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    this was my highlight !!! my son getting asked to be Mascot for the day and my girls did the guard of honour too many thanks to MFC for this , on such a hard day for us
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    Apologies for the lateness of this effort. Really enjoyed yesterday morning's session. Much of what I observed confirmed what we've been consistently told by our track watchers over the past couple of months. I apologise in advance for the eclectic nature of what follows. Structurally, can I just say, I love the way the coaching staff divided the session into 4 quarters with the clock clearly simulating match conditions. This is not new but seems to be of increasing focus.The session was very much game sim driven and the large crowd appreciated that. The coaching staff really impress me. Transitions from drill to drill are sharp. Preparation was never found wanting. Feedback was delivered swiftly but they never lingered too long. Heart rates were always maintained. Crossy was fantatstic with the rehab group but this is news to nobody. The level of onfield leadership seems to have gone to another level. I love watching our senior leaders instructing small groups with line managing assistants watching on to ensure the appropriate messages are being delivered and then engaging only when necessary. The vibe in the team is excellent. They're driving each other, challenging each other. Viney and Gawn excelling in this area. The physicality is good. An occasional skirmish is a healthy sign. The gameplan is definitely being drilled into this team. As mentioned by the Melbourne-based reporters, the play on, quick ball movement is evident. The metronome app confirmed that the accompanying music was maintained between the 120 and 125 beats per minute range and the style of play seemed to mimic the tempo. I'd like to think our coaching staff are this switched on. Let's just pretend that this was indeed an intentional decision. Disappointing that five key members of our best 22 are in the rehab group. Hibberd, Jetta, Tyson, Brayshaw and Kent all look close to resuming and certainly got a solid workout in the hot and steamy conditions. Oscar McDonald and Sam Weideman are building nicely. Whilst still some way from AFL key position size they've both taken obvious and considerable steps towards adding the necessary kgs. More importantly both are attacking training in a really focused way. You sense they feel they belong and know that there are spots in our best 22 waiting for them to consolidate. Jay Kennedy-Harris was an absolute standout for me. He looks really fit and his one touch play was great to watch. His hands are beautiful and he brought a real energy to the session. Aaron vandenberg seemed to be everywhere. Only saw him turn it over once. One of the real positives of the session was the quality ball use I observed from players with a question mark in that area. vandenberg used it really well as did Harmes and Hunt. Hunt was the other highlight for me. He's been a favourite for some time but this session confirmed everything we outsiders have been hearing on Demonland. His linking player is critical and the team is clearly being coached to look for him. His line-breaking pace was electric as always but his disposal at the end of these runs was pleasingly efficient. Neal-Bullen made some mistakes unfortunately, as did some of our first and second year players. Billy Stretch will play round 1. Hogan looked great. His kicking routine, for me, however, is all over the place. At one stage, he was practicing his routine during a short break and his run up looked exactly like last year. 5 minutes later during game sim his routine looked completely different. What was consistent, however, was the outcome. He wasn't missing many today. I don't care what the routine looks like to be honest as long his efficiency returns to 2015 levels and we don't have to discuss it on here every second week when he misses a couple! Of the newcomers, Pat McKenna impressed me. He's a really good size and battled manfully against Pedersen in a really demanding contested/wrestling/leading/repeat effort drill. He looks almost as tall and almost as strong as Pedersen. We have some really options in defence now. Pedersen, as advertised, is noticeably fitter but still very broad and strong across the shoulders. It's great to see but also raises the question why it has taken this many pre-seasons at Melbourne to get to this point. Like others, Maynard just looks a player to me. It's like he's entering his seventh or eighth pre-season. Hulett took some nice grabs and the Casey graduates both looked at home. I was keen to isolate Jack Trengove to see if I could notice any discernable improvement in his speed and acceleration. As others have noted it's difficult in training to do so but at one point when he really put his foot down to find space it appear he did so with more ease than last season. Wishful thinking perhaps. The real highlight for me was a few tackles. Jack Watts received ample congratulations when he brought down the skipper trying to exit the defensive footy. The boys really do love him and Melksham brought down Hogan in impressive style earlier in the session. Pedersen pulled off a Watts and ran down Harmes when he was trying to clear the ball also. Great to see our key position players doing the less glamorous things at the tail end of a gruelling three hour session. At the end of the session Oscar McDonald and Billy Stretch seemed to be receiving some extra praise. Maybe they both received the Goody Fifty. Morale within the group was clear for all to see. Autograph signing and the mingling with the kids is always awesome. The kids and the families keep coming back and this part of the day must play a huge role. The Maroochydore camp and this open session is turning into a nice little tradition. Happy to respond to any questions about any individuals you might have.
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    It was a glorious morning down at Maroochydore fields. I decided to take my shirt off to get a bit of sun on the rig. I've been doing yoga on the beach every morning so I'm in pretty good shape, it's probably why Spencer was staring at me. The players did some drills with the ball, Petracca looked tired, I told him if he took his shirt off it would be easier. I spoke to Pedo about his weight loss, he said he just stopped eating the freshly baked cookies that Watts brings in to every training session. Hogan kicked the ball at the goals, he used his opposite foot a few times. His stutter wasn't as prominent. I spoke to Macca who said they've put a device on Hogan that electrocutes him whenever he stutters or his body language appears negative. I asked Goody if it was a hard decision to delist Crossy. He didn't say anything and just walked away, he's a bit of a jokester like that. I joked back by yelling out to him that I was going to unfriend him on Facebook. I have to leave now, D & G have a sale on pants, I hope all the 32 regulars haven't sold out.
