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  2. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Over what period are you saying there were in excess of a million deaths? My example covers a three year period, not the entire conflict.
  3. As for our midfield. I expect Gawn to bounce back and win or draw most weeks in the ruck and just as importantly I expect our stoppage set ups to utilise his advantage far better than last year. It's hard not be excited by the idea of Oliver, Petracca and Viney together and if they work with Gawn then we're off to a good start. I'm confident Jones will find his spot playing a mix of inside and outside footy and his form before injury last year was as good as any of his career. I find elite a silly word in footy but those 5 guys are by any definition above average players. I think there's really only a bunch of truly elite midfielders - Martin, Dangerfield, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Selwood, Josh Kennedy. The difference between the 10th and 30th best midfielder at any time is form. A fit and in form Viney is far closer to 10th than 30th. The question will be what happens with the last few midfield spots, especially given we couldn't find a good game plan and stoppage set ups that really utilised the wingers last year. Tyson, Stretch, Brayshaw and Harmes probably compete for 2 spots in the midfield mix and maybe a forward spot. The ability of those guys to contribute each week will be important in taking us from a middle of the road midfield to an above average one. The final spot is pencilled in for Salem and I hope he gets an extended run of midfield footy to see if he can make it as a mid. He's the quality player to take the midfield group up a level.
  4. Geelong would have the best midfield in the competition on paper with Dangerfield, Selwood, Ablett and Duncan.
  5. According to the stats our midfiled is below average

    They might sully their brand but nonsense like this presumably helps sell the AFL Prospectus. Whether Champion Data gets a commission on sales or whether they just need for there to be enough sales for the AFL to want to keep publishing the Prospectus, Champion Data's interest in this case is still the numbers, but this time one that's written with a dollar sign at the beginning.
  6. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    You have describe me to a tee M9.
  7. would you have them higher or lower? seems about fair to me. would have collingwood behind them though
  8. you can pay-out and delist but they stay in the cap unless they are traded to another club like Watts was.
  9. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    Because he had a contract Mr Watts had to agree before he was traded. If he hadn't agreed he would still be at the club. (Doesn't mean he would play seniors footy in 2018, though, if he had stayed.)
  10. Not sure Mr. Watts would agree with you.
  11. Preseason Training Week commencing 19 February 2018

    Do you understand what a contract is? You've been a serial de-lister who doesn't seem to understand that if a player has a contract, the club has an obligation to honour that contract.
  12. I don't think either expects loyality in 2018 fd. The player knows they have loyality that is as long as their contract most of the time. The club hopes the player is the same but recent events show the player is as long as there is no better offer. Cynical? Yes.
  13. surely the club has to be loyal to the players when injury strikes,the club expects loyalty from the players
  14. I laugh that a statistical analysis company comes up with ranking lists based purely on the number of players ranked in the 'elite' and 'above average' categories. I'd think you'd start with rating the individual players with a numerical value relative to a replacement level player, then place a grading on last years important stats - be they clearances, contested possessions, tackles, disposal efficiency, score assists etc and then make some projections based on age, additions and subtractions and so on. Maybe Champion Data do all of that but they sully their brand by releasing crap like this to the public.
  15. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Those figures are a joke. The casualty rate in Iraq - mostly civilians - has been estimated to be way over a million. www.truth-out.org/.../30164-report-shows-us-invasion-occupation-of-iraq-left-1-milli...
  16. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    I've promised myself I'm over getting into unwinnable bun fights on this site, but, what, pray tell, is your definition of greatness?
  17. So the Tigers midfield helps drive them to win a Premiership and it's ranked 12th in the competition... Interesting
  18. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I think at the time Barnaby he was absorbed by one item dc. i reckon he is now hearing the echo loud and clear.
  19. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    And three biggest arguments I hear for doing nothing is "there are two many guns out in the public arena and people won't give them up so easily as we did in Australia and it is cultural in the States as opposed to Australia". I actually agree with all 3 arguments but vehemently disagree that these seemingly insurmountable problems should stop tough measures on gun ownership. I think it will take "generations" to remove the entrenched problems of guns ownership and gun violence but they just can't keep ignoring the problem and hope that things will get better. (they can and they will)
  20. Today
  21. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    barnaby didn't see the big bang coming.....or did he, and said stuff it
  22. The Barnaby

    Actually I am in awe ! I can't keep one relationship together let alone three.
  23. New MFC facility?

    Not me personally SW ☺ A 5 year lease might be viable though
  24. New MFC facility?

    spot on the only clubs have have issues with facilities from a training and admin dislocation perspective are us, bears, gc17, and the aints if a club doesn't have a 'facility' attached to their club (e.g. port adelaide have the port club, footscray have daycare centre and gym etc., north has a cultural hub of some description and has had two upgrades in the last decade, and richmond have a publicly available swimming pool in a perfect location within spitting distance of the g, plus the Korin Gamadji Institute and community space too bears and gc17 are in a pretty poor space in terms of facilities, and both we and the aints have no 'place' really - although saints are rectifying that with 'the return to moorabbin' we need a home, and preferably within spitting distance of the g
  25. New MFC facility?

    But it won’t be used in Summer as a social venue. It will have minimal use at best Social Clubs make money before games (Lunches) & after victories the rest of the time they remain mostly idle, but need to be maintained 7 days a week There goes a fair slab of any profits Rent good space before and after games you are not proposing to buy VFL PARK i hope.....??
  26. New MFC facility?

    I would rather have a home that everyone can attend at any time of the year SW not just the FD and admin. A venue that contains only those two depts and no access for supporters is not a club in the true sense of the word and never will be IMHO. We need a year round home as well as somewhere to celebrate. Waverley does both, subject to a refit/refurb (excluding existing fitness/eatery venues etc where their accommodation may or may not need upgrading).
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