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  2. Cotchin out?

    Sorry Macca, I mean't to attach your statement. Bravo!
  3. Cotchin out?

    My view is that on that incident alone he wouldn't miss. But he's a serial sniper and his priors should be about to bite him. On a side note, losing Sheil at that point in the game was a huge turning point.
  4. Cotchin out?

    I'm a little too inebriated now to explain my theory about the AFL projections of the game in years to come, but I can say with pretty good confidence that it's model will be a game that is the most inclusive to the most people possible. It makes sense business wise. I'd like to be proven wrong. I wonder if clubs will start to separate from the AFL soon.
  5. Cotchin out?

    Was there much difference between Sloan and Dangerfield and Cotchin and Shiel contacts? Both were going for the ball and in past years when footy was even tougher both would have been dragged by the coach for chickening out if they did not contest the ball. What were they supposed to do? Let the opponent have a free access to the ball?
  6. Cotchin out?

    The whole situation is a farce ... deliberate targeting of the head should be penalised but incidental contact to the head due to normal football moves not so. The same principle could be applied to the contentious 'around-the-neck' adjudication. They need to make it simple and clear cut rather than create more grey areas. It's not rocket science but the AFL are trying their best to make it that way.
  7. The Soccer thread

    Kouyate’s goal was great (both the ball in and the finish) but yep, too little too late, thought you could / should have played with more intensity and urgency when Aurelier was sent off.
  8. Cotchin out?

    So which part of the your body can contact an opponents head? The AFL is definitely to blame. The AFL is run by people who have short term goals adjusting our game rapidly for their own benefits. If your a stickler for the current rules that's your choice. But this is almost more of an issue of Aussie Rules suddenly not being the enjoyable game people thought it was.
  9. The Harley Balic Thread

    I didn't mind Viv. He was solid. Not really AFL standard, but he played within his limitations, did his job and mostly avoided turning it over. At the time that put him ahead of most of our list.
  10. Today
  11. The Soccer thread

    Got a bit tight in the end but the Hammers tardy start was costly (again) The better team won. Too little too late and the pressure is going to come on Bilic now. But that's par for the course with regards to being a soccer manager (especially in England) ... win, or you're out.
  12. Tiger success and luck

    5. Epic defensive work rate. At one point gws switched it and the guy went to kick it inside 50 but the tigers had worked so hard to get across it was 6 on 1.
  13. Cotchin out?

    Good post. I agree. I will give the AFL one thing though - they are clear about the bump. The way Cotchin plays though, it is similar to the way Angus Brayshaw was playing before his concussions. And this isn't Brayshaw's fault. He played a certain way in juniors and then the game of AFL is played differently. Because Cotchin has changed up his game style, he needed to be told not to approach the contest in a reckless manner. If all players slowed down approaching a contest, there would be less injuries and suspensions. I suspect the AFL would be pulling their hair out atm. Because they can't exactly come out and define how players should attack the contest. With this suspension though Cotchin will adjust his approach in the future.
  14. Adelaide tanked

    Yes they tanked. But we lost to Collingwood. Simple. We lost it.
  15. Misson's Time Up?

    We need a fresh set of eyes in our fitness department I've been saying it since the start of 2016, Mission has had his time way out of his depth our team is nowhere near fit enough hence all of our fade outs all the soft tissue injuries cant cop this any longer time for results noe no more BS.
  16. The Harley Balic Thread

    That went well.
  17. Cotchin out?

    Yes it is very grey. But that isn't Cotchin's fault, nor should it be his problem. The AFL have created this problem, Cotchin shouldn't be punished for their inept management of the game. AFL created the problem, they should be the one's that deal with the consequences. Cotchin should go, but the AFL should have been doing the job that they are paid to do (strengthen the standard of our game), something Gil & Co have been failing miserably at for so long, and to the detriment of our game.
  18. Cotchin out?

