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  2. A Day at the Races

    I think all it has to do is run down Cliffs Edge, which ran on Friday night. No easy task, but Ace will prevail! (ok im barraking)
  3. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Channel 7 has paid signifigant $$$’s to the AFL In return they have a very large say in how the fixture is structured. Ch7 still make money out of Carlscum on a friday night, sadly. They are still a “Big” Victorian club in terms of viewers
  4. A Day at the Races

    Yes your right it was 3.00 last week. But i saw it as 2.50 this morning. Ill have to go and have another look.
  5. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Excellent post Binman IIRC Carlton were justified from the AFL power brokers by the talk of up and coming team etc etc What a load of the proverbial. It is a last ditch attempt to prop up a falling club. They are only 8k members above us. The sad thing is that if they put the effort into the MFC the AFL might see a better return than propping up the old blue baggers
  6. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    However of course they have influence on when games are played.
  7. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    I thought the guessing of the player on the far left was all in good fun. No doubt everyone is a big fan of the caricatures.
  8. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Because they are a business. Who make their money from advertising revenue. And their profit - or lack thereof - is directly related to ratings, particularly those in key nightime slots. And because they have shareholders to answer to. I say again if they had the influence some think there is no way carlton would be playing Thursday night.
  9. A Day at the Races

    Even the Tab are paying 5.00 ... and Sportsbet. Ladbrokes 4.60. But it's all-in betting I believe. It will shorten you'd reckon. A week ago it was showing 3.00 so it's another mystery.
  10. 2018 Ladder Prediction Competition

    I normally like to start with which teams I think are certainties to play finals then the teams I think certainly won't, then fill in the middle. Every year this gets more and more difficult. My top 3 I think make it easily and are a step above everyone else and from 12 down aren't finals material. Geelong are the hardest to pin, Selwood Dangerfield and Abblet may be the best starting 3 midfielders of the modern era. (I'm 30 so hard to comment before 2000's). 1. Richmond 2. GWS 3. Sydney 4. Geelong 5. Melbourne 6. Adelaide 7. Essendon 8. Port Adelaide 9. Western Bulldogs 10. Fremantle 11. West Coast 12. Hawthorn 13. Collingwood 14. St Kilda 15. Briabane 16. Gold Coast 17. Carlton 18. North Melbourne
  11. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Binman, I'm not sure why you chose to assume Channel 7 would act logically. I agree that in a logical world, Channel 7 would ask for no games incorporating the bottom 4 teams on the ladder...but I still believe that Channel 7 has significant influence in the preparation of the fixture. I just also believe that Channel 7 makes bewildering decisions. Case in point, and nothing to do with football, at least not directly is...how did Tim Worner keep his job?
  12. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Next year we'll have name plaques and for those that are illiterate we'll make sure the numbers are visible. Innumerates can go to hell.
  13. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Pedersen is in the best nick of his career. Not sure how you've come to this conclusion after he rucked entire games for us when Gawn went down.
  14. A Day at the Races

    Where do you get 5/1 on ACE Macca? I havent fired up my Ladbrokes account yet.
  15. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Ollie's twin brother ... Ginger Meggs Love the caricatures even if like some others I thought Hoges was Hibberd !
  16. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Its not 7 who controls what gets fta coverage. It is the afl. Why? Because the afl control fixturing and almost every (eg all bar one i think this year) fta game is a stand alone night game. Sure they might have some influence on that fixturing but the afl make the call. Take 2016. I can't remember how many fta games Carlton got but it was way more than the dees and each bar the opener against the tigers was a ratings disaster. And no doubt that game lost hundreds of thousands of viewers in the second half as iirc they got flogged. Which is no surprise becausee they were crap. And played a depressing, boring brand of football to boot. Do you really think 7 wanted them to play in last years or this years corresponding match? As you say ch7 is cutthroat and it is all about ratings. As if they would choose carlton to play the tigers. Sure it will still rate well but if tge tigers [censored] them neutrals will turn off in droves. I have no doubt a melb v tigers game would rate much better than blues v tigers. Which game do you think neutral (and tigers fans for that matter) footy fans would prefer to watch? The up and coming side full of young guns, playing an attractive high scoring attacking game, hungry and looking to beat the reigning premier. Or the reigning premiers versus a dull, defensive team with few stars in a game likely not to be close. Please. It is a no brainer. 200k more viewers would tune in and even more importantly watch to the end. Yet who do the afl choose for the coveted season opener? Carlton. Who has jnrmac has pointed out have been crap for 20 years and are probably 2-3 years from making the finals. Go figure. Makes no sense and because it doesnt it is easy to think perhaps its not about membership numbers - and its certainly not about ratings - but influence and power. Which im not saying it is but geez louise it is hard to think of other plausible explanation.
  17. New Kennel for Luke Dahlhaus?

