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    Will take it for the flag.
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    I think we'll see a few early wins, then a long trough followed by looking good over the last 6-8 rounds as the gameplan finally sinks in to those more permanent members of the team. Our improved fitness will see losing margins reduced and our improved midfield will do well on the back of some NQR's that fill roles. Morton will emerge as a strangely effective mid that gets into our best players list consistently in the last half of the year - and his rise is universally acknowledged on demonland while causing mass bewilderment And cattle mutilations will be up.
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    Still building, drastic list changes, building up the fitness of a mostly physically immature list... I would expect a 12-16th place finish.
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    Hahaha if we ever win the flag ill have to sell my house to pay for the bender ill go on
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    They'll win the flag then get banned from the comp in a conspiracy involving a cadre of spanish hookers and 3 kilos of cocaine.
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    West Coast has 12 'first 22' players aged 25 or over, and that is not counting injured guys like LeCras. 12 experienced players who played at least most of the season, quite a few of whom were there for the last premiership and it includes a sixth-time and a fourth-time All-Australian. Adelaide's count of 25-and-over players who played all or close to all of the season is 11, and included gun mids, key forwards, Melbourne had ONE guy over 25 play all games, thank you Jared Rivers, and only a few get close to a full season, like Syliva (17), Dunn (18), Magner (17) and MacDonald (19). None of those were exactly tearing the field apart. So alas, any comparison with the Eagles or the Crows is not really going to work. Their story is of a season or two wih injuries, disruption and poor form, and then regaining the mature players and refreshing their form for another crack, backed by a few good draft selections to fill out the team. Those clubs have not been through a rebuild. Imagine a scenario where, for Melbourne in about 2009, each of Yze, Robertson, Neitz, Brown, White, McDonald, Green, Bruce, Johnstone and Whelan had all had a completely uninjured season and had a solid run of good form. I guess there's two points I'm making - First, we are rebuilding from as 'scratch' as it gets and there is no real comparison with clubs like West Coast or Adelaide, or even Hawthorn, I would say. Second, once you get a solid core of high-quality mature players into your team, you can stay competitive for a long, long time, and a good run with injury and one 'bonus' year of good drafting (picking up a star like Hawthorn did with Rioli or Geelong did with Selwood) and you can push up to the next level and be a true champion team.
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    Let's all of us be realistic -MFC need the following- Seriously try to retain Rivers. Try to gain Pedersen & Stevens Pick up two mids as well as Viney. And furthermore pick up a tall forward like Membrey. These are my thoughts.
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    I want to see improvement in most players, improvement in fitness, improvement in game-plan and a good run with injuries to our better players. I want to see the making of a really good midfield. I want to see it starting to take shape and the ND should go a long way to doing this. I'll be fascinated by who are rated our best 6 players at the end of 2013, as well as who finishes top 5 in the B&F. Trengove's aim should be to finish top 3 in the B&F and my prediction is that Viney will finish top two (subject to injury). And no, I'm not putting wild expectations on him, and nor do I think he's the "messiah", it's just my prediction. He'll play virtually the entire year as a 19 year old (bar rounds 1 and 2) and has a rare appetite for winning contested ball. He'll be the only true "first dibs" midfielder on our list. Neeld and Co really need to start making tangible improvements after a second preseason. In the main, the players that haven't "bought in" will be gone. I feel confident that we'll see significant improvements across the board in 2013 despite low public expectations.
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    I would hate to see Riv go. He was one of the few who stood up this year.
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    I am sick of being disappointed - so I am predicting 2 wins, last position. Surely we can exceed my expectations for the first time in my life.
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    But I'll claim the sh! t out of it if it do be troo!
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    With Rivers, MacIntosh and perhaps Caddy, they look pretty formidable to me.
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    Hopefully we'll meet them in the middle next year as they drop down and we rise up!
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    OK lets look at some of the players mentioned on this site: Shannon Byrnes - contributed to a premiership Scott Gumbleton - has proven that he is injuury-prone, but can kick goals when fit Koby Stevens - starved of oppurtunities, but certainly has some potential to be a quality player Cam Pedersen - proven gun at VFL level, never really been given a genuine shot at AFL Josh Caddy - tough midfielder who has been developing ok in a side he cleary hasn't wanting to be playing for Sharrod Wellingham - he might not be Swan or Pendlebury or Beams or Thomas or Sideass, but he is a cog in the machine that is the collingwood midfield. Living in "fantasy land" is thinking that Melbourne can just simply buy the best players. At this point in time, Melbourne is (or one of) the most undesirable club to play at. Richmond, and I really do hate to say this, are a club that we should be drawing some inspiration from. Guys like Grigg, Houli and Maric aren't exactly 'big fish', but are players who were deprived of game-time at their original club and are now regulars in the tiges best 22. I have no problem whatsoever, if the club were to take a risk on some of the players mentioned on this site. We have nothing to lose, and cannot get any worse.
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    I just want to see 22 players willing to run, chase and fight to win the ball. Being able to hit a target would be nice too.
