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  2. Taking out the fend-off

    Tackle him and what? the umpire will probably just call play on like they did in the 3rd quarter when Oliver got him cold.
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Your post bears scrutiny too. Firstly, their best players have played over 150 games. Our best players haven't played 100. That is a huge difference between the teams. Secondly. our game plan isn't working. Too many players are sucked into the contest and we're getting killed on the outside. And when we do win it we're not spreading hard enough. We need to fix some fixable things. When we do we'll make significant progress. If we don't we'll still beat ordinary teams, but be hurt by the better ones.
  4. End of year delistings

    tyson: absolute butcher of the ball, poor 2 way running and refuses to man up, slower than gawn, has no left foot, gets caught holding the ball too often salem: small, lacks pace, poor 2 way runner and gets beaten by his opponent too often, kicks get smothered frequently, not fit enough to play midfield, can' take a mark vince: so slow, handballs to the ground, poor defensive skills, butcher's the ball I would hardly say they're best 22
  5. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Only because they get overpaid. Where would Jones be in Geelongs pay scale? Maybe around then ten mark? Instead he has been one of our highest players. I think someone at the at the club made a comment about the Dawes’ contract that they have to pay someone. I think is one of our issues at the club. We pay 100% of the salary cap yet have been out of the finals for over a decade? If the KPI is to win matches/make finals surely we haven’t achieve it and only in the AFL do you get paid regardless of their performance.
  6. Fitness??

    Just a shame really. God I hate when Carey and or Newman are right.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    After their premiership win, Richmond supporters are pretty insufferable. I'd like to be insufferable, too, one day.
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    I can't be bothered reading page after page of misery, so stopped after page 3. The negatives are obvious, so I'll make one point on the positives. I've read that Weideman was OK. He was far better than OK. He was my main positive for the night. He will make it. I wasn't sure he would, but I am now. For me that's huge.
  9. Fitness??

    Physical fitness or mental fitness we do seem to give up late in a game or relax if we are a way in front. feeling rather dispondant just now as usual high hopes at the start of the year Couple of weeks in little or no real improvement. [censored] Off !!
  10. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    Yet at the same time about 10k shorter than expected
  11. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    That actually bears examination. Early last year they were considered ordinary. They have 3 stars in Dusty, Rance and the Captain, the rest are no names and I include Jack R in that. We have some very good players in Gawn, Clarry, Perracca, Hogan etc and also the no names. So what is the difference. All their players seem to have ball skills and pace. We don't. They know their game plan and it is effective. Ours isn't. We both have effort. So for me it comes down to skill, pace and game plan ( coaching). And yes as a kicker but not the sole reason they won, their bottom 6 are better than ours and in fact their three ins last night kicked 6-7 of their goals I think.
  12. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Absolutely. Goodwin inherited a team that (finally) had a semblance of defensive soundness. This was a foundation for him to build on. What he seemingly hasn't understood is that it still needs to be maintained.
  13. Nathan Jones is the problem

    No, but i would ask the question a new coach came in and wanted to make a change and made Viney captain.....so why did we end up with 2 captains again? Were feathers ruffled?? The game is results driven. We dont get the results with one captain we change to another. Thats no slight on Jones as a player who gives his all, thats just footy.
  14. Tigers easy start

    After our poor effort, I realised something interesting when looking at the draw. The tigers play in their first 10 games only 2 top eight teams from last year. Wow , the AFL aren’t favouring it’s biggest membership team to have a good start! I guess Martin got 3 votes last night too.
  15. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    That is exactly what I saw right in front me last night. He’s nowhere near AFL standard, harsh but it’s reality. Only if he could kick like his dad, then he might be worth persisting with.
  16. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    stop being in denial mate, the future isn't so rosie with rainbows and unicorns mate, the truth is the coach is not up to it and we have too many suburban players, add viney and tmac we may be an 8th placed side but the recruiters and coaches have alot to answer for, don't be offended that I call it for what it is
  17. Fitness??

    Do we have the required fitness to play 4 quarters of AFL football?? Don't see it.
  18. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Red...i could tell you why....but it's not pretty. Someone has to think of the children .
  19. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    If their bottom six played last night for us they'd be getting the same criticism. It is FAR easier to play well in a very good team.
  20. Taking out the fend-off

    he was best on ground mate
  21. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Bernie hand balled to a player about two metres away from him last night and missed him, it went to his feet. Jones is still dong the same things he was doing when he first started at Melbourne, getting the ball in a pack and banging it forward, he now mixes that up with indiscriminate handball out of the pack to no one. Salem had his kick smothered a few minutes in to the second quarter, it was his second for the match. Stretch was running around on the outer wing like a chook with his head cut off, he had no idea where or who to run too and who he should be defending against. Harmes has no awareness and gets caught too often. We've go no one to kick goals because our best scoring option, Hogan, is playing up field as a midfielder. The longer the game goes on the more ragged our defence gets and continually kicking the ball out of defence to the members wing is so predictable and doesn't work, at one point Max had the ball and we had three players across half back, unattended, but instead of transitioning, Max kicked it to a contest down the line. The skill level we showed last night was right up there with the best of the Neeld years.
  22. End of year delistings

    Salem and Tyson are two of our better players and automatic best 22 Unless we get a like for like replacement they’re going nowhere FMD, think about list make up people Lewis has a year to go; he’s not going to forego a year’s (very good) salary Vince May retire or he may play on - he’s automatic best 22 for us, so why not get another year and decent pay out of his body? McKenna and vandenBerg (and potentially Kent) don’t have the bodies to play afl Maynard, JKH and DJ sadly don’t look up to it And then it’s a matter of judicious trading; but if Salem and Tyson were parts of that conversation I’d be mighty surprised
  23. Taking out the fend-off

    His fend offs are great to watch and perfectly legal. The issue is, which he is somehow not getting credit for here, is his incredible physical strength. Last night we saw Petracca and Harmes both try to fend off, but they simply weren’t strong enough. He is the only player in the history of our game who has been able to do this so consistently. If he hits a player high, then penalise him. If a tackle sticks after a fend-off, then penalise him. If it were an easy thing to do, then everyone would be doing it. If it were as easy as grabbing his hands, then everyone would be doing it. With all that said, we played Dusty very well last night; had zero impact on the match.
  24. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Good post and I would add why do we always kick to packs, fail to isolate forwards one out, fail to switch play but instead kick to the pack and pick players who continually turn over the ball with poor skill.
  25. Yeah, but that usually means having a great time the night before.
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