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    Went to training with my 2 year old son, so may have missed a few things, but hally to try and answer questions where I can. Hogan trained for the first 2/3 of the session, sometimes in the main group, sometimes doing things off to the side. Left the track earlier though. was told he WILL play though. The training itself was pretty basic, but they were working pretty hard and trying to work on some specifics. Could see they were working on their kicking skills, practicing all types ignored kicks in a drill. Also spent a fair bit of time in their groups, doing specific work on their areas. Such as backs doing 1 on 1 stuff and practicing punching/ marks etc. was really impressed with Oscar in those drills. Surprisingly. Jetta was the best small defender in the 1 on 1's. the final drill was more game based with 10 on 10 or so. Practicing pressing up as defenders and trying to cause turnovers, while the forwards were working on quick ball movement, short/ hard passes through the middle and getting out the back or a quick goal. They had to work really hard in this drill as there wasn't much rest. Overall was a simple session, but I was impressed with a few. Notably Oscar on defence, weideman also showed me a bit. Looked much bigger and more athletic to me. Of the current players in the side, I like harmes and petracca with their speed and power and skill and fritsch trained well too. Finally, spoke to my club source. He said that they won't change much this week. Most likely ins are frost and Kent if anything, but they need to find someone to drop (i know many of us have opinions on who that should be) and some of the borderline guys did well last week. Guys such as bugg/ Wagner etc. will always be the ones on the block. Also heard that they are very excited with weideman and his progress, so when he is fitter (considering he missed some of the pre season) he will come in as a forward / ruck. Apologies for any mistakes as this was done on my phone while the son sleeps!!
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    It was one of the better days at Casey today, light wind, good conditions and a lot of MFC on display. Here are my observations of the Demons: Kent: He was clean, fast, kicked well, dangerous and clearly better than the opposition and most of his teammates. He covered a lot of ground and looked strong and determined. He played a very good 4 quarter game and would certainly have put his name forward. He looked well ahead of Hannan for a spot in the 22. Hannan: He was pretty good. He played midfield and forward and found a bit of the ball. He made a few mistakes by foot but he has speed and a great sidestep. He had quiet patches during the game and struggles put 4 quarters together but he displayed the skills we know he has. My observation with Hannan today is he lacks the leg strength to break or stand up in a tackle so it's easy for the opposition to hinder him when he has the ball. A number of times he won the clearance at the centre bounce only to have a fairly innocuous tackle laid which either knocks him over or knows him badly off balance. As a result, he's not very effective as other than an outside player. Brayshaw: Unlike others, I thought he was very good today. He started in the centre and got leather poisoning early and used it well most of the time. He is strong around the ball and tackles hard. He played forward for a lot of the game and kicked a few and gave a few off. He was spent at the end but never stopped presenting and creating. I wish he was in the team tomorrow and is just waiting for an opportunity. Spargo: Started forward and was busy early and had an opportunity to goal which he unfortunately missed. Had a quiet second quarter but was moved on to the ball in the third and got involved around the ground. He's quick without being really quick (if you know what I mean) and he's clean with the ball. He is very aware of teammates and continually looks to do something with the ball. His disposal is good and he has clean hands. He's small, think Caleb Daniel, but there is a lot to like. A good hit out but a fair way down the pecking order. Frost: Best game I've seen him play. He marked really strongly, ran and broke lines, kicked very well and was clean. He monstered his opponent and was clearly our best defender but there wasn't a lot of pressure on. This kid has attributes and is still learning the game but if he had to play tomorrow you'd be pretty relaxed on today's form. Excellent performance. JKH: Was pretty good doing what we know he can do at this level. He played a lot as a high half forward and linked up well and won his fair share of the ball but given the type of player he is he misses too many opportunities at goal and often doesn't hurt with his disposal. He's showing signs as a classic 'tweener and he'd be behind a lot of players for a spot I'd think. Weideman: Played as a forward target and was on the end of some good passes and kicked some good goals. Found a fair bit of the ball. He appears to me to have bulked up a lot from the last time he played, still nicely agile but his upper body looked a lot bigger to me. Most interestingly he played a fair bit in the ruck and did very well, winning a number of centre bounce taps and finding his target. He was also very involved around the ground and used the ball well. If he keeps this form up he'll push to take Peddo's spot but one wonders how Hogan, McDonald and Weideman fit in the one forward line. It was a very encouraging performance especially seeing he missed a lot of preseason. Balic: Was fantastic early when he came on. He has great vision and found the ball well and often. He's quite a big body and won a fair bit of contested ball and his kicking was pretty good. He's got clean hands and always looks to do something with the ball. He's not quick at all but seems to have the ability to find a bit of space when he needs it. I was impressed and would think he'll play at some stage this year. Baker: Started on fire as most of the team did running hard playing wing and half forward (if those positions exist anymore). He is quick, has very good hands but is prone to the occasional "blunder". His field kicking was pretty good, he knew where to go to get the ball and he goes 100%. He's a good size and clearly has X factor and is well worth a spot on the list. King: Won the ruck comfortably, looks nicely coordinated, kicks well and took a nice grab in the goal square in the third. It was a solid effort without being in any was spectacular. Petty: I’m pretty excited by this guy. He reads the play very well, is a good mark and has clean hands and good vision and he executes his kicks very well. Was part of a solid back group and will develop into a good footballer I’d think. He didn’t get that many opportunities given the game but hardly put a foot wrong. Johnstone: Didn’t see him much at