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    He has so much talent, but no physicality. Granted the conditions didn't suit. But really. At least have a presence.
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    some of you people here seriously need to neck up! first of all the conditions were atrocious! did not suit our talls and skills were yes not that flash. 2nd its going to take us a couple of games to get our game plan up to scratch! dont expect for them to waltz onto the field and bang get it right first up! i actually found more positives then negatives tonight. and 3rd wtf is with comments like '' we are in for another long sufferiing year, or bring back bailey!! FFS its the first game of the year and a chance to blow out the cobwebs and gets some games and miles into most of the players! Gosh there are seriously some rosey eyed people on this forum...
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    LOL! Did about as much as Jonathan Brown. Conditions were shite for a big man pushing up the ground.
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    Anyone still think he is a forward? Should be a very good backman, one of the best stoppers in the AFL, will never be a forward.
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    Settle down mate. You will be able to book a great holiday to China really soon. It will be worth the wait.
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    I wasn't. I would have been happier with a coach with a more attacking game plan. However, success is the most important thing.
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    What????????? "Fact is that none of us know where things are at re an FOJ sponser. To say we don't have one is pure speculation" There is no sponser on the front of the jumper, that is fact, not speculation. Some of the crap that people write on this site is just plain stupid.
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    Season of Halves.... Wont win many in first half but will finish strongly..May give the 8 a rattle.
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    Could it be that because the MFC was not playing your brain was more rational and relaxed??
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    Those who did the training reports really need to look at themselves...
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    I dont see what all the wrist slitting is about. It is usual when implementing a new style to take it to the extreme. We played half a side against the Suns and lost because our defence got sucked up the ground and left men behind on three occasions. The Brisbane game we would have lost last year by 4-5 goals but defended well and ground out a win. Have not seen the numbers but would expect we won the contested possession count in both games which is probably two more times than we did last year. Those long kicks forward will look alot better when the game is not in a monsoon and when you dont get penalised for putting them out. Bate was exceptional winning the ball but coughed it up too often. Magner is clearly the round 1 rookie. Nicholson did not put in a great showing and Couch looks extremely slow. Some good signs from Mitch Clark on occasion and Davey's involvement at the fall of the ball showed some promising signs. We lacked a bit of polish in the midfield but that will be helped with the addition of Trengove. No major injuries.Some good signs from Magner, Clark and Tynan. A victory against the odds. I dont understand the fuss.
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    I prefer Bennell from wing forward but no further back. I can't see why he can't be our small forward.
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    I laugh at anyone who thinks Richmond's name belong with the powerhouse clubs. Jonny Pierik obviously hasn't paid any attention to the world of footy since 1990. The powerhouse clubs in Victoria are Collingwood, Essendon, Hawthorn and Geelong.
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    Fantastic signs, brilliant tough grinding hit out in the RAIN. Should add to our fitness. Bate & Magner just what we need. Loved Nicho's game. Hate the format and some of the rules.
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    Too bad I read Demonland earlier tonight, panicked, slashed my wrists, died, and missed the Mons come-back win.
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    What ... a clever, tough-minded administrator who stops at nothing to help his club win premierships?
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    Aren't we the first team to back up with a win? Pretty good conditioning if you ask me. The thing that frightens me is how panicked and unsettled we looked for most of those two games. Clearly that has a lot to do with trying to implement a new game plan, plus having nowhere near our regular side. Jamar played a half, Garland was taken off with a back injury (doesn't sound too serious thankfully), Sylvia only played one game, as did Green, as did Grimes, and Clark was taken off in the last half. More importantly, in the season proper, great tactical kicks that bring the ball inside our forward 50, are not going to be deemed a free kick to the opposition for going out of bounds. This is a completely different set of rules. What was good is the tackling and pressure on the opposition, right up until the last second. To come up against a fresh team and be completely outplayed, only to scrap out a win, was very good. Grimes was sensational when the game was there to be won, and that is why he is captain. A year out of the game, and his defensive punch then run on to help us get the ball forward to Sellar, was absolutely brilliant. So good to see him out there again. Howe and Bail who barely played were also very good, and will be a big part of season 2012 and beyond. All in all, heaps for us to work on, but also some positives.
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    I'm devastated to see Aaron Hall scoring againt us. I really wanted us to pick him up.
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    I thought this was a bit cringeworthy from McLardy. While I agree with the ambition, to say we want to be one of the "big 5" along with Essendon, Collingwood, Carlton and Richmond... it's a little clunky to give those 4 and ignore the on-field and off-field success of Geelong and Hawthorn.
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    "Knock off their sponsors" because "that's how I roll" ? Reads to me like Easy E-Mac is planning a drive-by on one of our sponsors. Pets Paradise best be on the lookout for a slow rollin' Lexus leaning heavily to one side (not because of hydrollics, but because a fat bastard is driving it). No doubt Alan Didak will be riding shotgun. Bring it [censored].
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    Eddie is apoplectic... So he is going to steal our sponsors, end our handouts, take the QB receipts, rape our women, and drink our mead!! Simple is as simple does.
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    take a deep breath thomo I am wrapped we have Reach on the jumper it shows respect to a legend and a bloody good charity and if schwab says we are in discussions I believe him. We are not the Labor party so we should believe what the administration says
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    you can drop the strawman arguments too thomo
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    True, with our crap midfield, any guys who could improve it are welcome. Big bodies are especially welcome. Contested Poss 17th - Melbourne 16th - Brisbane 15th - Saints 14th - Adelaide Clearances 17th - Saints 16th - Melbourne 15th - Adelaide 14th - Brisbane Team / Opponent Differential Clearances per game 17th - Richmond 16th - Melbourne 15th - Brisbane 14th - Adelaide Team / Opponent Differential Contested poss per game 17th - Brisbane 16th - Melbourne 15th - Saints 14th - Essendon Team / Opponent Differential 1st poss per game 17th - Richmond 16th - Melbourne 15th - Brisbane 14th -Saints Opponent Averages Clearances against 1st - Richmond 2nd - Brisbane 3rd - Melbourne 4th - Adelaide Opponent Averages 1st poss against 1st - Richmond 2nd - Melbourne 3rd - Freo 4th - Sydney Stats don't lie
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