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  2. The Trac!!!!

    I will be happy once he signs the dotted line.. for now, it' just s headline trying to sell papers.
  3. The Trac!!!!

    Wonder, and if ever Mr Connors has tried to incorporate the word loyalty back into one of his contracts.
  4. Who plays in jlt v north melbourne?

    1. I've barely ever seen Lever win a one on one against a quality tall forward in his career. Whilst playing as the third tall lets him lead the league in intercept possessions. Put your best players in their best positions and find role players for the rest is usually a wise philosophy, every other point I make pales in comparison to that one. 2. I like the risk reward of leaving Jetta and Hibberd in occasional mismatches but signing them up to start on talls is asking for trouble. Eventually they'll get beat by a tall if given enough chances. 3. Even if you were to play only one of Frost and Oscar you'd have to play both in this practice match given you've got 25 spots in the team and have them compete for the spot surely? 4. Geelong - until proven otherwise - probably go in with Hawkins, 2nd ruck (Blicavs/Smith), Menzel with Dangerfield (or Ablett) playing a fair bit inside 50. That combination means there's enough height to have 2 talls and Lever. 5. After 1 key defender, Lever, Jetta, Hunt, Hibberd and probably Lewis you've got 6 defenders. Your next best options are either Vince or Wagner. It's ambitious to expect much of Bernie and whilst I like Wagner I think he's best as a rebounding and intercepting player. Playing a second tall makes us stronger defensively and putting Hibberd and Lever in more attacking roles counters the loss of attack. If we had Joel Smith as a 2nd tall option I'd consider him, same if we could play Salem at half back and be significantly more attacking with 1 less tall but that doesn't seem to be the plan.
  5. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    There were more mass shootings (and more deaths) and mass murders (where guns were used) under Obama than there was under the four previous Presidents.
  6. The Trac!!!!

    The sports version of "Build it and they will come" is "Win things and they will stay"
  7. The Trac!!!!

    Would you rather he said... "I'd love to end my career a one-club player, and I anticipate that will be the case."??
  8. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    I think it was because he didn't control Congress, which is controlled by the NRA and its Republican bumboys. Re Gillard, maybe it was one of those issues - like Howard and gun control - which could only ever be brought in by the party normally seen as a fellow traveller. Look at Penny Wong on marriage equality - I've seen her lambasted as a hypocrite by right-wing shock-jocks for not pushing it while Labor were in government. I suspect it was always important to her - but not so important that she was willing to sacrifice government for it. Also, some issues are just slow burners - eventually, their time comes. Society develops, attitudes change. I don't think I'd ever even thought about marriage equality until - what? maybe the last ten years? - but as it gained traction, I began to see that it was a terrific idea. We've got two gay couples among our circle of friends, and it was wonderful to see and share their happiness.
  9. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

    Please don't present speculation as fact, as you did in your previous post. You would be surprised at how quickly garbage can get traction in the cesspit of the football media.
  10. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    At least they can kick 50 meters
  11. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    Just finished watching - goddammit! Should have put them away in the first quarter. Grrr
  12. Ollie Wines

    Not even close to the worst decision made by MFC over the last decade.
  13. The Trac!!!!

    There is nothing new in the article - just the HS re-hashing old news. Now, if he had re-signed that would be 'Great news!!!!' I do think it is only a matter of time before he does re-sign. If I recall correctly his manager, Paul Connors was quoted as saying he is going to make us pay top dollar for Christian's signature so it may take a while. But hopefully, it is sorted sooner rather than later - really don't want it to drag out.
  14. The Trac!!!!

    The one little snippet I found, MELBOURNE star Christian Petracca has pledged his future to the Demons, adamant he wants to be a one-club player for the duration of his career.
  15. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

  16. Today
  17. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    Good to see they dish up the same [censored] our men’s side does.
  18. The Trac!!!!

    A common trait amongst most of the power teams if the past from the baby bummers, through to the Swans, Cats and Hawks is that they retained most of their best young players all the way through their successful era. Although individuals will only naturally seek what is best for themselves, successful teams share the spoils from the best players down, each sacrificing something for their team, and their team mates. Max is on board, Viney was never in doubt and Clarry appears to want to stay a Dee. If CP5 can hold fat with the club talking about his career, it sends a thumping message to all the other younger players. Ultimate success although not certain, would be at the very least a realistic goal within 3 years. I am certain our player management are acutely all of this. Gee, at one function l attended even Chris Connolly was mapping out the contracted players 5 years ahead of time. Maybe, at that time we needed to worry more about the here and now instead of the future. Most of his list are now long gone. Good luck thisTruck, you are one of msny important parts of our side and our future.
  19. The Trac!!!!

    Link just takes me to log in page
  20. The Trac!!!!

    Can’t find a non firewall version, summit up for us?
  21. What if we can get Jakovich on as a guest after a granny win? 😝
  22. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Obama was a lame duck president but i will never understand how he couldn't bring in gun control. just like I will never understand how Gillard couldn't bring in same sex marriage.
  23. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    We only kicked 1 point into the wind too.
  24. Ain't that the truth. Nothing could be better in AFL than celebrating a win, on the Wednesday AFTER the Grand Final. Sorry AJ, the team will always be bigger than the man.
  25. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    Slow start to the third quarter allowing them two cheap goals and all of a sudden it was catch-up footy due to the bad kicking early.
  26. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    1. The Umpiring was below average. (Not what cost us the game though) 2. Melbourne cannot kick straight, plenty of goal kicking training needed. (Cost us the game) 3. A few Melbourne players are extremely soft, do not like halving any contest. 4. Congested game will beat us.
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