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    I'll just leave this here: Oliver - 35 possessions, 14 contested, 9 clearances and 8 tackles. What a player.
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    Tweet from Jack T: Melbourne FC Retweeted Jack Trengove✔ @jtren9 That's what it's all about! Turning dreams into reality. The big Bull can seriously give out a bruise or two! Well deserved mate. All class from Trengove. Even as he watches his own dreams evaporate he still finds the time and integrity to encourage teammates. Just love Trengrove...so said that injuries have cruelled his career.
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    I'm calling it now, we won't lose a game this season.
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    His father Mark Brayshaw is on SEN and said (not verbatim): Angus is fine after the latest knock. Mark and his wife had a long chat with the doctor yesterday and expect Gus to be available to play this week. Mum more worried than Dad. Club doctors are very good and conservative and are keen to keep parents in the loop. Angus's doctor said his issue is at the lower end. Angus has been a bit unlucky with head knocks rather than how he plays Doctor's explained wearing a helmet only increases the circumference of the 'target' so helmets don't really help Gus has no structural damage His mum doesn't want him to stop playing but does worry (more than dad) Grateful for the chance to talk as it clears things up for lots of family and friends. Its great that Gus's dad has come out and cleared the air. If nothing else it stops journos creating dramatic headlines. A father is a lot more convincing than a club. Delighted that Gus is ok and can get on with his football.
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    Well I have to say it ..... Elephant 1 Viney has been very very average in the three games as captain and needs to lift! I wasn't that happy with his premature elevation to captaincy with Jones and I still haven't seen anything to make me change my mind that he is up to it! Tries to break tackles after tackles a la Dangerfield and Selwood , which , ah he is not! Elephant 2 Watts was simply Outstanding today, All the Watts knockers need to liberally eat that famous pie "Humble" His leadership, courage and skills shone out today in a role which he is not cut out for. Great game Jack and that goal , taking on opposition was "Priceless"
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    I would like to dedicate this loss to Lewis and Hogan
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    Who kicked goals on Oscar today? How many goals was he directly responsible for with turnovers?
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    McCartin kicked a point and had 5 touches watts would have been burnt on the stake if it was him
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    Anyone imagining Alex Neale-Bullen will get dropped after a 28 disposal, 10 tackle game is simply irrational.
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    Reading this post match discussion so far; Brayshaw is slow and not up to AFL standard. Watts needs to be dropped. Viney and Petracca were bad and probably won't be too far behind. Imagine if selection were in the hands of some of the commentators here. OMac of course wouldn't have played after last week, or for the rest of the season. Pederson would play and never be dropped (this one really fascinates me). The level of kneejerk absolutist rubbish some of you spew is frankly hilarious. Those who just can't seem to work out that form is variable, particularly for the under 23 year old players. One week up, next down, maybe underwhelming for a few in a row. If you expect week to week or even month to month consistency from every player, you're going to be continually frustrated and angry.
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    Demons win 10.15.75 to 10.12.72 with a late snap goal. I'm off to work ... report later.
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    So with the big Spencil coming in for our 12 week Maxless challenge. I thought I'd look into his 11 assignments (11?! yes 11, there is a bye in there). I'm interested to see how he goes against some of the more "battler" type ruckmen. Although, going though this makes me realise, If there had to be any time of year for max to go down, this was the one you would say is the best for us. Particularly when you look at the run home, but we'll get to that later. For now, here's Spencil's fixture: Freo (H) - Sandilands So, straight in the deep end for Jake. Sandilands is as big as the come and has been one of the best for years. As good as Max is we wouldnt even be sure that we would get any advantage with him playing. The best we can hope for is Jake nullifying Sandy much the same as the likes of Hickey were able to nullifying Max last year. Rich (A) - Nankervis I'm pretty big on Nankervis, I think he will one day be a star ruckman. That said, he isnt one yet. For now he is a solid competitor who shows glimpses of talent. Spencil should have nankervis covered 8/9 times out of 10 but if he has a day out Nankervis could quickly become a handfull. Ess (A) - Leuenberger/McKernan/Bellchambers? Mckernan has been showing some good signs this year, particulary around the ground so Jake would have his hands full after the initial contest. However I think in the ruck itself Spencer should be fine to draw even against any of these guys. Haw (H) - McEvoy/Vickery Well I think we can agree Jake has Vickery covered. McEvoy is a bigger challenge. Hitouts I think Spence can get himself his fair share, but I don't know if he will be able to get many that are particularly meaningful. Much like the Essendon guys i think Spencer will draw even. Adel (A) - Jacobs Jacobs is a huge challenge. Probably beyond what Spencil will be