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    Can't even discuss the actual game yet, only how the win felt. I was at the ground. I brought a ticket through Ticketmaster and some how ended up sitting in an Eagles reserved seating section. I literally could not see another Melbourne supporter. I was by myself. I cheered everything we did and got stared at, people whispered about me, one woman asked her husband if they could move away. I wasn't badly behaved. I was just passionate. Because those Eagles supporters they don't understand - I fell in love with this footy club in 1987. I was sitting with my old man on the half forward flank when Jimmy ran over the mark and Buckenara kicked the goal in the Prelim. I've sat through horrible horrible performances - multiple 100 point floggings at the G (just 4 years ago). I'd do it all again for that win, and the effort and energy we showed to drag ourselves over the line in that last quarter. When Tommy Mac kicked the last goal I went bananas. And then when the siren went I went absolutely ballistic. You know those sad people at sporting events going nuts who you think 'calm down mate, maybe you need more going on in your life'? - that was me! Im pretty sure I looked like the slow mo of Stevie J when he kicked the sealer a couple of weeks back - but in real time. It was ugly. I don't care. That was an absolute delight. I love this footy club, and I love that I at least have a place on the internet to share something like this with people who get it. Go The Dees. I believe.
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    Umpires helped us a lot. Oscar was VAFA in the first half but All Australian in the second. Fitting that Watts kicked the sealer, an excellent goal at that. Tyson does himself no favours. Team selection still wrong despite the win. On a personal note, Mini Bizkit was born a few days ago, bought her membership last night so today she was our good luck charm.
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    Favourite moment: Watts sealer was all class and very poetic. The look on his face after he kicked it was priceless. It was like it eradicated years of pain. Really pleased for him.
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    Going early I know but ... so are the Doggies' supporters 😀
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    Spent the first half with loud mouth Pies' supporters giving it to Watts. When he kicked the sealer in the last me and my mate turned around stuck it right up them. Absolute ripper
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    New respect for Oscar best game yet well done Oscar!!!!
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    "The motivation has always been there to stay loyal and ride out the storm, because I feel the reward on the other side of that, having been through the things I’ve been through will, one, make me a better person and better player, (and) two, it would be far more rewarding than having been able to take an easier option (and) chase success somewhere else," he said Terrific interview http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-06-23/nathan-jones-reveals-why-he-didnt-bail-on-demons Jones: "The motivation has always been there to stay loyal and ride out the storm, because I feel the reward on the other side of that, having been through the things I’ve been through will, one, make me a better person and better player, (and) two, it would be far more rewarding than having been able to take an easier option (and) chase success somewhere else," Lots of champions have missed out on a flag but there would be few that have played their whole career at a traumatised club. In that respect, no-one deserves to hold up the premiership cup more than Jonesy! Integrity plus. The team is driven and talented and as he says it is in their hands.
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    The only team I fear is Melbourne, we can beat anybody and lose to anybody.
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    Great work by the club hypnotist in convincing the team at the first bounce that we were 24 points down.
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    How boring is this 4 quarter effort rubbish. My heart rate barely got out of a canter.
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    Apologies if it's been mentioned before... My hero of the day, and it's taken me til today to find him. Think back to the game, we're 4 up with about 4 minutes left... Hunt misses the shot on goal, manages to get the ball soon after and runs around Treloar, delivers inside fifty. Miskick to Grundy and the pies clear. On the footage I have, Sidebottom ends up with it, running on the boundary of the wing. Salem is tracking him but can't catch up. Sidey handballs to Treloar on the sponsors logo and he's off with a paddock in front of him. I thought we were a certainty to see Treloar give them the lead then and there. At the time I remember thinking this is it. If we win by stopping them here, it's as important as a goal. Camera pulls out to a long shot. Those of you with a copy take a look. The whole midfield is empty. Treloar can run all the way to fifty and unload. Only Salem is trailing him, and while he tries his hardest, he hasn't got the pace. In the long shot we see Hunt as the only red and blue jumper, and he's behind the centre circle and is jogging having given up. And rightly so. He's fifty metres off the contest. At this point, a smaller player for us identifies that there's noone left who can help Salem and pressure the kicker, and the guy sprints from off camera all the way up to Treloar to get a hand on him as he launches into his delivery. The slightest effect on the kick meant that it didn't have penetration, and was more lofted than Treloar would have liked. We get numbers to the drop, and we clear. The next half a dozen plays are all fifty fifty contests. He wouldn't have gotten a stat as it wasn't a tackle. Noone around me even noticed the distance he ran to get to the contest. I felt like I was the only one who saw, from where I was sitting. And since it wasn't a score or important free kick it probably got lost in the multitude of hard efforts all day from both sides. But for me, that player was as much a hero as Jack. 50 metre sprint to catch one of the zippier players in the AFL, when he was on completely the wrong side of the ground, and it definitely wasn't his job. The name? T. Bugg.