all until the last quarter where he was involved a bit. On today's performance he’d be behind any number of players for a spot but he works hard, can kick it well when he gets it and pressures the opposition. Smith: This kid is so athletic and has a great physique it’s hard to think he’s not a key position player. He didn’t do a lot and in racing parlance will be better for the run but he did some good cameo’s and was noticeable when he got it. It’s hard to believe he won’t make it when you see him run around the footy field but he does need to get involved a bit more. Smith: Played well, very well at times. Got to the right places, kicked for goal beautifully, worked hard, very clean in the air and clearly favourite amongst the players. My issue with Bull is he doesn’t get involved when the ball hits the ground as much as he should. He does the 1%ers but just being part of the play is not his strong suit (in contrast to Weid who was involved in general play a lot around the ground.). But it was a good game. Keilty: Had very little to do but did what he had to do well. Frost seemed to hog the ball when it did go into our defence but Dec competed well and I doubt his opponent did anything much. Filipovic: Looked likely at times. Kicked a great goal from a fair way out and competed well in the ruck. He’s clearly third ruck in line but he showed enough athleticism and footy smarts to think given a fair bit of time he’ll be a useful ruckman. In writing this keep in mind I don’t have an eye for the defensive side of the game so a player I think has done very well might have played his role poorly. Also the opposition was poor. At times they had a go but really it was a bit like watching the first quarter of the MFC v Saints JLT game. We played well and dominated and in those circumstances it’s hard to know if the domination is us or them but I was impressed by the general skill level, the commitment and particularly the cohesion of the team play.
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    Hi all. Training started around 10am and lasted about 60 minutes. It was a light session and not one of the most intense we have seen. The 6 day break and upcoming warm conditions could be the reason. Notable absentees from Sunday were Trac, Hunt and Vince. McKenna ran laps most session. There were 33-34 players in the main warm-up excluding Weid, King and Filipovic. They were in a drill together with Stafford, it lasted about 15 minutes and eventually joined the main group. In the first half an hour or so there were a lot of short drills set out concentrating on stoppages and rapid ball movement. Players were constantly changing groups. It was blustery out there at times and the wind favoured the end the forwards were stationed at. The centre bounce drill would involve the rucks tapping the ball down to the mids and then a pass on to the forwards. A lot of the forwards ran under the ball, not sure if they misjudged the flight or there was too much on the kick. It happened a lot actually in the short time. Hogan was the only one able to read the flight and take a few marks. Hogan moved really well, had a bandage of some sort on but was not hindered at all. Salem was another of the injury concerns that moved freely. There was no match sim drill with the short session. At the end players were given a 15 minute period of “ playtime” where they would try and kick snaps and torps through the goals. When most were leaving I noticed Maynard hunched over talking to one of the coaches. Also Hannan and Goodwin had a 5 minute one on one in the centre of the ground. Right in front of me Max kicked a 60 metre torp through the goals and Pedders yelled out “ Why couldn’t you do that on Sunday?” Not much else to report unfortunately as the session was over quickly. Hope this helps.
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    This just in 10,000 Demon Fans Out With Broken Hands Fans believed to have punched walls, slammed table tops, in unexplained epidemic last Sunday afternoon.
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    Broke his hand playing footy for our club, all the best for his recovery.
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    Thought it was a gripping and entertaining game of footy. Props to the usual bunch of drawing long bows from short sample sizes - no, we don't yet know if we are "same old Melbourne". Besides, I thought we showed spirit after half time to get back in the game and nearly clinch it. Also an honourable mention to the usual "this is going to be a blowout" crew at half time in the match day thread. You guys seriously crack me up. You know who you are. The Lewis 50 was a disgraceful example of leadership. However I thought his assistance in the back half of the ground was significant in our second half improvement. I don't know how to weigh the two factors off against each other. The Gawn miss was a huge letdown, but the call above to drop him for it currently leads the race for the most absurd post in this thread. That would clearly be harmful to the team as he was on top all day, and there's no punitive/education benefit either: I suspect he may already realise he might have been better off kicking the goal and doesn't need to be dropped to get the point. Nobody misses on purpose. Wagner has copped some criticism but I thought he lifted significantly in the second half. His pressure was first rate. Petracca is going to be a star and Oliver already is. Overall, very disappointed to have lost, but it hasn't done much to dent my optimism for this season.
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    Hopefully working on a secret tactic of playing 4 quarters
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    Lyon says melbourne "needs to explain"... err no they dont. And the last time you got involved in the club dipstick you helped set us back 8 years.
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    I got down there today. Yokozuna did a wonderful summary. Here are some little observations from me: I watched the re-hab group very closely. They worked with Crossy, Garlo (who did a lot of the work the boys) and a few others. This group consisted of Viney, Tommy Mac, Patty McKenna and Jesse. Jesse looked a bit ginger and seemed to be conscious of a groin/upper leg issue. He moved pretty slowly but later joined the main group and looked okay. Viney and McDonald worked for about 45 minutes. They did some dynamic stretching, run throughs, ladder work, kicking, shots at goal and some interval running. It was far from intense and both seemed to be in good spirits. Viney had on these Nike shoes with the most cushioning in a runner I had ever seen. Weid is doing all the work with the ruck group now. He spent a lot of time with Flip and Kingy working with Greg Stafford doing agility stuff. Benny Matthews took the session. It was in beautiful conditions and the mood was very upbeat.