able to handle. I'd love to be wrong but the lack of max plus it being at adelaide oval against what could still be an undefeated Adelaide (their fixture is easier than ours)... it could be a really tough day for us. North (H) - Goldy/Pruess Strange things going on at North. Pruess is playing as the Nr 1 ruck.. and doing well. Who knows how long it will last but once again Spencer will have his hands full here.. could be another tough day but we should be good enough to get over the line even without control in the ruck. Suns (H) - Witts Witts is an interesting one, Spencer's story could be similar to his in 12 months time, He has been in the shadows of Grundy for some time and has instantly become a solid Nr 1 ruckman at another club. No easy task for Spencil but at the same time he should be plenty good enough to match it against a fellow VFL ruckman. Coll (H) - Grundy With Gawn out of his way, I think Grundy is a super chance of taking the AA spot this year. Hope spencer can limit him as much as possible but it will be the hardest task of this run. Dogs (A) - Campbell/Roughead/Boyd Battlers and nothing more. Spencer should be just fine against whoever he comes up against. The dogs are well known as a bigger threat at ground level. WCE (A) - Vardy/Peitre/Giles/Basically anyone over 190cm Vardy keeps treatening to be a good player but then either underperforms or gets injured. Spencer should be good enough against these guys. They share his "Temp guy" label so wouldnt expect them to be capable of dominating. Syd (H) - Naismith/Tippett/Sinclair All decent without being great ruckmen. Tough day in the office but by no means unbeatable. Like most on this list he should be able to draw even. So coming to the end of the 11 weeks I have to say: It's not by any means looking like a disaster. No doubt we will miss a few opportunities for Max to be completely dominant, but Spencer is a capable guy, he should be able to keep us in most games. Freo, Adelaide, North and Collingwood shape up as the 4 toughest asks. Of which 2I would say we should still win, Adelaide and Collingwood (Dependent on from) may not be so simple. Other than that I wouldnt think Spencer would kill off any of our chances in the other games. Their ruckman are far from dominant enough to give us too many issues. For media personel to suggest our finals hopes are done is foolish. I believe in what the Spencil can do for us! Now, with all of that being said... I couldnt leave out the worst case scenario even if it was just a footnote: If Max's rehab is delayed, the final 8 matches of the season are Carlton, Adelaide, Port, North, GWS, St Kilda, Brisbane, Collingwood. Those 8 games contain most of the best ruckman going around, If we dont have Max back then, it could be a really tough run home. And on the otherside of that. Max wont have anything in the way of a warmup when he is back, he will be straight in against Kreuzer and it aint getting any easier. But let's think positive for now! Will be great to see how we as a team track through these big 3 months. Spencer himself could do anything in this time. I hope he earns himself a big contract, whether it is with us or elsewhere, it doesnt matter. Because if he does that, we will be playing in September
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    A huge shout out to Neal-Bullen. I've been a critic, but he was very good and important today.
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    Just saw Rod Grinter outside the ground. Grin from ear to ear.
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    Is it a grand old flag? You freaking bet it is! DEMONS!
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    The better team lost today. We lick our wounds and learn.
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    I'm a big Pedo fan but you'd have to say he won't feature much in Goody's plans and seems to only be on the list to make up numbers and for depth. It's a shame because I think he can play. He's not a champion but he's certainly not a dud.
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    O-Mac had a great passage of play that could have set the scene for our comeback. Check out the lead-up play to Watts's goal. Hunt wins the ball at half back, turns around and kicks it to T-Mac in back pocket. O-Mac runs to the other pocket as soon as he sees Hunt turn, and gets the switch kick from T-Mac. There's nobody free, but instead of bombing it to a contest (this is right after quarter time, remember), he waits, is told to play on, but Lewis has made position on the boundary line and he hits him with a neat 20-30m pass. Lewis too has nobody to kick to initially. But instead of just ball-watching, O-Mac has actually run about 60m (past Riewoldt on the mark, who didn't chase him) and made position on the boundary line 30m downfield from Lewis, who hits him with the pass. O-Mac plays on immediately, and with a beautiful zone-splitting angled 40m pass he hits Petracca on the front corner of the square. Petracca plays on quickly and belts it over the back of the zone where Watts, who started running towards goal as soon as he realised it was Petracca, takes an unopposed mark & slots it. O-Mac's play here converted a back-pocket stalemate into a goal in the first minute of the second quarter. Sure, others played an important part, but it was O-Mac who set up the play. And it was at a crucial time in the game, when we had to make a statement after the first quarter. I'm saying that 9 out of 10 defenders wouldn't have bothered running to make position, and none of them would have attempted, let alone executed, such a brilliant attacking pass that split the defence. I'm not saying he doesn't make mistakes, or hesitate, or turn it over. But he does do some really good things too, which I'm sure the coaching staff would notice. He gets no credit on here for the good things he does.