    The sport HAD serious problems around head high contact. You simply cannot opt to bump - when the option is there to tackle. That is it, very clear cut. The AFL actually could not make this anymore clear cut. I do have sympathy for Trent though. He is going to miss out on a grand final. But as someone who knows the game as much as I do, I know the game of AFL is inherently flawed. There is a MASSIVE grey area in entering a contest. I have spoken to players at the AFL level and they know it. Once players weren't allowed to dive on the football, you have some that are still allowed (Danger, and Cotchin has been this year), and most that aren't. The end result is Cotchin goes to approach a contest tonight in the same manner that he has been all year (and been getting away with). So in a way it is the umpires fault for not umpiring all players in the same manner. If they had of pulled Cotchin up during the year then he would have adjusted his approach. But make no mistake, the game is very grey at present. VERY.
  19. Cotchin out?

    Simply No.
  20. Tiger success and luck

    Momentum. Pure and simple. Tigers' have it in spades at the moment. Take that away and you'd find that the Tigers' with the same player's, coaches, etc are a team who mightn't be in the top 8 teams in the AFL. They are playing with momentum and spirit and 90,000 supporter's behind them. Momentum is a wondrous thing. The Dogs had it all of last September, will the Tigs be able to make it last 1 more week?
  21. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Go Tigers!!! Please smash the Crows back to South Australia! If Cotchin gets suspended, they may need to regard this game as something other than Australian Rules Football!
  22. Tiger success and luck

    Why are the Tigers now in the Grand Final? Sure it's the strength of Dustin Martin, the class of Trent Cotchin, the sheer nous of Riewoldt and the stability of Alex Rance. Its adding Nankervis, Prestia & Caddy. Its adding small dynamic forwards. But there are 4 other key factors 1- LUCK ... no injuries all year (really only Nathan Drummond, 35-40 "list player" who did his knee). Amazing. Clean health for 40 others. 2- FOOTBALL ... football football and football. The Tigers had 330 possessions (200 kicks, 130 handballs) vs Giants 390 possessions (210 kicks 180 handballs). This was virtually the same in Tigers vs Cats. Other sides like Melbourne overpossess the footy and lose the footy in turnovers 3- GOALS ... the forwards kick goals. If you are inside 50, run and kick goals. Not a further 3 handballs and finally 4- G&D... tough determined footballers. No shirkers. Blokes all put their heads over the footy.

    how come richmond finish lower and get a home ground advantage (again) let them wear the canary yelllow rig suffer in their jocks
  24. SSM postal vote

