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  2. That being turnovers, an ability to burn teammates and an increasingly obvious ability to only beat up on the bottom four teams?
  3. Laconic doesn't mean lack of endeavour or drive, this is highly speculative and gueswork at best. Still our best AND MOST DANGEROUS forward IMV, sans Jesse!
  4. Went down just to watch watts, jack trained like never before he was angry, at one point he and Goodwin had words, jack had a surprise look on his face, had a word to him asked how he was, said he would show Lyon up.
  5. If Ox is right, those KPIs he didn't meet might not even be training or football related. He might have been late to a meeting, missed a sponsorship event or failed to complete his homework (where have I heard that before?) He also may have been late to training, broken team rules in the intra-club or kicked with his preferred instead of his non-preferred in practice. Who knows? But as long as he knows which KPIs he hasn't met and learns from it, I'm OK with him missing one practice match. I suspect most of our top 10 players will only pay 2 out of three of these matches anyway.
  6. That was my guess as well but TMac specifically said that he had improved his training in the last 2-3 weeks (and said he trained hard yesterday and did goal kicking after everyone else had left the track) which implies it had dropped of prior to that. They'll pick him this week.
  7. Are you going to Casey UB? Would you be able to pick me up? I camp under the freeway at the bottom of Spencer St.
  8. Fake News! Jack Watts is Donald Trump, that's why he didn't play against the dogs. Proof - look at the hair.
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  10. Gawd if members had to drink Coopers, it would be as bad as being forced to be a Wobbles member
  11. New coach, setting standards, all players treated equal, having to earn your position. These are all great ideals but we all know that it doesn't work this way. There are always rules for some and not for others. The coach has brought 2 of his mates in from the EFC, it's going to be interesting to see how he handles these guys. Hibberd is known as not a great preseason track performer, will this hold him back from getting a game? Perception is going to be key here to the playing group...
  12. There has been a few references to his performance at the intra-club. Others will disagree but I think that's what it is about. Intensity was down and the coaches have decided to act early to stamp it out. This is not bad news.
  13. How sad.
  14. Your good Old Uncle Bitter is back!! Just in time it seems, as this off course thread appears to be well off course, of course. Yes, I did another short stretch in rehab and, as a result, have spent some time in necessary convalescence. The good Doctor Hopping Dick applied the electrodes every meal time while I was force fed fried rice. Subsequently I cant walk past a Chinese take away without twitching and sobbing uncontrollably. The whole sorry business has impacted on my private life. My aim is now unsteady and my role as chief flogger is under threat. I am appalled that the oafish Biffen is wreaking havoc in the Asian Colonies. I may have to make a mercy dash over there to restore proper relationships. For the moment be aware that I am watching and will make any necessary interventions to restore this thread to its improper level of interlectual smartness.
  15. If this is the worst thing happening at Melbourne then I'm ecstatic.
  16. Stu's head would be spinning at 10,000rpm on this thread
  17. In their defence both Jones and Vince also were playing in the backline late . They just had Lewis as the deepest, likely due to his superior kicking ability.. I thought the whole team structured well in the dying stages... The execution was a bit so-so but they scraped away with the win. so thumbs up from me with some handy lessons.
  18. I agree wholeheartedly Ethan, also smashed potato! WTF is smashed potato? A friend made some and I'm quite sure that it means that they are incapable of mashing. Incompetence at any level annoys me, oh and the Jack Watts thing is a beat up.
  19. That's what I meant...
  20. And what would you say if the entire team reacted as wisely as Lewis and filled the goal square? Isn't it just as likely that Lewis was the man to go to the square rather than facilely conclude 'the team still has much to learn' (which of course it does or we'd be premiers).
  21. If you can't blame Jack Watts then you are not trying hard enough.
  22. He hasn't logged on for almost a month - reckon he might have been given an 'enforced' holiday. Mods giving him the Jack Watts treatment.
  23. I saw what you did there lol
  24. What I've learnt ? Stu must be on holiday, otherwise this thread would be 20 pages. Don't take too much notice of track watchers and their inside word. Fun to read, but justa bit of fluff to sate the appetite.
  25. I love watching Jack play and would be staggered if he didn't play round 1. He was a large part of our improvement last year. Intensity has always been the issue and I would guess this is Goodwins way of ramping it up. I do find it strange though that the coach has been silent throughout this. Hopefully he will be picked against Carlscum, play a blinder and it will all blow over.
  26. As a kid growing up we had an expression that prettt well sums all of this up "Sucked In !!! "
  27. Yep it's the Barassi method - go harder on those with the natural talent because they have they potential to be elite players. Talent is nothing it's what you do with it
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