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    Maynard, Frost and Jetta in the rehab group initially. Jetta later joined the craft groups but seemed to be limiting his running. Didn't look in any discomfort and was working with the backs later in the session. Weid, King and Flipper doing some drills together early whilst Gawn was in the main group but joined all in full training later. Interesting that Weid was in this group whilst Pedo was with the main group. Doesn't seem as though Pedo is seen as a replacement/second ruck. No sign of Viney or Vanders. Tommy Mac was running slow laps (in runners) for the first bit of the session and then did some work in football boots but nothing like full pace. He did a lot of goal kicking practice and was very good. He was kicking with both left and right and not favouring any foot. Who knows if they were playing ducks and drakes in the "open" session but if he is as close as suggested I would have expected him to be in the main group or at least doing some high intensity stuff. Joel Smith didn't do the whole session and finished with the rehab boys at the end but didn't look to be in any discomfort. I'd think it was a management issue. Hunt also didn't do the full session and was practicing torps from about 60 out and also long drop punts to the boundary from defence. Didn't look in any discomfort either and was kicking the ball a mile. Tyson did the full session. Was at the northern end as well and Melksham and Bugg seemed to be having a competition at shots at goal. Melk took the chocolates but you wouldn't feel confident with either having a shot. There were lots of different groups doing things so it was difficult to see everything. It wasn't a hard session, just a bit of short sharp intensity work and craft work. Questions welcome.
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    Walk Out to Winter - DemonDave So the Indian Summer that was experienced at Pirahna Park last week was one of those early season abberations, and heading to Werribee was a stark reminder of that. Extreme winds and heavy thunderstorms punctuated the earlier parts of the day, it was only a late afternoon burst of sunshine that convinced me to make the trek down. Luckily in the end it was worth it! This game had special significance for the home side, their first home game of the season in their new standalone guise, and it was also the unveiling of their new multi-million dollar new facility. The stand itself looks fantastic, when leaving the social club area a peek in the window into the home changerooms revealed a very state of the art looking warmup area, and the social club itself with a huge screen showing the AFL game and full flowing bar in the welcoming warmth was most impressive. The stand was comfortable and offered a good vantage point of the game, albeit the dugouts are quite high and the bay behind them has clearly had the seats installed too low, the first two rows would not be able to see a thing! The floodlights are on a par with Caseys, ie. very poor, there were so many black pockets out there on the outer where if I didnt have binoculars would've had no idea who of our players had the ball. The home team lined up for a team photo, both teams lined up for the national anthem sung with the sort of gusto that suggested this was a final in September. Onto the onfield action, the home team were clearly wanting to keep the goodwill of the locals going, and were all over us in the opening stanza. Their desperation was evident, the ball was falling their way and so inevitably was the scoreboard after a bout of sustained forward pressure. Smothers, tackles, a massive but fair hit on Jayden Hunt and our poor delivery to a too tall forward line left the Tigers with a handy and deserved lead at the first break. Mitch White was a rock early on, providing spoiling nous and rebound run. Stretch on a wing was handy, and Jayden Hunt was absolutely running his headband off from a half back flank in this term. This is the kind of form I expected from him last week but I thought he was very underwhelming against Coburg. The 2nd quarter was more of the same, they looked more desperate and moved the ball quicker than us into their forward line. It wasnt high scoring, but they were clearly the better team. After half time, Tim Smith was moved onto the ball, Hunt moved up forward and halfway through the third quarter momentum shifted and we started swamping the packs, forcing the ball forward, all of a sudden a previouslydormant Pedo was influencing the game in all corners of the ground, setting up and giving off goals and we were flying. All it needed was for us to get our noses in front before the 3/4 time siren, and that was achieved thanks to a huge pack mark from Weideman who duly converted from 30 out. Momentum and the scoreboard were now tipped our way. The coach knew it too, his emphasis on singling out superb individual efforts lifted the huddle, lots of back slapping and encouragement. Goodwin prowled around the fringes intently, you could sense we were on. The last quarter was more of the same, albeit a lot more open, with both teams kicking long to more open forward lines, but we all of a sudden seemed stronger around the packs and quicker than them. Another long quarter finally eneded, and we were 2 from 2. Also a nod to Casey for allowing the fans into the rooms after the players to witness the singing of the song. Is this a regular occurence, or did we just luck out? Either way it left me buzzing as I left the ground. Without seeing the official best or stats, my best were: White, Hunt, Stretch, T Smith, King, Pederson White - As mentioned he rebounded well and spoiled well all day, the pick of our defenders. He also stood out with his white long sleeves. Hunt - Firmly back in the selection mix after that performance. A few passes still missed their targets, and one final quarter kick in dig land in an opponents lap 25 out dead in front, but he ran, chased, gained meterage and generally got back to something approximating the Hunt of old. On this he's close to selection for the Anzac Day Eve. Stretch - A fine four quarter performance on the wing, his ability to take a couple of quick steps, find space and look for a teammate in a better position was a standout tonight. He's always tidy, rather than damaging with his posessions but he's a