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    There is a political/economic comparison that can be made to the Dean Bailey era at Melbourne and that is of the United States Presidency of George W. Bush. 1) Bush inherited an economy that facing a downturn after the dot.com bubble and the negative impact of 9/11 and tried to stimulate the economy with 'tax cuts' (though I must say rather disingenuously). The short term created massive deficits but few jobs/Bailey inherited an aging list with few newcomers and tried to pump it up with draft picks. The short term created some woeful performances but a few youngsters who showed promise. 2) After the initial firestorm, the economy recovered somewhat and GDP started to grow. Deficits were still a problem but unemployment had gotten to an even keel. A bigger problem was the insane risks financial institutions were taking with sub-prime mortgages and credit defaults swaps. Bush however lets these institutions call the shots /After a few years of pain, the club looked to be getting back on an even keel but massive losses to top four sides and a lack of fight is a problem. An even bigger problem (not known at the time) is the in house war taking place between the coaching and football department and Bailey taking the side of the playing group and in some cases kowtowing to their whims (i.e. cancelling fitness trials). 3) The stock market crash that caused the GFC. Thousands of points wiped off the stock market.Thousands more lose their homes. Large investment banks go under (Bear Stearns, AIG). This one day of carnage sets the tone for 3 years of economic pain to come/186 happens. Players show no fight and are absolutely pantsed making a mockery of their 'support' for Bailey. Bailey is sacked, Schwab reprimanded. Demons get flogged in subsequent game and win one more game for the year against Gold Coast, an expansion team. Like the Great Recession, the seeds of it's cause were found somewhere in steps one and two: plans that were myopic and narrow sighted (playing exclusively high draft picks and shedding experience/cutting corporate tax rates) and an inability to stand up to those who could make the most difference (Bailey cozying up to the players to use in his game against Schwab and therefore giving them the whip hand/Bush playing havoc with the amount of leverage available to financial institutions and not once creating policy that might go against their perceived 'interest'). We still feel the negative blow back of 186 today in the form of the performances given. The 'successful' lead up of 2010/11 was merely masking the inherent weaknesses of that playing list. Neeld is our Barack Obama to some extent (not in his personal charisma but in regards to the mess he inherited). And like Obama, the jury is out if he can actually turn it around. I hope for his sake that he does. I guess unlike Obama he has stood up to some of the causes of the Meltdown but like Obama, he has yet to provide real results. *Also kind of ironic both of these incidents both involved the GFC.
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    ANYTHING could happen next year, from Neeld turning out to be a blow hard with no real coaching skills who gets fired after round 12 when we haven't won a game and we end up 18th, to our extra long preseason for 2013 (which included the entire 2012 season) paying off and, when combined with our exceptional drafting and trading and Neeld's amazing coaching, leads us to the promised land... But seriously, somewhere between 11-15 is what I'm actually expecting.
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    It's funny, I spend my time reading idiotic posts and usually don't bother commenting. I read an idiotic post with an idiotic dollar amount that I commented on. But now it was simply "algebraic" to make a point that I'm supposedly missing. How convenient. Maybe the next time a poster makes a silly comment perhaps they're afforded the same 'latitude'. Sydney overpaid for Mumford, but did they overpay McGlynn, Mattner, Shaw, Kennedy, and Richards, or did they just identify the role they could play and give them an opportunity ? The Saints didn't win a flag, but they played in 3 GF's. Did they overpay Dempster, Schneider, Gram, Ray, and before them King and Gardner ? They didn't overpay one of them. They looked for opportunities and picked most of them up for late draft picks. As I said, I'm all for trading, but do it smartly and if there's a big prize by all means "overpay", but don't pay silly dollars as was argued in this thread because we have to fill the cap anyway. Be smart about it. Become a good club that sets standards and makes smart decisions. Mooney and Schwarz reiterated this point on SEN today when they both agreed that "big contracts" creates "discontent" among the playing group. There's a lot more thought needed than simply "we need mature players, let's get them". Don't be shallow thinkers.
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    I know you like to troll, but are you even aware that Bailey was also a schoolteacher? As was Alistair Clarkson, Brendan McCartney, John Kennedy Sr, Neil Craig and many other coaches?
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    This isn't an either/or proposition. When we talk about Byrnes or Stevens we are not giving up high draft picks - we are just looking at players that can make an immediate impact that won't cost the earth. I wish people would stop thinking like this is a zero-sum game - you can improve your fortunes in 2013 without sacrificing the future desire for a flag.
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    I hear ya, but we're a bit like an old crusty millionaire... Unattractive, no chance of picking up against the hunky young fellas, so we flash the cash around to get some lovin. I just see paying "overs" for decent players as part of the building process towards being a top 5-8 team that can then attract higher quality players with cash + success.
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    Yes, we have gone backwards this year, it's very apparent to any real supporter who's seen every game this year. Let's accept it and look toward the future. I've been [censored] off enough during the season but now I've got next season in my sights. I just look forward to the surprises and twists of 2013, and hopefully Neeld can prove himself as well as all our weak, belittled players. Keep supporting the club and turn up to the matches because isn't it [censored] great to come and watch us play (especially at the [censored] MCG)
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    The Hawthorn board are waiting until after the grand final before deciding on whether to launch major legal proceedings against the Melbourne Football Club under trade practices legislation for deceptive and misleading conduct in allowing it to poach Cameron Bruce and Kyle Cheney from the club at the end of the 2010 season.
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    If it's the Rufus Stone Shiraz from Heathcote, and the price suggests it is, then it's terrific. Halliday rates it 93 and says "Light red-purple; the fragrant, red berry bouquet is lifted by the 3% co-fermented viognier, and the palate has more drive and thrust than the light colour would suggest, yet leaves an overall sense of elegance." Enjoy.
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