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  2. Pages constantly redirecting

    Good thread. This is happening to me specifically for this website as well. It happened even just now when I tried to login to reply.
  3. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    In what way? If it's a shocker then, please, elaborate further instead of having a cheap dig and running away. I look forward to it.
  4. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Well yesterday we only had 11 MFC listed players vs 17 for Richmond (I think) but still we were soundly beaten around the contest after quarter time that allowed the other areas to fall down Petty has been pretty good, I really liked his round 1 game, but like Keilty yesterday it wasn’t his best game. Took 1 or 2 nice defensive marks but was otherwise beaten, especially in the last quarter he was out positioned and out marked a few times.
  5. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Make him lead to the opposite side of the ground and take Rance out of the contest
  6. Pages constantly redirecting

    I've been having an issue with Demonland on and off for at least a few months that now. Pages keep redirecting to ads for free phones or Amazon Gift Cards etc I thought I my have some adware/malware on my phone but it only happens when I'm on Demonland and I did a security scan and nothing came up. I did a bit of googling and it seems it may be an issue with Demonlands ad services. Anyone else having this issue? Its making demonland almost unusable for me. This morning it kept happening every 5 seconds while trying to respond to the "MFC won't make the 8" thread. This the link I found below for the admins to have a look into https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8220208
  7. MFC will not make the 8 in 2018 - Growing a backbone.

    Get a grip you knee jerkers a weeks a long time in footy 2 weeks ago collingwood where no good essendon where no good now they are good, collingwood beat a very average Carlton played well against GWS who just don't play well in Melbourne, beat a undermanned Adelaide who played a unfit Sloane, which made them even more undermanned, now everyone says they are finals bound. After 3 weeks the dees had the best score for, after 1 poor week where we could not kick straight and everyone says we can't kick goals, knee jerkers!! after Wednesday either collingwood is finals bound or essendon are, after three rounds how much has changed in 2 weeks later heaps has changed, now I am not saying we don't have problems we do, but it is never as good as it seems, and never as bad as it seems, every team has moments of metal weakness, good and bad weeks, many make out that we are the only ones.
  8. Flat Track Bullies?

    Last year of anything, we were the Brent Crosswell of AFL teams. Could hang with teams above and in our stratosphere but looked bored against teams we were expected to put away. Spud is a typical s&@¥kicker from those one horse towns around Ballarat (Bungaree, Waubra, Haddon, Smythesdale, Linton, Buninyong etc.). There are some lovely people out there but a lot of 'dueling banjos/I'll make yer squeal like a pig boi' types of there too.
  9. Oh you mean like how in round 1 we went into halftime 5 goals down and lost by 3 points at the death knell
  10. Today
  11. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    No doubt the players felt the hurt of last weeks loss. But it is not the supporters role to salve the wound. We should be rubbing salt in instead.
  12. MFC will not make the 8 in 2018 - Growing a backbone.

    Hawthorn were a good contrast yesterday. They were a complete rabble in the first half. But they came back to give themselves half a chance. What could have been a 100 point loss was only about 20. They managed to save their percentage. Will come in handy if they are finals contenders.
  13. Those teams including the Melbourne 2000 team had runs on the board. We knew that those loses would be merely a blimp on the radar for those teams. Carlton lost to St Kilda and Sydney in 1995 -- two perennial loses at the time -- by 10+ goals, their only two loses for the year on the way to the flag. Melbourne has yet to demonstrate that big loses are just that: a bad day at the office. The reality is that these loses have proven to be part of and are arguably the catalyst towards the wheels falling off for an entire year. We have got to stop finding a means to justify these loses until they became just as they are for the aforemention teams: aberrations. There is absolutely nothing to suggest last week's loss was just a bump in the road. Much has been said of this playing group just "expecting" things to happen. If we fall into the trap of saying, "Oh well richmond lost by 80 points last year and won the flag, no stress!" then we're feeding into what is already a soft culture. I fully expect them to bounce back this week if we're any hope of playing finals.
  14. NFL

    I think we all settled on that. The debate was more about what he'd be worth in a trade, rather than the likelihood. I thought all along that with Wentz's knee being as it was, the preference would be either a first rounder, or to keep him. As you say, it'll go on and on the will-they-won't-they talk. Part of me thinks they might eventually tire of the speculation and move him on just to stop the external noise.
  15. NFL

    Heard Rams might trade up to the 30's if one of two OLB are available, but no names were mentioned and i dont know how we get there. Foles might go if a team loses their starter for the year within the first few weeks as teams will give up more whwn desperate. And by then the Eagles will know how Wentz is tracking.
  16. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Mate Spencil had been on the list longer than you !
  17. Advantages of positive thinking

    On reflection you are both negative Tossers !
  18. Advantages of positive thinking

    We of the sublime thinking on Demonland are so thankfull for your input DaveyDee and that of Pro Dee !
  19. MFC will not make the 8 in 2018 - Growing a backbone.

    Marvellous Day!!
  20. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    We cut spencer for the same reason no club picked him up for free. Can't get on the park for more than a few games in a row
  21. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Come on Drunkin have a dip
  22. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    WERRIDEE if we've got so many MFC listed players, why do we struggle ?
  23. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Probably one of your worst posts !
  24. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=124983442&c=1-118-0-477472-0&pool=1 Looks like it was a very disappointing day with Pedersen the only one to fire a shot. Really disappointed with Hannan I had high hopes for him but he seems to have stagnated. Disappointed with King also after showing some promising form against Werribee. We traditionally never go well with so few Melbourne players. Casey only bat 6 deep and one of them is out in Hutchins so that is 5 players who aren't up to VFL standard and add Johnstone who is struggling that's 6 not gonna win too many games with that lack of talent. Casey need to recruit more depth. We dropped to 4th on the ladder after that loss, we get the chance to rebound against Geelong next week and I'm sure we will. Go the mighty Dees.
  25. MFC will not make the 8 in 2018 - Growing a backbone.

    Thanks for that Dr G. Yes, it was the qualifying final with recruits Green and Bruce winning the game for us. My Carlton supporting neighbour still hasn't got over the defeat.
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