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    It seems like most people have covered things really well but I'll throw in my two cents. I'll add to the praise for JKH, I must have missed all of the turnovers because I think at this stage he'll make Kent/ Garlett nervous about maintaining their spots in the best 22. Sure he missed a couple of targets under high pressure but they were still generally to advantage. I'm not sure I agree about Vandeburg, I thought he was a bit clumsy even though he was in everything, he seems happy he's in the new jersey though. In regards to Keilty, he took some great marks and seemed to be getting around the ground fairly well, I would have liked to see him in the forward/ backs drill at the end ( might have missed him in there earlier when I was watching the grappling drill). One moment stood out for me as it was right in front of me on the wing. JKH had gotten away from his direct opponent (not sure who it was) and sat underneath a bit of a floater. Keilty was about 15m away jogging over to pick him up when (I think) Lewis yelled at him to go hard and that he would make it so he put the foot down and absolutely bowled over poor JKH, he hurt himself a little bit in the process but received a lot of praise for the extra effort as it spilled the ball to the advantage of his team. Oliver was a bit of a standout, there's not much of his puppy fat left on him, he looks a lot fitter so I'm a bit confused by all of the reports from dlanders and reporters saying he is under done. Another standout moment was when he was leading for a ball that missed the target and went to his opponent heading the opposite direction. They managed to get the ball away quickly and got 15m on Oliver and ran up to link after the kick. Ollie put his head down closed the space to prevent that option. His opponent didn't get used so it probably wasn't noticeable but I thought that defensive gut running in that heat was impressive. Ollie looks like he can get up a bit of speed when he get going, i think he'll run out a few more games this year. Oscar McDonald also impressed me today, he still needs to put on a bit of size but he was very competitive against the much bigger Max and Hoges. The forward/ backs drill at the end had 4 talls standing in a diamond shape about 20m apart while one player had to compete for the ball as Lewis bombed it towards them, they then had to run to the next contest and compete with all four before changing out. Everyone was cheering on Weids at the end who was absolutely spent and really only lost out to Max who shoved him aside and took it out in front. I though Oscar Mac comepeted really well in this drill. Hogan, Max and Watts were obviously all very impressive in this drill but as far as winning the ball in the air O mac and Frosty made it particularly difficult for them. The wrestling drill was a bit of laugh, it seemed they almost had to wrestle each other to the ground before leading for a short kick. Pedo struggled towards the end against Mackenna which wasn't surprising at the end of an almost 4 hour session. Garland and Watts were fun to watch. I didn't really notice many of the new boys, Hibberd seems fairly surly, I either didn't notice or didn't see Tim Smith (hard when they're in bibs/ have new numbers) and only realised who Melksham was when my mate picked out his fleuro yellow boots. I was disappointed that Brayshaw was in the rehab group, I didn't get a chance to ask why but I was really looking forward to seeing him. Dom Tyson is a top bloke who came over for a chat sweating bullets from some boxing, he looks ready to get back to the main group, we might see him in the JLT series if everything goes well for him. He seems to think they're being cautious with him and said he would be spewing if he didn't play round 1. Flippas legs are massive from his soccer days, he may need to lose a bit of weight off them or build his upper body to match. Either way I can see him being a decent tap ruckman in the future because he'll be very hard to move off of the ball. Watts and a few of the boys enjoyed the fact I was wearing his Skwosh shorts. Hogan signed my little girls hat but she doesn't get the concept of a signature and thought he should put her name on it. Her words were "But now it doesn't belong to me, it belongs to him." It might be worth something one day. That's about it for the moment, sorry for the late post, hopefully it gets you through your Monday, questions are welcome. P.S I didn't go through and edit, hopefully it's not a tough read
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    Got to training at about 11am, so quite a bit late, but still watched about 50 mins of drills. My second training in a week (before this, the last session was 20 years ago)! Was keen to get a few points jotted down given the plenty of reading of others posts in recent years (much appreciated guys!!). Few key points: Ball movement was very quick and typically hit the target, which is impressive given the strong northerly. Boys looked relatively relaxed and were enjoying the session. Plenty of talent on display - will be a very competitive list this year. Lots of the top guys did well (i.e. Jones, Vince, etc), and the younger guys look fantastic (e.g. Hunt, Trac, Clarry, etc). Coaches were very aggressive a few times - e.g. demanded that the defending team win the next ball in a half ground exercise. The focus and intent was great to watch I really think JKH and Trenners will get games this year, as both look confident, are moving really well, and skills looked solid. Had a very close look at "Weido". At face value, I thought there was not alot of glitz or skills to get super excited about, but then the competitive 1 on 1 marking and leading commenced, and he was very effective. Football nous impressive. All the key backs, key forwards and rucks were in a group for 1 on 1 competitive marking. Frosty is a super impressive athlete, and looked very good. Oscar looks fit and has bulked up. Was stunned at how much weight Pedo had lost, but he looked trim and super fit - I think he would be hard to leave out of the team. Big Maxy and Pencil had a great tussle, with Max generally winning but Pencil doing well (although tended to drop a few marks). Young Flippa was given a caning - noticed he lost about 6 of these competitive drills in a row, with most of his competitors marking the ball outright. Not super surprising, but he's certainly got lots of work to do to catch the others. Jesse was looking sharp ... spitting and hissing his way around the field. Looks mean and pumped. His run up is, without doubt, a little smoother. However, he missed quite a few today (wind didn't help!) Young Johnstone is seriously built. Moves quick and tackles aggressively although dropped a couple of marks he should have taken Finally, noticed Brian Lake wonder over to the ground with his hat and glasses on .... maybe spying for the Bulldogs? Or perhaps missing his hawks days and wanting to hang with Lewis ... or perhaps he's on the bandwagon and needed to check out the Dees hype!
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    ... include the bottom half of the list and top up players from Casey. It's a different story when something close to the best 22 are out there. Highlights for me: JKH, who I'd all but written off last year looks like he can become a good AFL footballer. Sad for ANB. Always thought he was limited and nothing seems to have changed. Weid looked a lot more competitive than last year. Salem will be a force if he can stay fit. Oliver confirmed he will be elite I started by saying at the beginning of the session yesterday that Hunt would be AA. I amended that by the end of the session by saying he'd captain the AA team. He's great I thought AVB looked good. Unlike others I thought Pencil was good and whilst Gawn is our ruckman Pencil is a very good back up. Was it just me or was Trengove prolific in the first ground drill but struggled in the match sim? I thought the physicality was reserved. Competitive for the ball but gentle on tackling. Good thing that. There is a thread about whether Brayshaw and Oliver can play in the same team. That thread wouldn't be started now. Brayshaw looked great. Frost will play and will show himself to be an inspired trade by Todd and his team. I think those predicting the demise of Bernie Vince are seduced by youth. Bernie has much to offer and looked good. Those thinking DJ is close to selection are off the mark. JG and JKH well ahead of him. Stretch will play seniors when fit. Poised, efficient and works very hard. 250 game player because he's so professional. We have lots of players now capable of playing good quality AFL footy. Nice hit out. Dancing with your sister stuff. Hope Tyson gets fit soon. He's very important to us.
