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  2. Billy Stretch: "He was strong in the air and around the ball, and gave us a lot of drive. ... After spending a few weeks back in the VFL, he made a bit of a statement on the weekend and he’s on the right track. We were happy with Billy." Alex Neal-Bullen: " Some kicking let him down in mid-forward connection – an area he’s working on, but his number suggested he had a dominant game, although he didn’t quite finish off some work at times ." Just saying.
  3. Must be rule of the week the umpires have obviously been told to keep an eye on the 30 seconds, Ben brown takes 30 seconds just to run in
  4. Wasn't it Gold Coast that put in the bid for Viney?
  5. I thought that was Clint Bartram, on the wing that created the crucial turnover. I am open to correction but in any case the AFL was responsible for allowing those fraudulent fools (UMPIRES) to impersonate players.
  6. The front shouldn't be too confusing but how about the back view?
  7. Find if hard to believe Danger's kick wasn't touched. Somehow miraculously weaved it's way between the port player's arms and torso. Not even reviewed. Talk about letting the crowd atmosphere drive the result.
  8. That is a very harsh assessment of Spencer - do you really think he was injured through his own recklessness? Not an accidental injury? I must admit to not knowing a lot about Schache, but taking leave to consider his future!! Could well be another Lumumba type waste of space :-((( Exactly - Collingwood, Essendon, Richmond, Geelong.......sure guys, promote a rookie. We just lie down and get done over again and again.
  9. Give Trengove a run, leave him in the middle, see how he goes.
  10. This is exactly right. Brown used his full 30 seconds and THEN he began his approach. And tonight the umpires get trigger happy with Dixon. My God I hate the AFL. We were completely screwed (even as we screwed ourselves).
  11. Should have been a 50 metre penalty prior to the call of play on. Umpire was looking right at it as well. Pathetic from the umpires.
  12. It's really sad, but terrible one-sided umpiring is really starting to make me like the game less. Cats got handed that win, umpires folded every time the crowd made a noise. Selwood still ducks his way to free kicks regardless did of an attempt to stamp it out. I just want consistently umpired games, is that so bloody much to ask!?
  13. Cannot wait for these flogs to topple down the ladder. All it will take is a Selwood or Dangerfield injury. They did more ducking and diving than a bloody duck. Give me the shits more than any other team I reckon.
  14. Watching the countdown clock on Sunday and I reckon most time players from both sides went over time. I assumed that the rule was mainly a common sense thing. Once again umpires have proved that common sense isn't all that common. That was borderline cheating!
  15. Yeah but he’s from North Melbourne so he obviously doesn’t count as an AFL footballer.
  16. He was asked to play on as he was lining up for goal and didn't realise until almost 3 Geelong players were tackling him. He had to quickly give it off and the rest is history. Port were robbed.
  17. Port were absolutely robbed. Umpires have ruined this once great game. Cheating [censored] scum
  18. Last week the Umpires didn't call Ben Brown to play on, 40 seconds into his set shot. They were correct tonight. incorrect last week.
  19. Killing the game
  20. Was that a crooked kick or did he just lack the balls to go for goal?
  21. The competition is as even as it's ever been and I think it's really putting the umpires on show, everyone is seeing how poor they really are.
  22. An unbelievable decision. As he was lining up a host of Geelong players were signalling for 'play on' and encroaching on the mark before it was even called. Can't believe it.
  23. Tonight. What a crap Bullsh!t idea/rule
  24. Geelong win again thanks to the umpiring and their fans will, once again, celebrate like complete [censored] jockey's.
  25. Has an umpire ever called play-on for a player taking too long kicking at goal before?
  26. Geelong make me sick...!
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