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    Just saw Dave Misson smiling, repeat, Dave Misson smiling.
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    Oscar McDonald the boy has now become a man. 23 touches, 12 marks and countless spoils, not to mention plenty of aggression at the contest. Fantastic stuff.
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    Best win of the year. Most complete performance we have had in a long time and it was so good to watch. We beat the Dogs up at their own game and made them look second rate. We are physical, our pressure is unbelievable and we can beat ANYONE in the competition. If you can find a negative out of that then you are looking in the wrong place. Everyone played their role and everyone gave something positive. And great psyche out from Tommy Bugg. The boy knew what he was doing!
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    We were watching the game from the nose bleed section in the Members. You could see absolutely everything. The game was completely in the balance. Time was running out. 71,000 people had their hearts in their mouths. Harmes kicks it long to a player in space. It was to Watts who had sprinted from the CBD to run onto the bouncing ball on the wing. The rest played out in agonising slow motion. Watts, with ball in hand, laconically moved into the forward 50 looking for pass options. Jones was on. Bugg was on. Not sure he saw either of them. Garlett was in the goal square but was well covered. Watts was on a tight angle. And yet he kept inching towards the goal square, almost begging for a Pie player to approach him so he could give it off. And then he seemed to realise that it was he who had to do it. He had to kick the winner. At that moment, he seemed to slow down, focus on the goal, and steady himself. It was like the bomber in the Dam Busters knowing that he had just one attempt and he simply had to hit the target. Civilisation depended on it. And he nailed it! A truly seminal moment in his career. A truly memorable footy moment for the rest of us. I still get nervous watching it on replay, which I have about 350 times.
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    Look at this monumental achievement that flew completely under the radar - a month ago Nathan Jones became the all time leading disposal winner in the history of the Melbourne Football Club, overtaking Greg Wells. Heres the top 10 - Number Player 1 5332 Nathan Jones 2 5222 Greg Wells 3 5094 Robert Flower 4 4985 Jim Stynes 5 4939 Adem Yze 6 4636 Todd Viney 7 4483 James McDonald 8 4394 Steven Febey 9 4346 Brett Lovett 10 4299 Stan Alves
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    The noise of the crowd in those final minutes was just incredible. And the anticipation of watching Watts run the length of the ground, and then the ecstasy when he calmly slotted it, is everything I love about sport and football.
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    I feel I will be in the minority here, but I'm liking what Buggy brings to the side at the minute. He is a deceptively good mark, he puts on some pressure at ground level AND he knows how to hit the scoreboard. Granted, he has wasted opportunities over the last month, but I think that will improve for him over the coming weeks. He is offering more than guys like Kent, JKH and even Harmes, at the minute and I think he deserves to keep his spot going forward.
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    I deal with depression every now & then in my life, not necessarily more than a lot of people. I feel like it's quite a bit, but I don't really know. Maybe it's just normal. I've suffered from it, badly in the past, but I've been pretty much free of it for years on end now & I feel lucky for that. My wife has suffered from it terribly and still does frequently, although it is better now that I have learned to help her manage it better (and completed a course on emotional intelligence as part of my CPD, which as surprisingly helpful despite seeming elementary at the time). For some reason I'm floored by Fasolo's revelation. I know it is foolish of me, but I really just didn't think he was the type. Seemed a happy, bouncy (even cocky) fella and I'm sad to hear he is doing it hard. If anything, I'm thankful he is open about it and seeking help, and also for the timely reminder that I should never assume someone is safe from the black dog in spite of appearances. (terribly self indulgent post, but I felt like sharing)
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    Supporters need the bye next weekend more than the players 😬
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    Hahahahaha, was waiting for the negative on Tyson. He was the ONLY mid making any difference at all in the first half and was very good in the second half. Yes a couple of his kicks didn't end up where hoped but they were quick kicks out of congestion. Glad to see you didn't disappoint with your bias on him!
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    The word I am getting is Hogan still a likely starter. He is fit, wants to play, but faces a mixed view from footy department on whether he is mentally ready and physically conditioned. It will come down to selection committee on Thursday. There may also be some gamesmanship going on here. Thats what I am hearing. It's from the top. Its by no means absolute. Just what I am hearing. Happy to be smashed on here for giving gossip on a "gossip site". Personally I find it entertaining. Knock yourself out! Looking forward to some apologies.
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    Pedersen's fourth quarter was insane, btw.