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    A lot of talk about the quality of Oscar McDonald. I think it's important to see how the development of key defenders is generally different to most players. Oscar gets pushed around a bit by the really powerful tall forwards (Hawkins is one) but he competes a hell of a lot better with them than almost every key defender of his age and experience. At this point in their careers (just turned 21 years old): Frawley was playing as a medium defender (on smaller marking players), Tom Mc was playing as a back up to Frawley and Dunn, Harry Taylor was not yet drafted Brian Lake was still undrafted (and was still Brian Harris!) Heath Grundy had played 11 games in 3 years as a forward. His games were ... underwhelming. Ted Richards has played 12 games at Essendon as a forward. Very underwhelming. Josh Gibson had not yet debuted (and would not debut for another year too) Ben Stratton had not yet been drafted. Zac Dawson spent that season and the following season in the Hawthorn VFL team. Sam Fisher had not yet been drafted Ben Rutten had played 2 games as a struggling forward. Dale Morris was still a year away from being drafted in the rookie draft. Rance had just rejoined the team having spent the majority of the previous year in the VFL (he was being kept of the AFL side by Luke McGuane, Kelvin Moore and Will Thursfield!) Scott Thompson was still not yet drafted Sam Rowe was still 4 years away from being drafted! Jeremy McGovern was still a year away from being drafted Now, far be it for me to labour a point, but it takes key defenders a lot longer than most players to develop into AFL standard (even the exceptional ones) because their job involves being able to physically compete with big, physically strong opponents. Oscar does this very well at this stage, given that he is not yet fully physically developed. He is tracking waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy ahead of where he should be at this stage. We're very lucky there.
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    Congratulations to The Bull, Tim Smith. This was predicted on last nights Demonland Podcast which can be streamed or downloaded here: http://demonland.com/Podcast * * shameless plug
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    I hope Hogan and Lewis feel like rubbish. Huge effort without Gawn, can't be too upset. Geelong are going nowhere fast.
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    I love watching these videos.
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    I really dont care about the semantics. We won the bloody game. If we win ugly most of the time that's just fine with me. We have had years of losing ugly every bloody week. So let's be happy with the win.
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    Salem was a CLEAR best on ground.
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    Went down today, was impressed by the young Casey players with Ed Morris one of the stars of the day and a leader out there for a very inexperienced Casey side. It was a much tougher test this week with some pretty motivated Hawthorn players in Sicily, Schoenmakers, Duyrea & Hartung after being dropped and very experienced VFL side in Box Hill. My thoughts on the Melbourne boys. McKenna - Made a few decision errors but was general sound with disposal before getting injured in the 3rd qtr. DJ - Struggled like most in the first half but lifted the intensity in the second, at the moment only a one effort player and needs to build fitness. Kent - Was very good and looks ready for AFL. Spencer - Dominated in the ruck against Fitzpatrick with Casey midfield getting first hands all day, spent some time forward and was competitive without hitting the scoreboard. Wagner - Looked really good from return, he wasn't the best defensively but his kicking out of the back line was brilliant. Could come back in if required. Frost - Defensively sound but had limited game time, building fitness and probably needs another week. Pederson - Better than last week and competed well in the air. Bugg - Played well and was probably the most consistent player over the 4 qtr's for Casey. Maynard - Improving, looked lively in the middle and was already much better from last week, Looking forward to what he can do this year. Filipovic - Moves well but is just getting pushed around in the contest at the moment, might spend some time in the development league if Spencer plays VFL. Trengrove - Very clean in tight, spent the 2nd half at half back and was sound with a couple of outstanding tackles. Kielty - Played forward and struggled early, went into the ruck for a few minutes and had a real impact kicking his first goal out of the ruck. Was much better after getting involved in the ruck and major contributor in the comeback. Smith - Always a star at Casey, building fitness and needs to improve his 2 way running if he wants to be considered for the AFL.
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    Not enough love for Billy Stretch. Provided run and was so dam calm with the ball in hand. A lazy 26 disposals to go with it.
