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  2. Trade rumours

    Already been done, no need for the club to say anything else https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/08/11/dees-coach-responds-to-hogan-to-wa-talk/
  3. The TAC Cup - Finals

    A whirlwind finish by the Dragons but they miss out on the flag by two points.
  4. Cotchin out?

    And i am sure you can envisage 3/25 of a second... it's a live ball
  5. Misson's Time Up?

    Saty, when will you learn that the players aren't going to criticise people within their organisation to outsider nobodies?
  6. Boys enjoying themselves in Bali

    Oh no, not La Fevela! Better than Sky Garden at least.
  7. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    This is the big mystery 'Ralph' and his win/loss record at AFL level is a decent 53%...
  8. Misson's Time Up?

    I'll make sure I tell him you want a word with next year if it doesn't improve, next time I chat to him😀😁😀 Gee you make me laugh, you have no idea
  9. Boys enjoying themselves in Bali

    HOges looks like he's halfway out the door and on his way back to the West. You can see it in the way he avoids his teammates.
  10. Trade rumours

    I can't fit them on my television screen when they're on together......
  11. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    It was a great game. I'm thrilled Richmond didn't win, and given that Port were on the verge of folding at the start of the year it's an amazing effort by them. Can someone tell me again why Ayers isn't coaching an AFL side?
  12. Sloane out?

    Yeah the fine penalty is a issue for him.
  13. Trade rumours

    But Joffa hates him.
  14. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    Also Tynon. I had great hopes for him when he was with us. Shame it didn't work out.
  15. Sloane out?

    Danger kept playing because nobody took any notice of him lying on the ground.......
  16. Trade rumours

    Why would we want Rory Thompson? Watts gave him a football lesson not all that long ago. The guy's just not very good.
  17. Sloane out?

    maybe more emphasis on cotchin because (a) he only needs a fine level penalty to be out and (b) danger didn't get taken off for concussion (though probably a close call) sloane's bump is worth looking at/discussing though
  18. 2015 the hottest year on record

    EH... that's precisely why I said "assuming that is definitely the case". The article still maintains that climate change is a real thing and is happening, so we should be working towards reducing/eliminating its impact regardless of how much time we do or don't have.
  19. Let's be frank about GWS

    For a top 4 team their 1st half against the Crows and yesterday's 2nd half against Richmond were woeful. They wilted when the game was there to be won. They've got enough pure talent to continue to make the finals but there's often a big gap between top 4, top 2 and then winning the whole thing. Put it this way, many of the intangibles that the Crows & Tigers have, GWS doesn't have. And those intangibles can't necessarily be manufactured. They're ahead of us though ... if we can bridge the gap talent wise, we'll go past them. We need to pick up 3 - 4 good players in the off-season. 1 or 2 of those 3 or 4 good players might be project players though (draftees)
  20. NFL

    Rams were great but lets not forget the 9ers were doing it with Hoyer who I really like as a back up but shouldn't be a starter and a younger less talented defense. I'm all in on Kyle Shanahan just as much as McVay. Both teams will have to up the defense and get better QB play to sustain good offense against good teams, but loving those offensive coaching gurus. I'm expecting coaches from their system to spread throughout the league like Hawthorn assistants. The way they design run-pass option players and simplify the decisions for QB's is just a mile ahead of a lot of other coaches right now.
  21. Sloane out?

    I hope Sloane and Cotchin play next week. I really wanted to ask the question about Sloane's bump to gauge if there's a bias against Trent Cotchin. Both bumps made connection with the head. Yet it seems nobody's criticising Sloanes bump.
  22. The Steven Motlop Thread

    I was wondering for a second why I would type that!
  23. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    How good would this be to hear when the Dees win!
  24. Let's be frank about GWS

    I hope so - they do seem to lack the intangible that every other expansion club has had. If the go flagless for another decade or 5 that'd be just great.
  25. NFL

    Steelers Dolphins Cowboys
  26. Boys enjoying themselves in Bali

    As soon as Gawny said "I'm probably going to go for a run today" in his "I'm Shattered, We're All Shattered" video, I knew they didn't actually care all that much about being as good as they can be. "Probably going for a run" is something I do as a halfway fit IT student. A professional footy player should be a little more committed than that.
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