very smart player. T Smith - His pressure when he was in the forward line was very good, and in the second half he moved into an onball role and was very influential. Not a typical Smith game because of that, but nonetheless it was a very good game. King - He doesnt seem to have a presence as a big man, but the longer this game went on the more he stood out as the best big man around the ground. Not for his ruckwork per se, but taking marks, puting his body in the middle of packs to put off opponents, little things like that tell me he may well make it as an AFL ruckman in a few years time. Pederson - Was almost invisible for mine in the first half, but he was the one that turned the momentum of the match our way with a purple patch in the 3rd qtr, 2 goals and an assist to Hunt got us back into it. From there he was great. Weideman- Like his other key forwards was very quiet early, but got more involved up the ground with long leads or when relieving King in the ruck. Took a nice mark in front of the grandstand wing, but instead of kicking along the line centred it to a 1 on 3, which was duly turned over for a Werribee score. But conversely he showed with that pack mark and a good last half what he can do. Maynard- Was busy in and under and niggling all night, gave away a needless 50 metre penalty for a goal too. Wasnt one of his better nights, but not a bad one. Balic- Was never going to beat his debut game of last week. Started the opening bounce in the centre this week and played a fair bit of time onball, given this weeks team was minus Brayshaw, Hannan and Spargo who all rotated through there last week. Looked ok at times, but other times I wondered if he was still on the ground, he's a bit of an anonymous workhorse type of midfielder like Maynard but did go forward to get a crucial goal in the final term. JKH- Another nothing game, his kicking lacks penetration, he's not quick he just seems to go ordinarily most times I see him. To be fair he was busy enough, just not damaging. Joel Smith-Took two hangers in the 3rd term on the opposite wing which were the highlights of his night, and was OK otherwise. Johnstone-Another who doesnt get involved enough in the game, forward pocket can be a feast or famine position, but he's not having enough impact when its in his area. May struggle to hold his spot with Spargo back next week. Keilty- Was again solid down back without being spectacular, his last quarter was good though Petty- Didnt notice him too much tonight, and he may have spent a chunk of the second half on the bench? Filipovic-Started in the ruck, but was quickly usurped by King, and for the sake of balance spent time on the pine rather than resting up forward in the 2nd half. Is some way behing King in terms of game craft. Baker-I like his football smarts, he started running to the right spots later in this game where he could use his evasiveness and footskills to advantage. Still some way off senior footy but promising signs. Special mention to Casey listed Gent, Wagner and Scott who were all very good, as was Munro. I just realised White is Casey listed now too, but his description can stay up there as he was BOG for me.
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    The home of statistics and discussion thereof. As of the end of round 3; Scoring for and against Demons 1st in points scored. 1st in inside-50s 1st in least opposition inside-50s Thus 1st in inside-50 differential by a huge margin. 3rd in assists and marks inside-50 Last for rebound-50s and second-last for opponent rebound 50s. Intensity 2nd in total contested possessions – 1st for contested possession differential and the only team at 3-0 for contested wins. 4th clearances (3rd centre/7th stoppages) 4th for tackles 7th for tackles against (this is a huge improvement on recent years) Possession for and against 16th marks – but 3rd in least opponent marks per game. Also 9th contested marks. 1st in least opponent kicks 4th in least opponent disposals 12th for clangers Summary: I think for the most part the early statistics are bearing out what we're seeing with our eyes - inefficiency. But perhaps the frustration of this inefficiency is blinding us a fraction to our absolute dominance in a couple of areas, namely the contested battle and sheer volume of ball moving forward. We're also perhaps the one mobile clearance specialist short to really step it up (JV). The stats are however fairly similar to the early part of last year. But there's some subtle differences re. the nature of disposals for and against. We're kicking more and being kicked and tackled against less - areas which should help with endurance. We're also (to my surprise) not getting completely completely hammered in the marking and are a bit cleaner in our disposal. Basically, we're playing contested footy, but also shutting down space and forcing the opposition to do the same. Together, it all bodes super-well if we can clean up just a fraction up front or get a smidgen tighter down back - the latter which we should be able to do considering we have three AA-level defenders currently out of form or learning to gel (as well as a potential top-line rebounder in Hunt), while as to the former we're still fiddling with in the unexpected absence of Tomald. Lastly, it's just three rounds, and we've played two likely bottom-four teams - but I think we tend to play as well or as poorly despite the opposition and that most of these stats will hold. Add your own obscure statistics or whatever you think are pertinent and let's monitor where we stack up as the season progresses. Go Dees!
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    Jordan on the track with hand heavily bandage, looked to be acting as assistant coach. Sam Frost in the rehab group. Neville Jetta tested and seemed to have passed fitness. Tom Mcdonald expects to be training with the main group next week. Plenty of tackling practice, disposal and being very aggressive when under pressure was empathised . Demands by the coaching staff to run hard when ball turns over during 7 on 7 game stimulations. Plenty of running for the group that played against Hawthorn. Lots of marking drills for our talls. Jesse Hogan, Nathen Jones, Max Gawn all look ready to win against Richmond. Brendan McCartney very optimistic about knocking off Richmond. A hard at it training session for the players.
