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  2. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Humidor to beat Winx then go on the get the Grail.
  3. 2017 Brownlow

    Got a fair bit of money for Clarry to get 17+ votes, not the wisest move but let's do this boys!!!
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    Are we there yet (page 100)....
  5. NFL

    I'll start by telling you to GAGF as you rightly deserve after your first sentence I'd like to inform you about the actual crime rate in the USA and ask you who controls the bodies of the black people that get arrested for these crimes? Did you know a woman is 65 times more likely to be raped by a Black man in the states than by a white man? Black people are around 12.5% of the population . Do you know who is behind BLM and why? I wasn't aware this was a reason to disrespect your entire nation. You are obviously a dimwit ,swallowing such garbage about police brutality in the first place. You started your reply like a child and you actually sympathise with these attention seeking losers so you must share a victim mentality. You're a confused individual if you think singing the anthem or just standing there equates to anything near like being in a totalitarian regime. Thanks for answering the question, albeit childishly.
  6. Cotchin out?

    The hypocrisy of the reaction to Bugg's hit on Mills by Sydney players and the AFL still infuriates me.
  7. Liam Ryan was disappointing yesterday in the WAFL Grand Final. Struggled as he did last season against AFL defenders who gave him little room. In his defence on a couple of occasions the delivery was not great but he doesn't work hard enough to get enough separation from the defender. Very few second efforts yesterday. He got worked over physically at every opportunity. 4th rounder or Rookie at best
  8. Cotchin out?

    Zac Jones is thuggish, like quite a few Swan players. If you watch they're games you'll see that they're constantly elbowing, pushing, wrestling, ect off the ball. They've mastered doing as much physical damage as possible without giving away free kicks. The way they treated Johannisen at the SCG this year sickened me.
  9. Trade rumours

    Maybe it's as a coach? No way as a player way too passed it.
  10. Trade rumours

    Turns 32 midway thru 2018 You'd want to effectively give up nada for him and have GW$ cover the majority of his salary in their cap, which would probably defeat the purpose of them offloading him
  11. The Jake Lever Thread

    Does a unicorn appear when we get there?
  12. The Jake Lever Thread

    ... you can almost touch it
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    Yeah it's so close ...
  14. The Jake Lever Thread

    Boom, 100
  15. Trade rumours

    Now if the time machine could bring us the Ryan Griffen of 2013 ...
  16. Cotchin out?

    Was never gonna get rubbed out. Barry Hall incident set the precedent, you can punch someone in a prelim and still play in the GF.
  17. The Jake Lever Thread

    Almost at 100 pages. Well done people.
  18. The Brandon Jack Thread

    Jack Martinus??
  19. Trade rumours

    Ah good we can use his time machine
  20. Today
  21. NFL

    Well you aren't a very sane individual so I'm not sure you'll end agreeing but here goes: Started with black quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting racial inequality in particular the police brutality and the criminal justice system in America. That's a very worthy cause - the stats are out there that show just how bad things are, and even if you don't agree with racial aspects of it the way the US is policed and the criminal justice system are both pretty terrible over there. This week has been in response to Trump's comments calling players who protest the anthem son's of [censored] and saying they should all be fired, which is a ridiculous thing for a President to say. Kaepernick himself has been effectively barred from the league with the owners unwilling to hire someone who a lot of crazed American's find offensive because he won't stand up whilst they blurt out there anthem in-front of a gaudy flag at a football game. I'd argue the real sheep are those who think standing to attention with a hand across their heart and pledging allegiance to a flag is some way of honouring a country. That's the kind of behaviour that makes you end up like North Korea.
  22. The Jake Lever Thread

    If we can't get Lever should we target Michael Newton? Was BOG kicking 8 goals for Wang in the Granny.
  23. Terry Wallace finished off the season with his Future Stars top 20 potential draftees 1. Luke Davies-Uniacke 187cm 85kg Mid Dandenong/Haileybury 2. Paddy Dow 184cm 78kg Bendigo/Geelong Grammar 3. Cam Rayner 187cm 88kg Mid Western Jets/PEGS 4. Adam Cerra 186cm 85kg Mid Eastern Ranges/Wesley 5. Jaidyn Stephenson189cm 75kg Mid Eastern Ranges 6. Jarrod Brander 195cm 83kg Fwd Bendigo/Geelong Grammar 7. Darcy Fogarty 192cm 88kg Mid/Fwd Glenelg SA 8. Hunter Clark 186cm 79kg Half back Dandenong/Padua 9. Nick Coffield 190cm 83kg Half back Northern Knights 10. Andrew Brayshaw 183cm 80kg Mid Sandringham/Haileybury 11. Aaron Naughton 194cm 84kg Key Def Peel Thunder 12. Lochie O'Brien 184cm 75kg Mid Bendigo/Geelong Grammar 13. Jack Higgins 178cm 78kg Mid Oakleigh 14. Sam Hayes 203cm 93kg Ruck Eastern Ranges/Rowville 15. Patrick Naish 180cm 67kg Fwd Northern Knights/Ivanhoe 16. Oscar Allen 191cm 83kg Fwd West Perth WA 17. Jordan Houlahan 185cm 78kg Fwd Sturt SA 18. Connor Ballenden 199cm 95kg Fwd/Ruck Lions Academy 19. Lachie Fogarty 179cm 75kg Mid Western Jets/St Kevins 20. Ed Richards 184cm 77kg Def Oakleigh/Carey
  24. Trade rumours

    Aren't we talking about Stewie Griffin?
  25. Trade rumours

    Hang on a sec. Which Griffen? Freo's or GWS's? Not that it makes much difference
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