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    It's been awhile but I was stoked to attend my 1st training session for the year. Picked a cracking day for it....... Firstly, I don't understand how WW can make sense of the drills and post at the same time. Full respect! Takes me long enough to just work out who's doing what. Training has definitely improved every year for the last few years. The intensity is up, the talk is up, the couches involvement is up and most importantly the skills are up. The music is odd but not in a bad way and I get the theory behind it. There also seem to be almost as many staff as players! Maybe that's where Roosy's salary has gone... The drills have been covered well so I don't have much to add there. There's not much down time it's go, go go. The players need to be switched on mentally as well. It was a tough day for it and the coaches didn't go easy on them, it was pretty brutal. My comments for what it's worth: Loved seeing Lewis finally. Now that I was really paying attention jeez he's a beautiful kick of the footy. A really good influence on the group too. It's not his 'on field coaching. At one stage, when he and Trac were sitting out the match sim, Trac was getting really into it from the boundary calling out instructions. Lewis told him back it off and let the team out there talk. Players that stood out to me today were Hunt, Jones, Lewis, Hogan, Watts and Viney. But most players were pretty good, also Pederson, Melksham, Johnstone, Garlett, Gawn, Vandenberg and Trengove. Hunt looks so full of confidence, he's a pleasure to watch (that sounds bad doesn't it..). I'm glad to read Oliver might have had hay fever, not surprising either considering the conditions, as he seemed out of it. Not much talk or involvement with team mates, looked cooked and spent a fair bit of time coming off. His skills were good when I watched him in drills but he was struggling to keep up today. One of my favs to watch! Weideman and O Mac have definitely bulked up, but will still take a couple of years. Loved my first glimpse of Johnstone. Very lively and bit of x-factor about him! Fitness-wise you can tell his a draftee but he was pushing and trying his heart out. Team mates were getting around him in a big way. Looks to have talent. I didnt' realise Bugg was such a talker, in the instructive/leadership type way not the lippy fella we know he can be. Hibberd nor Melksham appeared to be off the pace after a year off, though it is only training. As others have mentioned Spencer was everywhere, though his kicks were regularly not to advantage. They were more safe than risky though so perhaps it's him trying to play to his ability. I was bummed not to see Brayshaw, he must've left before I arrived. Just saw Tyson and Jetta packing up and heading back. I liked Troy Chaplin's coaching. He would run through the different aspects of the match sim with whichever team had just rotated out. Getting too distracted by the tennis now so that'll do it. Thanks to all the other attendees who've been getting me through this preseason!
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    I made it down to training for a little bit this morning, managed to get in a selfie which was pretty good. I spoke to Lewis (he's hotter in person) who said Melbourne is way better than Hawthorn. I left my satchel on the plane, does anyone know if there is a Louis Vuitton store in Marrochydore? I asked Salem about his Thyroid, he said they were good, we had a laugh together. The players did a few drills and kicked the ball around, looked pretty good to me.
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    Stayed at training for a bit over an hour. White and Mitch King in the rehab group with Kent and Kennedy. And Hulett and Tim Smith were helping them out but rejoined the main group afterwards. Kent doesn't look too far off rejoining. I didn't tick off the full list but I believe everyone else was there and training. Certainly Joel Smith was back in the group, Tyson was moving well. Notably JKH was pared with Hunt in the run through session and was holding his own. Rucks practised their craft after the running with Gawn, Spencer and Flipper under Stafford's tutelage. I didn't watch it too closely. For the contested activity that Ken referred to a square box was set up at either end with the squad being split in half and then in to two teams. Essentially a game of keepings off with the focus on intercept marking and quick ball movement. The northerly had kicked in by this juncture so there was a stiff breeze but the overall execution in terms of kicking skills was good. Once again, JKH was prominent as was Trengove. Oliver sublime in traffic. One shank from Melksham in an otherwise polished display. Lots of enthusiasm as you'd expect on the eve of the first hit out. Pleasingly Hibberd joined in everything and looked unrestricted. There's still some issues in terms of Petracca's kicking skills - it's a s much about keeping his decision making in check with his execution capability. It will be interesting in terms of who makes the squad on Saturday - there's plenty to choose from.
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    Was there from about 10 until 11:15, with a wander to go get coffee in the middle. Craft session. So really quick cycling through a range of drills. Some divided by positions, other a mix. Missed (by me): Dom, Nev (saw him leaving), Kent, Brayshaw, Ben Ken? Rehab: ANB, Hannan. At times:Flippers, Mitch King Hibberd was held out after about 11. Couldn't tell if it was his knee or some other issue and didn't see any incident. Inside 50 kicking seemed a focus of a lot of drills that had varying ways to test it. There was a drill where 2 players would gather the ball, spin round and kick to a lead, it's on the clubs instagram. There were midfield stoppage drills that then had the players streaming forward to kick inside 50. And drills where the defenders would get the ball out then the forwards would take over and take the ball the other way. All 4 rucks did a fair bit of work with Stafford, but they weren't competing against each other. The mids did a fair bit of clearance work with umpires present to bounce the ball. Hogan did go in to this drill at various stages although my focus was on the forwards at that time. I'd say they'll put him in there as a way to get him in to the game and to take him from certain opponents. Matched up with even numbers probably 8 a side they practised getting the ball out of deep defence using short kicking and things got a bit ugly. They had an umpire calling marks and play ons and there were a few turnovers. They were really restricted in the space and using only short kicks for the drill. I expect the actual game plan will call for a lot more counter attacking and long kicking, particularly switching. Individual observations: Salem - looked really composed today, used his body well to win a marking contest, ran the ball forward with speed to evade pressure, nailed a goal from 50 on the run. Spencer - not to derail another thread but he did look good, racking up touches and making smart handballs on the spread Oliver - for the brief bit of the clearance work I watched he was wreaking havoc Maynard - another who got a few nice quick handballs off in traffic. I think he has vision Lewis - his kicking inside 50 is where he stands out Watts - his leading and ability to create space inside 50 is a cut above. I want him up the ground to get the ball but he is dangerous deep if he can find room and get delivery McKenna - a really nice ball user inside 50 Pedda and Vanders look fit, JKH looks sharp
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    Random musings for you to think about: Gawn played 59% game time and Spence 48%. So basically they were rarely on the ground together. Max will play around 80-85% game time in the season - does this mean that we wont play two rucks because effectively we didn't yesterday? Our leading contested possession winners were Viney (12), Oliver (10), Brayshaw (9), Salem (9), Smith (9) - great signs that Salem is getting a hard ball. O-Mac took 9 marks for the game. Which was more than Cloke and he is a marking machine. Salem had 4 clearances. Which was more than Jones or Oliver. Melksham was blowing out the cobwebs but had more rebound 50's than anyone else in the game. He also had 3 1%ers. While I'm not convinced he is playing round 1, not a bad effort from him. Brayshaw had 5 inside 50's which was only behind Dalhaus for the match. Jones (6) and Viney (7) led the way with tackles but not to be outdone were Brayshaw (7) and Stretch (6). The boys are adding a defensive mindset as well. What this all means? We moved Lewis, Jones, and Vince out of the fire and the young boys stepped up. Specifically Salem and Stretch who are outside mids, who showed a little more balance. Our top performers are becoming our under 23's and that is only going to make us better.
