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    Lever has met with both Melbourne and Collingwood. One meeting went very well. The other didn't.
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    I am shattered. I am not yet ready to look at any positives. I simply want to use lots of swear words. This is a season wasted.
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    Quite surprised considering all the trade chatter. Well done to him and the club. He's shown a lot of potential in what is still a very young career.
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    Hah ha comedy gold. You're dreaming. Hibberd AA in his first year. Pick 29. Break even? Melksham our best fwd in the second half of the year by some margin. 2nd round pick? I'd like four more disasters like that this trade period.
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    Siren. A Demon premiership and the song blares out of the PA system - It's a grand old flag! There ends 90 years of history as the VFA/VFL seconds/ AFL Vic Development League comes to an end. Casey Demons 2.6.18 6.11.47 8.13.61 13.16.94 Williamstown 5.4.34 5.8.38 9.12.66 11.16.82 Goals Casey Demons Cox 3 Ambler Lefau Zijai 2 Briggs Foote Freeman Dan Johnston Williamstown Ebinger 4 Norton Wilkinson 2 Buykx-Smith Davies Philpot Best Casey Demons Dwyer Cox Johnston Gains Foote Lewis-Smith Williamstown Chisari Ebinger Monk Wilkinson Gray Norton Disposals Dwyer 30 Daniel Johnston Lovett 21 Will Collis 20 Zijai 19
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    Anyone hear Scully saying Kelly should stay at GWS because money isn't everything? Oh the irony of that pathetic little lying turd!
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    Maybe just maybe Jack Watts has been ruined by this club with its poor standards and constant changes and now that we are getting it together he just needs to refocus. One thing we know for sure and that is that he has better skills than most of his team mates and is the best set shot for goal on our list. He also has the ability to set up play and deliver the ball accurately to team mates. Perhaps instead of throwing him out with the rubbish, we try and get him to fit into our plans and get the best out of him. This is the same bloke who was composed enough to kick the winning goal on the run against the Pies, on QB and then run down the other end, to grab a mark and save the game. He is also the same bloke who was thrown into the ruck and ran himself into the ground for us earlier this year. He has talent, lets try and get it used for our benefit.
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    I saw Clayton Oliver enjoying a coffee and a croissant earlier today. How dare he. I expected to see him eating weeds from his front lawn instead after yesterday.
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    I posted elsewhere. Thanks Liam, Mitch, Jake. Good luck wherever your path takes you. Trenners, a very special thankyou for your dogged determination. Thankyou for the love of the jumper. Thankyou for showing others how to apply and reapply yourself. I knew it would be a long bow getting back but you did. It hasn't panned out but not for any lack of effort. To all a thankyou. Mr Trengove , you have my utmost respect. Good luck.
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    All the best boys and thank-you from the bottom of my heart.
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    Goodwin on RSN this morning stated Gus had scans on his neck and all is clear. Good news. Also, interesting to hear Goodwin say Gus will end up as an inside mid for us when the question was put forward to him.
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    We are getting picky at Demonland. Andrew Gaff not good enough for us? Wow. Perfect age, provides what we desperately need, averages 29 possessions a game this year for WCE, lovely kick, runs all day, good decision maker and durable. Nah, who needs that? I love him at the Demons, would be one of our best 10 players.
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    Our anger & frustration should be aimed at the pathetic performance by the MFC! Destiny was in their hands & they blew it!
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    He's fast aggressive, tall and keen to play for us. He'll play in our premiership team.
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    Well, there is one difference. The supporters care about winning ...
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    GWS winning the Grand Final would be the equivalent of McDonalds buying itself a Michelin Star.
