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  2. #Duckgate. Jetta didn't duck, if you think he did you're just looking for something to complain about. Enjoy the win you whining weirdos.
  3. I'm actually wondering about the logic in him wearing the head gear. Quite counterintuitivly all that I have ever read is that the research says they are in effective in preventing concussions (something about the brain still floating around and hitting the inside of the skull, despite the padding from the helmet). I actually wonder if the headgear is actually as much to remind Guss he has one (a head) and that it needs protecting, much like taping an ankle or a shoulder tells the mussels around it to tighten and that's the part which does the good.
  4. Are you serious 1. We haven't beaten North since 2006. 2. They have a good record down in Hobart 3. We need to keep winning to even play finals. 4. Every game is an 8 point game from now on. So NO WAY!!!!!!!!!
  5. He positioned his head not lowered ir?
  6. WOW!!!!! Watch the f***ing replay. HE DIDN'T DUCK!!!! Or position himself for the tackle. He ran straight and upright. Good God.
  7. I edited it before your post.
  8. AHHHHHHH!!!. Fake news is spreading. Jetta DID NOT lower his head to dodge a tackle. He did not lower his head AT ALL!.
  9. Wow. A commentator didn't give a player votes so they are a piece of &*%$, should be sacked and mass abused on social media. You need some perspective in your life.
  10. Where is it a rule that a player when he gets the ball must stand up stiff and straight and honour his opponents tackle? There are deliberate ducking's to draw frees as well as positioning to dodge tackles. Jetta did the latter. He charged through and wore it. Brave stuff.
  11. I feel your pain, binman. Having watched the Dixon head high tackle on Jetta over and over, as have you I'm sure, Jetta couldn't have done any better NOT to duck, so there can be but one explanation for the seeming delusion of others on here. Fake news! The Trumpist pathology is spreading, even to Demonland, and objective reality is no longer assured. Black is white, facts are flexible and the truth is alternative. Save your breath I reckon.
  12. I was at the game and loved how instead of blazing away for goal deep in the forward pocket & maybe score he looked up and did a perfect chip 2 Petracca 2 make it a monty.
  13. If it is part of his make up then y should he stop. I'm glad 2 know not everyone in the side is a choirboy.
  14. I never thought I'd be saying this, but I feel comfortable when ANB is hitting up a target. His vision is very good and his execution has improved out of sight.
  15. If we miss finals I'll blame you DWA, why tempt fate like that? My most hated 4 words in the english language. You want to block offensive content @Demonland I'd have that 4 word combo at the top of the list. Seriously though, anyone who'd rather play Richmond than Port in the finals hasn't been watching this season. The Tiger aren't that bad a side, a bit inconsistent like us but they're better than Port, West Coast, the Bulldogs, St Kilda and Essendon. 3 of the top 4 losing this week has blown the premiership race open. 2 top 4 spots there for the taking and GWS looking very shaky and with a difficult run home. A top 4 spot is ours if we're good enough. Win our last 5 and we'll have the double chance, regardless of what else happens. We could let 1 slip and still make the 4 but would need other games to go our way. To miss the 8 from here we'd have to choke, win the games we should (nth, bris,coll) and we're playing finals. As a lifelong demon I can't rule out us choking big time but I do have the feeling that this group is made of different stuff than the demon sides I've followed from the mid 70's.
  16. I called for Harmes to be dropped before the Port game, but I got that one wrong. I thought Harmes had a great game this week. I'm not sure if he is best 22 with a fully fit list but he won't get dropped this week.
  17. Disagree. Harmes is a walk up start.
  18. Why? Bernies career is coming to an end. Trenners is a lot younger than him and deserves his chance
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  20. So in effect... We traded - picks 2, 20 & 72 We got - Tyson, Salem, Hunt, Frost, ANB, OMac & McKenna Thanks GWS!
  21. Toby Green reported for a smack on rance. Im sure theyll come down hard on him with a fine
  22. No point in bringing veteran players like Vince through the Casey side at this time of year. You would keep him in the squad till his training justified selection again. His effort is never questioned ,as with Lewis. They are great leaders and playing VFL only opens them up for an injury . Lewis is more omitable than Vince but we probably need both in for finals. The injury gods are likely to dictate Trengoves fate. The nature of the game is that competition starts within the clubs list. We are doing very well ,batting deep and we still have one less player to choose from thanks to H .FW,Lamumba.
  23. If he consistently did that, he wouldn't be available. You pick up these players at discounted price and back your footy department. Impey from port is another I like.
  24. we have a week off before finals. Clarry n hunt can have lighter weeks but best team every week
  25. if north know they are getting Kelly the lower the pick the better they will be, if rumors are true that they are trying for dusty aswell they would bounce back up the ladder pretty quick if they landed both, but the money they would be on would hurt the list long term imo, and who the fark would want to play for norf
  26. No change. Norf tried to beat up Essedon this week, and will no doubt try the same against us, as they did successfully the first time around this season. We need to be on our game from the first bounce, and maintain the aggression back at the ball. Our ins were not horrible, and deserve another go. With a swag of teams within 1 game of us, finals are still not guaranteed yet. Simply cannot drop this game.
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