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    I was lucky enough to be able to take my kids today to the team photos today , the experience was great for everyone A special moment for us and to be able to cherish and to show my wife RIP It was well worth the money. the players all smiled and we had a ball Did anyone else go along ? thankyou
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    I went. Got to Gosch's paddock for a few minutes on Friday. It's been a while too. I was sitting in Hisense arena at the Tennis- and realised the boys had switched their training ground. Great news...but there was a catch. They give you leave passes at Hisense but they only last for a max of 30 minutes. I said to my girl friend ...would you like a coffee? I'll go and get one for you." Very noble of me. So I took off...ran across Olympic Boulevard past the 'pies and past the soccer stuff...arriving at Gosch's approx 11am. I only had a few minutes to watch. The rain had stopped and they were running match practice (Melbourne jumpers vs yellow jackets) where just about everyone was parked in the Melbourne jumpers' forward line, apart from 3-4 melbourne jumper defenders and a couple of yellow jacket forwards in an arc across midfield. It seemed like a good idea for a drill - trying to keep the ball in the forward zone and find targets despite a packed defence. The first drill i see started from midfield. The ball gets kicked back into the Melbourne jumpers' defensive zone and Tommy Mac is running backwards with the flight of the ball. It looks routine..but no...Tom drops the mark. They are keen to keep it moving...so he handballs to Frost (also in a Melbourne jumper) who does a deadeye 10 metre pass...straight to someone in yellow. Back to the centre for another try. This time Trengove is running into the Melbourne forward zone, but struggles to maintain control. The ball comes out, and the Melbourne jumpers had 3-4 attempts at finding targets or finding goals. None were particularly successful. Handballs were clumsy; passes missed targets (although Petracca did a great half-volley pickup, and then lost possession) and no one scored anything. My last memory was Viney (aggressive little bugger) kicking from the right forward flank to the goals. The ball went sailing over their heads of everyone and bounced across the boundary line to the left of the posts. My 10 minutes was up and i had to run back to the tennis. My initial reaction was 'Oh god. What a comedy of errors'. But I can be a glass half-empty person and it was a wet morning. Then I thought about the last time I watched a MFC match practice. Cast your mind back to Feb 2012 at Casey - Neeld in charge. I watched in horror as they struggled to win the ball from one contest, then kicked the ball along the boundary line - straight back to another contest!! And on it went. No-one made space. No-one looked for a target, and don't dare to centre the ball. Gruesome. At least they moved the ball quickly yesterday. At least they are showing more zip and flair. They attacked down both wings and used Salem and Lewis as backmen to start the attacks. I wish I'd seen more. We had a lot of guys on the park, and still can't believe that Jordan Lewis was there yesterday in Melbourne colours, and we got him for pick 48. I like what we are trying to do with the game plan. Hey I'm not expecting miracles this year, but if they want to take chances - take the game on - then i will dust off my Kaspersky Demons cap and give them a go.
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    North Melbourne signs Barry Prendergast to new recruiting role
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    Not a lot to report from today's session. My guess is that today's training whilst designed to be one of 3 main sessions for the camp, was never meant to be full gas like some that I have seen up here over the past 3 years, where they were monitoring body temps etc. It was a bit lackluster in my book. Either they are: still acclimatizing / still hungover from Australia Day / have already been thrashed over the last 2 days. Take your pick? I'm expecting Saturday's session to be the one to be at to get a better reflection of how things are tracking. Here's some observations from today session for what it's worth: * Maynard and Tim Smith both caught my eye. Both impressed me with their mobility for big guys and impact around the ground. Smith looks to me like he has worked hard on his game and will contribute something to the seniors. Maynard's swagger reminds me a bit of watching Petracca for the first time 2 years ago. Smith a focal point up forward and I think Maynard a back/mid at a guess. * Slightly different vibe about training from the past 3 years. Couldn't put a finger on what it was. Perhaps the best way to describe it is it was a little more chilled out. Not sure if that is good or bad but it was noticeable. * Surprised at some of the different faces being vocal and taking leadership roles. Vandenburg & Bugg among them. * Won't bother listing the rehabbers, if anyone wants to know I'm sure they'll ask. I can say that all of them are not far off the pace and in good nick considering. * Just realized none of the indigenous boys were there. Maybe training with the Boomerangs or something? Just guessing. * Clarry provided the highlight of the session for me, making a tackle that I'm still shaking head at and wondering how he made it. * Jason Taylor watching on. Was good to see him still taking an interest in how the newer recruits were travelling. * The Hulk looking confident with his goal kicking. Still waiting for some signs that some of that greatness is kicking in - Lets wait and see what Saturday brings.