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    So you're telling me that we have more chance to unearth a star with 2 top ten and 1 outside than sticking with Oliver. That indicates to me that you don't see him as a rare talent capable (or likely) of becoming a star of the competition despite having as good a second year as anyone I can remember. That surprises me. I was expecting "three players are better than one", I wasn't expecting "if we had three picks we'd get on that's better than Clarry". Clarry and Trac are the two best prospects I've seen at MFC since Flower. They are in the right environment. There is no price I'd accept for either that could be seriously offered. And on a completely different topic I really like the Rivers/Lever comparison except Lever is a much better kick. For the record I loved Rivers, seriously underrated and if Lever was as good and could kick it would be gold for our club.
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    They will turn up after the quarter time siren.
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    I really hope you're joking.
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    I'm not worried at all. Not even a little bit. I was shattered after the second Roos loss cos that was the proof we're on a hiding to nothing this year. I would have preferred to get a final into the kids, but that's negligible. The big picture here is the core list. We need a KP defender in the off season, and we're getting one. Or at least doing everything we can to get one. Aside from that, the core is well and truly there. Our only pressing concerns in coming years will be replacing Vince, Jones and Jordie who will all age out. Aside from that we can only improve. It'll fall on deaf ears, but we can't possibly go backwards next year. We were smashed by injury all year. And we were never going to win one in 2017 anyway, so this sad time on demonland would have come at some point in the next few weeks anyway. All's well folks. We/re looking good.
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    I'm super excited but my Collingwood supporter husband has a bad case of the man flu and will not be accompanying me tomorrow. I pondered whether I should stay home and play Florence Nightingale for a brief moment but then quickly changed my mind. I'll be there tomorrow and I will dose my husband up on drugs before I go and bring him home some jam donuts and the footy record. Go Dees ❤️💙
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    If we cant beat this weak, under strength filth team missing at least 8 of their best 22 with a full strength team minus Viney, , we don't deserve to play finals.
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    You must have really hated these moments...
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    Jack was a champion under age midfielder for Sth Australia. He was picked behind Tom Scully but it was a toss of the coin. Jack was not quick but was very skilful, tough, smart, a natural leader and of high character. His first 4 years showed his talent. 79 games included half as skipper. Appointed skipper for 2012 with Jack Grimes. Bizarre from Neeld and ahead of time but Jack embraced the challenge. Tragically Jacks career stalled in 2014 with the navicular bone in his foot and the pain and impact being too much. With medical assistance and his strong will, Jack got back in 2016 but lacked even more pace as needed in the AFL. He is too good for the VFL but not quite AFL intense any more. Jack was well spoken. Always willing to talk about footy. He has been great with my 4 kids. He always smiled and happy to get those photos taken. As the Dees have Lewis,Vince, Tyson taking his role type, the delisting was not surprising. I hope he finds a spot elsewhere in another team or returns to SA to perhaps captain Sturt. From all on Demonland and all MFC supporters & members, thank you and good luck Jack.
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    Hannan is only popping in for a minute .
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    We cannot sugarcoat it, 2017 just missed the mark. A pass was to play one finals game, anything above that was a great year, anything below was a failure. In all of the doom and gloom of the past 48 hours, thanks is due to a few of the Melbourne family for some excellent achievements thus far; First of all, to the members/supporters, thank you. We broke our membership record this year, and also our games attendance record. That is a massive achievement, to step up and support such a frustrating team is no easy task. Thank you for showing up and supporting your guts out. Watching the MCC side of the G erupt due to a goal or a bad umpiring call is showing the rest of the league how passionate our supporter base are. Secondly, to PJ and GB, thank you. Both of you were instrumental in getting our off and on field structure/foundations right. You have dragged a hopeless team out of the gutter and made us relevant again. You said you would do it, and you delivered. Thank you. Thirdly, Paul Roos, thank you. The easiest thing PR could have done was to stay in the media. He would have made enough of a salary, and kept this coaching record up there with the greats. He took a risk with Melbourne, poured his heart and soul into the club, and lived up to his word by making our club 'competitive' again. You have build the foundations to allow our football department to be very successful. Going from 4 wins to 12 in a mighty improvement. Michael Hibberd and