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    Congrats to Simon who has been elevated into the HOF tonight. Well deserved. Goodwin enters AFL Hall of Fame
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    Sweet dreams for JJ tonite
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    No 4 goes alright.... Was that the sealer he kicked to win the game? And the touched ball on the line to save the game? I think so
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    Because Taylor Adams knows all about success. You know, with his career high ladder position being 11th.
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    Video is finished and uploaded. I haven't ranked them in order as that is a just about impossible task. So many great goals missed out, but thanks again for your help and suggestions. Enjoy.
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    I'm a big Clementine Ford fan. I can't get through the day without being told what an oppressive [censored] I am for being born white and male.
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    TOM McDONALD: "I've been here for all those losses against West Coast, and normally we lose by 100 points...I'm a little bit sick of Melbourne being down the bottom and being disrespected by the competition." Mate, keep this up and anything's possible.
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    To all those in this thread going on about the umpiring I recommend you go back and watch these moments: Early last qtr Collingwood (Howe?) player takes possession at the top of our goalsquare runs, does a don't argue, gets tackled, tries to kick, misses ball, definite holding the ball to Melbourne, not paid, certain goal missed. Treloar taken by Viney in a tackle drops ball on ground, no disposal, HTB missed, picked up by Collingwood goes inside for Collingwood goal. Levi Greenwood drops a mark in the centre square, not infringed, tackled properly by Viney, ball heading forward for Melbourne, either the dropped mark or a free paid and a FIFTY paid to Collingwood. Pies score when Dees would've had a certain score. First quarter Watts taken out in a marking contest on the Wing, pies player takes the ball while Scharenberg barrels him over with what looked like a tackle in a marking contest without his eyes on the ball. Pies goal, no free for Melbourne. There were many other holding the ball frees missed for us, soft high tackles paid to them at crucial moments and many other moments. The Hibberd and Hunt ones should've been HTB, but they missed plenty to us as well. Also both managed to hit the ball so the argument is whether they threw it first and that has barely been paid for 5 weeks. Should've been HTB and we got the rub of the green on those two but so did they, many times, especially in the first half. It was a magnificent gutsy win and to claim the umpires won it for us is ludicrous. great game Dees! Being on Gawn, Hogan and the doggies!!! Edit: Not to mention Oscar perfectly bodying a contested mark on the wing to have it reversed then a pies player does the exact same thing in our forward fifty.. NO FREE!!
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    Knew instantly which you were referring to!
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    You could be forgiven for wanting nothing to do with the club after the first half. I didn't. I thought I was going to take a two week hiatus from the site, from the club, from anything to do with Melbourne. It was close to the worst half of football we have played for some time. We played lazy, arrogant footy and for the first time I really saw no leadership from our players. You could almost sense that we thought this was a game we would win without too much effort. It was horrible to watch. And then it all changed. Our leaders, especially Jones, took the game by the scruff of the neck and said 'we've had enough'. Against the wind we worked super hard and got ourselves back in front before going on with the job in the last term like we should. We played some terrific footy and it was clear that our changes worked as we had plenty of run to finish off the game. It was great to watch. A few things stood out: I have loved the development of Hannan over the last fortnight. We are seeing a good player form right before our eyes. He can be a real weapon for us. Nathan Jones stood up big time in the third term and gave us some real leadership. It was fantastic to see. Jeffy Garlett has been sensational this year and it was so pleasing to see him kick another 4 after a quiet game. I thought our changes were spot on this week and really gave us run we needed to not only get back into the game but to finish it off as well. No doubt the first half is something we need to fix and fix quickly. But, we are 5-5 going into the bye and we can rest and hopefully get a few key players back for a big second half of the year. We may not be a finals side going by tonight's effort, but we are well and truly in the running. Bring on the Pies in a fortnight!
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    Earlier this week a Facebook post was shared around about a kid named Lachy who'd injured his neck playing for Seaford: When I saw this, I sent the link on to the club page, while a number of others contacted players or their family members directly. I got a reply today from the club saying that they had looked after young Lachy, so I went and had another look at the original thread. No less than ten players took the time to get in touch and have a chat. Cam Pedersen got on the thread and asked for a mailing address so he could organise some signed merchandise. How awesome is this club?
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    Gee I have been very vocal won't make it etc etc, but never let it be said that I don't acknowledge a good performance, even a very good one! I thought today was Oscars best game for the club!! No ifs or but's he still bothers me and the jury from my piont of view is well and truly out but I must say..... Oscar, Very good game indeed! PF
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    We just beat the Eagles in Perth on a 6-day break with 3 injured players. Contender for best win this millennium.
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    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-06-23/dees-lock-in-classy-defender-salem-for-two-more-years Let the breakout season continue.