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    Got to training about 10.50 to find the rehab group working hard with run throughs. New addition was Jetta who looked anything but happy. Tyson and Kent looked good to me, particularly Tyson who had no bandages on either knee and was moving freely. Lateral movement wasn't an issue so I'd say he is well on the way to a full recovery. Disappointing to see ANB still in there but he was running well. Didn't see Brayshaw or JKH. Hope JKH is ok, would hate him to lose more time from the preseason. Liam Hulett was running quite well so that was good news after what appeared a nasty injury last week. Main group didn't arrive until about 11.30 and did the usual warm up drills - run throughs, short kicking, stretching and a bit of agility work. Then the main part of the session (until I had to leave for parking issues) was the 10 v 10 WW has referred to. Seemed a step up to me as there was much more contested stuff and poor old Declan Keilty copped a couple of nasty one and was running laps when I left. Stand out for me were Jake Spencer who was in everything and Billy Stretch. He's a lock for R1 the way he's going. Poised and clean, quick and a good decision maker and disposer of the ball. He's a favourite so I might be overstating it! Oliver was struggling for the whole session but I think it was just the hot weather and hay fever as he came off for his puffer and then returned and did some 10 on 10 work. Others to stand out for me were Garlett, Jones, AVB, Lewis and Watts. Joel Smith was also good and looked comfortable. Hunt is looking stronger and more assured and took a very good contested mark at one stage. Looks to have stepped up from last year which will strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Looked like a significant ramp up in intensity and contact stuff today and as a result there were more turnovers than other sessions I've seen. Also of interest was that during the 60m run throughs the only players that I noticed bouncing and carrying a ball were Hunt and Frost. Hunt was bouncing it as he went while Frost not so much. There was a continued emphasis on non preferred kicking at one point in the early drills. The other thing that struck me was the use of Spencer and Gawn as targets when going forward. The way Jake trained today I'd be surprised if he didn't get a go in the ruck in the practices matches with Max to see how we go with two recognized rucks. It's never been something that's appealed but if Jake can genuinely step up it could work. Any questions ask. I left well before the end I'd imagine so others will have more to add.
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    I found the non-photoshopped image. Nice try MFC.
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    Not sure, probably best to just break up with her.
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    Yes the full list was out there but it was more like 10.15 by the time they assembled en mass and then they were off by 11.00 sharp so it was a short and not so sharp run and kick around the park. I told work I would be working from home this morning and so rode my bike down to Gosch's around 9.40 to see Cross working with some rehab guys, Kent, King and Kennedy. I saw J Smith wander over later for a run while I was on the phone to work! Gee he has developed since I last saw him, very athletic build. The KKK were doing agility work, having to run to and back to designated coloured cones called out by and assistant then told to lead to a pass from Cross, mark and pass off back to Cross and then run helter skelter back toward the goals while Cross lobbed the ball high for the player to mark and then snap for goal. Kent and Kennedy were good at this but Mitch surprised me with his agility and I was worrying about his knee when he was running and turning between the cones, he appears to be very coordinated, with very clean hands and a nice kicking action, not a great handballer on his left though. Around 10.15 the main group arrived while I was on the phone to work again and having a look at The Storm training. The main group loosened up with some handballs and then stretches , then in a huddle, then some short stuff where the coaches were kicking hard balls to a player about 5 meters away, they had to mark and handball back and it was not until about 10.30 that they broke into kicking pairs for some 25 meter kick to kick. They then broke into groups of 8, with 3 defenders and 5 ball players moving the ball from end to end by handball in a confined space of about 20x20m. The group I watched was Hogan, Salem, Tyson, Garland, Jones, Trengove, Frost and Stretch with Goodwin throwing balls low to a ball player who had to pick up cleanly and dish off immediately to a running player on the outside. Salem and Tyson really stood out and Trenners was very clean as well. Goodwin keep yelling to pass the ball on the up? I think he was encouraging them to keep some elevation on their handballs, he didn't want it bouncing in front of a target. This routine went on for 15 minutes then they broke into kicking pairs again and I wandered up to the goals to see a number of players practicing the old Daicos dribble goal from the pocket boundary. This was all pretty light hearted stuff. Weideman, Clarrie and Hannan came over next to me to have some set shots from the 50m boundary on their non preferred foot, with a $30 bet going. The Weid slotted his second shot and waltzed off with his arms in the air. Clarrie and Hannan never looked like it. At this stage they called it quits and sauntered off at 11.00 sharp so it about a 40 minute session at low intensity, to be expected after Queensland I suppose. Just about everyone was there I think. I didn't see Watts, Hibberd, or Spencer and I didn't recognize some of the newbies although I have now worked out that Hannan and Flipper were there and the new guy who caught my eye in the drills was Corey Maynard, looks a good size and fitted in well with the other midfielders. As I rode off Storm were still going hard at it and then work rang again!!!
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    Not sure why people go on about Saty's comments. He has his opinion and he passes on info that he gets. From that point on either enjoy the info or ignore it. I am glad he keeps contributing.
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    Each to their own, but I get amused by the constant criticism of Brayshaw, who is tough, smart and a beautifully balanced footballer with great foot skills on either side of his body. Does he incorrectly weight the odd kick ? Sure, he's an improving young player. And it was the first hitout for the year. Imo, he'll become one of the games elite midfielders.
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    In this Clayton's training thread, I'll hijack the thread to thank all the track watchers who have contributed some terrific reports over the pre-season, with loads of detail. Thanks everyone! I pass through the general area of Gosch's on a fairly regular basis in my day to day tasks, and have seen quite a few snippets of training; on 2 occasions I was there for a reasonable amount of time. Fwiw, I've seen enough to make the following general observations about the following who have caught my eye as likely to add significantly to what was on offer last season. Probably nothing that hasn't been noted here already, but here goes, in broadly number order: Hogan - just looks like he's going to go to another level this year if he stays injury free; fit, strong and skilful. Lewis - the kicking: it draws your eye when watching him in the group. Brayshaw - looks stronger and fitter, and a real presence in drills and match sims. Gawn - see Hogan entry. Could be scarily good this year - please stay fit, Max! Billy Stretch - looks to have progressed strongly in his physical development, and should step up to be a consistent and skilful player. Oscar - should be a more imposing presence on the ground with a body that's filling out. Jayden - there looks to be more of everything with him; seems to have taken the Olympic motto to heart ("Citius, altius, fortius"); also looks more confident in his work on the track - his break-out season has no doubt added to that. Exciting! Joel Smith - a bit like the J Hunt entry, with a lot of skill on show together with significant apparent physical development. In addition, Weideman looks bigger, but whether this is the year where he makes significant impact, time will tell. Oliver is interesting. Doesn't seem like a natural running machine like some other mids, but you'd like to think that his output would be improved from last year with the work that he's had to do over the summer. Petracca probably in a similar category. Both works in progress from point of view of fitness, but would expect both to be in a better to position to have more impact on the ground. As an overall observation, the intensity of work in terms of running and physical contact in drills and match sims is significantly higher than what I can recall seeing in previous pre-seasons. Which is all well and good, but who knows whether or not the increase in intensity is just keeping up with, or catching up to, the work of the leading clubs.
