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  2. So every bloke Matthews king hit 'lacked awareness'?
  3. uncle bitters turned his scrunchie it a mankini it was only a small scrunchie
  4. Play like we did against the Cats and we will destroy them by no less than 8 goals (with 5 them made up by accumulated behinds).
  5. 'The umpiring has been fair, rational, and sensible' Hahahaha. Like I'll ever hear that.
  6. I think being dropped off the ball and having your own team mate kick the ball into your head should fall into the 'bad luck' category.
  7. What ... he's got no awareness that someone's going to whack him off the ball when he isn't looking?
  8. Brayshaw lacks awareness. No easy fix.
  9. I don't like how we continually title headings based on negative outcomes. Instead of 'if we lose to ........ i will', why can't it be 'if we win against ......... i will not' In that spirit, if we win against the Tigers, i will not have this feeling of lingering negativity for a whole week!
  10. "Hogan kicks his 6th as the Dees jump away to a 50 point lead. It's hard to split him and Oliver for the 3 Brownlow votes tonight!"
  11. If we lose to both Richmond and Essendon I'll be distraught. I cannot even fathom the club sinking that low again after all this time. Get the job done Dees. If you just put in the effort for 4 quarters each week you'll win 4-5 of the next 6 and be finals bound!
  12. The thread is things you'd like to hear - not things you're likely to hear. I think the idea is to exaggerate a bit.
  13. Yep, agree. All they care about is maximising their revenue. If they cared at all about the integrity of the game, then they wouldn't continually make changes and adjustments to the rules. But no, they want to keep it attractive, to maximise attendances and viewership, to justify demanding such high sponsorship dollars.
  14. Unlucky, but not necessarily random. Sniped after the kick. ANB plotting to take his spot. There may be elements that can still be addressed to reduce the potential for knocks - such as learning to be more alert to the whereabouts of opponent and ball.
  15. I'd wear one, if it didn't mess up my three manbuns
  16. 'Fear the mo' just doesn't have the same ring to it...
  17. Australian rules, only rugby is an older football code but even then modern rugby is based on the 1871 version of the game.
  18. ...... well if his powers were in his hairyness... I hope that he never shaves the backs of his hands!
  19. wish the ferals would go back to their roots
  20. Best footy event of the year for us Jane, smashes QB in my opinion.
  21. Then wag and do some irresponsible drinking of alcohol with us!
  22. We also played them in the season opener of 1968 down at Geelong. Alas, we lost by 23 points. It was a long trip back from Geelong on the horse and cart.
  23. If we lose, it'll already be double-duty without Nasher absconding. Deleting the proliferating threads alone will be a full-time workload.
  24. Anyone else have this horrible sinking feeling something something mojo? What's Tammy doing nowadays? I think I need her help.
  25. I love the Anzac tribute - it's amazing when they dim the lights and the horse enters the stadium. I'm leaving soon to avoid the long lines and to make sure I'm seated on time. Also going to tomorrow's game but love Anzac Eve the best. Go Dees❤️💙
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