a strong sign that things are very good amongst the players at demonland ! Besides its Holidays for the next week or so, not a problem here Merry Xmas and New Year to all !
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    What were they thinking sitting in that area. Of course they would be tragets. I have no sympathy for them. I not surprised to see dunn there and chip isnt exactly the smartest person going around but im surprised Howe got caught up in it. Couldnt his cousin get him better seats. Im sure Matty wade is proud of his cousin for getting kicked out. In todays world of social media you cant get away with anything. Its just disappointing after the darwin camp where Im sure neeldy would have drummed a few things into them and he would be furious. I think he is overseas in the states.Well he was the other day. I thnk they will get a talking to.Anyway luckily we arent a big a club as collingwood otherwise this would drag on for days. But it would had been nice to read in the off season about us training well not getting kicked out boxing day.
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    I was there yesterday just above bay 13 in N15 I watched them (people in bay 13, not dees boys) most of the day and they where very entertaining only the serious [censored] got dragged out kicking and screaming the others where just having harmless fun just like our boys no big deal
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    It was eight years ago that hundreds of thousands of people from across the rim of the Indian Ocean, some Australians and one of them our very dear Troy Broadbridge, lost their lives as a result of earthquakes and the tsunami that followed. This Boxing Day is again a day on which we reflect and remember Troy and all the victims of this tragedy. Your tributes are invited tonight, tomorrow and in fact, at any time. Troy Broadbridge: No. 20 Born: 5 October 1980 Recruited from Port Adelaide Magpies (SANFL) Died: 26 December 2004, Thailand Playing Career: Debut Round 8, May 20, 2001, Melbourne vs. Essendon, at Melbourne Cricket Ground Team: Melbourne (2001-2004) 40 games, 2 goals Melbourne Most Improved Player 2001 Sandringham Premiership Team 2000 & 2004
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    I hope for their sakes that they are still completing their 2 week break Misson mandated training. Pretty sure yesterday wasn't part of it. I am in two minds about this . They are stupid for putting themselves in that situation but they are still young blokes. I bet none of you have that kind of scrutiny from your workplace when you are on holiday?? There certainly weren't any rocket scientists amongst them. Some posters are saying 'oh its good they have comraderie" but I don't buy that. That kind of comraderie got us 186. Chip is a leader at the club. You think he would have tried to keep a lid on things. Hmmmm.
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    Suspend them for Round 1. Don't think Neeldy & Co will look fondly on players getting [censored] in Bay 13 and then being ejected from the ground.
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    If, ultimately, there's no case to answer and the 'new' investigation essentially uncovers nothing new in a material sense (notwithstanding the NKVD tactics that have seemingly been adopted by our fearless investigators), I think the AFL should also look into the role that certain people in the media have had in fuelling the issue. To date, the reporting on the issue seems wholly disproportionate to the evidence that's emerged in relation to the issue.
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    It might be harmless fun and they are just letting a bit of steam off, blah, blah... but whichever way you look at it, it's bad publicity and could have potentially ended up worse. Could they have found a more public place to get very [censored] and look like idiots, then get evicted? Aren't these guys lectured to by the club over and over that they need to behave when out in public and not put themselves in compromising situations?
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    The Bladder gets Anderson's legacy just about right - http://www.thebladder.com.au/article/397'>Anderson leaves on a high note
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    That'll do. This thread is about the investigation and not about the CEOs position. I've asked before so let's please stay on topic and leave your agendas against club officials elsewhere unless and until there are charges laid as a result of the investigation.
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    The AFL won't make any decision on charges until the MFC submission is lodged. My inside info is that the AFL tanking case is weak at best and dependent on questionable evidence. Suggestions that officials brought the game into disrepute by comments at in house meetings are virtually impossible to sustain and would almost certainly see the matter end up in the court system.
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    Thanks FD...I would still say Terry Wallace & sticks have more to answer if there is demoracy. mjt has an agenda like Wilson. He negates the fact that over $40 mill goes through the club now. A figure the previous board never got near. Nobody is perfect. But the CEO job of the MFC would be a tough one.
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    Most are fixated, aren't they? Don't know how cast iron got in with Kero? that one flew over the top, but a wet 'T' Shirt, hmmn, nah. But to being Fixated!
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    I think there may have been some bad feeling between Gerard Healy and the MCC. A few years ago at one of those pre-season MCC luncheon's Healy (who was a panelist on the day) mentioned that his application for MCC membership had been rejected by the MCC committee after he left the Dee's and it was only now (around the time of the lunch) that he had gained MCC membership! I also remember him, during his time commentating at a Melbourne match being very unhappy with some of the abuse being thrown at his brother ( playing for Melbourne) by Dee supporters. I doubt G Healy has much time for us at all!
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    Especially for those glass and a half full type of people.
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