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    i don't care what they're saying. i still reckon chip will stay.
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    Final points from today and then I'll sign off from Maroochy headquarters. In hindsight I'd describe today's session as a slow burn. It turned into the kind of training session that not only highlights the training camp but is also one to build the season upon. *Not sure if it was mentioned elsewhere but Jetta was at the camp today training in the rehab group, but Garlett and Johnstone were still away. *More sport specific and game style specific conditioning on display today - I expect our game style to go to a new level of physicality this year, with bodies hitting hard *From the sound and looks of it they have got the endurance running stuff out of the road really early in the piece and now are really honing in on perfecting the details - Already fit enough. *I haven't seen any of the other sessions but the Hulk is really putting his best foot forward this year. Really excited to see what he can do. * All of the ex Basketballer talents emerging in football terms are another highlight for me. * If we can keep most of our key players fit and healthy throughout the year, look out because other teams are going to have their hands full with the Dees - which is nice to be able say for a change. Bring on the season - catch you next year.....maybe.
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    In quite a few games last season, Bull played better then most if not all of the Melbourne listed forwards in the VFL. If he gets a go in the JLT games, or even plays well enough in the Casey pre season games, expect to see him getting his debut early in the season. For those that haven't met him, he is a super nice and respectful kinda guy, has worked his arse off to get where he is, and I think is more appreciative because of the hard work he has had to put into getting this opportunity. If any of the new recruits deserve senior games this season, it's definitely Bull (Even more then Keilty, who I am absolutely dieing for, hoping he gets a shot) He might not become a superstar, but he is definitely the most entertaining player outside the AFL I have ever watched. His ability to take marks that shouldn't be possible and his attack on the ball as well as anyone with the ball is great to watch. If he gets a go and stays in good form, he will become a favourite of the Melbourne supporters, gaurenteed.
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    Word from the club is that Trenners isn't going to be spending valuable time trying to rediscover his acceleration. He has instead spent a considerable amount of hours working on his contested ball craft so he can become harder inside where his lack of speed wouldn't be as critical. Trenners presented to the club mid contract negotiations on what he would be doing differently if recontracted.
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    I was there briefly this morning and having noted the great work of WW, Saty and Vogan P, I have very little to contribute other than a couple of moments that got me excited: 1. The professional attitude and numbers of support staff. Felt like a well oiled, championship club. 2. Warm up running, all turned to run backwards on. The punt road side, someone in the group called out and the group responded in unison with a loud enthusiastic response that resonated commitment and belief. 3. Short kick to kick with slight alterations every couple of minutes. Watching Salem, Petracca, Hogan, Lewis and Jones was a delight 4. Watching an unusual drill with tennis balls and seeing Harmes smash Lewis. Lewis was winded and sat out for five. Harmes popped over to help him up, while giving him the 'does that hurt old timer' look. Lewis jumps up pats him on the back and got straight in with it. 5. 10/10 drill looked slick and only just below match day real. Standouts for me were Hibberd, Watts, Gawn, Hoganand Jones. Always present and dangerous. Liked stretch and Trengrove also. Did see trenners get run down at one point, but, nailed the kick. Thats all I've got for now. Got distracted by my little girl taking photos of her namesake, Jesse.
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    Depends on the extent of soft tissue damage, assuming the bone is unharmed. If he hasn't badly disrupted the ligaments securing the superior tib-fib joint, then it's a 2 to 3 week deal. Imaging this week will tell. Chronic instability is the thing to avoid.
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    -3 votes to Johannisen's haircut.
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    Lads have just arrived. My first session at Goschs. Reporting will be poor, I'm nursing a guns n roses sized hangover...
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    "The Demons are a beautiful team - beautiful - I know because I am smart. They are going to win bigly. We are going to win so much and so often we are gonna get sick of winning. I told Goodwin that our defense is going to be so strong. so strong. We are going to build a wall across the half back line and keep all other teams out. And we are going to get the AFL to pay for it. I will place a travel ban on any other team coming into our defensive half. I think I can also say that we are sick.. so sick.. yes we are sick.. of the dishonest hawks and their fake premierships ( lock them up)." - Founder and owner of Trump Enterprises.
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    Last time we played the Saints we had players such as White, Wagner, Grimes, Matt Jones, and Ben Kennedy in the team. Three weeks later in round 20 when we beat the Hawks none of those 5 played. The first time we played them we had a first gamer in Petracca, Dunn, Lumumba, Wagner (4th game), Bugg, Kennedy, and Frost playing as a forward, where he's hopeless. vandenBerg also played and he was limited all year with his ankle and is moving better this preseason. The team we put out in round one ought be far stronger than either of those lineups. Petracca will be better, Oliver didn't play in either game, Salem wasn't there in round 17, Brayshaw will be a different player, add Lewis, Hibberd, and Melksham and the maturation of others like Stretch, Hogan, Viney, Oscar, etc. The Saints will have better matchups for Hogan with Carlisle and structure with Brown. Who knows how we'll go, but I'm very confident the team we'll put out will be far superior to the others the Saints accounted for.