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    Nathan Jones in my mind cemented a place in the hearts of club supporters during the early years of free agency. When other players of his vintage couldn't get out fast enough, the Jones response was a determined "I'm not going anywhere", to sign on for three mid-season. That was true leadership, and for me as a spectator who can only go along for the ride, one of the only signals that there might actually exist people at the club who wouldn't give up on it. There's no doubt in my mind Nathan Jones belongs amongst the all time club greats. The fact that he's had to ply his trade in a team that was awful most of the time only enhances his standing, as he's had to do it with little to no support.
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    I finished school in '06 and started at the pig farm in April '07. Have been betting a 6 pack on every North game with my boss and obviously lost them all. These are going to be the sweetest 6 beers of my life.
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    Put aside the last 15 minutes. We ran out of juice, the Tigers are reigning premiers and they got some cheap goals. It wasn't similar at all to last weekend. But, there were some key moments tonight that contributed to the loss, and they were moments we are having too often to be a consistent side. The first one is our forward line and not taking our chances. In the third term especially we dominated for a large period and, while we did kick a few, it should have been more. We fluffed some chances, Hogan hits the post... we just couldn't put our domination on the scoreboard. They go down, get a cheap goal and it really hurts. The goal at the end of the third term was the one that hurt us the most - Lloyd getting a cheap goal out the back took their lead above 3 goals and we had nothing to show for our efforts. The second is the little things - too many people up in the contest, two players going for the same ground ball, fumbling in key areas, missing simple targets and so on. We do them too often. To be a top class side you need to pick the damn thing up, then spread and support. We CAN do it, we just don't do it often enough. It's our 'bottom six' that do it the most - ANB, Harmes, Wagner etc. They just don't do things first time. I don't think the scoreline reflects the effort we put in and the pressure we were able to apply. It's a shame, but switch off against a good side and that's what happens. On the positive side, I thought Gawn was immense, Hogan had another great night, Weideman showed some promising signs before fading (he did well in the ruck, too), Melksham kicked 4 and did a great defensive job on Rance, while guys like Salem, Oliver and Trac tried hard but didn't get enough support. I also thought O Mac and Lever played their best game together. I think Goodwin tried a few different things but, in the end, it wasn't enough and we fell back into the bad habits that are costing us games of footy. Until we eradicate those then we can't move forward. I think we can beat the Bombers at Etihad and I think we'll enjoy playing in conditions that aren't condusive to fumbling. We've played the Lions, Hawks and now Tigers in slippery conditions and struggled with it in two of them. I'll be interested to see how we go without it next week. Keep your chin up if you can, everyone. I think we can still improve from here and become the side we all want it to be. There is just lots of work ahead for the club to do.
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    How about that? We've won one in a row against North!!!
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    The biggest takeaway for mine from that game was Hunt is still severely lacking in confidence. There's no way he'll be picked on that effort, a game in which he could've racked up huge numbers running from defence giving the gulf in class between the two sides. After a slow start due to a heavy tag Brayshaw was the most influential mid out there after qtr time. His skills at hitting targets with both sides of the body were a standout, the longer the game went on the more pronounced his influence was. A lot of the niggling spotfires that were out there today, and there were quite a few, were as a result of our guys trying to protect Gus from his tagger. Balic played forward pretty much all game playing as has been mentioned the Melksham type role he was pretty impressive first time I've seen him play. Weeds was the standout forward for not only his goals but his relief ruckwork and general ability to work the length of the ground. It was interesting at times seeing him do the ruckwork in the fwd line despite King being in the vicinity standing in the goalsquare. It's clear they've got a plan to gradually bring weed in to play the Pederson role of fwd/pinch hit ruckman. Peso and Smith were both also pretty handy, it was interesting to see our starting fwd line at the first bounce was Weed, Smith, Pedo and King all talls along with Balic. Only a 5 man fwd line with an extra man running from the back of the square same as the demons employ. Of the others Hannan was good, stretch decent and jkh decent. Maynard racked them up in close but wasn't particularly damaging. Baker looked likely but needs to improve his awareness got caught too many times in possession. Special mention to the umpires who had to recall approximately 80 percent of their centre bounces which were skewing every which way but straight up. The ironical cheers were going up by the 3rd qtr with each recalled bounce. The team spirit was very evident in the 1st half, large groups of players getting over to congratulate the goal scorer, it was very much a 'team effort' performance against opposition that are clearly going to be one of the comps easybeats.
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    Permission to be happy with this, Demonland faithful?
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    I think many people on this site have amnesia about what Pedersen actually did in the first two rounds. His passing, body work seemingly goes unnoticed by many here..
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    Slightly off topic, but what about this? "Brayshaw’s teammate Oscar McDonald has had a tough start to the season in defence with Ben Brown kicking four goals on him last week, but Lyon backs the 22-year-old to find form." That is utter garbage.