    I can understand Wreckers stance on the issue and will try to explain it as I see it. Protest,counter culture, social division and class warfare emerged here and in America in the 60's,partly fuelled by media images of "wrongs" committed in Vietnam ,It barely existed in Britain,although socialism grew very strongly there after WW2. Since the collapse of the Berlin wall, which was a political and social symbol of world division ,the communist/marxist zeitgeist needed a new lease of life to maintain itself and it's compulsive search for revolution.None seemed forthcoming as the USSR collapsed and even Russia became a capitalist Mecca,if you will. in about 1990,the leftists, seeing the basis of their ideology in ruins, began to attach themselves to any other cause that might bring down capitalism,as the failings of Marx and Engels philosophy lead to an emptiness of rhetoric and action.From then on,Christian religion became fair game for trade unionists, leftist zealots etc.After Christianity there was "the patriarchy" ,which is seen by them as a capitalist construct "set up " to oppress others, with white men seen as particularly reprehensible in this although as far as I know Men are the fathers of most children everywhere in the world but white men are the most likely to stick around and actually raise their own kids as a cursory glance at statistics will show you..From that point, men and heterosexuality became a target for the revolution until the focus shifted to "The West". As capitalism continued it's triumphant march into Asia ,we began to see these minority groups align themselves ,though disparate in nature, into a cause celebre ,ragtag riot squad protesting as a way of life in itself, a rambling mess of students,organised through Universities international with the help of Western,left leaning governments who sought to "stick it to the man".(G20 ,London riots and Occupy come to mind) So pervasive did this become in Western society that an entire generation began to believe that any change was worthwhile and must be promulgated.Western civilisation started to eat itself in a kind of self defeating admission that its power was based on a model of corruption and exploitation that must be halted. The Next major event was 9/11 ,which sent the west into the Middle east again, this time united against the the forces of radical Islam,but not for long.So entrenched has the protest movement become that the very serious threat of terrorism was seen as "cooked up" and that Islamists were the victims.Now we see the coming together of Asia and the west in a very powerful period of international growth for humanity as a whole,We have never before been healthier,wealthier or larger as a species.the biggest loser of course being the natural environment ,which is another problem for the resentful left to put upon "the Man". Finally,having eradicated hunger, water shortages, absolute poverty, and lack of education, though not entirely, the Leftist agenda started to attach itself to the poor Muslims,the last ones left to defend against the rampaging sands of time and western civilisation.The search for equality and a cause there found an ally who could feed the narrative of anti-US protest, despite the horrible conflicts of interest to the random causes it already aligned itself with.Womens basic rights to marry, work eat etc were neglected or explained as merely"cultural difference".The treatment of homosexuals is ignored here too as are human rights, a free press etc. After the Arab spring,which itself was fuelled by activism, the lunatic left began to turn back on itself, seeing the instability of government in the Middle East and it's devastating effect on millions there.Of course, wanting to have their cake and eat it too, some say Saddam,Gaddafi etc were better in retrospect and should have been left in charge.Idiotically,the most guilt ridden Western nation of all,Germany,sought to open itself to Syrian men of fighting age who deserted their families and country in order to flee what was/is a civil war of Islam ,using ancient Syria merely as a global stage. After Brexit,then the Donald it appears to be retreating back into civil disturbance.Black Lives matter(a bogus coalition of fools) ,SSM,Gender non conformist,trannys etc. Cultural Marxism cannot end because, just like the Military industrial complex, there is too much invested in it from our universities, media outlets and "elite" (educated classes) and our political parties on the left all over the west.The push for SSM is just another symbolic and useless attempt to destroy the social fabric of a healthy society ,but one we are strong enough to tolerate since it tends to cross the political divide in this country. Aside from the unknown social consequences, it is a tiring drain on the taxpayer and a waste of oxygen.We have had celebrated gay men and women for decades in Australia.Some will oppose it because they have become conservative as a reaction to the mindless change and non-stop causes floating through the marxist media. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction-something the protesters are coming to realise.Some see the breakdown of the traditional family as a tactic to totally destroy any sense of nationalism, respect,and social cohesiveness,"up yours " to the mums and Dads of the post war period. Some see the safe schools program as a way to confuse our children and their future.If it were a communist tool to soften our society for invasion, it would seem to be working.Note, however, the treatment of gay people in Russia. The constant push for change in itself is tiring many in the west and a new type of conservative has emerged to defend the status quo-which of course is not possible. Some of these people are happy to see cultural change, some aren't, but the rampant, aggressive,bolshy,pushy,language altering, demonising nature of the protest/change movement(left in the old terms) has found an equal and opposite reaction that just want things left alone.Some people want to go through a day without having the Australia they grew up in shifted and morphed into a student union party.Some very open minded people have realised the futility and expense of change for the sake of it, of mindless internationalism, of language distortion and the constant attempts to immasculate Western society.SSM is just another one of these attempts to some.In the end it is not going to save a life, stop a suicide,or do any of the things it is alleged to do.It is another social change because there is a massive industry to benefit from it in our Schools,govt funded bodies,media ,charities and health systems. Some can see these charades for what they are-a temper tantrum form an irresponsible generation of idiotic children that have no notion of responsibility ,national pride, respect for their elders ,traditions or themselves. It's another excuse for big brother to step into our private world - the issue itself is nothing important to anyone.
  25. Trade rumours

    Billy Brownless? Can kick it over a wheat silo.
  26. The Nick Meese Thread

    one-trick pony i heard
  27. Trade rumours

    I'm hearing that there's clubs that would happily pay more for him, but are slowly realising that they might not have to.
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