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    Midfield: Rucks: Gawn took some strong grabs mainly behind the play and one forward, they didn't use him for the long bail out kick. May as well save that for the real stuff. Spencer's work rate was good and his skills ok. Gawny pushed him around at some stoppages. Flippers was a bit of a disaster but looked willing. Inside: Clarry the stand out, only thing I'd like to see more is him straighten and pump it in from stoppages instead of kicking it to the wingman who gets held up. Viney scratchy around the ground but willing. Jones smooth running with the ball and kicking long to players in space. Trenners with plenty of touches. Salem with moments of class. Brayshaw came on in the 2nd half and made an impact inside and out. Outside: Lewis spent time in a number of spots but his kicking to corridor options was the highlight of the game for me. Bugg's work rate was very good. Stretch the same, he links up smoothly. Harmes spent some time on the wing and also provided an option. Forwards Tall - Weed with some moments, Hogan working really hard. Watts hopefully at about 50% but the class was there. Pedda looked solid inside 50 for the 2nd team. Hulett mobile and involved a lot as well, bobbed up for a few goals. Med/Smalls - Tracc with burst, just needs to balance up. Vanders with some hard stuff but scratchy. JKH prolific for the 2nd forward team, really busting to get in to space. DJ's tackling was excellent and good positioning. Garlett missed a couple of chances but he also played a part in good passages with speed and crumbing Backs Tall - Tom kicked well and mopped up around half back. Oscar was solid in the air, just misses kicks when he has to judge depth and movement particularly inside 50. Frost was sharp for the 2nd side and had a few strong runs and lowered the eyes and kicked well. Garland didn't do much wrong. Med/small - Hunt's defensive work and aerial work strong, started by doing too much with the ball but then settled in to some good options. Vince made some precise short kicks and looked decent. Melksham got a lot of the footy and was mostly decent with it, tried to take Oliver on from the mark deep in the backline and probably regretted that choice. Wagner very composed and kicking short sharp kicks.
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    Was there last night as I'm friends with most of the girls and for someone who played and has been involved in women's football for a long time it was a real emotional time for all of us. That atmosphere was fantastic, was packed, people getting right into it. Yeah skills weren't great but I'm sure back when the men first started it wasn't either. Will take time, doubt crowds will be that big throughout the rest of the female season but what a special moment it was for them. Everyone needs to stop worrying about their skills right now and just be happy for them.
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    What ? Salem's soft ??? This is one weird Sunday morning.
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    I disagree entirely. If your assertion is that people look to blame others for their failures and that everything is in their own hands what the point of having a decent development and coaching staff? Gysberts had the misfortune to be drafted by the most dysfunctional AFL football club this century and didn't cope. How on earth can you lay all the blame on him? Gysberts was a very talented footballer and you only have to look at his early games to see this. He had clear weaknesses that Neeld and his development team failed to eradicate. I'd go further and say they were a terrible impact on him. Gysberts was an introvert and was crushed by the hostile atmosphere generated by Neeld and his philosophy. This has been confirmed to me by both players and staff who were there at the time. A good leader inspires and makes his players want to follow. Neeld did exactly the opposite. I don't know if Gysberts had fixable faults but he certainly had talent. Are you writing off Petracca and Oliver now because they struggle in the running drills? Neeld snuffed out any chance the kid had and by the time he got to NM he was shot. He didn't want to play AFL footy. Again, confirmed by those that know him. Neeld was a disaster. He alienated the senior players, he failed to develop the younger players and he left us in a significantly worse place when he left than when he arrived. Gysberts wasn't the only one significantly effected.
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    A couple more things from this evening. Best play of the night was when Salem strolled through the middle and sent a 65m kick over the Macs and down Weids throat for a goal. Weids had to make body contact with Buggy to take the mark and it hurt Buggy and he's a tough boy. The post-game training drill - I think a Max Rooke initiative - was sensational. It was basically a one-one wrestling drill and then a lead-up. It was so mean. Watching Watts have to battle VDB was gripping and Salem and Vince was intriguing. But the main act was Petracca and Maynard. It was huge. They will all be sore boys tomorrow.
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    Thankyou to Goodvibes. Reports such as yours make for a wonderful read at this time of year. This report below is sourced from a poster known as Brady over at Demonology "So I headed to Maroochydore this morning expecting the boys to have a pretty solid session, and it definitely was.Over 3 hours out in the 30+ degree heat. I would have left just before midday and they still hadn't finished up. The sessions started with some standard kick to kick and lane work before they got into some 12 on 10 full field match stuff. There was a group of 10 on the sideline in a resting group. The two teams would go full tilt for 3-4 minutes before one would swap with the resting team. Two players wore orange bibs and would always be on the attacking side to create an outnumber 10 to 12. The countdown timer on the scoreboard was set to 25 minutes and they went at it until it was up. Over on the other field was the rehab group which today consisted of Tyson, Kennedy, Kent, Spencer, Jetta, Wagner, Hibberd and Brayshaw. Not sure why a few of them were in this group but maybe they were just being managed or have a little niggle or two. They were doing laps at a pretty good pace to start with before moving into some 100m runs / sprints They then a little later moved into boxing. Out on the main field the group went into 15 v 15 full match play. Goodwin would kick the ball to a player in the back pocket then it was on. They went at it until a goal or point was kicked. The ball moved at a very good pace. You can definitely identify the game plan now. This went on for another 25 / 30 minutes, before the team headed into the cool room for 15 minutes, I think this was a "half time". As Brendan McCartney walked into the rooms he said to all of us supporters watching "don't worry guys, we aren't done with them yet, they've got another 60 minutes of hard work to go, you'll see some tired boys out there soon" he wasn't lying. They came back out and the mids split and did some boundary throw in work while the forwards and backs did some contested work inside forward 50, with the forwards trying to stop the backs getting it out. Once this finished I decided to head off as it was stinking hot in the sun but I heard one of the coaches say they had around 25 minutes to go "the last quarter" A very big session! Some individual performances I noticed - Lewis - well as everyone already knows, this guy is all class. He will add a level head out there, calm under pressure and time after time hit the target to a leading Hogan or Weideman coming out of the forward 50. Looking like he has dropped a kg or two. He will add a huge amount to the team. Oliver - He was in everything. In the match simulation he would of been one of the leading possession winners out there. Used it well too. I think it could be a good year for him to come. Knows how to find the footy. Petracca - Beast! I am so excited to see this guy out there this year. He moves so well and was another who racked up the possessions today. Played across half forward and pushed up into the midfield. He could absolutely dominate a couple of games this season. I really believe that. Others who caught my eye were Bernie, Hogan, Weideman (who has definitely put on a few kgs) Gawn who just did his thing. JKH got a lot of the ball but would have turned it over or shanked the kick probably 50% of the time. He needs to fix this if he wants any chance of making the 22 this year. Anyway, overall, having come and watch the boys train at Maroochydore the last 3 years. I can honestly say this has been the best I have seen them train. That might be to do with the time of year it is as we are only weeks away from games but there was such a positive vibe around the group and they went at it full tilt. You can tell they are ready to get stuck into the 2017 season now. Cheers and Go Dees!"