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    Lots of guys played well today and played an Etihad style of game today. Therefore Goodwin was as influencial as a 23 man. But what gets lost in every game and for the last too many years is the the progression and now influence of our Caprian Jones. He is now a complete player. Great decision maker, great skills, gets the ball consistently week in week out. He is an AA grade player. The work he had done on his game is MASSIVE. In now good times and in extremely bad times he continues to perform and is so much better now he has good support around him. when others have floundered he has excelled due to dedication. He deserves to lift the cup for what he does now and for what did in an environment that killed more talented individuals
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    On that, a little birdy told me Keilty isn't too far off either
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    Tim Smith coming in doesn't spell the end for Pedersen. Run an eye over the Casey reports - Pedersen is still working into it after a limited pre-season. I don't know why we need to be so melodramatic about selection.
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    Rubbish post. He had 1 clanger on the weekend, went at 83% DE, and didn't concede a goal. He reads the play beautifully
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    2nd round pick + Jamar and Matt Jones should get it done.
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    I am a Fijian Indian who has been a Melbourne supporter for 30 years. Last year I took my parents and my kids for their first AFL game. It was at Etihad against St Kilda. My son is now 4 years old and my daughter is 6 years old. This year I took my mother inlaw for her first game. Kids did my head in during the game. But after the game, the demon supporters were fantastic. Everyone was so friendly. People we didn't even know were talking to us. After the game they all stoped and talked to my son and gave him high fives!! Some talked to him like he played in the game. He now calls himself Jack Viney and his big sister is big Max! I am Jack watts, his mother is Nathon Jones. And his visiting grandmother is Jesse Hogan! Thank you to all the lovely Melbourne Supporters who made my kids feel special in their first win!
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    I want to flag Weidemans attack on the ball in the air - quite frankly he isn't delivering on the outcomes consistently as yet , my word though, he will. He glides, yet attacks with oomph - the sure hands will develop.
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    Uncle Bitter is toddling along today as the guest of a St Kilda member. I expect to be evicted by halftime as either - A. A boorish drunken loud mouthed and ungracious winner Or B. A boorish drunken loud mouthed and ungracious loser.
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    Disappointing day out for the team formerly known as the Scorpions today. This year was always going to see a vastly different looking Casey side, having lost the experience and nous of Dunn, Grimes, Terlich and Garland, as well as the ball winning abilities of Michie, Newton and Matt Jones. Most of this group of players were mainstays and consistent regular good players last year, and they've been replaced by Under 18 and local players essentially. Add in our current MFC injury list that's in double figures,and I was always a bit hesitant of our chances today. Nevertheless, a bright opening quarter where we dominated around the ground, offering great forward pressure to keep the ball down there, and a midfield having the run of play, despite not winning many ruck hitouts, and we probably should've been further than a goal in front, Williamstown made the most of their limited forward thrusts. At quarter time, where coach Plapp really only highlighted two players for sloppy play in Tom Baker and Bayley Fritsch, all seemed rosy. However, from the start of the 2nd quarter, and for the rest of the day, Willi proceeded to show more intensity than us around stoppages, aided by the dominance of Meese at the hitouts, to simply outclass us in general play and ran out deserved winners. Plenty to ponder for Casey, although next week's opponent North Ballarat are coming off a 190 point loss, and look even worse than some of the latter day Frankston sides. Here's my 2 cents on todays MFC listed players: 37 Dion Johnstone - I only noticed he was playing late in the 2nd quarter, went on to have zero influence on the game, extremely disappointing. 38 Tim Smith - Started up forward, wasnt a good day for tall forwards with the service they were getting, so moved onto the ball ten minutes into the 3rd term where he had a bit of impact as a bullocking onballer. 41 Mitch White - Played a pretty typical game for him, lots of intercept spoils, using his judgement to get to contests and take timely marks, but will really be missing the better players he had around him last year (as a comparison his compadres this year are the inexperienced Moncrieff and Hillard) 45 Dec Kielty - A quiet day, started in the ruck and didnt have much influence on the contest throughout. Was moved to be a permanent forward for the last term, but after having both legs worked on during that break, looked to tweak a left hammy early in the last. Came back on but not a great day. 48 Cory Maynard - First time I've seen him go, and was impressed with him, a very good size, started on the ball and not afraid to throw his weight around, but when he does do this tends to be a bit rash. Accumulated possessions at will, moved to good ground position, and has a good workrate. One to watch. 54 Jack Trengove - The best onballer for us, his workrate to get to contests and do the 1%ers was enormous. His disposal however, doesnt hurt teams that much, so while he accumulates, he doesn't cut teams to ribbons like say an Oliver can do. Will be thereabouts for selection based on this game though. 