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  2. Cricket and footy are pretty much the only sports in the world that are played on a pitch or oval where the grounds are not uniform....
  3. Be prepared to be surprised!
  4. That was the "pressure Melb and they will cough it up" stage of our progress. I would like to think we have improved our contested work and smartness around the contest as well the ability to break out of congestion with precise kicks and least that what I am hoping for... And it was also a very wet game...making ball handinling very difficult...
  5. I think its great that all grounds are slightly different. Or else it would be like drop in pitchs in cricket. Will get boring if every ground and game is the same.
  6. I would be looking for another Hibberd type trade to bring in something we need. We also need to bring in a couple of good kids in the next 2 drafts to keep the talent pool and age profile well balanced.
  7. He might never play again (and still get a jolly good flogging)
  8. Good post, I think we'll see by the end of 2018, Brayshaw, Frost, OMac and Weid also commanding a position in the best 22, so we're up to 19 names, plus J.Smith, Harmes, AVB, JKH and ANB have potential to also join the automatic selected list. We'll be in a situation where those 1st and 2nd round draft picks will be able to develop properly at Casey. The rest of the list is for role players (Bugg, Melksham at present), those draftees and veterans (Jones, Hibberd and Jetta will be around for a while).
  9. I'd like to see Bitter But Optimistic give Houli a character reference at the the appeal. He'd get 10 weeks and a jolly good flogging.
  10. the opposite of MFCFS - (Fantasy Syndrome)
  11. This. Close thread.
  12. What a weekend for ladder positions: Dees (5th, 8 wins) vs Swans (10th, 6 wins) WB (9th, 7 wins) vs WCE (7th, 7 wins) GWS (1st, 10 wins) vs Cats (3rd, 9 wins) Port (4th, 8 wins) vs Rich (6th, 8 wins) So many classic 8 point games for top 4 contention! We win Friday night and it puts great pressure on the subsequent games especially: Cats, Port and Rich as we go % or game and % clear of them! A Demon win will make them squirm a little! Desperately, hope we win!
  13. What is MFCSS?
  14. Another reason for optimism is the spread of Players we've had featuring in "AFL Team of the Week", i.e. best 22 across the competition. Jack Viney - 4 times (Rd 7, Rd 8, Rd 12 & Rd 14) Hibberd - 3 times (Rd 13, Rd 8 & Rd 6) Jones - 2 times (Rd 12, & Rd 10) - Injured now. Petracca - 2 times (Rd 12 & Rd 8) Oliver - 2 times (Rd 1 & Rd 8) Garlett - 2 times (Rd 10 & Rd 13) - Injured now. Salem - 1 time (Rd 13) - Injured now. Gawn - 1 time (Rd 1)* TMac - 1 time (Rd 14) Frosty - 1 time (Rd 7) Hunt - 1 time (Rd 3) *Despite being out for extended period. So if we were to add Hogan* and Watts (both - Injured now) to the list of players capable, at their best, of being in the "best 22" in the competition, we have 13 guns, which is the making of a champion team (on their day). As for this week versus Swans, we only will have 8 of this 13 available...
  15. Didn't he tell the media he was "best on the ground"...during a recent training run?
  16. Likewise mate. I was applying benefit of the doubt to begin with but it's lessened. That doesn't mean I'm certain about it, because I'm not. I'm also not just going to disregard his own pleas of innocence. He's 19 years old and still wet behind the ears at this level. So either way there's no reason to think this will define him. But I am hopeful we won't see another incident that causes focus being taken away from his talent.
  17. I think it's about time the AFL started looking at alterations to ground surfaces - particularly to keep pace with the frequency of rule changes. I'd like to see some grounds with a 2m elevation from one to the other. Maybe a hump across the half forward and back lines. Turn another ground into a velodrome type set-up with berms so the faster players can use them to run high and evade tacklers. I also have some thoughts on things such as artificial breezes caused by huge fans at either ends of some grounds which could counter-act some of the one-sided umpiring we regulalry see. Just a few thoughts.
  18. Etihad is probably narrower that the G due to the preexisting infrastructure around (the road and train), although both of those could have been worked around.
  19. Geography would play a big part. Given the age of many of the grounds it would have been determined by how much flat ground there was (or near enough to flat to be easily shaped).
  20. Fair enough. The other part that galls me a bit is the fact that you acknowledge that it's a "big if", but are carping on about it as if it's fact. But that's nothing I haven't already said in this thread a dozen times now, and I'm a fan of yours and appreciate the reasonable middle ground approach to your post, so I don't think I'll keep going over it.
  21. Surprised if he'd given us one prior anyways.
  22. Players with cast iron hamstrings
  23. Agreed, no risks with these 3 please. All serious finals contenders need a fresh and close to injury free list come September. Jones and Watts are critical for our structure and game. I am not so sure about Hogan unless he can come back into the side and become a weapon. However, we don't need a forward line that revolves around him. We need him as a contributor. In regard to injuries, it is this time of the season that needs judicious and sensible decisions around team selection. Most players are suffering from physical and mental fatigue, so it is not the time to take risks when players are already sore. Hopefully our depth and list quality will get us through the coming month. The balance between winning games but not risking players is going to be all important. It's like walking a tightrope.
  24. I think Hannan, Trac and VDB are our next Dangerfields. Be very afraid.....
  25. Today
  26. What is MFCSS?
  27. An interesting historical question which have more to do with cricket or just a lack of co-ordination when the grounds were first built. Perhaps the best question is why wasn't Etihad built to the same size as the MCG?
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