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  2. I was at the official team photo day. Dom arrived with ice strapped on his calf. so report that he did it on Saturday a bit rich.
  3. Hey Pick, the quote on the Club Website states he will miss this week but be back for the following round. Hope it is the case
  4. Weid is probably still just getting his feel back for the contest and finding the drop of the ball at the minute. He hasn’t done much with the group his preseason.
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  6. Apparently Dom Tyson is in trouble with a calf strain. I saw him last week in Richmond on Tuesday with a compression bandage over his calf so not so much a new injury?? Calf injuries are by nature niggly and can take some time to heal. Hopefully not a bad tear.

    I kept looking for our trophy in the picture. Then I realised that x WAS the trophy. Oh my Buddha.
  8. lol I already said what happened in a later post. I’ll mercifully not elaborate further 😆
  9. BB, I had a long running discussion with an influential/ legendary coach in the Central Highlands (he also played a few games with the Doggies), he always said umpires don't determine the outcome of games. He said this right up to the time of his passing. I always knew what he meant, a team needs to be good enough to overcome ALL opposition and if that means defeating 2 oppositions, fate, karma and luck then so be it. That never stopped me from arguing that poor Umpiring decisions can sometimes defeat the best of teams in a close contest. I've also said that the better you play the better the decisions seem to be. It's unconscious bias and as the umpiring becomes more professional I hope the decision making will also.
  10. Possibly...but what is...IS Stats have nothing to do with maggotry
  11. The Barnaby

    Aaaha, people.... oh and politicians
  12. A Day at the Races

    A few other horses I like at Caulfield - at first glance. Not necessarily in the 'best bet' category but realistic chances. I will be doing a few 2-4-6 multiple trifecta's at Caulfield so here's a few thoughts ... Bedford in the first race should go well again. Almandin is another to look out for. Smart Coupe deserves another chance in the Armanasco Stakes (Race 4) Needs to jump well! With 'Dollar for Dollar' out of the Futurity I keep looking at Tosen Stardom & Brave Smash Terribly difficult race but I don't mind 'Prairie Fire' & 'Ennis Hill' in the Blue Diamond The Oakleigh Plate is just too hard for me but I might have a 'Spec' trifecta in the race The lucky last is an interesting betting race with 3 standouts (Hartnell, Gailo Chop & The Taj Mahal) - can't split them.
  13. Except when they are influenced by inaccurate kicking and umpires
  14. A Day at the Races

    Going early is probably a good way to do it this week Macca. Pick it and stick to it. I've just gone through the Melbourne and Sydney fields and the racing certainly cranks up this week. The Oakleigh Plate is a cracking race, the horse I liked for the Blue Diamond has drawn the car park (Written By 18). The Hartnell race is a tricky one. Gailo Chop and Single Gaze look like serious players in that one. Brave Smash stands out as the one so far in the Futurity to me. Show A Star in Sydney has drawn barrier 11. The way it won its last two starts suggests they will push to the lead from the jump, the barrier shouldn't be that much of a concern though as his tactical speed is good. I just noticed an early scratching so barrier 10 now. I will study over the next two days and wait for scratchings and declare on Saturday morning. Wow, too much going on this Saturday, might have to venture down to the local and catch the footy and the racing without channel flicking.
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  16. The Barnaby

    So I looked up Bill Shorten's maiden speech to parliament today. Here is a quote: "Above all others—and I can say this on Valentine’s Day—I thank my wife, Deb Beale, an endlessly intelligent, supportive and loving woman." This was at the same time he was shagging Chloe Bryce who he later got pregnant while they were both married to other people That's hypocrisy writ large. That's sanctimonious writ large. If Barnaby goes so should Bill Shorten......and Tony Burke.
  17. A Day at the Races

    Yeah thats the thing isnt it. Its what i go by as well, trying to pick a winner for the 4 of us. So like i say, a bit more research from me and Friday arvo sometime. Might be a few scratchings by then. Will be a fascinating duel between Hartnell and Gailo Chop in the last race at Caulfield, Taj Mahal and Single Gaze in that race as well. What a race to bring home the Quad. Is Melbourne playing already? I suppose its almost March isnt it.
  18. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    So that would make him laconic?
  19. Being managed, did full session today
  20. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    No. It just wasn't. Ethan is on the money. The stock market didn't technically crash. It did fall but well and truly after debt markets blew up. Your simplistic statement that the GFC was caused by share prices not being supported by profits is pure nonsense. Sorry.
  21. Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    Wise blood..... It looks like we have 7 confirmed. 10 should be plenty to get a comp up & I have a mate who's keen to join so that's 8. Hopefully Poita reappears soon & we get a draft date set & into the 2018 season we go.....
  22. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    They usually play a big schedule of practice games starting at least in the week before AFL round 1 and continuing most weeks until the VFL season starts. Hopefully @KC from Casey or someone can confirm.
  23. How’s hunt tracking haven’t heard much about him this off season, he is 1 player who I have high hopes for i think he can elevate himself into the All Australian mix
  24. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    Any news on Cat Phillips' injury?
  25. Taken out of context - see preceding post - I was referring to having respect for other party's P.O.V./needs, even when there's a contract in place, i.e. being grown-up and reasonable. The picture you're trying to paint of heartless clubs and merciless players, all stabbing each other in the back on a whim, just doesn't hold up.
  26. Thanks to all who have provided reports and photos. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by us hardcore supporters!
  27. Viney on Track for Round 1

    let's not get ahead of ourselves. he hasnt started training with intensity yet and with tricky food injuries the road to recovery is mostly up and down even in succrssful cases. he will likely miss due to a hiccup once the loads increase as normally happens but doesnt mean he isnt on the right path. dont want him playing underdone in any case. there were enough issues with that last year with players coming back from injury and it cost us a finals spot
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