    Bernie's mate? Just bring him, too...! LOL
  18. Petracca wants to start in the guts.

    He has a really good mix of the attributes you want in a player - he clearly works hard and puts in on the training track, and he has the swagger and confidence to go with it that screams 'I'm better than you, and if you give me a moment, I'll show you why'. I hope we go with Gawn, Oliver, Petracca and Jones in the guts on Sunday. We can smash those buggers into the turf from the moment the ball is bounced.
  19. New Kennel for Luke Dahlhaus?

    Exactly right Ding! Forget the Free agency players who are always expensive, there is far more quality to be had by trading as we did to get Lever.
  20. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    He had the engine to carry our ruck stocks when the others were out, but doesn't have the engine to play as a tall forward ? He's not in my ideal best 22, but he's easily fit enough for a forward role until McDonald returns.
  21. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Your team: FB: Hibberd Oscar JettaHB: Hunt Lever LewisC: Jones Oliver HarmesHF: ANB Hogan MelkshamFF: Fritsch Pedersen HannanFoll: Gawn Petracca SalemInt: Vince, Brayshaw, Tyson, Bugg My Team: B: Jetta OMcDonald LewisHB: Hunt Lever HibberdC: Salem Tyson JonesHF: Neal-Bullen Hogan MelkshamF: Garlett Pedersen HannanR: Gawn Oliver PetraccaI: Harmes Brayshaw Vince FritschAverage age: 24.9 Average games: 87.8Less than 50 games: 10More than 100 games: 7Debutantes: 1Missing: Viney TMcDonald Bugg is a handy player, but his foot skills leave me cold. Garlett is a regular 40 goal small forward with speed. He creates goals out of opportunities others can't. His speed and crumbing ability is a must have for me. I also think his ability to pressure and harass in the forward 50 is better than Bugg's. Given the choice of Bugg or Garlett I'm taking Garlett every day of the week. For me, Bugg is competing with a defensive forward like Neal-Bullen for a game. Or the likes of Melksham. They have him covered. I too like Hannan and Fritsch and won't be leaving either out for Bugg.
  22. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Okay.. So who's at FF then if T Mac misses as expected?
  23. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Pedersen is the weak link hasn't got the engine to play as a key forward. I doubt he would get to enough contests or present as a target. He is the type of player best suited to the interchange.
  24. Petracca wants to start in the guts.

    He could be a superstar if puts in the hard yards.
  25. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    How will we be able to tell it's not really TMac though? Or potentially even James Mac or Anthony Mac............
  26. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Who are you taking out? I think it's pretty safe to assume that ANB and Melksham are locks on the forward flanks. I can't leave out Fritsch. I know we've only seen glimpses but he's a potential match up nightmare and his kicking inside 50 looks very valuable. I can't leave out Hannan. He can swap in to the midfield to replace Petracca so we keep a burst of speed in the guts and he has the knack of kicking clutch goals. He's stronger this year which should mean better tackling and hard to move from over or under the ball. I can leave out Bugg, but he's the fittest player on the list and when others are cramping late in round 1 he'll be gut running to provide an option or chase an opponent. I think I'm 55/45 on which one I'd pick and if Garlett is training at a high level and did all the right things at Casey on the weekend I'd pick him, but my inclination is he's not exactly busting the door down for his spot and fitness and effort matter in round 1.
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