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    Weideman is coming along nicely and when he clunked a mark today (against T.Mac) the whole playing list seemed to converge on him in congratulations. By contrast, nobody seemed interested when Watts continually took marks and then roosted them through the sticks (such as we are becoming to take that for granted)! Other impressions today were that Hogan looked in a good place, Hunt hasn't got any slower and Keilty is a big unit.
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    Speed, hardness, courage, contested work, good mark for his size, kicks goals off half back... in his first year. Yeah, overrated.
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    Re: Jake Spencer and Jack Trengove Neither have had a real pre season for years that would have prepared them adequately for match days. That they have shown improved ability following an unbroken pre season to date should be a positive for the club and all supporters. Spencil is a big bodied ruckman who has speed, grunt and endurance and can be competitive at the highest level. How many clubs can boast 2 such ruckmen? How do we know if the FD is not developing a strategy around creating an imbalance on the ground and using Max and Pencil at the same time? How many opposition clubs would be stretched? There is a simplistic notion that modern footy is all about speed and spread. But really it is as much about creating imbalances on the field. Imagine Spencil or Max resting in the forward line and taking away Jesse Hogan's gorilla opponent or alternating off the bench so that there is always a rested ruckman on the ground or dividing the ground in two (back line and centre, forward line) and sharing the load.. Players are here to play roles for the benefit of the team, not impress the critics with their speed and skills. I recall that both played in the great victory at Geelong in 2015. Jack was a champion before his injury and deserves a fair go to prove his value again. This constant obsession with foot speed is becoming tedious. Spread does not rely on speed, it relies on having the footy smarts to be able to read the play and anticipate when to go and where before the opposition. So long as he gets to the right positions and gets there without an opponent, he can walk as far as I care. As for defensive speed, if finds himself on a faster player (which can happen to any player except Hunt) then it is up to the on field or off field leadership to make the necessary adjustment. That is what good coaching is meant to do. There are enough coaches to go around. Give Jake and Jack a chance and don't dismiss their prospects too soon. I hope they surprise.
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    During a full ground drill yesterday, Gawn was at the top of the square and someone kicked it to him. Just as he was about to take a fairly high mark, Keilty came from the side and used his body/hip just enough to nudge Maxy to the side and take the defensive mark. Apprently this resulted in a big reaction from the playing group. This was also after Max was doing well and had already taken 3 or 4 good contested marks.
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    Melbourne Bitter. Because I'm Melbourne. And I'm bitter.
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    main group and looked great. No residual bandaging or anything.
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    I went last week. A couple of random football related observations: Agree with comments we were a bit sloppy with our disposals, particularly kicking and not jut in the match practice bit. But it doesn't worry me. It is a practice match after all. No big deal.Even two of our best kicks in Salem and Lewis missed some easy targets. Conversely O mac nailed a beautiful clearing kick to a target when kicking across the ground so not all doom and gloom Melksham looked very solid and a real pro. Good depth and power on his kicks. Reads the play very well. A lock for round one. I didn't notice Hibberd much but he is a very sold unit and also has fantastic depth on his kicking. I can see him being a real weapon getting the ball into our forward line with long, powerful kicks Trac should stick to long booming kicks and ditch his little 20 metre chips that seem to miss their target every time Brawshaw looked fantastic and i am super excited he is likely to be key member of the side. Easy to forget how good he was in the foirts half of the 2015 season. A very smart player and a good reader of the ball Oliver looked in great nick. He is a tough bugger. Got smashed at one point and got straight up Viney is a bull. Seems to have only one speed. Some of the Casey kids must have had kittens when he came storming at them Hogan looks super fit as does Pederson My standout? Salem. if he stays fit he will be like a new top shelf recruit. He is so clean and has brilliant awareness of where his team mates are. Salem also has a skill that frustratingly so few players have - weighting his kicks to team mates advantage. He kicked a lovely 50 metre kick to Weeds over the back of the contest which set up a gimme goal. After training had finished Salem did some extra work with a coach kicking balls at him from very close and catching them in the left, then right hand. Good on both sides but amazing on the left. The ball was going at speed and the ball looked as if it was going into a baseball mit. Looks super fit as well. Played out of the centre for most of the game. A couple of other random observations: It was great to be able to go after work, have a couple of quiet ones and watch the boys train. I wonder of it is something they could do 2 or 3 times over summer (ie a 4:30 start). It wouldn't have to be at Olympic park. Goschs's would be fine Incredible to see how many support staff there are these days. I remember watching the dees train at the G under barass and it is no exaggeration to say there was only two or three people out there (other than the players) and one was retrieving balls for the stands (though not the one i managed to snaffle). Must be expensive to to run a footy club these days On a related note the Merch tent was in a stupid spot, assuming of course they actually wanted to sell merch (which given the location of the Demon store is no sure thing) not just provide shade for MFC employee being paid to do nothing. Are work experience kids in charge of the marketing department? No wait - kids these days would be much more savvy Stafford is very tall
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    I was invited to a GWS coterie function a while ago and got on the cans with Kevin Sheedy. We discussed Josh Kelly (more below). I used to dislike Sheedy until I met him. He's a legend. I've met him a number of times since. My view has not changed. He should've been appointed coach of the MFC in 2008 IMO - all would've been different, but I now don't care because I reckon the club is perfectly positioned for the future and has finally got its act together. Conversation re Josh Kelly went like this: Me: 'What do you think of Kelly for Tyson and pick 9?' Sheedy: 'Stupid deal. Trust me, the Kelly kid is one out of the box - he will be an absolute superstar - we killed this trade.' Me: 'You said that about Scully too.' Sheedy: '@&$% you, ya %*+#head!' Me: 'We're super happy with Tyson and Salem and we need mids desperately, so two for the price of one suits our needs.' Sheedy: 'Tyson ain't that great and Kelly will be a superstar - glad you're pleased with your club about this because Kelly is out of the box and your club could've had him.' Me: 'Like we could've had you Sheeeeeds! 😄' Sheeds: 'Yep, exactly. Hate the Melbourne Football Club. Didn't even get invited to the final interview stage. Hopeless $@&%s. They've overlooked me twice now, both as a player and a coach. No wonder they're a freaken basket case!' We then drank more beer.