Jake Melksham; thank you. Watching both of you play for our club this year has been a pleasure. You have both thrown your bodies on the line, on numerous occasions and have completely bought into making this club successful again. Thank you for choosing us, and thank you for working your buts off. (If there is any doubt on Melksham, talk to any bombers supporters about how much he has surprised them this year, he has been massive) Jesse Hogan, thank you. No one would have challenged you, or complained, if you wrote off this year after your fathers death, your cancer scares, your shoulder, or anything else this shocking year has thrown at you. Thank you for working your butt off to get back into the team, and winning games for us. Without you last week, we wouldn't have even been able to dare to dream this weekend just gone. Thank you for not giving up. Clayton Oliver, thank you. Second year players normally go through second year blues, and are always forgiven for it. However, you didn't allow this to happen. You stepped up when you were challenged on field, off field, through a fence, and put your name into superstar status. You showed 43 other players on the list what consistent football is, even when being heavily tagged. Thank you for showing us supporters you have a lions heart. There are more players who deserve a thank you, including Jayden Hunt, Jordan Lewis, Nathan Jones, Jeff Garlett, Cam Pedersen, Christian Petracca, but I'll leave it at that. Onwards to 2018.
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    I just spoke with the club and these are the facts. “Russell Robertson will continue in his role as the face of the Melbourne Football Club. He will continue to be our match-day host and the host of other supporter functions and events. His role has simply transitioned from a full-time position to a contractor. This change was made some weeks ago and is no way connected to today’s announcement.”
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    Rumor thread needs more rumors Less demonland
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    Thanks for the service boys and good luck. Especially Trengove - like most of the faithful I hoped for a fairytale ending to the foot saga, but it wasn't to be.
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    Sad to see Jack Trengove's career with us end like this. Cruelled by injury, still did everything and more to try and get back, but wasn't to be. We'll never know what he could have been. Hard to see any AFL club picking him up, but has leadership and footy smarts. Too early for a coaching career, and still goes OK ... player-coach at a lower league? All the best Jack.
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    Jackson Trengove on way out of Port. Offered 3 years, wants 4 and will get 4. We're one of a few clubs sniffing. plan B should we lose Lever from 10 goals up at 3 quarter time.
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    Sums up our year, getting ahead of ourselves.
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    He's had initial talks about a three year extension with the club. He wants to stay and we want him to stay
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    We have the former Dogs Coach at our club and he would have several close contacts at the Dogs, including players and officials. If we don't go for Stringer, can we all rest assured that he would know something and that we would therefore know what we are doing. On a pure talent basis of course we would look at him. If we don't, then there would be a very good reason.
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    With all of the supposed high end young talent on the list, we have finally arrived at the point of topping up with the finishing touches to have a dip at a flag. Developing another batch of 18yr olds probably wont get us into a grand final in the next 2 or 3 years, whereas adding 2 or 3 very high end talents in areas of weakness just may do that. We were always going to end up having a dip, and sell the longer term future for a solid crack at the now. I'm comfortable with paying a reasonable price if it means a flag. We would all quickly forget the price while enjoying a month long bender following that flag win. If our young blokes develop the way we hope, the time to go after the best is now.
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    Then Petracca would want to have a consistent season, and not just patches of promise. Just a tad overrated on output thus far is Christian.
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    Inside mail? I'll see myself out...
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    What does Gaff not being a contested ball winner have to do with him being of value to the team? He covers more ground than any of our players, finds more ball than any of our players except Oliver, and has more score involvements than any of our mids. He lead the league for kicks, effective kicks and has high metres gained. He's a top 5 draft pick who developed well and met expectations placed on him. He's been an All Australian wingman and was 4th in the Brownlow last year. I get he's not a contested beast, but realistically he sh*ts on most players on our list and is exactly what we need to bring balance to our slow overly inside midfield. Anyone saying he's no good or no value to our team has little understanding of football. Would swap a first round pick for him and run if we got he chance. Proven quality in an area of need. Chase him hard Dees.