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    Can’t really add to the reports above in regards to the regulars but I was keen to see some of the new boys and here are some observations. Balic: Doesn’t look like the smoothest of movers but put himself in the right spots most of the time. His mark in the last was a beauty and his game today was basically telling Goody “ Look at me coach, look at me”. Spargo: Not much of him but was involved a lot in general play. Nice user of the ball, showed football smarts and seemed to have a decent tank on him. Baker: Has an instinct of just going as soon as he gets the ball but can develop into a more than useful outside runner. Started to lower his eyes as the game went on. Petty: The pick of the bunch from what I saw today. As stated previously, the defence didn’t need to do a lot but two passages of play stood out. He beat an opponent in an aerial one on one by bringing the ball to ground, followed up and with surprising speed left his opponent for dead and hit a teammate on the chest 40 metres down the field with his left foot. In another marking contest with several players contesting, he spoiled the ball, split the pack and was the only one standing. Picked up the ball and hit JKH on the chest again down the field without breaking stride. There’s just something to like about this kid. Great balance and very composed. A lot of things don’t get noticed on the footy field but I liked what I saw and heard from the Weid. There were little spotfires in the 4th quarter in the centre square and King wanted to wrestle a Coburg player through the turf. Weid yelled out from inside our 50 to King to cut the crap and go contest the ball-up. I enjoyed that.
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    The hoodoo, ladies and gentlemen, is over. Just soak that in for a moment. The one thing I think we can be proud of with this win was, when the game was on the line in the last term, our leaders stood up. Lewis was terrific, not just with the goal he kicked but with his ability to identify that we needed to slow it down and take the right option. Jones just kept running and running and running and drove us forward. Gawny was also immense. And we had others stand up for us as well. Hogan was excellent. Salem was terrific in the gut with 8 clearances. Bugg with 4 was a revelation, while Kent totally justified his selection with 3 goals and some great work across half forward. Vince was another who stood up, while Oliver fought through the tag to snag two at the end. Really, you could list most of the players (can't forget Wagner either who played his best game for the club), but when our backs were against the wall after coughing up 4 goals, we absolutely smashed them. It was great to watch. Hoodoo done and dusted. Enjoy every minute of it, then on to the Hawks next weekend!
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    Good news, Keilty passed his fitness test this morning and will play tomorrow.
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    Yeah doesn't look too serious, swelling has gone done a lot and the physios don't think it's anything serious. He thinks he might be able to play for Casey Sunday.
  26. 21 points
    I've lost some respect for the Demonland faithful based on some comments about Pederson. If you can't see his contribution, you have rocks in your head. Zero chance Pederson gets directly replaced by Weeds. Pederson is respected by opposition defenders, as such he demands a key defender. This has allowed Hogan to thrive. Pederson is an incredibly smart and instinctive player, and is an asset to the current team structure. Dropping him would be a huge mistake. Teams know he has the capacity to kick 3-4 goals, can take a contested mark, has pace, can tackle, and has very good vision. Dare I say teams are more focused on defending Pederson than Hogan, because they know that Hogan naturally floats through the middle at random points. As it stands, he adds complexity to our forward line structure. Replacing him with an inexperienced, one dimensional (as it stands) player in Weiderman would be bordering on tanking. By all means, bring in Weeds. But not at the expense of Pederson.
  27. 21 points
    Also, both McDonald and Viney WERE running. Hibberd also didn't do the whole session. Both he and hogan were being looked after but still did some of the main stuff.
  28. 21 points
    For God's sake. We came off just over a 6 day break, had to travel after playing a tough game last week. We won ffs. Enjoy and think of next week. Geez there's some plonkers on here
  29. 20 points
    Rode my bike past Gosch’s this morning expecting they would be training. No training wasn’t on for the team but noticed the rehab group was in action over on the Punt Road side of the oval. Viney, TMac and AVB under the watchful eye of Crossy and several other assistant coaches/physio’s. Tom and Jack were doing repeated timed 20 meter sprints but we’re actually running at least 100 metres if that makes sense. They were running about 100m but only being timed between 2 cones about 20m apart I guess as Tom was registering a consistent 4.2 sec as yelled out by the timer on each run, Jack was somewhat slower. AVB was doing a lot of agility work, silly walks, running on the spot, not much with the ball. I wandered over to look at the Rebels in training which was very entertaining, they got smashed on the weekend in the second half and I think the coach told the players to bring their mouth guards as they were doing a match simulation with two teams and it was full on stuff. Big boys hitting each other hard but they don’t look fit compared to AFL players but then the game is not about endurance but short, explosive play and battering ram stuff. I kept an eye on the rehab group and Tom and Jack were kicking short balls at each other, then doing a lot of leading and long kicking to Crossy and each other. Later they were doing goal kicking practice. When I left the boys were again running sprints with Crossy. AVB had left for AAMI by then with no ball use, I think he is a long way off although he looks to be in no way hindered in his movements. But that is the same for Jack and Tom they looked fine and unhindered on their movements so it must be so frustrating having these types of injuries!
  30. 20 points
    18 goals to 9 after that awful start. 33 scoring shots to 21, +21 inside 50s, +35 CPs, +10 centre clearances. Actual leadership in the fourth. 18 goals but only 1 kicked by Hogan. Kent returning and looking like an AFL player (consistency is the next step). Bugg kicking 4.1. Surely we can be pleased with this.
  31. 20 points
    Is that the same Mick Jagger who played Lizzie Birdsworth in Prisoner?