57 Jay Kennedy-Harris - Started brightly involved in lots of forward pressure acts, then went a bit quiet for the 2nd & 3rd qtrs before finding it a bit more in the last, had his arm pretty heavily bandaged from his broken arm, only an OK game from him. 64 Angus Brayshaw - Was one that I wanted to really step up today to be in the selection mix, but he didn't do it. Just didnt seem to have the intensity expected, and while he still got a bit of it, was easily shaded by Trengove. Someone who appears to be going through the motions rather than demanding a place. 65 Cam Pederson - Pedo was, after Hibberd, our most influential player on the ground. He made himself a target, worked tirelessly all over the ground to be involved and was very good. Ruckwork, like Kieltys, as only average against taller opposition. Would surely come in for Weideman though. 69 Ben Kennedy - A slow start, barely noticed him in the first term, was more than made up for with his final 3 qtrs, he worked his butt off, got in an under for hard balls, ran and lead countless times in good position that went unrewarded by teammates probably due to his size. Our 3rd or 4th best player in the end. 91 Michael Hibberd - Best on ground for us by a country mile, was a wall in defence today, and was constantly the focal point as teammates looked to him to use his long raking left foot to get us out of trouble in defence. Would've gained around 7-800 metres for us. I suspect that he may have been our 7th man in defence, along the lines of the way Melbourne play, at times, and he has the perfect skillset for this role. Probably the last time we see the #91 play for Casey this year. Special mention to Angus Scott with 4 goals whose skills looked as sharp as ever and Ed Morris who was a rock across the half back line and barely wasted a posession.
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    I just remembered I was there. I got pretty close to Jesse, he was smoking menthols.
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    Relax. It might have just been cannabis.
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    We let them in for 2 goals at the end of the third - that [censored] us.
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    Went along to training today. By the great deal of activity on Demonland I thought I might post as people like myself are excited by the season ahead. Main player missing was Hogan, but being early in the week it may not mean much. Drills all morning. Very little contact as you would expect. One drill was interesting which was four players, one at each corner of an 80 x 40 meter rectangle, kicking the ball to two players in the middle, who would take turns in marking, turning and kicking down to the other end of the rectangle. The ball would then go from one corner over a defender to the other corner then back into the middle and on down to the other end. A little confusing trying to write it down but it was making the players kick low and hard to a player, then when a defender was there up and over to the other corner. There was a period I think in the third quarter on Saturday when we had about seven or eight non-contested marks in a row and this drill was similar. The skills were good, especially the low hard passes, Garlett was really good. Like Hannan's pass to Petracca on Saturday just as Reiwoldt got injured, the boys are looking to lower the eyes and hit targets. Hibberd was doing run throughs and working with Cross and looked good but will probably join the main group next week. Frost and Wagner were in the main pack and looked good chances to replace Smith this week. Tyson and Kent were in the main group and also looked good. Pedo was on light duties running laps, I think he is O.k for selection if required if he trains at the later session in the week. They finished with goal kicking and ANB kicked more balls than anyone else. He missed a couple on Saturday and was working hard to lock down that small forward role.
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    There is a happier elephant in the room... We have the longest injury/suspension list in the AFL including multiple best 22/best dozen players, several of our players from both established (Vince, Tyson) and new (Hannan, Weideman) had absolute stinkers, we had a freak show lack of accuracy on goal while our opponents were putting on the opposite freak event in their favour, we lost our most important structural player in the second quarter, and we still nearly snatched the win against a clearly finals-bound team. If either one of Selwood or Dangerfield had had a slow day, we'd be giddy with happiness right now. We had a cr4p day but there was no reason to think we are a cr4p team. So, my elephant in the room - The Melbourne Demons are no longer irrelevant. It takes a bad day for us to lose.
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    Some people are being harsh on Brayshaw. After his run of head knocks last year he said it took a while before he stopped being anxious going for the ball. If I recall correctly he worked with the club psychologist to get ok with it again. Fast forward to last weekend. He gets a hit of some sort to the head and a cut on his forehead. While he may not have been concussed it may have been enough to trigger worry about concussion. I think after the knock last week he was distracted which was the more likely cause of him not playing well in the second half. To me that distraction is totally natural for a young guy who has just turned 21 and with his recent history. Folks, give him a break!
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    Reported on 3AW tonight that Carlton submitted a report to the AFL re Rowe's postmatch headaches. Carlton dogged on us. A club I genuinely hate.
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    Can't wait to get back to docklands play better at that ground.
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    Don't ever underestimate what Roosy did for this club
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    We need the young guns to fire, I know Oliver is going to (3 Brownlow votes coming up). Petracca and Brayshaw need to step up if we're going to win. We also need to taunt Weller, his eyes are too close together.