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    This is good news. Interesting comments by him, regarding him being frustrated that his form had dipped at the wrong time and he wasn't able to pull it round sufficiently in the 2s in time for the final rounds. I wonder if this means that, if we acquire Lever, TMac will be permanently forward? I certainly see upside to Frost - at his best, his intercept work is great and his sprint out of defence is at times exhilarating! Well done young man.
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    They are all carying one of these.... oh look, NO TACKLES
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    Trengove could be captain at Casey. It seems his AFL days are numbered. However we need people like him around our development players @casey. . Too good a clubman and football brain to let go . Sad, that injury slaughtered any chance he had of showing his natural skills. Besides he does not desreve to be treated like *&%$ by some posters. These young men ARE Humans
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    Of course there isn't, it's not a fact. I wrote in the match selection thread that we'd be pack raped by maggots as soon as I saw Pannell's name in the ump list. He made the big error last week and his penance was? More of the same please. I also went on to say that the AFL believe that 90% of AFL fans are dumb as dog's you know what, and this is the line that keeps coming up. It's total rubbish, almost as factual as a ruck rule stating no straight arm fend offs. After our reaming against Carlton in R22 last year, where the same line was pumped out about 2nd to the contest blah, blah, blah to explain why we were only worth 5 free kicks for the entire game (yep, 5), I did my own analysis. Of all the 'basic' stats the AFL provides, the one with the most correlation to victories is guess what? Free [censored] kicks! Not possessions, not even contested possessions. Not tackles, not clearances. Free [censored] kicks! Last year the AFL wanted a dogs premiership. They got a favourable draw, they had the umps in the back pocket (pats on bum included) and they duly saluted. Next challenge, orchestrate the make up of the final 8. Surely not, too difficult. Nup, 4 out of the 5 states represented, even came down to the last quarter of the last game of the year. Couldn't have planned it better if they'd tried. Or did they? It's pretty obvious from here. Who do they want to win? GWS. They'll win, and I'll go out on a limb and say GWS/Essendon grand final. Now wouldn't that be great for the game. As others have said, it has very little to do with the frees that are paid, it's all about the ones that are missed. Early first quarter yesterday, inside 50 to Pedo for a grab. 2 hands firmly in the back, big push out. Play on. You can tell when the maggots are cheating, there'll be an obvious free kick and they yell out 'play on'. Why are they saying that if there's nothing wrong? Play on from nothing doesn't need to be called. That leads me to my next point. Does anyone know how to get data on frees for inside 50? We just don't get them. The non-free to Tom Mac on 3 quarter time is just another example of an obvious error, but won't be discussed as it wasn't paid as a free. It essentially never happened. We get crucified inside 50 week in week out and I'd guarantee we receive the least i50 frees across the league. Left nut on the line! Have a look at the replay and tell me which umpire was camped out in our forward 50 most of the game. I'll give you a guess. Call me crazy, I don't care. If you're a conformer I don't mind (not referring to you Deev), all I can hope for is to slowly raise awareness of these things. They're happening, it's real. The climate is changing!
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    Reality was that Collingwood came to play. They ran with numbers, used handball effectively around the ball, ran into space all over the ground and took contested marks when it counted. They simply outplayed us all day. And you would have to think that Buckley outcoached Goodwin. Same old bad habits by Melbourne. For me, the game pretty much depicted where MFC is at. All the warning signs were present in the Brisbane match.
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    There's a sense of history about today - much like it was with the final round of 1987 when many of us travelled to Footscray and watched Melbourne's famous victory. Back then, we depended on Hawthorn to beat Geelong and Jason Dunstall's late goal saw us in into the finals. We went all the way to the preliminary final and the Jim Stynes 15 metre penalty that deprived us of a grand final appearance. This time, it's clear - we depend on no one - it's up to us. Let's do it!
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