  32. 20 points
    After half time it was a horrible performance. There is no disguising that. We let them get a sniff and couldn't do anything about it... until they got level and we woke up. Why it took till then I won't understand but regardless, we won. We'll take it. Hogan was awesome, Garlett returned to form well and Oliver was excellent in the guts. I thought Tyson was handy in his return and, in general, our high half forwards were better than last week. It still begs the question though - where is our Plan B? When the Lions got going we were still doing the 2 players off the back of the square, and instead of sensing the danger and stopping that, we were stubborn and almost paid a high price for it. Why didn't we put a man behind the play early in the last, soaked up some pressure and then went in for the kill? Why didn't we at least go man on man? A few times early in the last we went forward, only to kick it to a 4 on 2 and have it run out there with ease. That's not good enough. But remember this tonight when you're angry: St. Kilda, Carlton and Collingwood all lost winnable games today. The Pies were in a winning position and lost, while the Blues and Saints lost games they shouldnt' have. The Bombers are also in the same position against a mob they should be beating. At the end of the day we still won, even if it was very, very ugly. Now I'm off to bed so I can rise early for an Easter Egg hunt my daughter was excited about before bed. At least I'll be able to smile in the morning while she does it!
  33. 20 points
    Agreed. He was very valuable until this happened: This was quite a few seconds after Selwood 'tunnelled' Salem. What strikes me about this pic is that: Salem is out but is kept on the field. He got a free but didn't get a 50m penalty (Is tunnelling a reportable offence - not that I expect the MRP to cite the untouchable Selwood). The only demon player to fly the flag for Salem was our youngest - where were our leaders? Not good enough to leave it to a 20 year old to face off with the opp captain when a teammate has gone down. My love and admiration for Oliver has gone up even further after seeing this. He brings so much more to our team than skill. I like his toughness and his spunk. Nothing earns more respect (in my eyes) than sticking up for your mates. Well done, Clarry.
  34. 19 points
    100% correct, from my own experience watching/ caring for my wife as she had terminal cancer , she passed 18 months ago no one understands how anyone feels about this, we knew and had warnings but not a day goes by that its not on your mind, even now after time , it doesn't stop . I draw strength from this with my own treatment now. but i still we go on everyday. try to be normal Jesse is a very strong Young man and has proven this with his determination and chats we have had. I and glad to see him flying and hope soon we will see him holding up a cup .......
  35. 19 points
    Just a game for Salem? What game were you watching?
  36. 19 points
    The guys have covered most of what I've seen. There was a little something about the Weid today. He dived for a mark that ended up trapped between his legs and it looked athletic. He just seems a bit stronger without being bulky or slow. Keen to see him string consistent games in the VFL and then push for an AFL return. Also liked the look of Balic leading and marking. Quick off the mark and jumps at the ball. He has upside. Frost did a lot of things well, including some nice kicks in the match simulation. Gus was using his left and I hope he's encouraged to do so. Becoming a reliable dual sided player is the weapon he needs in his game.
  37. 19 points
    Great news, if North Melbourne can do it then so can we. Really proud of the club for doing this.
  38. 18 points
    Last year. You know, Goodwin's rookie year. We beat Gold Coast in round 10. We had the bye in round 11. We beat Collingwood in round 12. We beat Footscray in round 13. We beat West Coast in round 14. That's 4 in a row. We also did the double road trip with wins over West Coast and Adelaide. We broke the Saints hoodoo. We broke the Etihad hoodoo with wins over Essendon, Footscray, and of course St Kilda. But I mainly posted to show you we did in fact win 4 games in a row. I have some tasty humble pie for you.
  39. 18 points
    I got down to training this morning for an hour. It was a beautiful morning for it, if a little dewey which caused some handling issues. I spoke to Brendan McCartney briefly and he said the mantra this week was ‘Get in and bang some bodies’. Ben Matthews took the session. Here are some observations: - A few of the Casey lads were running when I got there. They play tomorrow so it was only the senior squad that was training today. -T-Mac did the majority of the session with the main group. The big fella looked fantastic and can’t get be too far away. -Jack Viney is moving well. Straight line sprints, lateral movement stuff, kicking in boots over distance. -Forgotten man Aaron vandenBerg was moving as well as I have seen him for a long time. He can’t be too far away from joining the main group either. -Sam Frost was training with the re-hab group. I’m not too sure why. -Jordy Lewis’ hand was heavily bandaged. He was the chief mover of the witches hat. -Hunt, Stretch, Tyson, Tim Smith and Weideman all trained today with last week’s team. There was no Bugg so I assume he has been dropped and will play tomorrow? I assume we’ll have two or three carry over players who will not play tomorrow and will be emergencies for the senior team. -No Balic, Hannan, Pedo or Maynard. -It was a spirited session. The boys looked keen for Tuesday.