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    Anyone else staring at the ladder for a little too long?
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    Yes, it's all over and the Demons win by the lucky number 13 points. That makes it four wins in a row. Peter Jackson VFL 2017 Casey Demons 2.3.15 5.8.38 8.12.60 10.15.75 Footscray VFL 3.1.19 4.3.27 8.5.53 9.8.62 Goals Casey Demons Zijai 3 Cox Fritsch Hulett Kennedy-Harris Morris Weideman White Footscray VFL Smith 2 Campbell English Lipinski Mullenger-McHugh Redpath Tweedie Webb Best Casey Demons White Stretch Collis Maynard Kennedy-Harris Fritsch Footscray VFL Young Campbell Collins Boyd Jamieson Webb Statistics Liam Hulett 1 goal 4 kicks 2 handballs 6 disposals 1 mark 3 tackles 1 hit out 38 dream team points Dion Johnstone 5 kicks 5 handballs 10 disposals 1 mark 3 tackles 41 dream team points Declan Keilty 3 kicks 6 handballs 9 disposals 6 tackles 47 dream team points Jay Kennedy-Harris 1 goal 1 behind 19 kicks 14 handballs 33 disposals 4 marks 11 tackles 148 dream team points Dean Kent 21 kicks 6 handballs 27 disposals 3 marks 2 tackles 90 dream team points Mitch King 1 kicks 5 handballs 6 disposals 1 mark 3 tackles 8 hit outs 36 dream team points Corey Maynard 2 behinds 7 kicks 16 handballs 23 disposals 4 marks 4 tackles 84 dream team points Jake Spencer 1 behind 4 kicks 8 handballs 12 disposals 2 tackles 19 hit outs 58 dream team points Billy Stretch 12 kicks 12 handballs 24 disposals 2 marks 8 tackles 99 dream team points Jack Trengove 21 kicks 8 handballs 29 disposals 8 marks 7 tackles 131 dream team points Josh Wagner 16 kicks 12 handballs 28 disposals 7 marks 2 tackles 101 dream team points Sam Weideman 1 goal 4 kicks 7 handballs 11 disposals 4 marks tackles 3 hit outs 55 dream team points Mitch White 1 goal 15 kicks 9 handballs 24 disposals 6 marks 1 tackle 88 dream team points
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    Full credit to the Dees supporters at the ground today. A few (deserved) boos for Howe but none for Lynden Dunn, and they even gave him a standing ovation for his courage when he went off towards the end. Good respect shown to a loyal servant of our club.
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    Garland, Lange added to coaching panel Congratulations to Col. It must be great to have a meaningful role at the Dees while recovering. Article doesn't say how long for. Not sure what it means for his playing career as he is contracted to end of 2018 and will turn 30 early next year. Whether he plays on or not, I'm delighted the club is helping him build career options for life after football whenever that may be. Another sign we are much more professional in developing our players on and off the field. Well done to the Club and Col. Have always loved Col and his love for the Dees.
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    Taylor Adams Season by Season: 2012: 18th (GWS) 2013: 18th (GWS) 2014: 11th (Collingwood) 2015: 12th (Collingwood) 2016: 12th (Collingwood) I'm really happy for Dunn that Taylor is there to tell him about what success looks like.
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    Jack Viney's game tonight is one of the most courageous performances I've seen from a captain in Melbourne colours. He is toughness personified, he will get all coaches votes and should have it double. Tommy Mac, wow. What a night, 5 goals anywhere anytime is good. Against the eagles on their home turf, amazing. What a game!
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    Goodwin was just on SEN 1) Gawn will play 2) Watts's scan came up clear. As long as he gets through training tomorrow will play. 3) Hibberd will 100% play. Always pulls up sore with his tendons. 4) JKH will play this week. 5) I might have made up point 4.
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    My Foxtel IQ hard drive after these 2 weeks of replays.
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    Not really BBO. I'm getting the silent treatment. Husband is a bit sulky. My daughter and I however are very happy. ❤️💙
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    I highly recommend for those that haven't been to Alice to come up and support - it's awesome. On a very personal note - not that anyone knew... nice win for the old man looking on - exactly one year on. Finally. Jones was immense the negativity that pervades supporters drives me to drink (currently at Montes in Alice again, it's awesome) its not about 2017 and yes finals makes me feel good - but they show grit, time and time and time again. From a coaching perspective they make relevant changes where appropriate- 2018 will be a cracker. oliver is just sublime harmes is stepping up and remember - no defined ruck and no key forward for structure - glad we lowered our eyes in the second half. Melbourne have done effing well for the past 5 rounds without the services of some athletes that really are crucial to structure and planning. Personally I commend the coaching staff with all things considered