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  2. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Hey, Tarax Head, we have the same weaknesses, obviously. Great to remember the past now and again - but wasn't Black Label a product of a more recent era? I do not recall it until lemonade was re-vamped with a slightly 'sexy' image and hence, the BL brand went exclusive, all of a sudden. As for Sir Ronald Barassi, I saw him on the show, with awe. My son, at the age of five, interrupted his luncheon at Docklands years ago - just to speak with him - leaving his school excursion some 100 metres down the track. No 31 took his hand and walked him back to the school group before returning to his lunch with friends, and signing his autograph book. What a nice bloke. The legend was true. When this happened, the great man had been out of football for well over two decades and he was touched that one so young knew who he was and appreciated his footballing candor at that age. As for Gerry Gee, he appeared at my own primary school fete, as these were called in those days. He told riddles to the boys and rolled those funny eyes at the girls. Blaskett was a great showman and always pleased his audiences.
  3. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Thanks, Dr Gonzo, I admit that there was some mid-term improvement but at that level, I feel that weakened the backline defences with Tom off to other duties and Oscar was somewhat repetitive in errors of old. Still, I also believe that more stints with Casey will assist him with sticking to his man, spoiling more effectively, more often and taking marks with subsequent and effective clearance play. I may be wrong, certainly; in time, I'd hope that his improvement is a continuum and occurs more consistently. Thanks for the comment. Go Dees!
  4. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    There was a time when you recruited players because of their natural football ability, as opposed to their athletic traits. I suspect a Robbo-type who didn't perform well in time trials and beep tests would be overlooked in the current climate, notwithstanding the fact that he was an elite goalkicker, a characteristic sadly lacking in our current list.
  5. Watts, Toumpas and Trengove will likely form the backbone of the MFC 3rds. The Port Magpies.
  6. Yet to debut . . .

    Cheer up @bluey it's almost Christmas mate! All other clubs have at least 4 new draftees/rookies. The other 5 who are yet to debut, again most other clubs would be in the same or similar position. Even if 2 or 3 of the 9 turn out to be regular senior players, which is likely given the ratio of draftees/rookies to senior players, that's a good result.
  7. Yet to debut . . .

    That assessment is a decent reality check where the list is at, lost in space and way too many speculative picks that will keep the club ironed to mid table in the near future.
  8. Today
  9. NFL

    We need to fix our secondary. We give up way too many third and long plays.
  10. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    I have a generally pretty poor memory of past players. And I often watch Robbo's highlights and look at his comparative stats and wonder why I don't hold him in higher regard. I assume it's because I'm not easily seduced.
  11. Took 2 seconds on google, that too hard for you? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/video-jack-watts-sends-heartbreaking-message-to-loyal-melbourne-fan/news-story/1742fef5bdd9d53e5a11d21f7be1264e https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.triplem.com.au/sport/afl/news/jack-watts-has-a-cheeky-dig-at-melbourne-in-a-fan-video/amp
  12. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    Forgot how good he was...
  13. NFL

    3 actually. Keep your eye on Clement. He's a beauty. Yeah, I'm not saying they're out of it yet... I think it's less of a comment on the Eagles, more of a comment on what I'm seeing from opposition. Vikings D, Saints D... wowee... I don't think Eagles can say they're better than those guys. Also the whole "Eagles haven't played anyone" thing is true... they've had maybe 4 good teams. Just barely squeaked through... I reckon Rams fans will be licking their lips if they face Eagles in week 2 of playoffs.
  14. NFL

    Got two good running backs, good recievers, great TE. Not all doom and gloom. Your d is good as well. Chamce is there, but u are now back with the pack.
  15. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    At 189 cm, I recon Mitch Hannan is a pretty close match for a Robbo type of forward. Although he probably tends to work up the ground a bit more, I think he has a similar skill/attribute set to Robbo - good high mark, mercurial and good goal sense.
  16. MFC Advent Calendar

    This kid, and he still is a kid, is the most important player at the club.
  17. i thought his "melbourne dont rate good kicks" weird ass selfie video comments were worse than this one
  18. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    Off topic but i'm kind of curious how a 187cm Robbo would fit into our forward line these days against the consensus attitude now of "tall marking kpf's and small pressure forwards/rotating mids and nothing in between" whereas back then i think it was to just stack the forward line with any players who have a natural goal kicking forward line ability that did not have to play against a zone D. Would people want us to pass on Robbo at the draft because he was too small a kpf and too tall a small forward? We've brought in Fritsch this year, how does he compare in aerial abilities? Is he hopefully going to be the new Robbo?
  19. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    Ruthless Robbo?
  20. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    It shouldn't, but it shocks me how out of touch the decision makers are. Dwayne Russell is universally the least liked commentator/analyst.
  21. Finals 2018? Mick McGuane thinks so.

    I don’t like the term ‘on notice’. To me that indicates you are one slip up away from getting sacked. Unless the team goes backward at an unforeseen rate or he is involved in Wayne Carey in 2002 style shenanigans, there is no chance Goodwin is fighting for his life next year. If they miss the finals next year, then it moves the goal posts significantly for him being resigned come 2019. It will be finals or non renewal in that case. He gets us in in 2018 and he can probably get a further two on his existing deal. However to think we are even close to ‘on notice’ at this point is ludicrous.
  22. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    Robbo if only you could put your boots back on. Inspirational as you were. A legend.
  23. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Can you link to what you find useful? I've been to the site and despite trying, I can't find anything demonstrating how the world is heating due to man produced co2. You really need to highlight which part of this website you endorse.
  24. Robbo says the Dees MUST be ruthless.

    Blah blah blah !!!
  25. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Oscar was good in the second half of the year, turned it around on Queens Bday I thought. With his brother moving forward there is room in defence for him alongside Lever, Jetta, Hibberd, Lewis and possibly Frost.
  26. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Cheers Deemania your obviously have discerning taste in TV shows and an appreciation of the finer things in life black label lemonade and the greatest footy club on planet Earth. The Mighty Dees! ps Ron Barassi Mr 🏈 ! was on the show too
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