  40. 18 points
    Remember when headlines in the media used to give you a vague idea of the content? I hate being forced to read/listen to the content before getting to decide if I'm interested in it or not. Anyway, luckily for me, why we can't be trusted isn't a question I'm seeking an answer to. Anyone who has followed this club any longer than about 3 years knows why: because we always seem to stumble when we think we're about to clear the next hurdle. Maybe we don't actually "always" - in fact it's probably only "occasionally", but it feels like that when you spent as long a time being uncompetitive as we did. Trust will come. I personally had restored my level of trust considerably before last week: I knew that even when we were playing poorly, this MFC team didn't give up and roll over. We could go into any game, we'd probably still be in it at 3/4 time and I knew we could beat anyone if we played our best. I was still hopeful at 1/2 time against Hawthorn. The slap in the face during the second half stung painfully because I was unprepared for it (read: I had trust). In reality, all teams have at least one game a year where they play like arse and get flogged, but for the MFC fan it hurt, because of the fragility of the trust. Fans of very trustworthy teams can endure it and shake it off quickly. Fans of teams who are very untrustworthy expect that pain and can brace for it. It'll take time to recover it again, but it can happen. It's not a permanent loss of trust, just a setback to the trust that was being earned. Thanks for the analysis Plough (I still haven't followed the link).
  41. 18 points
    Humour...it was Bernie being Bernie. There are many on here jumping at shadows this week. I might have tune out for a while, this is not very productive.
  42. 18 points
    http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=124983435&c=1-118-0-477472-0&pool=1 The Dees won a tight and hard fought contest by 16 points CAPTAIN: White IN: GENT, MUNRO, BRIGGS OUT: BRAYSHAW, HANNAN, SPARGO J.SMITH: Started on the bench. He got out marked in the goal square 3 times but he did take a speccy on the wing. Still struggling to find his feet after coming back from injury. KEILTY: A dour defender doesn't do a lot but what he does is good. HUNT: BOG but his kicking did let him down a bit. Kicked a beautiful goal in the pocket. PETTY: Was injured not sure what was wrong with him. BAKER: Started on the bench. He was quiet but did a few good things in the last quarter. STRETCH: Got plenty of the ball but doesn't do enough with the ball. MAYNARD: Heavily tagged by 26 and was well beaten but he did get into the game in the last quarter. Kicked a nice goal. BALIC: Pretty quiet but kicked a nice goal. PEDERSEN: Had a terrible first half but improved after half time. Kicked 2 goals one was running 50 metres into an open goal where he almost lost control of the ball the other was to seal the game. JOHNSTONE: Gave away a 50 metre penalty to give Werribee their first goal and that was about all he done. He doesn't seem to be at VFL level ATM. WEIDEMAN: Thank god he's not playing on Sunday. Really quiet first half improved as the game went on. Took a nice mark and goal to get us in front. T.SMITH: Kicked a goal due to a Werribee player dropping a mark, other than that he was ordinary. KING: I like the look of him. Dominated the ruck and did a few good things around the ground. Took a good contested mark in the goal square and kicked a goal for our first for the game. KENNEDY HARRIS: Like Stretch he just doesn't do enough. I think he is a better midfielder than forward. FILIPOVIC: Pretty quiet but he doesn't really get the opportunity to dominate due to both King Weideman doing plenty of ruck work. Wagner and White also played very well for Casey. We are currently on top of the ladder GO THE MIGHTY DEES
  43. 18 points
    We didn't scrape by, we won by 37 points. After that initial 4 goal run we outscored them by 10 goals. I'm not saying everything's peachy but some of the negativity on here is crazy.
  44. 18 points
    I reckon we missed Pedo today. With Hogan up the ground / midfield we, particularly early, didn't know where to kick. Pedo, or even Weid, if he is up to it, would give us a focus and someone for the crumbers to feed off. We cant rely on the likes of Kent, Bugge and Garlett to be major goalkickers every week.
  45. 18 points
    Hogan was epic. Saw him do multiple 50-60m runs to make position. 442m gained apparently in his disposals. Absolutely outstanding game.
  46. 18 points
    I find it amusing that we’re only two games in and people (posters here included) thought Lever was going to slot into a new team and have the same impact straight away he had at Adelaide. Adjusting to all the differences that come with playing with a new team is going to take time. The kid will be a gun for us. You’ll always have people who want players in Levers position to fail. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby I’m gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.
  47. 17 points
  48. 17 points
    Well done Casey! And a massive thank you to those giving running updates , muchus gracias ✌🏻🔴🔵
  49. 17 points
    As with Gawn, Tmac, and Omac, Wagner is playing in a high pressure position, and takes time to develop. The way people have carried on about OMac has been embarrassing, and now they're eating their words...but have redirected their whip onto poor ol' Wags. It's been a consistent theme with blokes like Wagner: they have the smarts and the awareness, but are ultimately scrutinised to the highest level because they play in a position where good things are subtle contributions and rarely acknowledged, but a single mistake can lead to a bad turnover or cost a goal. Undoubtedly does far more good than bad, but people hyperventilate whenever he gets beaten in a 1v1, or sprays a kick. Yeah, there is less margin for error in the backline than anywhere else on the ground, but Wagner and the rest of his fellow young backmen play with levep heads that you'd expect from 150-gamers. They never seem intimidated, they never stop defending. We have three beasts down back in Omac, Wagner and Frost, and some supporters are too dense and broken to realise it. We are building towards an Essendon 2000-esque defense. Wagner is such an important component to our growth and rise as a team.
  50. 17 points
    12 of Ben Brown's 15.4km were run ups to set shots from sh|t free kicks....
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